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Editor’s Welcome Welcome to Oxfordshire and the city of Oxford, visitors and locals alike. Thank you for choosing The Best in Oxford & Oxfordshire. With this guide we hope to provide a deeper look into some of the gems (both hidden and thoroughly uncovered) that Oxford and its surrounding areas have to offer. Featuring over 100 of the top must-see attractions, shops, restaurants and more, you will undoubtedly find the spark of motivation to explore this wondrous slice of English heritage. Listings are in no particular order; just how the reviews and listings have come together in their relevant sections. Not being from Oxford originally myself, a compilation such as this one is fascinating and extremely handy in its pocket format. I find myself wanting to visit each and every one of the establishments represented. There is a perfect suggestion for any trip you might be planning.

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Welcome to Oxford Oxford University has educated 26 British Prime Ministers including Sir Robert Peel, Harold Macmillan, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and David Cameron.

The first book was printed here in 1478 and now the Oxford University Press is one of the largest publishers in the world. The University of Cambridge was actually founded by Oxford scholars who were fleeing Oxford following riots that erupted in 1209 between students and townspeople.

Bodleian Library is almost five centuries old and currently houses more than 11,000,000 documents on 190km (120 miles) of shelves.

Oxford attracts over

9.5 million visitors per year 6

The Westgate Centre is currently going through a ÂŁ500m re-development that will be completed in time for Christmas 2017

Oxford University is the oldest English speaking university in the world, dating back to the end of the 12th century. The Ashmolean is Britain's oldest museum and has recently undergone a ÂŁ61m transformation.

Oxford is home to the creators of Alice in Wonderland, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Inspector Morse and the His Dark Materials trilogy as well as providing a filming location for Harry Potter.

Oxford has 1,500 listed buildings and 18% of the city is devoted to conservation areas. Oxford has more published writers per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

Population of 150,000, of which 33,000 are students. 7

Oxford Stories

Inspector Morse Iconic TV series filmed in Oxford

Alice's story first came to be on 4th July 1862 as Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson), his friend Duckworth and the Liddell sisters (including Alice) were rowing on the River Isis. During the trip Carroll begin telling a tale of a girl named Alice who was after an adventure in life. The Liddell sisters loved the story and convinced Carroll to write “Alice’s Adventures.” A few years after that fateful day, Carroll presented Alice with his hand-written manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Underground. The story was published in 1865, just 3 years after its conception. There are numerous locations around Oxford were you can see little mementos and nods to Carroll's story. In Christ Church College's Dining Hall there is a small window, known as the Alice Window. The top left hand pane has Alice’s face on it and the right hand pane has Carroll's. The window also has a lot of other figures and scenes from the story on it, like Alice and the Dodo. Oxford also celebrates "Alice's Day" annually on 7th July with fun events like a Mad Tea Party and The Caucus Race. You can also find a quaint shop called "Alice's Shop" on St. Aldates in the city centre, the number ‘83’ stamped on its red door - The very shop where Liddell loved to buy sweets. Today the shop sells Alice themed souvenirs.


Oxford was a prime location for the filming of Inspector Morse and Lewis. The bar at the Macdonald Randolph Hotel on Beaumont Street in Oxford was named after the Inspector. Pop in and have a drink, or take a stroll around some of Inspector Morse's favourite haunts: The Eagle and Child, The White Horse, The Kings Arms and The Bear have all featured in episodes and are easily accessible from the centre of the city. You can visit the spot where John Thaw acted Morse's heart attack scene at Exeter College on Turl Street. Or take a trip northwards to The Trout Inn at Wolvercote, where Morse was often seen with a pint in hand. 'The Hunt in the Forest' painting featured in the 'Point of Vanishing' episode can be seen in the Ashmolean Museum on Beaumont Street, and the museum also featured in an episode called 'The Wolvercote Tongue', as well as Didcot Railway Centre. Other Oxford locations include the likes of University of Oxford Botanic Garden, Martyr's Memorial, The Sheldonian Theatre, and Blackwell's bookshop and can all be visited.

Alice In Wonderland Famous story written in Oxford


Oxford Stories Walking around Oxford and its historic architecture immediately gives you a real sense of the atmosphere in the films. Quite a few locations in Oxford feature in many of the Harry Potter films, creating the iconic backdrop for various locations in the prominent Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Divinity Hall at The Bodleian Library was used as the Hogwarts infirmary, and its classic gothic architecture and vaulted ceiling is unmistakable. At once point in the films, Harry (in his invisibility cloak) explores the Hogwarts library looking for clues, which is actually the University of Oxford's Duke Humphries Library. In 'The Goblet of Fire' there is a scene where Harry finds Malfoy sitting in a tree, a tree which can be found at the New College Cloisters. Aside from those above, there are many more locations which you can spot in the films.

The Four Minute Mile Sir Roger Bannister World sporting record broken in Oxford


Harry Potter

Blockbusters filmed in Oxford

25-year-old Roger Bannister, a medical student, was the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes. The record was broken in 1954, when Bannister ran the mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds at the Iffley Road track in Oxford, watched by over 3000 spectators. Roger was president of the Oxford Club and was running for the Amateur Athletic Association against his old university during an annual race when he broke the record. The race had been planned carefully by Bannister and his two pacemakers, Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway, with Brasher taking the lead as the first pacemaker with Bannister behind and followed by Chataway. As Brasher slowed, Bannister gave the sign for Chataway to take over. Bannister then took the lead with a sprint about 180m from the finish. The spectators went wild when the news reached them, that Bannister had not only won the race but beaten the 4-minute-mile. Sir Roger’s spikes worn for his record-breaking achievement were sold at auction for in excess of £50,000. 11

Oxford Stories Tolkien dwelled in Oxford during the entire time he spent writing The Hobbit and the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tolkien had always been a master of the English language, and spent 14 years teaching English language and literature at Merton College in Oxford. Try visiting Merton College, one of the oldest in Oxford, to get a feel for the kind of environment that inspired Tolkien. While there, head next door to Exeter College as this is where Tolkien was a student from 1911 until 1914 when the First World War began. Another college which played a big part in Tolkien's life was Magdalen College. There is a wonderfully picturesque walk in the grounds, called "Addison's Walk", which Tolkien often strolled along. There are tall, ancient trees surrounding the path, which may very well have been the inspiration for some characters or settings within the books. Tolkien was also known to spent quite a bit of time in the University of Oxford's Botanic Gardens, sitting at one tree in particular which is now known as "Tolkien's Tree".

Oxford Union Famous debating society in the centre of Oxford


J. R. R. Tolkien Famous fantasy novels written in Oxford

The Oxford Union is a highly prestigious debating society in the centre of Oxford. Many famous guests both international and national have spoken here. The Union was established over 190 years ago with the goal of promoting debate and discussion across the globe. The Union has a rich history - Founded in 1823 as a forum for free speech (an idea which was decidedly foreign to the University authorities at that time), it went on to become a place where students at the University of Oxford could come to freely discuss politics. Former Prime Minister W. E. Gladstone was one of the most prominent figures in the Union's formative years, having been its President in 1830 before moving on to enter the House of Commons. Many other members of the Union have followed Gladstone's footsteps in to politics, becoming nationally and internationally prominent figures. Nowadays the Union also often invites guest speakers from non-political areas, such as Jon Bon Jovi, Natalie Portman, Philip Pullman and hundreds more.


Oxfordshire Attractions The ‘must see’ buildings and landmarks around Oxford for locals and visitors alike. You’ve not visited Oxford if you’ve not seen these!


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Bodleian Library Oxfordshire Attractions

The Bodleian Library, the main research library of the University of Oxford, is one of the oldest libraries in Europe, and Britain's second largest library. According to the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 it is one of six legal deposit libraries for works published in the United Kingdom. The Bodleian – known to Oxford scholars as "Bodley" or simply "the Bod” - operates principally as a reference library and in general documents may not be removed from the reading rooms. It currently consists of around 9 million units on 176 kilometers of shelves and could offer 2,500 readers at the same time a reading place. The Bodleian Library (officially Bodley's Library, in latin "Bibliotheca Bodleiana" or shorter "Bodleiana") was opened in 1602 with a collection of 2,000 books. Thomas Bodley from Merton College had collected the books to replace the former library, donated by Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, which were dissipated in the 16th century. Due to an agreement with the Stationers' Company in London in 1610, a copy of every registered book got delivered to the library. This agreement was continued with the Copyright Act in 1911 and until today it is still a Legal Deposit. Thanks to its function as a book storage it grew really fast over the years and it is now the largest component of the Bodleian Libraries, formerly known as Oxford University Library Services (OULS). Because of the stunning architecture, the Bodleian often appears in film, for example in “The Madness of King George” (1994) and in the first two Harry Potter films, in which the Divinity School is used as Hogwarts' hospital and the Duke Humphrey's Library as the Hogwarts-Library.

A: Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BG T: (01865) 277 162 W: www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk TW: @bodleianlibs


Open: Mon-Fri 09:00-22:00, Sat 10:00-16:00, Sun 11:00-17:00 Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1hr +


Sheldonian Theatre Oxfordshire Attractions

Enjoy a one hour guided tour of Oxford’s historic city centre plus the iconic Sheldonian Theatre. The tour fee includes access into the Theatre and Cupola, where visitors can enjoy memorable panoramic views of Oxford’s famous skyline. Key tour highlights: • Experience an unforgettable tour through 900 years of Oxford University’s eccentric, rebellious and violent history. Discover the history of the Sheldonian Theatre, the University's ceremonial hall and Sir Christopher Wren's first major building, which opened in 1669. • Visit the Sheldonian Theatre's Ladies Gallery, Cupola and Attic with its fascinating story boards, as well as the Clarendon and Bodleian Quadrangles, the University Church and Radcliffe Square.

Price £8.00 per person. Concession rates are available at £6.00 per person; concessions apply to under 18, students, over 60's, University staff and registered disabled and one companion. Under 6's go free. Guided Tour dates The tour season officially begins on the 1 June until September 2016. As the Theatre is a working building for the University, Guided Tours are not available every day. Please check our website for dates and times. Tours can be booked: -Directly from the Visitor Information desk at the Theatre -Calling the Theatre on T: 01865 277299 or emailing: tours@sheldon.ox.ac.uk -At the Oxford Visitor Information Centre, 15-16 Broad Street, OX1 3AS For further information visit www.sheldon.ox.ac.uk

A: Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3AZ T: (01865) 277 299 W: www.sheldon.ox.ac.uk TW: @SheldonianOxUni


Open: Mon-Sun 10:00-16:30 Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1hr


Waterperry Gardens Oxfordshire Attractions

Seven miles from the heart of historic Oxford lies Waterperry Gardens – 8 acres of beautiful ornamental gardens with a fascinating history. Established as a School of Horticulture for Ladies by Beatrix Havergal in 1932, it’s now home to a plant centre and garden shop, gallery, gift barn, museum and teashop. Lose yourself in our wonderful gardens featuring a 200 foot long herbaceous border, formal knot and rose garden, colour and contemporary borders, a waterlily canal, riverside walk and herbaceous nursery stock beds from which all cuttings are taken for the plants sold in the Victorian walled garden plant centre. The garden shop provides everything you need for the gardening season and the plant centre sells mainly Waterperry-grown plants – with herbaceous plants a speciality. There are also seasonal bedding and veg plants, Waterperry grown shrubs, trees and climbers as well as a wide range of our own apple trees grafted from our orchards where we produce thousands of bottles of our own juice each year. If you fancy a bit of retail therapy, the Gallery, Gift Barn and Old Potting Shed offer beautiful, affordable and unusual gifts to suit all tastes and budgets. There’s also a small Rural Life Museum, a Saxon Church and a lovely teashop specializing in home baked lunches, patisserie and cakes – all cooked fresh on the premises each day using the best local, seasonal produce. We have a full programme of year round events, from horticulturally themed weekends to outdoor theatre and concerts as well as a wide range of arts, crafts and gardening courses to allow you to brush up an existing skill or learn a new one. Open all year round Waterperry Gardens is a place to explore, relax, and shop in beautiful surroundings throughout the seasons. Find out more about everything Waterperry has to offer by visiting our website.

