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How stem cells treatment helps in blood disorder Earlier we discussed about types and sources of stem cells in human body, now we will discuss on in which disease and syndrome stem cell treatment helps. For what syndrome or diseases conditions are stem cell treatments well established? Researchers trust that stem cells, particularly pluripotent stem cells, clinch plenty potential for medical therapies and medical research such as: Growing replacement cells or organs, human stem cells can used to produce specialized cells in a laboratory and then transplanted to put in a damaged cell in the human body. It could be used to delight a sphere of conditions from Parkinson disease to heart failure to spinal injuries. Example, in the case of a spinal injury, neural stem cells could be produced to replace damaged tissue. "Patching" organs that does not functioning fully – alike helping a diabetic person’s pancreas generate insulin. The recent therapy in research on Stem cells and diabetes includes generating islet cells that creates insulin to replace those that a diabetic person’s immune system demolishes. In study of human development, stem cells could relief researchers conclude why, in the immediate stages of development, some cells evolve into cancerous or how genetic diseases development. Stem cells treatment may be beneficial as a testing ground for new drugs earlier they are used on humans, for research purpose. Stem cells may be more correct for research results than employing animal subjects, also resolve the moral dilemma of employing animals for medical experiment. Stem cell therapy treatment have the promising to accompany new stem cell treatment options to patients with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, burns, diabetes, and spinal cord injuries. What is cord blood? Cord blood is the blood that stays in your newborn’s umbilical cord after birthing. Cord blood is a greatest source of a type of stem cell that can be used in variety of medical blood disorder treatment of stem cells. How is cord blood used in stem cell treatments? More than two favorable decades, cord blood stem cells have been employed in transplantation. Many life-threatening diseases: leukemia, blood disorders, infertility, metabolic disorders and immune diseases, has been treated by cord blood. Cord blood also is being used in regenerative medicine research, where stem cells are being classified for their potentiality to influence curative or regenerate cells to restore tissues. Clinical experiments are checking out a child’s own cord blood stem cell infusions as experimental therapies to give treatment on autism, pediatric stroke, cerebral palsy, injury of brain and juvenile diabetes. Contact Us : Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital S. No, 15, Fatima Nagar, Pune Maharashtra 411 040, India +91 - 020 – 30502222, Website :

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