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that children can enter. For more details please visit the rChS are linking up with In and Around magazines, to bring to the readers a service that we hope you will find useful. The rCHS (ruislip Central Horticultural Society) has over 120 members who all share one common theme, an interest in Horticulture. one might say, if you are interested in plants, gardening, photography, even cookery you will find being a member of the rChS interesting, enjoyable and social. the rChS has been a local society to ruislip for over 50 years, we are a non-profit organisation dedicated to all things horticultural.

We would like you to send us your gardening questions, for our mailbag. We will then bring forth our members knowledge and experience to hopefully answer your questions and help your garden grow!

For more information about the goings-on or to join the society (just £5 a year) visit our website.

the Society acts as a valuable resource to its members on horticultural matters, as well as holding flower shows, talks and events throughout the year. the rChS promotes the interests of gardening and bringing people together who have similar interests, to share experience and knowledge. the society also incorporates a specialist Cactus Section, which holds its own events and meetings, and also has a great part to play in our three shows each year. recently the Royal Horticultural Society announced it is to invest more than £100m in a raft of ideas, one of them being to educate children in horticulture. to inspire them and create a passion in plants for the future. it also plans to use the cash to transform lives and communities through gardening. We at the rChS, on a much smaller scale, however just as important, want to educate the young ones in our local community and create an interest in gardening, with growing fruit and vegetables becoming very popular once more, this is a great area for children to start learning. We hold three shows a year and have sections

We also will be featuring monthly ‘Things to be doing now in your garden.’ Along with a ‘Plant of the Month’, and some interesting facts and knowledge all from deep within our members gardens.

So, to get started, at this time of the year we all can become a little complacent in the garden, when actually there is just as much to be done if you want to lengthen the time of enjoyment from your early summer flowering perennials that have really gone over now and finished flowering. Perennial Geraniums, Delphiniums and Pulmonarias, once flowered, can all be cut back and given a second life. once the flowers have passed, before they all turn to seed, cut the plant back to around 1 or 2 inches above soil level. it seems drastic, however afterwards give the plant a good dose of water and a good feed. i use a liquid seaweed at this stage, and within a couple of weeks the plant will begin to spring back to life and you could be lucky and get a second showing a few months later. Pulmonarias suffer badly from mildew and this will also sort that problem out too.

don’t forget to mail in your questions for the team at the rCHS to answer, we look forward to answering them in the September issue. Please send your gardeners questions to


Our next event is a visit from an extremely well respected nurseryman Marina Christopher, who will be giving a talk on ‘Collecting Seeds and Planting with Success’. This will be at St. Lawrence Church Hall, Eastcote on Tuesday 16th September, 7.30pm. Come along!


ruislip aug14  

A5 colour glossy magazine, delivered free to homes and businesses in the HA4 postcode of Ruislip. Local information, interesting articles a...

ruislip aug14  

A5 colour glossy magazine, delivered free to homes and businesses in the HA4 postcode of Ruislip. Local information, interesting articles a...