A: Nr. Wheatley, Oxfordshire, OX33 1JZ Open: Mon-Sun 10:00-17:30 T: (01844) 339 254 Suitable weather: Fair W: www.waterperrygardens.co.uk Time required: 1 - 3hrs TW: @waterperry



The Oxfordshire Cotswolds Oxfordshire Attractions

Lying to the west of Oxford, within easy reach by public transport, the Oxfordshire Cotswolds is just waiting to be explored. There are familiar names like Blenheim Palace, one of England’s finest houses, and Cotswold Wildlife Park, one of the country’s top animal attractions. However there are also less familiar attractions, well worth seeking out: the wonderful gardens of Rousham House; Kelmscott Manor, the country home of William Morris; Chastleton House, a Jacobean manor untouched by time; Cogges with its 13th century manor house and 17th century farm buildings; or Crocodiles of the World, the UK’s only crocodile zoo, run by “Croc Man” Shaun Foggett. The Oxfordshire Cotswolds offers far more than historic houses and animal collections though: there are lively market towns of honey coloured stone, like Burford, Charlbury, Chipping Norton, Witney and Woodstock, each with a distinct character, specialist independent shops (in Witney there’s even a shop dedicated exclusively to Teddy Bears!) and FREE parking throughout. There are also some wonderful museums to discover: machine enthusiasts will love the Oxford Bus Museum and Combe Mill, the original ‘workshop’ of the Blenheim Estate; there are also enchanting, little local museums in Burford, Charlbury, Chipping Norton, Churchill, Filkins and Witney, as well as the larger Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock. Whether by car, train, bike or on foot, discover for yourself the enchanting villages with their old stone pubs and medieval churches, search out Cotswold Woollen Weavers in Filkins, Aston Pottery in Aston or perhaps the Downton Abbey film locations in Bampton – there’s plenty to see and do in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds!

T: (01993) 775 802 W: www.oxfordshirecotswolds.org TW: @OxCots



Oxfordshire Attractions

Ashmolean Museum Founded in 1683, being the world’s first public museum, the Ashmolean have exhibitions for art and archaeology. Their vision is to be an open door to the excellence of Oxford, providing interested and curious visitors with various exhibitions and collections. It is a centre for object-based teaching and research with internationally acclaimed galleries and display spaces. Not only does the museum serve its purpose to educate and inform the public about art and archaeology, it is also a teaching and research department of University of Oxford, providing it with research and publications. The present building was built in 1845 and the museum opened in the 1890’s.The museum was refurbished in 2009 and the galleries within are all interlinked by the theme Crossing Cultures, Crossing Time, which encourages visitors to make connections between the collections and exhibitions of the Ashmolean. A: Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2PH T: (01865) 278 000 W: www.ashmolean.org TW: @ashmoleanmuseum


Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00 Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1 - 2hrs

Blenheim Palace The palace is a monumental country house located in Woodstock and was built between 1705 to approximately 1722 as a reward to John Churchill who was the first Duke of Marlborough. He had served his country in the War of Spanish Succession against the French and Bavarians that led to the Battle of Blenheim in 1704. Blenheim palace is the only non-royal country house in England to hold the title of palace and it is one of the largest houses in England. The palace does not only offer tours and themed exhibitions within the walls, visitors are also welcome to discover the Rose Garden, the Secret Garden and the Water Terraces. For families the Pleasure Garden might be a nice option, with miniature trains, a butterfly house, a giant hedge maze and an adventure playground. They have various happenings throughout the year, such as sporting and cultural events that are popular amongst both locals and tourists. A: Woodstock, OX20 1PP T: (01993) 810 530 W: www.blenheimpalace.com TW: @blenheimpalace

Open: Mon-Sun 10:30-17:30 Suitable weather: Fair Time required: 1 - 2hrs


Oxfordshire Attractions

The Botanic Garden The Botanic Garden was founded in 1621 with a mission “To promote the furtherance of learning and to glorify nature”. In the almost 400 years since then, although many people and plants have been involved in the history of the Garden, they continue to educate as many people as possible about the importance of plants, to help conserve plants around the world and to support teaching and research at the University and beyond. The Botanic Garden consists of both outside areas (The Gardens) and inside areas (The Glasshouses). In total the site covers 2 hectares and is bounded to the north by the High Street, to the east by the river Cherwell, to the west by Rose Lane and to the south by Christ Church Meadows. The Glasshouses cover approximately 600m². There are approximately 5000 different plants species growing at the Botanic Gardens, making it one of the most biodiverse areas of land in the World.

A: Rose Lane, Oxford, OX1 4AZ T: (01865) 286 690 W: www.botanic-garden.ox.ac.uk TW: @obgha


Open: Mon-Sun 09:00-17:00 Suitable Weather: Sunny, Cloudy Time Required: 1-2 hours

Broughton Castle Broughton Castle is a moated and fortified manor house near Banbury in North Oxfordshire. Set in parkland and built of the rich local Hornton ironstone, it was selected by Simon Jenkins as one of only twenty to be awarded five stars in his book England’s Thousand Best Houses. The core of the house was built in 1306 and the gatehouse in the early fifteenth century, but most of what you see today dates from the 1550’s. It was a centre of opposition to Charles I and was besieged and damaged after the Battle of Edgehill in 1642. Broughton Castle has been selected for a wide range of film shoots, including feature films, TV dramas, TV commercials as well as fashion and other photo shoots. A: Banbury, OX15 5EB T: (01295) 276 070 W: www.broughtoncastle.com

Open: Mon-Sun 14:00-17:00 Suitable Weather: Any Time Required: 1 - 2 hours


Oxfordshire Attractions

Oxford Castle Unlocked Oxford Castle Unlocked is a visitor attraction with a past stretching far beyond your imagination. Visitors will learn about the real people and events from the sites turbulent past: the first Oxford teachings, the owners, visionaries, activists and inmates. People like Marshall William Smith, the King’s prison keeper, who in the 1600s made Oxford Prison as feared and as notorious as Colditz; Mary Blandy a convicted murderess, who became an 18th-century celebrity; Jack Ketch, the public executioner and the man after whom the Punch & Judy hangman character was modelled; and Anne Green, who survived her own hanging and narrowly escaped being anatomised by an Oxford medical student in 1650. You can visit the Saxon St. George's Tower, the 900 year old crypt, the 18th century Debtors’ Tower and Prison D-Wing as well as the Mound of the 11th century motte-and-bailey castle. A: 44 New Road, Oxford, OX1 1AY T: (01865) 260 666 W: www.oxfordcastleunlocked.co.uk TW: @oxfordcastle


Open: Mon-Sun 10:00-16:20 Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1 - 2hrs

Cotswold Wildlife Park The Cotswold Wild Life Park and Gardens is one of the UK's largest zoological collections and most exciting gardens. The park was founded in 1970, about two miles south of Burford and today it attracts millions of visitors every year. A visit offers the renowned bird collection, the big herbivores such as girafes and tapirs as well as the large carnivores. But also the small mammals like lemurs and bats find their place in the collection and furthermore, the park houses one of thee largest collection of reptiles in the UK. Finally you have the carefully planted gardens. They are taking advantage of the various microclimates and are worth a visit in all times of the year. The park supports a thriving education programme, numerous endangered species breeding programmes and several vital conservation projects in the wild.

A: Bradwell Grove, Burford, OX18 4JP T: (01993) 823 006 W: www.cotswoldwildlifepark.co.uk TW: @cotswildtweets

Open: Mon-Sun 10:00-18:00 Suitable weather: Fair Time required: 2 - 3hrs


Oxfordshire Attractions

Examination Schools The University of Oxford Examination Schools is a beautiful Victorian Grade II listed building located on the High Street in the heart of Oxford. It is Oxford’s largest city centre conference venue. They offer nearly 13,000 square feet of versatile space for exhibitions, displays and trade shows, whilst adapting equally well to conferences, business meetings, receptions and dinners. 17 multifunctional rooms offer excellent meeting room and break-out space. With accommodation available in Oxford, including at nearby colleges and easy access to tourist attractions, restaurants and local public transport links, the Examination schools is a truly unique conference venue.

A: 75/81 High Street, Oxford, OX1 1AY T: (01865) 276 903 W: www.admin.ox.ac.uk TW: @UniofOxford


Open: Mon-Fri 08:30-17:00 Suitable weather: Any Time required: 30mins

Museum of the History of Science The Museum of the History of Science houses an unrivalled collection of early scientific instruments in the world’s oldest surviving purpose-built museum building, the Old Ashmolean on Broad Street, Oxford. It is an active public museum, offering a programme of public lectures, familyfriendly events, gallery tours, table talks and much more, along with taught sessions for schools. As well as the permanent displays, visitors to the Museum enjoy special exhibitions highlighting areas of the collection. The present collection of the Museum preserves the material relics of past science. As a department of the University of Oxford, the Museum has a role both in making these relics available for study by historians who are willing to look beyond the traditional confines of books and manuscripts as well as presenting them to the visiting public. A: Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3AZ T: (01865) 277 280 W: www.mhs.ox.ac.uk TW: @MHSOxford

Open: Tue-Sun 12:00-17:00 Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1 - 2hrs


Oxfordshire Attractions

Museum of Oxford The Museum of Oxford is the only museum dedicated to telling the story of Oxford and its people. It opened in 1975 and immediately intrigued people with the story of Oxford and how it has developed. Bringing together a diverse collection, the Museum of Oxford wove the story of the city from the prehistoric to the modern day. In 2011 the Museum of Oxford brought together the Museum’s collection and the heritage of Oxford’s Town Hall. The “Explore Oxford galleries“ opened in June 2012. Exploring the past, visitors can have a look around a Victorian Office and see how the city has developed over the past 3000 years. Continuing into the second space, visitors can take a virtual high-speed bike ride around the city. You can look and read about who and what have shaped the city we see today. You will also find various exhibitions and activities to get the community involved. A: St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1BX T: (01865) 252 334 W: www.oxford.gov.uk/museumofoxford TW: museumofoxfor


Open: Mon-Sat 10:00-17:00 Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1 - 2hrs

Oxford Castle Quarter Oxford Castle Quarter was once home to the Norman Oxford Castle, then the infamous Oxford Prison. Parts of these historic buildings remain, and have shaped the development of Oxford Castle Quarter as it stands today, including St George’s Tower and the Castle Mound. The excavation of archaeological artefacts during the redevelopment on site produced evidence that St George’s Tower is the oldest remaining building in Oxford, whilst Castle Mound dates back to 1071, and there is even a Saxon Wall located within Oxford Castle Quarter close to Paradise Street. Oxford Castle Quarter is now home to a vibrant hub of bars and restaurants, including the brasserie at Malmaison, the Visitor’s Room Bar in Malmaison, Café 1071, Prezzo, La Tasca, Pizza Express, Café 1071, 1855 Bistro, The Swan & Castle, and The Slug and Lettuce.

