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Ear Nose and Throat Diseases and Care Ear, nose and Throat are very delicate organs in human body. They are interred linked with each other. That’s why you need to always be aware about the infection and infectious disease affects on these organs. Let’s see what they are Ear is organ of detecting voice by perceiving sound. Ear mainly have three parts inner, middle and outer. It is part of auditory system of body. Nose is an organ used to breathing, smelling in human being as well as in all animals. Throat is the front part of human‘s neck. It is tube which used to carry a food. Different conditions may affect on your hearing balance, nose and throat. Ent infections are more common disease generally. It is bacterial disease which needs antibiotics to treat. Some of the ear, nose and throat conditions may affect your hearing balance are follows: Ear Disorder Conditions Ear infection: it is more common infection in all Tinnitus: a roaring like ringing voice in your ear Meniere’s disease: fluid problem in your inner ears Barotrauma: injury to your ear due to air or water pressure. Some of the conditions become the reason of hearing disorders and deafness. Nose/Nasal Disorder Conditions Rhinitis: it is allergic condition causes irritation and inflammation inside the nose Nasal Polyp: It is cause due to over growth of mucosa arising from mucous membrane Allergic rhinitis: it is allergic inflammation of your nasal airways. Most of the time it is occurred due to dust inhaling. Sinusitis: it is inflammation of Para Nasal sinuses, It occurs due to infection, allergy. Most of the time this infection found due to viral infection. Throat Disorder Conditions Throat disorders are also common in all like sore throat due to viral infection, allergies and bacterial infection. Tonsillitis: infection in your tonsils is the main reason. Pharyngitis: inflammation of the front necks passage Cancer: Throat cancer is also one of the deadly conditions if diagnosed late. It is the cancer of head and neck. The main reason of this is smoking, tobacco and alcohol. How to take Care of Your Ear, Nose and Throat: Your ear need proper washing regularly but not like your teeth. Wash delicately your ear using soap and water at the time of bathing Do not use anything sharp to clean it Take care at the time of swimming; the pressure of water may cause injury. If facing any type of infection, allergy and inflammation of nasal, visit your ent specialist as early as possible. Avoid smoking, tobacco and alcohol; it keeps you away from throat cancer. If you are facing any of above mentioned disorder then must visit hospital. Inamdar Multispeciality hospital in pune is one of the best ent specialist hospital in pune.

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