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Hamsterley Forest Research 2000 hectares of mixed woodland lying between the Wear and Tees valleys on the edge of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Hamsterley is a delightful oasis of broadleaved and coniferous woodland, sprawling along the sides of a sheltered valley. Visitors to Hamsterley have no shortage of options when it comes to activities. With waymarked walks, bike hire, cycle routes and horse riding trails, all levels of fitness and ability are catered for. Follow all that exercise with a snack or slice of lovely homemade cake in our tearoom and a browse around the gift shop and visitor centre.There is also a playpark which is now open. - In order to produce a leaflet that gives emphasis onto the visual aspects of the forest, I have taken photographs of all aspects of the forest that i found interesting as visuals, rather than simply visuals that present the forest in a literal sense. My intention is to create a leaflet that will engage those interested in striking scenery created by nature, as well as the conventional demographic of bank holiday family visitors and cyclists. Although some of the photographs that i have taken are of conventional forest related subject matters, i have also taken some that don’t neccessarily present the forest as a place of natural life in blossom, and have included some aspects of the natural destruction of the forest such as the fallen tree’s and dead leaves. Not only do I feel this is a more realistic representation of the forest, i also feel that it provides a more impressive visual.


This image was taken when I had climbed onto the trunk of a tree that had fallen down. All the branches of the trees seemed to interact with each other to form interesting shapes and give the essence of nature, growth, and forestry without directly making a literal referance to them.

This photograph also shows the forest with a theme of destruction to it. The composition of it and isolation of fallen trees almost hints at a theme of supernatural, or wiccan practise, which is interesting thematically, but perhaps not completely relevant to the brief for those aspects. Although there is the darkness to the image, i feel it still represents the forest as visually beautiful and I intend to use it as a main image in my leaflet.

The below image is a macro shot of a leaf, which although generic in relation to nature and forestry, is a staple symbol of nature and growth. The vibrancy of the colours naturally appeal as strong visuals because of the connotations with freshness and organic forms, which are associated with health and clean living. I intend to choose my images in accordance to what will draw interested visitors into the forest in the way any other piece of advertising would do.

This image is a more picturesque representation of the bridge, which is located as you leave the forest. Although this is more a man-made structure than a part of the natural environment, it is still in the forest and built around the natural beauty.

This image is again, slightly abstract in content but still shows a representation of tree’s and forestry in an interesting light. The colours in this shot almost create a sense of silhouette in relation to the tree’s and the sky. This shot is slightly more cinematic than the others so may not be relevant completely.

Much like the earlier shot, this image demonstrates the element of natural destruction in an impactful and unforgiving way. There is a sense of power of nature and masculinity to the image, which almost appears cinematic again, but still makes the forest appear graceful and overwhelming which are important features i hope to communicate in the leaflet.

This shot was taken to attempt to capture an element of the animals that are in and around the forest. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph many wild animals as they tend to move very fast, so i had to photograph a farm animal. I may use external images as reference of animals, such as pheasants.


- This image was taken when I had climbed onto the trunk of a tree that had fallen down. All the...


- This image was taken when I had climbed onto the trunk of a tree that had fallen down. All the...