A: Castle Street, Oxford, OX1 1AY T: (01865) 201 657 W: www.oxfordcastlequarter.com TW: @oxcastlequarter

Open: See website Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1hr +


Oxfordshire Attractions

Oxfordshire Museum The Oxfordshire Museum (also known as Oxfordshire County Museum) is in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, located opposite the Bear Hotel. It is a regional museum covering the county of Oxfordshire. The museum features collections of local history, art, archaeology, the landscape and wildlife relating to the county of Oxfordshire, and to the town of Woodstock in particular. The museum is run by Oxfordshire County Council and is located in a large 18th-century house, Fletcher’s House, in the centre of Woodstock. There is also a large garden behind and a coffee shop.

A: Park Street, Woodstock, OX20 1SN T: (01993) 811 456 W: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk TW: @OxonMuseum


Open: Tue-Sat 10:00-17:00, Sun 14:00-17:00 Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1 - 2hrs

Photo by www.davestroudphotography.co.uk

Pitt Rivers Museum The Museum displays archaeological and ethnographic objects from all parts of the world. It was founded in 1884 when General Pitt Rivers, an influential figure in the development of archaeology and evolutionary anthropology, gave his collection to the University. The General's founding gift contained more than 18,000 objects but there are now over half a million. Many were donated by early anthropologists and explorers. The collection includes extensive photographic and sound archives which contain early records of great importance. The Museum continues to collect through donations, bequests, special purchases and through its staff and students. Furthermore, the museum exhibits textiles, masks, sculptures, boats, costumes, magic objects including amulets and charms; jewellery and body decoration; locks and keys; tools and weapons.

A: South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PP T: (01865) 270 927 W: www.prm.ox.ac.uk TW: @pitt_rivers

Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-16:30, Mon 12:00-16:30 Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1 - 2hrs


Oxfordshire Attractions

Radcliffe Camera The Radcliffe Camera is a building from the 18th century in Oxford, England. The rotunda at the Radcliffe Square near the city centre originally housed a library and is now used as a reading room. However the access is restricted to students of the Oxford University. The building is named after its founder, physician Dr. John Radcliffe (1650-1714). He provided 40,000 pounds for the construction of the library. Since 1860 the Radcliffe Camera is part of the Bodleian Library. It houses two reading rooms in which books of English literature and history can be viewed. The building, surrounded by the Bodleian Library and the University Church of St. Mary, is one of the main attractions and one of Oxford’s most photographed buildings.

A: Radcliffe Square, Oxford, OX1 T: (01865) 277 162 W: www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk


Open: Mon-Fri 09:00-22:00, Sat 10:00-16:00, Sun 11:00-17:00 Suitable weather: Any Time required: 20mins

Uffington White Horse Hill The internationally-renowned Bronze-Age Uffington White Horse can be seen for miles away leaping across the head of a dramatic dry valley in the Ridgeway escarpment. The horse is only part of the unique complex of ancient remains that are found at White Horse Hill and beyond, spreading out across the high chalk downland. The Manger, a dramatic dry valley has steep rippled sides left from the retreating permafrost during the last Ice Age. These ripples are known as the Giant's Steps. To the east of the Manger lies Dragon Hill, a small roundish hill with a flattened top. It is said to be the site where St. George, England's patron saint, slew the dragon. The blood poisoned the ground and left a white chalk scar for all to see. Crowning White Horse Hill is an Iron Age hillfort known as Uffington Castle.

A: Uffington, SN7 7UK W: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/white-horse-hill TW: @nationaltrust

Open: 24hours Price: ÂŁ2 (car park) Suitable Weather: Sunny, Cloudy Time Required: 1 - 3 hours


Oxfordshire Attractions

Carfax Tower

A: Queen Street, Oxford, OX1 1ET T: (01865) 792 653 Open: 10.00 - 17:30 Mon - Sun Carfax Tower is at the junction of St Aldate's, Cornmarket Street, Queen Street and the High Street in Oxford. It is considered to be the centre of the city. The name "Carfax" derives from the Latin "quadrifurcus" via the French "carrefour", both of which mean "crossroads". Carfax delivers excellent views of the rooftops of Oxford, great for a photo or two.

St. Michael at the Northgate A: Cornmarket Street, Oxford, OX1 3EY T: (01865) 240 940 W: www.smng.org.uk Open: 10.30 - 17:00 Mon-Sun

Host to many concerts and choirs, St Michael at the Northgate is Oxford's oldest surviving church. It was originally situated just within the North Gate, of the city, protected to the north by the city wall. The doors are open every day to invite in those who would benefit from a few moments of reflection, or to see one of the day's events.

University Church of St. Mary the Virgin A: High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BJ T: (01865) 279 111 W: www.university-church.ox.ac.uk Open: 9:00 - 17:00 Mon-Sun

Standing in the very centre of Oxford, the University Church of St Mary the Virgin is the spiritual heart of the oldest university in Britain, and has been the focus of Christian worship and of debates about religion, politics, and morality for over seven hundred years. Enjoy some excellent views from the church spire, or relax in the Cafe.

Museum of Natural History A: Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PW T: (01865) 272 950 W: www.oum.ox.ac.uk Open: 10:00 – 17:00 Mon - Sun

Founded in 1860 as the centre for scientific study at the University of Oxford, the Museum of Natural History now holds the University’s internationally significant collections of geological and zoological specimens. Housed in a stunning example of neo-Gothic architecture, the Museum’s growing collections underpin a broad programme of natural environment research, teaching and public engagement. 38

Tom Tower

A: Christ Cathedral, St. Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DP T: (01865) 276 150 W: www.chch.ox.ac.uk Open: 10.00 - 16:00 Mon-Sun Tom Tower is a bell tower in Oxford named for its bell, Great Tom. It is over Tom Gate, on St Aldates, the main entrance of Christ Church College which leads into Tom Quad. Great Tom, housed in the tower, is the loudest bell in Oxford. It weighs six and a quarter tons and was moved from the 12th-century Osney Abbey after the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Riving & Rowing Museum

A: Meadow Road, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1BF T: (01491) 415 600 W: www.rrm.co.uk Open: 10:00 - 17:00 Mon-Sun The River & Rowing Museum has three galleries dedicated to Rowing, Rivers and the history of Henley on Thames. The Museum is also home to the magical Wind in the Willows exhibition, which brings to life the much-loved story with 3D models, lighting and music. With a constantly evolving calendar of temporary art and photography exhibitions and a year-round calendar of nature trails, craft workshops and family days, there is always something new to see and do.

Oxford University Press Archive A: Great Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX2 6DP E: archives@oup.com W: www.global.oup.com Open: 8:30 - 17:00 Mon-Fri

Book a guided tour of the historic Oxford University Press Museum, with displays including OUP buildings, the 17th century Fell types, the Oxford Almanacks, Alice in Wonderland and the Oxford English Dictionary, as well as printing equipment, a 19th century printing press and access to OUP's latest publications online.

Bridge of Sighs

A: New College Lane, Oxford, OX1 3BW Architect: Thomas Graham Jackson Opened: 1914 The Bridge is often referred to as the Bridge of Sighs because of its supposed similarity to the famous Bridge of Sighs in Venice. It was completed in 1914, despite its construction being opposed by New College. The bridge is always open to members of the College, who can often be seen crossing it.


Oxfordshire Activities There is always something to do in Oxford no matter the time of year. See our month-by-month guide overleaf for some ideas of traditional Oxford events.


Photo by www.davestroudphotography.co.uk

Features p.42 Month by Month Calendar p.43 Visitor Information p.44 City Sightseeing Tours p.46 Chiltern Railways p.48 Official Guided Walking Tours p.49 St Giles’ Fair p.50 Punting p.51 Wychwood Brewery p.52 Gloucester Green Market p.53 May Day

p.54 Encaenia p.55 Ghost Tours p.56 Christmas Market p.57 Christmas Light Night


Month by Month Calendar of Events With so many great things to see and do in Oxfordshire, we’ve put together a handy calendar of the most common annual events which you won’t want to miss. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee the dates of any of the events below, but this should serve as a great starting point for the kinds of events on offer.



Shakespeare Oxford

Alice’s Day

Stargazing Oxford

Banbury Town Mayor's Sunday


Cornbury Music Festival

Oxford International Art Fair

Cowley Road Carnival




Wilderness Festival


Oxford Proms

Bumping Races

Foodies Festival

FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival



St Giles' Fair

May Day


Oxfordshire Artweeks

Ghost Fest

Common People Festival

Oxford Beer Festival

Levellers Day



Roundtable Fireworks Display

Oxford Pride Festival

Christmas Light Night

Lord Mayor’s Parade


Oxford Festival of the Arts

Oxford Christmas Market

Please see the Visitor Information Centre for a more comprehensive events list closer to the time of your visit.


Oxford Visitor Information Centre The Oxford Visitor Information Centre, based on bustling Broad Street in the heart of the historical city, is the first point of call for visitors and locals with questions about Oxfordshire alike. The centre provides maps and information about local attractions and a Bureau de Change, but that is only the beginning. You can also find discounted tickets to a number of attractions and a luggage storage service. One section of the centre is dedicated to upcoming events, advertising theatre, music and arts in Oxfordshire. The knowledgeable staff are always happy to help with questions about Oxfordshire, local transport information and suggestions for getting the most out of a visit to Oxfordshire. The offer is completed by a wide range of Oxford-themed gifts and books.

A: 15-16 Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3AS T: (01865) 686 430 W: www.experienceoxfordshire.org TW: @ExperienceOx

Open: Open Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm Sun 10am - 4pm


City Sightseeing Tours Oxfordshire Activities

City Sightseeing offers a very informative account of the history of Oxford and provides a unique view of the city. This really is the only way to see Oxford! The views are amazing and on a clear day an open double-decker bus is an invigorating place to be! This tour will take you on a smooth and steady trip around the main streets of Oxford, giving you a glimpse over the city walls as well as providing a comprehensive commentary throughout. For an elevated view of the city, you can take in the history of the Colleges, some interesting facts about local landmarks and famous names linked to the city. Being able to peek in to all of the private colleges and see their lovely quadrangles and immaculate lawns for free and for the first time was a real treat! There are two types of buses to choose from; one that has a taped commentary and one with a live guide. We opted for the guide and the live commentary really brought the cityscape alive for me. The recorded commentary does come in handy, though, especially since City Sightseeing offer commentaries in German, French, Spanish and Japanese. All seats have headphone sockets and headphones are provided so you can digest the tour at your own pace and tune in at your chosen volume. One full tour lasts one hour and you are free to hop on and off to your heart’s content. Spending the day as a tourist in the city in which you live is liberating. It was great to do the tourist thing and see people from all over the world enjoying our beautiful city. It made me very proud to be a resident and compelled me to reevaluate and appreciate the architecture that I take for granted on a daily basis.

