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In and Around Denham And the start of a brand new year. As ever with the January issue, I’m writing this in December and a week before Christmas, so I have no idea what sort of Christmas it will be. However, I am feeling pretty smug at this point in time, as somehow I’ve managed to finish my present shopping and have pretty much wrapped it all up too. I’m not sure how I actually managed to do that in amongst working to a tight print deadline, but my shopping skills were clearly far more laser focused than usual and who knows, maybe my time management skills really have improved. Whilst January tends to be a rather cold and somewhat grey month generally, I always take comfort in the fact that within a couple of months Winter will be out of the way and Springtime returns. So this is the month that I sit down and mentally list any jobs and tasks that need to be done indoors and aim to have them out of the way before the better weather and longer days arrive. After all, who wants to be stuck indoors once the sun’s out? Meanwhile, I’ll make the most of the sofa surfing, finish off the remaining mince pies and Baileys, and start planning February’s calorie controlled diet. Until next month .Angela & Sammy

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Dear Resident

January 2020

We wish all our residents, friends and businesses a happy, healthy and successful New Year and hope you enjoyed the festive season. However, let us not forget this can also be a time of immense sadness for some who have spent this time alone, without the comfort and support of a family. To those who relate to this message, please ring our network of residents who stepped forward to join our Good Neighbour Scheme because they want to help anyone who needs some support. Sometimes it can be of enormous benefit just to talk to someone on the phone and share our hopes and fears. Perhaps we could put you in contact with someone in the same position as you who just wants a chat or maybe help with something else. Please, why not take a chance, phone 07733 859649 and someone will contact you. Several trees in the area have been cut back over the last month or two, but there are still some more that are waiting for planning permission, because they are governed by a TPO or in the conservation area, before they can be tackled. Also, if there is a tree near you that is obscuring one of our streetlights, please inform our clerk, as we no longer pay for streetlight patrols but rely on residents to keep us informed. Thanks to a response to this page last year to our plea for a handyman, we have now engaged someone who will be able to pick up on regular tasks and also work that crops up but doesn’t fall into the category of works our main contractors handle. We also asked for a volunteer who would give us some office support and that has also proved successful and a local lady has offered us some regular time. The urgency remains to complete our Neighbourhood Plan and we hope our target date of now - January 2020 to prepare for a consultation - will still be met. There remains an enormous task ahead of us, but we hope to meet the challenge and soon go out to consultation with you. Our events committee have arranged another ‘Sunday Tea Dance Social’ with Bingo and Dancing, 3pm on the 5th January at our usual 12

venue of the New Denham Community Hall along the Oxford Road. Further dates are being arranged and we will publish them here as soon as they have been agreed so that you can make a note in your diary. They are also progressing plans we have for celebrating VE day. We are still looking for funding opportunities towards buying our next two defibrillators that we would like to see located in Denham Green and Tatling End. Both areas house quite a few businesses and If you work locally perhaps you could ask your boss if they would donate some funding to us for this purpose? This year we intend to spend more time trying to find out what things you would like us to concentrate on. It is unbelievably difficult to get residents to put forward their views unless it is about something that we have negative feelings about, for instance potholes or flooding on the roads! We are always on the case about those items and chasing TfB for resolution, but rarely do we hear about good things to do in the community that would make us happy to arrange and support. SAVE THE DATE: Annual Parish Meeting, 18 March 2020, 7pm Denham Village Hall Social Tea Dance with Music & Bingo Sunday 5 January & Sunday 10 May Beating the Bounds: Sunday 17 May, led by Paul Graham Music on the Green: Sunday 17 May, 21 June, 19 July, 16 August, 20 September Friday 8 May VE Day Celebrations, Children’s Tea Party Get involved!! You are most welcome to attend our Monthly Parish Council Meetings that are held on the second Monday of every month (except August) in the Parish Office located at the rear of the Denham Village Memorial Hall off Cheapside Lane. If you are interested about the area you reside in and how we manage it, perhaps you would care to join one of our committees as an Associate to see if you are interested in a more permanent role? Marilyn Heath Chairman, Denham Parish Council Our thanks to In and Around for hosting this page


















































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In and Around Denham Jan 20  

A5, colour, glossy magazine, delivered FREE each month to homes and businesses in the UB9 postcode areas of Denham and South Harefield. Int...

In and Around Denham Jan 20  

A5, colour, glossy magazine, delivered FREE each month to homes and businesses in the UB9 postcode areas of Denham and South Harefield. Int...