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portfolio 2010-2013


Monument Project

Cultural Center / Bayraklı

Cycle-Action / Eşrefpaşa Villa for Writer and Painter / Asansör Glass Workshop / Balçova

Community Center / Güzelbahçe

Retreat in Birgi


Cultural Center / Bayraklı


Community Center / Urla


Museum Project


Cycle-Action / Eşrefpaşa


Glass Workshop / Balçova



Villa for painter and writer

Asansör is a historical district in Karataş, İzmir. When the period of early 1900s, wealthy jewish people lived around Asansör district. On the other hand there is an elevetor which built in 1907,known as “Asansör” and it is one of the symbolic buildings in İzmir. Asansör district has huge topographical difference between the coast and sea level. It creates unique pedestrian circulation solution,staircases are the most significant structure in Asansör. Topograpcial differences create view of İzmir Gulf all the North Facade of buildings.

existing building

sea view




Glass Workshop with Tim Mcfarlene

This project is an end product of architectural workshop in Balçova,İzmir University of Economics. Project designed for establishing a bridge between University Library and Fine Arts and Design Building.Instead of using glass as a final finishing material, glass used as main structural element. Also glass material was the part of an process not just product.

Transparency exercise 1 :

blue transparent material, frosted glass ,semi transparent glass

Transparency exercise 2 : blue transparent material,opaque glass, semi transparent glass on black and white


Güzelbahçe is a coast county in southern part of İzmir. Generally buildings are private properties and one or two storey structures with their gardens. Buildings are very closed to coastline and sea is the indispensible part of local people’s life. Existing site surrounding by privete properties, it is close to sea and has sea view. On the other hand wind is very powerful and compelling to people’s daily life. This project proposing an full sea view and protection from wind at the sime time. Also wetlands eveluated and this building collecting its own water with walls.

Community Center


Bayraklı established around 3000 B.C, founders were the first people of Symrna. On the other hand Bayraklı has potential to be the new city center of İzmir as old days. This site is one of the most valuable areas in İzmir because of its creating a bridge past to future.In addition Bayraklı and their people sepereated from sea because of the İzban and Altınyol, sea was not a part of their life at all. This project located next to the main axis of Bayraklı,Sevgi Yolu. People waiting to change as Bayraklı too, this building includes sea vistas, self therapy rooms, theraphy rooms, small exchange area, and rostrum.

Cultural Center


Eşrefpaşa is the one of the historical county in İzmir. This site has part of ancient roman road. In addition to roman road, Ancient Agora, Varyant, and Kemeraltı districts are very close to Eşrefpaşa. This site nowadays using for bazaar area on the ancient roman pavements. According to archeologicsts this area needs archeological study at least 50 years. Cycle-Action project aims to use roman road more active and propose to increase pedestrian movement and activity. Cycle-Action project has open and closed museum, excavation areas, library, research center and open public place for


Monument Project

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