A: No. 1 Shop, Oxford Train Station, Oxford, OX1 1HS T: (01865) 790 522 W: www.citysightseeingoxford.com


Open: See website for timetable Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1hr+


Chiltern Railways Oxfordshire Activities

Chiltern Railways are building a ground-breaking new rail line between Oxford and London Marylebone. This will be the first new rail link between London and a major British city in over 100 years and will bring significant economic benefits for those living and working along the route. The £130m investment will result in Chiltern running services between London Marylebone and a new station to the north of the city, Oxford Parkway, from October 2015 and from the centre of Oxford from spring 2016. Towns and villages to the north of Oxford will gain especially from improved rail access at the new parkway station, and the fast growing town of Bicester will enjoy an additional link to the capital. The project will also see the re-establishment of long lost rail links, such as between High Wycombe and Oxford. In order to achieve this, a new ž mile line is being built at Bicester to link the London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street line with the existing route between Bicester Village station and Oxford. This link has been completely rebuilt to modern standards, with new track, signalling and bridges. In partnership with Network Rail, the project is the first phase of the installation of infrastructure for the East West Rail line which will see trains running from Oxford to Bedford from 2017. The new route will include the following stops: Oxford - Oxford Parkway - Islip - Bicester Village - London Marylebone

T: (03456) 005 165 W: www.chilternrailways.co.uk TW: @chilternrailway



Oxfordshire Activities

Official Guided Walking Tours A wonderful selection of walking tours caters for all interests. If it's your first visit to Oxford we suggest you start with the ‘Official University and City tour’ which runs daily from the Oxford Visitor Information Centre. You will be taken on a delightful stroll through the heart of this historic city centre. Follow in the footsteps of the city's celebrated TV detective and his successor Lewis by joining our Inspector Morse Tour which departs every Saturday. If you've visited before and are looking to find out something new then one of our special Themed Tours may catch your eye, giving you the chance to discover parts of Oxford's heritage you'd never have found by yourself. The most popular Themed Tours include: CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien; Stained Glass; Tudor Oxford, Magic, Murder & Mayhem and Pottering in Harry's Footsteps. A: 15-16 Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3AS T: (01865) 686 430 W: www.experienceoxfordshire.org TW: @ExperienceOx


Open: Mon-Sun 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 & 16:00 Suitable Weather: Sunny, Cloudy Time Required: 1-2 hours

Photo by www.davestroudphotography.co.uk

St Giles' Fair St Giles' Fair is an annual fair held in St Giles', a wide thoroughfare in central north Oxford. It is unusual for an English fair, being held in a major street of a city and blocking traffic for its two-day duration in September each year. The fair is adorned with some exciting modern rides, suitable for most ages, but it does manage to maintain its more traditional rides and stalls. These include The Waltzer, Dodgems, Coconut Shy, Carousel and one or two shooting galleries. No fair would be complete without a host of different foods and treats to enjoy and some arcades. The longest street fair in Europe takes place in Abingdon, a short trip from Oxford with many similar rides and a fun atmospere. The Abingdon fair is on from the 5th October to the 6th October 2015. A: St Giles, Oxford

Open: 5th - 6th Sep 2016 Suitable Weather: Sunny, Cloudy Time Required: 1-2 hours


Oxfordshire Activities

Punting Situated underneath Magdalen College Tower you will find Magdalen Bridge Boathouse. Here you can hire traditionally crafted punts, rowing boats and pedalos or spoil yourself by hiring a chauffeured boat. We can also supply a pre-ordered picnic hamper with your chauffeured punt if requested. You can hire a boat at the Magdalen Bridge Boathouse for just an hour or if you want to make a day of it, take a picnic and stay out on the river as long as you like, simply returning the punt to the boathouse at least half an hour before sunset. Basic training is available for beginners

A: Old Horse Ford, High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AX T: (01865) 202 643 W: www.oxfordpunting.co.uk


Open: Mon-Sun 10:00-dusk Suitable weather: Fair Time required: 1hr+

Wychwood Brewery Wychwood Brewery is home to the legendary Hobgoblin strong dark beer and today brews more than 60,000 barrels of high quality traditional ale each year. The beers are now exported in ever increasing quantities all over the world. To show you where the magic happens, the brewery offers tours regularly throughout the year. The tour costs ÂŁ8.50 and lasts approximately 2 hours and takes you through the brewing process of Wychwood & Brakspear Beers. After the tour you are invited to sample our flagship Legendary Hobgoblin and our range of Wychwood and Brakspear bottled beers. The tours are extremely popular so pre-booking is essential. To check availability, or to make a booking on-line, please visit our website or call us on 01993 890800.

A: Eagle Maltings, The Crofts, Witney, OX28 4DP T: (01993) 890 800 W: www.wychwood.co.uk TW: Hobgoblin_beer

Open: Mon-Sat: 10:00 - 17:00, Closed Sundays Suitable weather: Any Time required: 2hr+


Oxfordshire Activities Photo by www.visitoxfordandoxfordshire.com

Gloucester Green Market The Gloucester Green market is a traditional and vibrant open air market offering a range of general produce including fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers and plants, household goods, cheeses, pet food, frames, books, fabrics, DVDs, mobile phone accessories, haberdashery, bags, hats, watches and watch batteries, clothing, cakes, sweets, and much more. Markets are held every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Gloucester Green is located in the centre of the city, off George Street and next to the bus station. Wednesdays - General market, all types of traders welcome Thursdays - Antique, Vintage, Art & Craft Saturdays - Funky Food, Crafty Craft, all things Vintage & Arty A: Gloucester Green, Oxford, OX1 2BU T: (01384) 877 336 W: www.lsdpromotions.com/oxford TW: @Markets_LSD


Open: Wed, Thu, Sat 09:00-16:00 Suitable weather: Fair Time required: 1hr+

Photo by www.davestroudphotography.co.uk

May Day May Morning in Oxford is a traditional celebration of the coming of Spring and brings together Oxford's communities to enjoy dancing, singing and revelry from around the city. May Morning is celebrated on 1st May every year. The celebrations in 2015 will start at 6am on Friday 1st May with the choristers of Magdalen College choir singing Hymnus Eucharisticus from the Great Tower. This will be followed by the bells ringing out over the city for approximately 20 minutes. Many bars and restaurants across the city will be open for breakfasts including eateries in the city centre and East Oxford. Impromptu cricket matches, Morris dancing displays, the May Queen’s procession and the inevitable parties are the modern counterparts of ancient pagan fertility rites. These days the fun and games focus more on merrymaking than they do on celebrating the countryside.

A: Magdalen Bridge, Oxford

Suitable weather: Fair Time required: 1- 2hrs


Oxfordshire Activities Photo by www.visitoxfordandoxfordshire.com

Encaenia Encaenia is the ceremony at which the University of Oxford awards honorary degrees to distinguished men and women and commemorates its benefactors. It is held annually on the Wednesday of ninth week during Trinity Term. The Oxford Encaenia is the surviving part of a more extensive ceremony called 'The Act'. On the morning of the ceremony, the Heads of Colleges, university dignitaries and the honorands assemble, in full academic dress, in one of the colleges, where they enjoy Lord Crewe's benefaction of peaches, strawberries and champagne. They then walk in procession to the Sheldonian Theatre on Broad Street. The University dignitaries enter the theatre in procession; those who are to receive honorary degrees wait in the Divinity School where they sign their names in the Honorary Degrees Book.

W: www.ox.ac.uk


Open: 10:30 Benefaction, 11:30 Ceremony, 16:00 Garden Party Suitable weather: Any Time required: 1hr+

Ghost Tours This ancient seat of learning holds many dark secrets. Oxford’s streets have played host to agony and horror, torment and terror. Morbid phantoms of the past stalk shadowy recesses in colleges, condemned to rehearse their lamentable ordeals for all time. The ‘Dreaming Spires’ is a place of nightmares. The Ghost Walk is an unsettling journey through the bleakest moments in University history. Meet outside Oxford Castle Unlocked every Friday and Saturday at 18:30 for a trail lasting 1¾hrs or outside the Visitor Information Centre, Broad Street at 19:00 for a trail lasting 1¼hrs. (Note additional summer trails may start at different times - Check ticket details) Illustrated with props and illusions your guide, a costumed professional actor, will entertain and horrify you through the streets of Old Oxford. Come rain or shine! A: Trinity College, Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BH Starts: 19:30 most days T: (07790) 734 387 Suitable Weather: Any W: www.oxfordghosttours.com Time Required: 1 - 2 hours


Oxfordshire Activities Photo by www.visitoxfordandoxfordshire.com

Christmas Market The Oxford Christmas Market is a German-style Christmas Market that takes place in the heart of the city on the historic and beautiful Broad Street and includes beautifully decorated wooden stalls offering wonderful Christmas gifts and seasonal treats. The market is very popular with both locals and tourists alike. Its German theme means you will find lots of great delicatessen including various wurst and pretzels, and great hand-made crafts. During the market you will also often hear carollers and see other street performers along Broad Street, lending even more to the lively and festival atmosphere the market creates. The 2015 Christmas Market is due to take place around 10-20th December, with 2016’s dates yet to be announced. A: Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3AS W: www.oxfordchristmasmarket.co.uk


Open: Thu-Sat 10:00-20:00, Sun-Wed 10:00-19:00 Suitable weather: Fair Time required: 1hr

Christmas Light Night Taking place at the start of the Christmas period, Oxford's Christmas Light Festival is a city-wide celebration, offering late night opening of museums, galleries and cultural venues around the city. In 2013, the three-day festival included a central event in St Giles', one of the main streets in city. As well as a children's fun fair and a Christmas market with over 100 hand-picked stalls, temporary stages gave local bands and community groups the opportunity to perform to an audience of thousands. While there was no lantern parade or event in St Giles in 2014, there were free Christmas activities and shows at dozens of venues across the city. The event is a collaboration between more than 20 venues in Oxford providing live music and dance performances, arts installations and free cultural activities for the communities of the city. A: Oxford City Centre T: (01865) 249 811 W: www.oxford.gov.uk/christmas TW: @OXChristmas

Open: See website for timetable Suitable Weather: Any Time Required: 1 - 2 hours


Oxford Colleges The colleges of the University of Oxford are an integral and formative part of the city’s history. They have shaped the way Oxford has evolved and fostered many a great mind.


Listings p.60 Christ Church College p.60 Balliol College p.60 Corpus Christi College p.60 Exeter College p.61 Hertford College p.61 Jesus College p.61 Lincoln College p.61 Magdalen College p.62 Mansfield College p.62 Pembroke College

p.62 St John’s College p.62 The Queen’s College p.63 Trinity College p.63 University College p.63 Wolfson College p.63 Worcester College


Oxford Colleges

Christ Church College

A: St Aldate's, Oxford, OX1 1DP T: (01865) 276 150 W: www.chch.ox.ac.uk Christ Church is a unique institution, one of the largest colleges in the University of Oxford and the Cathedral Church for the Diocese of Oxford. It has a world famous Cathedral Choir; scholarly collections of books and art; and is enjoyed by many people as visitors or guests at conferences and Summer schools. Christ Church has a fascinating history and many distinguished people have studied here including John Locke, Robert Hooke, John Wesley, Robert Peel and David Dimbleby,

Balliol College

A: Oxford, OX1 3BJ T: (01865) 277 777 W: www.balliol.ox.ac.uk Balliol College welcomes visitors who wish to tour our buildings and gardens. We are open as often as we can be, but from time to time there are College events that require the College to be closed. As part of admission, you will be able to visit the Chapel and Gardens and often the Hall. Please be aware that Balliol College is a place of study all year round; therefore, you are asked to keep to the route indicated on the map

Corpus Christi College

A: Merton Street, Oxford, OX1 4JF T: (01865) 276 700 W: www.ccc.ox.ac.uk Corpus Christi College was founded in 1517 as a centre for new learning in the University of Oxford. Over five centuries its fellows and students have striven to advance their understanding and to think in new ways. Today Corpus remains a close-knit, humane, and welcoming college, committed to the pursuit of academic excellence.

