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Submitted to Sir Inam

Sahara Trust Hospital

Presented to, Sir Inam ul haq

Submitted by, Zerish

University of Education, Lahore Jauharabad Campus


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Submitted to Sir Inam

July 11, 2007

SUGHRA SHAFI MEDICAL COMPLEX INTRODUCTION ; SAHARA for Life Trust is a registered tax exempted charity organization striving for the betterment and promotion of health and education in remote areas. The name SAHARA is abbreviation for “Services Aimed at Health and Awakening in Remote Areas”.


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Submitted to Sir Inam The founder of the Trust is the famous singer and social worker of Pakistan Mr. Abrar-ul-Haq. The Trust was registered on 15th June 2000. Within a short span of time the Trust has established itself as a devoted, transparent and professional organization. The Trust is now recognized as a leading registered charitable organization in Pakistan, UK and USA.

SUGHRA SHAFI MEDICAL COMPLEX The first health project of SAHARA for Life Trust is Sughra Shafi Medical Complex Narowal, a 200 bedded hospital focusing on the mother and child care, emergency & trauma, mental health, ophthalmology, ENT, tuberculosis and infectious diseases with all-purpose general medical and surgical services, providing free outdoor and indoor treatment to the deserving patients. The hospital is situated in the remote and rural area of Narowal, 120 Km away from Lahore. The civil work, procurement of equipment, hiring of qualified professional staff is now complete. The total cost of the project after being fully equipped will be more than Rs. 350 million. The outpatient department of the hospital was inaugurated on 28th July, 2003 and has provided free health care and medicine to hundreds of thousands of poor and deserving patients.


Internal medicine 20 beds Emergency/Trauma center Surgery Orthopedic Paediatrics Gynaecology and obstetrics Cardiology Liver and Kidney clinic

Fortnightly OPDs Zarlish.COM

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Dermatology Psychiatry Ophthalmology

Inpatient Department Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø

Obs/Gynae Ward Male medical ward Female medical -ward Male surgical ward Female surgical ward Peadiatrics ward Paeds isolation ward Nursery Dialysis center Coronary care unit Intensive care unit Operation theaters Labour room Private rooms

Allied Facilities Ø4 state of the art and modern Operation Theatres. Ø Dialysis unit Ø Free medicine provided to all the poor and deserving indoor and outdoor patients. Ø Free catering for all indoor patients.

Diagnostic Services Radiology



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X-ray Ultrasound Color Doppler

Ø Pathology Ø Ø

24 hours service laboratory Blood bank facility

Allied Services



24 hours free ambulance service for poor patients Laundry, Incinerator, and Mortuary Permanent staff accommodation Help Line managed by duty medical officer to respond to the queries of the callers.

Difference SSMC has made in the lives of people of remote area like Narowal Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø

All patients of TB are being diagnosed and treated. Proper antenatal and perinatal care is being provided to expectant mothers. Healthcare facilities will be provided to the newnates and new born babies. Emergency and trauma services are available 24 hours. Immediate treatment shall be provided to the trauma patients, especially in the cases of the road side accidents. Psychiatric evaluation and treatment is being provided to people suffering from mental illnesses and epilepsy. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Patients diagnosed with cancer at an early stage will ensure that proper treatment can be provided to them. Diagnosis, Intervention and treatment of Kidney diseases has become possible.


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Patients suffering from Hepatitis are being treated and vaccinated. Ø Diabetic camps are being held to diagnose patients suffering from diabetes and proper treatment is being provided to prevent further complications.

Total patients treated at SSMC: Over 3,00,000 Weekly Specialist Clinics •

Cardiology Dermatology


Neurology/Neuro surgery




Linkages - Tertiary Care SSMC is envisaged to have active linkages with the leading medical centers in Pakistan to provide tertiary health care facilities to its patients. The list of linkages includes the following: • • •

Punjab Institute of Cardiology Punjab Institute of Mental Health Neurosurgical Center LGH


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Submitted to Sir Inam • • • • •

NESCOM Hospital Islamabad Mind Association PGMI, Services Hospital Gulab Devi Hospital Jinnah Hospital charitable organization in Pakistan , UK and USA.

RELIEF ACTIVITIES BY SAHARA FOR LIFE TRUST IN EARTH QUAKE EFFECTED AREAS The Management of SFLT immediately after the Earthquake struck on 8th Oct. 2005 met in an emergency meeting and passed a Resolution to commit SAHARA's maximum resources for the Relief & Rehabilitation of the Earthquake Victims. SAHARA’s management decided to provide in the form of Tents, Quilts/ Blankets, Food items including Atta, Rice, Sugar, Mineral Water, Biscuits, Dry Milk, Tea and Medicines. A large storage Shed was taken over by SAHARA Relief Team in Muzafarabad with the help of the Army Authorities. A Convey of more than 50 Trucks loaded with the above mentioned Relief Goods were sent to Muzafarabad in the First Phase. These Goods were distributed by Sahara Team after the Verification of the Earthquake Victims and their needs. At the same time a Field Hospital was established at Saran in the Jhelum Valley. This was the First Field Hospital in the area. Approximately 500 Patients were treated in this hospital per day. More than Twenty Five Thousand (25,000) patients were provided health care in Jhelum Valley, Garhi Dopatta, Rahim Kot, Mangli and like far remote area Hungari, where all medical relief, tents, blankets, food and fiber glass houses are also being installed. Second Convey of 35 Trucks loaded with Relief Goods was sent to Muzafarabad, was distributed among the Earthquake Victims. After Eid the Field Hospital was moved from Saran to Balakot


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Submitted to Sir Inam where it is still working with the staff of more than 52 persons. SAHARA has now decided to provide Fiber Glass Houses to more than One Thousand (1000) Families in the First Phase in NWFP and AJK. SAHARA has also committed to itself to support the Government Initiative to help the Earthquake Victims from the Post Trauma Stress Syndromes by providing Abrar Free of Charge for any Media Campaign by the Government of Pakistan and also provide Volunteers to Help the Earthquake Victims. At present a field Medical Hospital is working at Balakot in NWFP. Where approximately 500 patients are being treated daily. A team of Doctors from Philippine has also joined our Hospital to provide health care to the deserving patients. SAHARA for Life Trust pays gratitude to Pak Army as well as government of Pakistan that they provided us helicopters for the supply of houses and Sahara medical units in the remote earth quake areas. In the sorrow and grief new relationships and hope are now emerging to provide smiles to the earthquake victims. SAHARA in its efforts to facilitate the process of normalization of life in the area organized marriages. Mass marriages were organized by SAHARA for Life Trust in which 13 couples were given houses, dower and financial support to start there life in the earthquake effected areas.


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Sahara trust hospital