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2017 Deadlines and Delivery Dates for In and Around Magazine Deadline for Magazine Amendments / Issue Copy Changes

Deadline for COMPLETE Artwork

Distribution Dates

Delivery Area


9th Dec 16

13th Dec 16

29th Dec - 1st Jan

Area - B


20th Jan

24th Jan

3rd - 5th Feb

Area - A


17th Feb

21st Feb

3rd - 5th Mar

Area - B


17th Mar

21st Mar

31st Mar - 2nd Apr

Area - A


* 13th Apr

18th Apr

28th - 30th Apr

Area - B


19th May

23rd May

2nd - 4th Jun

Area - A

30th Jun - 2nd Jul

Area - B

28th - 30th Jul

Area - A


16th Jun

20th Jun


18th Aug

22nd Aug

1st - 3rd Sep

Area - B


15th Sep

19th Sep

29th Sep - 1st Oct

Area - A


13th Oct

17th Oct

27th - 29th Oct

Area - B


17th Nov

21st Nov

1st - 3rd Dec

Area - A


8th Dec

12th Dec

28th - 31st Dec

Area - B


19th Jan

23rd Jan

2nd - 4th Feb

Area - A



Double deadline for July & August issues

Please note that 'COMPLETE artwork' are adverts that are supplied in the correct format to the right size so requires NO changes to be made by ourselves. If you need changes to be made by us then you MUST send through by the earlier date so that we have time to edit the artwork and get a proof across to you. PLEASE NOTE that artwork can run across TWO issues without changes in order to reach both of our delivery areas - but it is entirely up to you if you change it every month, once every 2 months or as often as you need. It is very unlikely that these dates will change but should we have to alter any we will notify you on the monthly copy reminders we send out. * this date has changed (was previously 14th Apr)

Deadlines 2017  
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