Exeter College

A: Turl Street, Oxford, OX1 3DP T: (01865) 279 600 W: www.exeter.ox.ac.uk Exeter College is located in the heart of Oxford, next to the world famous Bodleian Library. The College is committed to excellence in teaching and research, and to supporting the best students. Founded in 1314 by the Bishop of Exeter. The Chapel in the front quad is open to visitors. Old members include Phillip Pullman and Imogen Stubbs.


Hertford College

A: Catte Street, Oxford, OX1 3BW T: (01865) 279 400 W: www.hertford.ox.ac.uk Hertford College, a community of undergraduates, postgraduates, Fellows and staff located in the heart of Oxford, straight across the road from the Bodleian Library and within a few minutes' walk of all the other principal libraries and laboratories of the University of Oxford. A visitors' guide to the college for tour groups and walking trips can be found on the website.

Jesus College

A: Turl Street, Oxford, OX1 3DW T: (01865) 279 700 W: www.jesus.ox.ac.uk Jesus College combines academic excellence in teaching and research with an informal, vibrant, and supportive community. The College was founded in 1571 by Queen Elizabeth I, at the request of a Welsh Lawyer and Clergyman, Hugh Price. The compact central College site has beautiful quadrangles tucked away off Turl Street, right in the heart of Oxford.

Lincoln College

A: Turl Street, Oxford, OX1 3DR T: (01865) 279 800 W: www.lincoln.ox.ac.uk Located in the heart of Oxford, Lincoln is a compact and friendly college, with excellent cultural and sporting facilities and a famously good kitchen. Lincoln welcomes visitors to the College and does not charge an admission fee. However, we only allow small groups; no large tour groups will be admitted. Please see the website for more information.

Magdalen College

A: High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AU T: (01865) 276 000 W: www.magd.ox.ac.uk Magdalen welcomes visitors throughout the year. As a busy and lively working academic community we like to ensure you will enjoy your visit whether it is as a potential student here, an alumnus, an academic visitor, or as a tourist. We do this by making the College accessible at regular times of the day and with particular facilities open for you to see. 61

Oxford Colleges

Mansfield College

A: Mansfield Road, Oxford, OX1 3TF T: (01865) 270 999 W: www.mansfield.ox.ac.uk Mansfield occupies one of the most attractive sites in Oxford, close to all the libraries and shops, yet in a quiet position near to the University parks and River Cherwell. The late nineteenth-century buildings, which house the College's main public rooms, are regarded as amongst the finest work of the important Victorian architect, Basil Champneys.

Pembroke College

A: St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DW T: (01865) 276 444 W: www.pmb.ox.ac.uk Pembroke College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England, located in Pembroke Square. The college was founded in 1624 by King James I of England / VI of Scotland, using in part the endowment of merchant Thomas Tesdale, and was named after William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke, Lord Chamberlain and then-Chancellor of the University.

St John's College

A: St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3JP T: (01865) 277 300 W: www.sjc.ox.ac.uk Today, St John's is home to approximately 390 undergraduates, 240-50 graduate students, 100 fellows and 25 College lecturers. Nearly every subject studied at the University is represented in St John's. A vibrant international community, it fosters intellectual rigour, creativity, and independence in its students, teachers, and researchers.

The Queen's College

A: High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AW T: (01865) 279 120 W: www.queens.ox.ac.uk Prospective students and Old Members are always welcome to visit at any time when the College is open. Members of the public can arrange access by contacting the local Tourist Information Office. Additionally, the Chapel holds a number of public services, and during term there are frequent public concerts and recitals.


Trinity College

A: Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BH T: (01865) 279 900 W: www.trinity.ox.ac.uk Trinity College was founded as a training house for Catholic priests in the sixteenth century. The site of the college, now very much in the city centre, was originally chosen for its quiet, rural aspect. Trinity became a pillar of the Anglican establishment in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and a centre of educational reform in the nineteenth century.

University College A: Oxford, OX1 4BH T: (01865) 276 602 W: www.univ.ox.ac.uk

University College is home to an accomplished and world-renowned body of academics. From Languages to Biochemistry and from Law to Economics (and more!), the Fellows and lecturers of the College are leading researchers in their respective fields. Our tutors, fellows and lecturers, are a key element of what makes a Univ education so valuable.

Wolfson College

A: Linton Road, Oxford, OX2 6UD T: (01865) 274 100 W: www.wolfson.ox.ac.uk The College grounds also boast a bog garden, containing a water cascade feature fed by the adjacent River Cherwell, a woodland walk and a winter garden. All of these areas are linked by sweeping informal lawns which provide an excellent canvas to show off the plantings.

Worcester College

A: Walton Street, Oxford, OX1 2HB T: (01865) 278 300 W: www.worc.ox.ac.uk As one of the colleges within the University of Oxford, Worcester is characterised by diversity. We have a vibrant academic community of fellows and lecturers, a lively and varied student body, and a group of dedicated staff, all of whom come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. See website for more information. 63

Oxfordshire Entertainment Oxford is not just a city of learning. There is something here for all tastes, whether it’s cinema, theatre, live music, art, anything!


Features p.66 Creation Theatre p.68 Old Fire Station p.70 Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra p.72 Coffee Concerts p.73 New Theatre p.74 The North Wall p.75 Oxford Castle Quarter p.76 Oxford Shakespeare Company p.77 Phoenix

p.78 Oxford Playhouse p.79 Cornerstone


Creation Theatre Oxfordshire Entertainment

Creation Theatre is Oxfordshire’s largest producing theatre company and 2016 marks our 20th birthday. We love classic stories and Shakespeare, and we specialise in bringing them to life in unusual venues all over the city. Over the last 20 years, we’ve created 60 shows and performed to over half a million audience members. We’ve performed in Oxford colleges, castles, parks and even the basement of Blackwell’s Bookshop, to name but a few. Our adaptations are quirky and creative using music, movement, puppetry and magic to transport our audiences into the stories they love. This spring we kicked off a six year partnership with Blackwell’s Bookshop with our King Lear in their Norrington Room. Nestled deep below the busy Oxford streets, our cast of five received rave reviews. Every summer we also pop up in one of Oxford’s beautiful green spaces to present an open air Shakespeare season with a difference. Our 2014 Henry V at Oxford Castle was described as an ‘unmissable treat’ by reviewers and our 2015 As You Like It took audiences on a promenade adventure through the beautiful gardens and woodlands of Lady Margaret Hall. At Christmas we stage a classic family tale for everyone to enjoy. The Wind in the Willows and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, both stories with Oxford connections, delighted our audiences young and old with their heroes’ daring adventures. We’re spreading the love for classic stories every week and every holiday through our education programme too. At Drama Clubs and Workshops across Oxford, kids take a classic story and create their own performance for friends and family to watch. There’s always plenty going on at Creation, check our website for information on upcoming shows.

T: (01865) 766 266 W: www.creationtheatre.co.uk TW: @creationtheatre


Photo by Bill Knight


The Old Fire Station Oxfordshire Entertainment

Arts at the Old Fire Station (OFS, formerly the Old Fire Station Theatre and Old Fire Station Arts Centre) is a social enterprise in Oxford comprising a gallery, theatre and studio for dance, drama and music, workshops for artists as well as a shop selling original work by artists and designers. There are studios available to hire for classes, rehearsals and meetings. Arts at the Old Fire Station were redeveloped in 2011 for use as a Crisis Skylight Centre. Crisis Skylight Oxford is a training centre providing creative and formal learning opportunities to homeless and vulnerably housed people and a dedicated employment service which helps them find and keep jobs. The Crisis Skylight Cafe provides on-the-job training, as well as great city centre food and drink to the wider public. The Gallery at the Old Fire Station is dedicated to showcasing the best of contemporary art from across the UK, with a particular focus on emerging artists from Oxfordshire, supporting their professional development. They provide a platform for artists from all disciplines. Previous exhibitions have included print, sound, installation, painting and sculpture. They have a wide selection of regular classes here at the Old Fire Station from Zumba to Tap, Salsa to Ballet.

A: 40 George Street, Oxford, OX1 2AQ T: (01865) 263 980 W: www.oldfirestation.org.uk TW: @ArtsatOFS


Photo by James Alexander Sutton


Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra Oxfordshire Entertainment

Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the leading orchestras in the UK. Praised as ‘excellent’ by Gramophone Magazine and ‘thoroughly impressive’ by BBC Music Magazine, the Orchestra’s reputation is based on the uncompromising artistic standards of its founder and music director, Marios Papadopoulos, and maintained by some of the finest musicians in and around Oxford and London. Since 2002, the Philharmonic Orchestra is the University of Oxford's first-ever Orchestra in Residence. The Orchestra has performed with a remarkable roster of distinguished artists, including Vladimir Ashkenazy, Nicola Benedetti, Valery Gergiev, Hélène Grimaud, Nigel Kennedy, Lang Lang, Menahem Pressler and András Schiff. Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra’s achievements include an extensive concert season at the Sheldonian Theatre; outstanding recordings of Haydn’s Creation with New College Choir, and the Handel/Mendelssohn Acis and Galatea with Christ Church; major celebrations of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven; hugely popular family concerts; and its annual Piano Festival and Summer Academy. An acclaimed Chamber Music Series and a Summer Baroque Festival both showcase The Soloists of Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra – described by The Times as the Orchestra’s ‘glorious individual players’. Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra has been firmly committed to community and education work from its earliest days. Its projects in the community focus on taking music in areas of social and economic disadvantage. The Orchestra’s work in special schools and hospitals has been honoured with a major award for its excellence and effectiveness. As part of its University Residency, the Orchestra takes part in educational programmes for the student community. It's partnerships with regional councils provide performance and tuition opportunities to hundreds of talented young musicians.

T: (01865) 987 222 W: www.oxfordphil.com TW: @oxfordphil



Oxfordshire Entertainment

Coffee Concerts The Oxford Coffee Concerts began in 1986 and have since established themselves as one of the most successful chamber music series in the country. The concerts are held nearly every Sunday morning throughout the year in the stunning setting of the Holywell Music Room, with performances by the best musicians and ensembles from this country and abroad. The Oxford Coffee Concerts have been described by The Independent as one of the top ten things to do in Oxford, and they are recognised as one of the most successful chamber music series in the country. Please see the website for a full list of up to date concerts.

A: Holywell Music Room, Holywell Street, Oxford, OX1 3SD T: (07518) 479 062 W: www.coffeeconcerts.co.uk


New Theatre The New Theatre Oxford is the main commercial theatre in Oxford, England and has a capacity of 1,800 people. It is located on George Street in the centre of the city, and puts on a wide variety of shows, from musical theatre (Annie, West Side Story, and Chicago) to stand-up comedy (Ross Noble, Jimmy Carr, French and Saunders and Ricky Gervais) to gigs (Status Quo, Elkie Brooks, Rufus Wainwright, Motรถrhead and Mcfly). The New Theatre's renowned annual pantomimes attracted many star names, and became an Oxford family Christmas ritual. Oxford's audiences can once again see leading opera and ballet companies, from Welsh National Opera to the English National Ballet, contemporary dance, hit musicals like Chicago and Guys and Dolls, and pop concerts. A: George Street, Oxford, OX1 2AG T: 0844 871 3020 W: www.atgtickets.com TW: @newtheatreox


Oxfordshire Entertainment

The North Wall The North Wall is an Arts Centre in Oxford that has been created for the benefit of emerging artists across a range of disciplines. Our aim is to provide opportunities for artists, young people and the general public to make and experience art of the highest quality, placing emphasis on new and innovative work. Based on the campus of St Edward's School, this award winning facility was completed in 2006, and offers a fully flexible 200-seat theatre, a public art gallery and studios for dance and drama. Our ‘arts laboratory’ is a place where people of different ages, experience and disciplines can come together, make connections and explore new ideas and The North Wall Trust provides a range of home-grown artistic outputs, including vocational training, productions, co-productions and a range of participatory and educational initiatives for the community.

