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Your choice of glassware in any combination, excluding square pieces Select from water based non toxic oven baked glass paints. You will need 1 colour that matches your choice of glitter. Fill with the same paint or a colour that compliments your choice of glitter. Select superfine glitter if adding any writing or finishing touches. Suggested: Any Size 6 or 8 long round Prepare and print your choice of writing or select and print from the In a Spin Nique’s Way Word™ File. Pins, dusting brush, large container and a teaspoon. Foil and foil glue Oven tray


Outlining bottle Glitter

Brushes Writing

Other Embellishments Home oven

Nique’s Wheel Not all toy pottery wheels are suitable for banding glass.    

Look for a foot control pedal. Anti clockwise spin for right handed and clockwise spin for left. You will need to add a flat cross of blu - tac directing you to the right choice. ( pictured is my most recent purchase)

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Imagine: Personalised toasting flutes for the Bride and Groom, gorgeous in gold for 50th anniversaries & it’s the Perfect choice for personalised party glasses for all ages and occasions. Creating and making unique gifts. 3|©In a Spin Nique’s Way™ 2012

Step1: is always, wash glassware thoroughly in warm water and dry with a lint free cloth. Step 2: Position and band each piece to suit its shape and size using the long round no 6 or 8 brush. Allow to dry thoroughly before moving onto glitter. Step 3: Fill an outlining bottle with the same or similar paint. Have the glitter, dusting brush, large container and teaspoon ready. Working quickly, position and complete any writing and sprinkle glitter on while the paint is still wet. Tap the glass to remove any excess glitter and repeat the same process linking random daisies between the two bands. Allow to dry for 10 minutes before dusting any excess glitter off. Step 4: No further drying required and can go straight into the oven, bake at 150C for 30 minutes. Allow to cool before removing from the oven. Always ensure good ventilation. Step 5: Using the foil glue dot the centre of each daisy and allow to dry clear. Rub foil over each dot to finish.

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It’s the only way to decorate glass The paints I recommend are dishwasher safe if you have followed the manufacturer’s instructions accurately and your project is completed using only that medium. In a Spin Nique’s Way™ Projects include the use of glitter, diamantes and foil combined with the qualities of the paints and by following the instructions a very durable hand wash finish is achieved. Recommended drying and oven times do vary between manufacturers. Each In a Spin Nique’s Way project offers a common baking instruction suitable for achieving a high level of durability. All information in this project guide is copyright and presented for personal use only and cannot be reproduced in part or in full without prior written permission from In a Spin Nique’s Way™. Instructions in this project guide are published in good faith and no guarantee or warranty is offered towards results expressed or implied and In a Spin Nique’s Way™ disclaims any liability for any results not satisfactory to its creator.

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In a Spin Nique's Way Lace  

Enjoy decorative glass painting. Creating beautiful gifts over and over again.

In a Spin Nique's Way Lace  

Enjoy decorative glass painting. Creating beautiful gifts over and over again.