A: South Parade, Oxford, OX2 7JN T: (01865) 319 450 W: www.thenorthwall.com TW: @thenorthwall


Oxford Castle Quarter The Castle Quarter is busy all year round, but particularly in the summer, when its historic buildings provide the perfect backdrop for a host of outdoor events for all ages. The Castle will play host to the Oxford Shakespeare Festival with eight weeks of brilliant outdoor theatre performances in the historic Castleyard. There will be storytelling and living history events, plus Alice's Day for younger visitors. One minute you can be taken on a guided tour by 18th Century celebrity and convicted murderess Mary Blandy, while the next minute enjoy a glass of wine or a meal in the shadow of a medieval castle. There is no other venue in Oxford with such a wide variety of entertainment on offer in such a beautiful historic setting.

A: New Road, Oxford, OX1 1AY T: (01865) 201 657 W: www.oxfordcastlequarter.com TW: @oxcastlequarter


Oxfordshire Entertainment

Oxford Shakespeare Company The Oxford Shakespeare Company (OSC) is the perfect open-air experience in Oxford. It has been resident for a summer season in Wadham College Gardens since 2002. They have presented twenty productions and achieved critical and audience acclaim. The Gardens at Wadham are a wonderful setting for Shakespeare and other classic texts, and provide an added appeal to audiences, both local and visiting. The quality and reputation of the OSC has allowed them to work with pre-eminent directors since its foundation including Bill Bankes Jones, the acclaimed Opera director and now, for the second year, Gemma Fairlie. OSC have a reputation for excellence in their field, receiving Time Out Critics Choice and 4* & 5* recommendations from national and local press on many occasions.

A: Wadham College, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PN T: 0844 879 4418 W: www.oxfordshakespearecompany.co.uk TW: @osctheatre


Phoenix The Phoenix Picturehouse screens a diverse and interesting mixture of arthouse, independent, quality mainstream and foreign cinema to ensure a stimulating diversity. The picturehouse was first opened as a cinema in 1913. It has undergone several changes of ownership, becoming the Phoenix Cinema in 1989. The building is small but the available space is well used, with one bigger (about 200 seats) and one smaller (about 100 seats) screening room as well as a cosy upstairs bar/cafe. The fully licensed roof-top bar is a welcome addition to this two-screened cinema. The Phoenix Picturehouse is, above all, a place where it is easy to enjoy cinema. It has the pleasing effect of seeming luxurious without the prices being higher than the bigger cinema outlets. The staff are helpful, the seats are comfortable and the food and drink is superior. All the conditions are in place for a good experience. A: 57 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6AE T: 0871 902 5736 W: www.picturehouses.com TW: @PhoenixPH

Open: Check film times on the website Suitable Weather: Any


Oxfordshire Entertainment

Oxford Playhouse Oxford Playhouse is a theatre for everyone. Many professional artists from throughout the country as well as the general public have the opportunity to perform with the Oxford Playhouse. Oxford Playhouse and its Burton Taylor Studio present and produce a wide range of live performances. The programme includes the best of British and international drama, family shows, contemporary dance and music, student and amateur shows, comedy, lectures and poetry. For example "Aladdin“ (2000 and 2007), "The Importance of Being Earnest“ (2005), "Cinderella“ (2005, 2010). The theatre's Learning team works with over 15,000 people each year through post show discussions, workshops, work experience, holiday schemes, a youth theatre and a young people’s theatre company.

A: Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2LW W: www.oxfordplayhouse.com T: (01865) 305 305 TW: @oxfordplayhouse


Cornerstone Cornerstone is a purpose-built, professional arts, culture and entertainment venue in the heart of Didcot, brought to you by South Oxfordshire District Council. Opened in 2008, it presents a high quality programme of live performance, participatory activities, exhibitions and outreach work that meet the needs and enhance the experiences of the local community, and beyond. Cornerstone comprises a 220 seat auditorium, cafÊ bar, gallery and four studios, perfect for dance and arts activities, as well as meetings. Lee Evans, Michael Macintyre, Alan Carr, Jo Brand, Alistair McGowen, Jack Dee, Pam Ayres, Al Murray, Russell Kane, Jason Manford, The Hairy Bikers and Sean lock are just some of thge big names we’ve played host to!

A: 25 Station Road, Didcot OX11 7NE W: www.cornerstone-arts.org T: (01235) 515 144 TW: @cornerstonefun


Oxfordshire Galleries Oxford cultivates a rich art society, from fine artists to illustrators, we even have our fair share of comicbook artists. Check out the galleries available for a taste.


Atlantic Shore, Mixed Media on Canvas, Sarah Wiseman Gallery

Features p.82 Antiques on High p.84 Christ Church Picture Gallery p.86 Modern Art Oxford p.88 Sarah Wiseman Gallery p.90 Aidan Meller Galleries p.91 Black Sheep p.92 The Story Museum p.93 Sanders of Oxford


Antiques on High Oxfordshire Galleries

Antiques on High is a destination for anyone who loves art and antiques. A group of friendly dealers offer a wonderful selection of quality antiques and collectables. Recently voted Oxford’s Favourite Gallery in the Living In Oxford Awards, the Centre has been established on the 'High' in Oxford for almost 20 years. The Centre's small traditional shop front hides a large and interesting selling space filled with cabinets and individual display areas. As befits a university city there is an excellent selection of antiquarian and second-hand books within. The general stock covers history, literature, children's books, modern first editions, travel, poetry, cookery, classics, plus a specialist music section with scores and sheet music. Browse items dating from antiquity to vintage and priced from £1 to £500+. There are thousands of pieces to choose from; silver and silver plate, fine and costume jewellery, ceramics, glass, pictures, maps and prints, books, postcards, pens, coins, antiquities, pistols and weapons, oriental, vintage fashion, vinyl records, toys, tins, treen, retro and quirky items too. Antiques on High also boasts a contemporary gallery, Crafts on High. Here you will find the work of local artists and makers, including members of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild and the Oxford Art Society. There are useful and beautiful objects made of wood, pottery and glass, original works of art for your wall space plus a range of greetings cards. There are textiles for the home and to wear and unique jewellery including silver and beads. Many of the items have an Oxford theme so make perfect gifts and souvenirs. The gallery is a venue during the prestigious annual Oxford Artweeks festival and the makers are happy to work on commissions. Antiques on High is open every day - weekdays and Saturdays from 10am until 5pm, Sundays and bank holidays from 11am until 5pm.

A: 85 High St, Oxford, OX1 4BG T: (01865) 251 075 W: www.antiquesonhigh.co.uk TW: @antiquesonhigh


Open: Mon-Sat 10:00-17:00, Sun 11:00-17:00


Christ Church Picture Gallery Oxfordshire Galleries

Christ Church is unique among the Oxford and Cambridge colleges in possessing an important collection of Old Master paintings and drawings. In 1765, General John Guise, a soldier and art collector, bequeathed his collection of over 200 paintings and almost 2000 drawings to his former college. This extraordinary gift enabled Christ Church to introduce art into Oxford education without the necessity to travel to Italy or to gain access to stately homes (which held the majority of art collections in the country). At that date the collection was unequalled by any other Oxford institution. The collection is strongest in Italian art, from the 14th to the 18th century. Some of the early religious panels are painted by now-anonymous masters, but they allow the viewer to trace the beginnings of the professional ‘artist’ as we know him. Later works in the collection include paintings by highly- acclaimed artists such as Filippino Lippi, Tintoretto, Veronese, Annibale Carracci, and Salvator Rosa. There are also some remarkable works by northern painters such as Anthony van Dyck, Frans Hals, and Hugo van der Goes. General John Guise’s extraordinary bequest celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2015. On display through 31st March 2016 is 250 Reasons for 250 Years, a collaborative exhibition in which members of the Christ Church community, artists, scholars, students, and others wrote down their thoughts about why art matters, why we should celebrate art benefactors like Guise, and why those who preserve, research, present, and create art still matter today. 250 of these cards have been installed in the Picture Gallery, one for each year since the Guise bequest. Other 2016 exhibitions include Filippino Lippi and Drawing in Florence around 1500 (3rd March - 26th June 2016) and Changing Roles – Changing Characters: From Lady to Saint and back (26th February – 10th July 2016). Information about more exhibitions can be found on our website. Please visit us soon!

A: St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DP T: (01865) 276 172 W: www.chch.ox.ac.uk/gallery TW: @chchgallery


Open: Please check their website for opening and closing times as operating hours do vary throughout the year. Time required: 1- 2 hrs


Modern Art Oxford Oxfordshire Galleries

Modern Art Oxford is a leading UK contemporary art space with an international reputation for inspirational and innovative programmes. The gallery is located in central Oxford and all exhibitions and the majority of events are completely free of charge. Founded in 1966, Modern Art Oxford is one of the UK’s most exciting and influential contemporary art spaces, which aims to make contemporary art accessible and engaging to the widest audience through free and exciting workshops, free film screenings and free weekly exhibition tours with curators. Hosting at least four major exhibitions a year, in the last fifty years Modern Art Oxford has exhibited some of the most famous and popular artists from across the world including Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys, Sir Howard Hodgkin, Louise Bourgeois, Donald Judd, Tracey Emin, Barbara Kruger and Jenny Saville. Across its Project Space and full calendar of related events, the gallery also provides a platform for upcoming, young artists. Each year Modern Art Oxford hosts over 80 free events, from film screenings to exhibition tours, workshops to academic talks. Giving access to this rich programme to the public allows the gallery to promote the importance of arts education. Modern Art Oxford is a charity registered in the UK and with the support of individuals, companies, trusts and organisations; they help the gallery to create inspirational programmes of contemporary art and culture. The generosity of Modern Art Oxford’s supporters is vital to the growth, success and future life of the gallery. There are a lots of ways in which you can get involved including becoming a Friend for £30 a year or leaving a legacy in your will. Every bit of support ensures the championing of the arts and offers exciting opportunities to get involved in life at Modern Art Oxford.

A: 30 Pembroke Street, Oxford, OX1 1BP T: (01865) 722 733 W: www.modernartoxford.org.uk TW: @mao_gallery


Open: Tue-Sat 11:00-18:00, Sun 12:00-17:00 Price: Free


Sarah Wiseman Gallery Oxfordshire Galleries

Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford’s largest independent gallery space is now in its eighteenth year and prides itself on exhibitions of contemporary art by established and emerging creative talent from all over the UK. We have 8 formal exhibitions a year at the gallery; either a solo presentation of a single artist or a themed group exhibition. In between the shows there is always a mixed group presentation by gallery artists; therefore any visit to Sarah Wiseman Gallery will offer you an inspiring encounter with contemporary art. Contemporary art is a wide field from the conceptual and back to representational, it can be anything! Our selection of art embraces these diversities and looks to individual interpretation and forward thinking approaches. Here at Sarah Wiseman Gallery, we know all our artists personally which gives us wonderful insights to share with you. We are an important mouth piece for our artists providing art collectors and enthusiasts a trusted location in which to view exhibitions and purchase art. The gallery is situated on South Parade in Summertown, North Oxford, a stylish hub, filled with independent boutiques and restaurants. Visitors are welcome to come and browse in our relaxed and spacious setting and our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to discuss the art works in more depth.

A: 40-41 South Parade, Oxford, OX2 7JL Open: Tue-Sat 10:00-17:30, T: (01865) 515 123 Mon 10:00-16:00 W: www.wisegal.com Time required: 1hr TW: @Sarah_WiseGal


Henrietta Dubrey, ‘Touch and Go’


Oxfordshire Galleries

Aidan Meller Galleries Aidan Meller Galleries is a specialist fine art dealer in Oxford showing contemporary, modernist and old master art. Recent exhibitions have included original works by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Joan Miró, Edward Burne-Jones and John Everett Millais. The rarity of these works makes them one of the foremost commercial galleries outside London. The galleries were established by Aidan Meller, who comes from a collector’s background. Employing an expert team of art advisors, Aidan Meller Galleries works closely with art connoisseurs and those new to art ownership to help them develop their collections with insight and focus.

A: 14 Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3AS T: (01865) 250 550 W: www.aidanmeller.com TW: @aidanmeller


Open: Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00, Sun 11:00-17:00 Time required: 30mins

Black Sheep Black Sheep is a relocated private gallery and UK distributor of collectable limited editions and original paintings with extensive consumer-friendly collections, including work by Doug Hyde, Jack Vettriano, and many many more. They work in partnership with many of the best contemporary artists from the UK and around the world. Visit their website for a full list of artists and upcoming exhibitions.

A: 125 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4DF T: (01865) 725 522 W: www.blacksheepgalleries.com

Open: Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00, Sun 11:00-17:00 Time required: 30mins


Oxfordshire Galleries

The Story Museum The Story Museum celebrates story in all forms and explores their enduring power to teach and delight. Founded in 2003, The Story Museum began by taking stories and storytellers into schools and communities and since 2009 it is becoming an unusual museum. A large dilapidated building in the centre of Oxford develops with the help of authors, artists, teachers and other cultural organisations and volunteers of all ages. In Spring 2014, they celebrated the first phase of their development with refurbished facilities, the opening of a shop and cafe, new events and a major exhibition, “26 Characters”. Their aim is to create an international centre which will inspire present and future generations. They still have far to go in order to complete their vision and transform the rest of the building – but they’re on their way! A: 42 Pembroke Street, Oxford, OX1 1BP T: (01865) 790 050 W: www.storymuseum.org.uk TW: @thestorymuseum


Open: Tuesday – Saturday: 10.00 – 17.00 Sunday: 11.00 – 16.00 Monday: Closed

Sanders of Oxford Offering a varied and wide-ranging stock, Sanders of Oxford is one of the largest print sellers in Britain. Today, it is one of the longest running print stores outside of London. For years, this shop has been located on High Street and is today seen as a landmark in the city. Sanders was established in 1834 and continues the tradition of trading antique prints, antique maps and drawings to this day. The wide range of prints and maps offered is truly impressive and you can find nearly anything from British Topography to prints of Natural History and Fine Arts. A visit to this shop is a must if you are interested in prints and happen to be in Oxford.

A: 104 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BW T: (01865) 242 590 W: www.sandersofoxford.com TW: @sandersofoxford

Open: Monday-Saturday 10:00 - 18:00 Sundays 11:00 - 17:00


Oxfordshire Restaurants Being a restaurant in Oxford is hard work – the competition is vast and many are award winning. Check out some of our top picks here!


Features p.96 COSMO p.98 Mezzeto p.100 Cherwell Boathouse p.102 Al-Andalus p.104 Jee Saheb p.106 Pierre Victoire p.108 The Feathers p.110 Lady Margaret Hall p.111 1855 Wine Bar

Listings p.112 Shanghai 30’s p.112 Le Manoir p.112 Old Swan & Minster Mill p.112 Brasserie Blanc p.113 Acanthus p.113 La Cucina p.113 The Old Parsonage p.113 Marco’s New York Italian


COSMO Authentic World Kitchen Oxfordshire Restaurants

At COSMO Oxford, chefs prepare over 150 authentic dishes from around the world every day and each dish is expertly created in small amounts to ensure they are always fresh. Its Live Cooking Stations provide the entertainment, sounds, aromas but above all, dishes cooked in front of customers. COSMO provides a casual dining experience like no other, offering a balanced choice of delicious food, exceptional value for money giving guests added value at one set price: lunch from £8.50 and dinner from £14.99. Customers can enjoy a wide range of dishes: Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Continental and Mexican are just some of the international styles of the different dishes on offer. World of Asia: chicken and sweet corn soup, prawn toast, Beijing ribs, crispy aromatic duck, sweet and sour chicken, beef with green peppers in black bean sauce, Pad Thai, Mongolian stir-fried lamp... House of Spice: Chicken Korma, vegetable curry, chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Tikka Masala, Pilau Rice, lamb Rogan Josh, onion bhajis, vegetable samosas... Italian: Mushroom and chicken pizza, vegetarian pizza, macaroni cheese pasta, seafood risotto, ravioli, vegetarian lasagne... Teppanyaki & Sushi: there is a choice of Japanese sushi dishes with accompanying sauces for customer to enjoy. At the Tappanyaki area, food can be made to order. The evening menu includes a traditional carvery with all the trimmings. “Cook Fresh, Eat Fresh” is an integral part of COSMO's ethos. You can watch the highly skilled chefs prepare dishes from the freshest ingredients at various live cooking stations. If you have not been to COSMO before, go and discover for yourself why thousands of loyal customers dine there every week. A: Magdalen Street (between Tesco and Sainsbury’s), Oxford, OX1 3AD T: (01865) 297 575 W: www.cosmo-restaurants.co.uk


Open: Mon-Thu: 12:0022:30 Fri-Sat: 12:00-23:00 Sun & Bank Holidays: 12:00–22:00



Oxfordshire Restaurants

Share and enjoy an abundance of flavours inspired by the vibrant ingredients of the southern Mediterranean coast, spanning tapas to mezze. Our authentic menu features healthy, vegetarian and gluten-free recipes from Mediterranean to Middle Eastern cuisine. Mezzeto is a privately owned restaurant and has striking interior with an enviable location in Jericho. If you are looking for somewhere to have lunch, try our ‘Lunchtime Offers’. Or are you looking for the perfect place to hold your celebration? Our ‘Party Menus’ are ideal for a group of seven or more, accommodating up to 60. We can help you to select food and drink to suit your individual requirements all at great prices. Our wine list has plenty of Mediterranean influence, selected either by where they are grown or how they are made. There is wine from Domaine des Tourelles, one of the finest boutique wineries in the Middle East and perhaps the finest in Lebanon. Making a reservation couldn’t be easier, call us on 01865 559 668 or visit www.mezzeto.com and complete our enquiry form which only takes a couple of minutes to fill in. A warm and friendly welcome awaits you!

A: 67 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6AG T: (01865) 559 668 W: www.mezzeto.com


Open: Mon-Sun 12:00 – 11:00pm


Cherwell Boathouse Oxfordshire Restaurants

Having served generations in Oxford since 1904, The Cherwell Boathouse is long renowned as a place to enjoy fine wine and dining in an idyllic water meadow setting. This is an iconic Oxford punt station and restaurant situated right on the river; the location is nothing short of superb and makes for a truly scenic spot. The Verdin family set up shop here almost forty years ago and their riverside restaurant continues to go from strength to strength. With a brightly lit conservatory and a glorious terrace to match, The Cherwell Boathouse is a year round treat: icy white in winter and leafy green in summer. The walls are dressed in a fresh minty green, fairy lights trail the timber-oaked beams and people nestle in the corners of each bay window, giving the place a most welcoming ambience. If you can take your eyes off the water and the punters passing by, pick your way through a lovely looking menu. Expect a concise menu that specialises in imaginative and intriguing combinations, as well as being able to deliver the wonderful signature dishes so well. Fresh, modern, French in feel but with a British base – this menu has been designed to delight! The chef and his team have gone to great lengths to create a brilliantly balanced menu that stays true to locally sourced, specialised, seasonal produce. Also be sure to check out their awardwinning wine list. There is a beautiful Marquee overlooking river available to hire for private parties and functions. The teahut bar and café is open mid March to mid October serving everything from sweets and treats, ice-creams and cold drinks to new delicious freshly made café lunches, afternoon teas and evening drinks such as Pimms, on an outdoor riverside terrace. Every weekend there is a full English breakfast menu and freshly made healthy fruit and vegetable juices for a really relaxed start to your day. So push the boat out with this delightful restaurant. It really is rather stunning and is provides the perfect setting for supper outside on a summer evening.

A: 50 Bardwell Road, Oxford, OX2 6ST T: (01865) 552 746 W: www.cherwellboathouse.co.uk TW: @cherwellboath


Open: Mon-Sun 12:0014:00, 16:00-21:15



Oxfordshire Restaurants

Al-Andalus is Oxford’s only genuine tapas restaurant and is renowned for its wide selection of delicious freshly homemade tapas bursting with Spanish flavours cooked in a traditional style. A great way to enjoy the true taste of Spain! Al-Andalus is a privately owned restaurant with a garden, situated in the famous “Little Clarendon Street” a favorite place for people who appreciate a superb location. Why not come and try our ‘Lunchtime Offers’ with quick service and great value. Or are you looking for the perfect place to hold your celebration? Our ‘Party Menus’ are served as banquet style which is the best way to enjoy freshly made tapas and ideal for a group of seven or more. Seating up to 40, we can help you to select your tapas and drinks to suit your specific requests. We have a great choice of vinos and of course sangria, accompanied with a friendly relaxed atmosphere and live flamenco dancing most Friday and Saturday nights. To make a reservation with us today visit www.tapasoxford.co.uk or call 01865 516 688. Come and join us for authentic Spanish cuisine with vegetarian and gluten-free choices all at sensible prices.

A: 10 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX1 2HP T: (01865) 516 688 W: www.tapasoxford.co.uk


Open: Mon–Thu: 12:00 – 15:00pm, 17:00pm – til late Fri–Sun: 12:00 – til late


Jee Saheb

Oxfordshire Restaurants

The Jee Saheb Restaurant offers cuisine from the Asian sub-continent: Classic and creative dishes from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Neatly tucked away in the pretty little street of North Parade, Jericho, The Jee Saheb Restaurant has become a part of the family of independently-run businesses in the area. You'll often find happy locals waving as they pass. With our restaurant we have created an ambience that will make you feel relaxed and welcomed. The décor is one of class and elegance, with minimalist white walls and wooden flooring. Our waiters are extremely attentive and will help you with absolutely anything you might need, including explaining just what each dish is or recommending something to suit your tastes. Our key aim is to use fresh produce and source it from local suppliers where possible. We offer no fuss, just classic Asian cuisine. You can enjoy our food in the main dining room, with a party of friends in our function room with a capacity of 28, or if the weather permits in our garden. We offer a valuable online ordering system for takeaways - it’s much better than hanging on the phone! Orders are pre-paid and so easy to collect or for us to deliver. Also, there’s less chance of mistakes! We try our utmost to cater for any special requirements or allergies, so please do inform us if you'd like something 'off the menu'. Don't forget that you can have our delicious food at your special events too. Why don't you let our professional staff cater your business meeting, wedding, party or other occasion?

A: 15 North Parade, Oxford, OX2 6LX T: (01865) 513 773 W: www.jeesaheb.co.uk


Open: Mon-Sun 12:00 14:00, 18:00-22:30



Pierre Victoire Oxfordshire Restaurants

After hearing about how amazing the food is, how reasonable the prices are, how pleasant and relaxed the atmosphere at Pierre Victoire is, we just had to go check it out for ourselves. We were not disappointed, and spent a lovely evening enjoying all that this jewel of a French bistro has to offer. We ordered a bottle of the house red, a light and fruity wine. We chose as our starters the sautéed smoked bacon, chorizo & red pepper on mixed leaves with a balsamic reduction and the moules mariniéres la créme. The salad was flavourful and colourful, and the moules were fragrant and fresh. I followed with a duck magret sliced and pink on to a leek and potato rosti with a red wine and winterberry sauce, while my guest chose a smoked fillet of haddock on creamed spinach with a soft poached egg and a wholegrain mustard sauce. The duck was perfection, each bite a delight with the juicy sauce and cripsy rosti. The haddock, I was assured, was equally delicious. We shared a dessert of sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream, with espressos to accompany. Pierre Victoire absolutely keeps up the quality to the last! And very importantly, too, Pierre Victoire offers many ways to partake without putting a large dent in the pocketbook. The prix fixe menu offers three courses for £25.00, and the pre-theatre menu of two courses and a coffee is £12.50. For groups and parties of up to 60 wanting to celebrate a birthday or graduation, they offer several 2 and 3 course menus starting at £24.50. Allez-vous au Pierre Victoire, and have a bon soir (or tarde).

A: 9 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX1 2HP Open: Mon-Sat 12:00T: (01865) 316 616 14:30, 18:00-23:00, W: www.pierrevictoire.co.uk Sun 12:00-22:00



The Feathers Oxfordshire Restaurants

The Feathers Hotel, a member of Pride of Britain Hotels, is an inviting country retreat that combines historic charm with a fun personality. Located in the historic market town of Woodstock, the hotel is close to Oxford and the Cotswolds and, just a couple of minutes walk away, Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill. There are 16 bedrooms and five suites available at The Feathers, which have undergone a major refurbishment. Each room has been given its own unique style by specialist interior designers, Trevillion, who have added boutique twists such as luxurious fabrics, ornate lighting, free-standing stone basins and even a decanter full of jelly beans! The quirky bedrooms perfectly match the rest of the hotel, with its higgledy-piggledy hallways and five different staircases that add a delightfully whimsical feel. Contemporary wallpapers adorn the walls, alongside tastefully chosen art works, such as an eye-catching dressmaker mannequin. The bespoke carpet in the dining room bearing a feather motif is also testament to the hotel’s cool outlook. Diners heading for a pre-dinner drink should note that the hotel’s Gin Bar is listed in the Guinness Book of RecordsTM as offering the greatest variety of gins on the planet. The AA 2 rosette restaurant features English classics such as Cotswold Roast Lamb Rump alongside popular new dishes, for example Slow Roast Pork Belly. Diners can also opt for the Feathers' Tasting Menu, carefully designed to showcase some special specialities - and available with a wine flight (and sloe gin served with the pudding course). The restaurant also serves a selection of afternoon tea menus. The stylish restaurant seats up to 60 guests, with room for a further 30 in the bar. Alternatively diners may prefer to dine al fresco in the beautiful, secluded outdoor Courtyard, complete with a summer house.

A: 16-20 Market Street, Woodstock, OX20 1SX Open: Tue-Sun T: (01993) 812 291 12:00-21:00 W: www.feathers.co.uk TW: @FeathersHotel



Oxfordshire Restaurants

Lady Margaret Hall Lady Margaret Hall provides the traditional backdrop of an Oxford College, but with the fresh, light and international cuisine of today. Our skilled and highly experienced Chefs have created a range of menus which fuse the best of contemporary, international cuisine with timeless classics from the Oxford dining tradition. Whether you would like silver service dining for 250 guests, champagne and canapés in one of our beautiful sunlit rooms overlooking the gardens, a barbecue in the wonderful grounds or a simple ’brasserie’ menu for 20 delegates we can provide the catering you need. It's our pleasure to tailor menus specifically to your taste and budget. Please contact a member of the Conference Team on 01865 274320 to discuss your requirements, or visit the Lady Margaret Hall conference website www.conference.lmh.ox.ac.uk. A: Norham Gardens, Oxford, OX2 6QA T: (01865) 274 300 W: www.lmh.ox.ac.uk TW: @lmhoxford


Open: Mon-Sun 10:00-17:00

1855 Wine Bar With the interest in creating a great wine bar, the owners decided upon creating an eclectic mix of wines and beers and a quality driven food menu, all mixed with a beautiful and historic setting...1855 Wine Bar is focused on exciting the senses on every level... We are open from dawn to dusk, serving eclectic and exceptional wines, carefully matched seasonal produce and fantastic wood roasted coffees. At 1855, taste is everything. Our food and drink menus are carefully chosen to enhance each other and inspire you to try something new. Our staff are friendly, happy and service focused. Together they have in-depth knowledge on our wine and food offerings. If you would like them to make a recommendation or two, you just need to ask.

A: 4 Oxford Castle, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1AY T: (01865) 247 217 W: www.1855oxford.com

Open: Mon-Tue: 09:00 - 23:00, Wed-Fri 09:00 00:00, Sat: 10:00 - 00:00, Sun: 10:00 - 22:00


Oxfordshire Restaurants

Shanghai 30’s

A: 82 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1RA T: (01865) 242 230 W: www.shanghai30s.com Situated in a 15th Century building, Shanghai 30’s cuisine is based on the both classic and contemporary dishes of Shanghai and the surrounding areas. Shanghai 30’s is the perfect place for a romantic meal or a private function in Oxford city centre.

Le Manoir

A: Church Road, Great Milton, OX44 7PD T: (01844) 278 881 W: www.belmond.com/le-manoir-aux-quat-saisons-oxfordshire Dining at Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons is an experience that will stay with you forever. Described as “a twist of imaginative genius”, Raymond Blanc’s dishes utilise the freshest, best quality ingredients. The two-acre kitchen garden produces 90 types of vegetable and 70 varieties of herb. The hotel’s wine cellar is home to around 1,000 different wines from around the world. Around 60% are of French provenance.

Old Swan & Minster Mill

A: Old Minster, Minster Lovell, Witney, OX29 0RN T: (01993) 774 441 W: www.oldswanandminstermill.com Expect superb fresh local ingredients crafted into hearty dishes served with gusto and panache. The Old Swan's dining rooms and bars are a myriad of smaller heavily beamed, cosy quarters with roaring log fires, rugged flag-stone floors contrasted by quirky decorations. Dine outdoors through the summer months in the Old Swan picture-book gardens.

Brasserie Blanc

A: 71-72 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6AG T: (01865) 510 999 W: www.brasserieblanc.com Gather some friends for a leisurely lunch or pop in for our seasonal, two course set menu complete with a specially priced glass of wine . Finish off your work day with colleagues & fresh cocktail specials or a glass of our bespoke French bubbly, and enjoy our seasonally changing a la carte menu with the best of local, sustainable and seasonal French food.


Acanthus at The Randolph

A: Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2LN T: (01865) 256 400 W: www.macdonaldhotels.co.uk

The Restaurant at the Randolph boasts style, elegance and the best fare Oxford has to offer. Our restaurant is like a baronial hall, laden with University crests and featuring double aspect full-length windows facing out onto Beaumont Street and the Ashmolean Museum. Our acclaimed chefs will prepare you the finest food from our table d'hôte and à la carte menus, complemented with fine vintage wine. We serve only the finest Scottish beef and the best British lamb and pork in our hotel.

La Cucina

A: 40 St Clements, Oxford, OX4 1AB T: (01865) 793 811 W: www.lacucinaoxford.co.uk Book a table at La Cucina and embrace a real Italian experience. Serving well priced robust portions cooked to order, using only the finest produce from the impressive open kitchen. Enjoy the authentic menu with daily specials or just pop in and sample a cup of wonderful Italian coffee. Plenty of parking is available and booking is advised.

The Old Parsonage

A: 1-3 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6NN T: (01865) 310 210 W: www.oldparsonage-hotel.co.uk Open every day of the year, enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner & our famous afternoon teas in the company of Oxford’s academic & literary elite. Our kitchen uses the best produce, cooked simply to create classic British dishes with a modern, light touch. Car parking is very limited & with priority reserved for hotel guests. ‘Accessible’ parking may be reserved in advance by calling reception.

Marco's New York Italian

A: 73 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BE T: (01865) 248 695 W: www.mpwrestaurants.co.uk/restaurants/marcos-oxford Serving an array of mouthwatering dishes from Italian sharing platters, fresh fish, home-made pizza and pasta to New York favourites such as succulent steaks, burgers and Marco’s tasty BBQ ribs and lazy fries. The restaurant and bar offers something for everyone. With a big bar area, this all-day venue is the perfect place to enjoy lunch or dinner or simply pop-in for a light bite or drinks. 113

Oxfordshire Accommodation There’s so much to do in Oxford that you’re bound to need a place to stay. If you’re a local it might even be nice to try one just for a weekend of luxury.


Features p.116 Macdonald Randolph Hotel p.117 Malmaison p.118 Jurys Inn Oxford p.120 Lady Margaret Hall p.121 Oxford Eastgate Hotel

Listings p.122 Bear & Ragged Staff p.122 Eynsham Hall p.122 Thames Four Pillars Hotel p.122 The Royal Oxford Hotel p.123 The Old Parsonage Hotel p.123 The Crazy Bear p.123 Oxford Spires Four Pillars Hotel p.123 The Old Bank Hotel


Oxfordshire Accommodation

Macdonald Randolph Hotel The Macdonald Randolph Hotel is the leading 5-star hotel in Oxford, offering luxurious accommodation, award-winning food and a sensuous spa haven in the heart of this world-famous university city. All rooms have been recently refurbished with ÂŁ6.5million invested in the hotel. Located in Oxford's city centre, the hotel is a landmark building with elegance and charm aplenty. The Randolph has played host to prime ministers and presidents, and the renowned Morse Bar is instantly recognisable as the watering hole of Colin Dexter's world-famous detective, Inspector Morse. The meeting and conference facilities here are unlike any other and the hotel's beautiful architecture and historic setting proves the perfect venue for fairy-tale weddings. The hotel has recently opened its new all day dining concept 'Acanthus' boasting an extensive menu to cater for all tastes. A: Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2LN T: (01865) 256 400 W: macdonaldhotels.co.uk/randolph TW: @MacdonaldHotels


Malmaison Located in a converted prison in a medieval castle, this boutique hotel is in Oxford Castle Quarter, one of the oldest, busiest and trendiest spots in the city. So, if you're tired of doing hard time in run-of-the-mill hotels, check into this extraordinary slammer where the only hardship is having to go home! Take your pick from 95 richly appointed rooms and suites that are packed with some of the best creature comforts that come to mind. Food and drink are our raison d'ĂŞtre, and there's no better place to enjoy them than in our stylish Brasserie, where fresh, local and classic dishes are cooked to perfection. Be sure to stop by our stylish, neon-lit Malbar, where you can quaff something cold, dip into our world-class wine list or enjoy a latte with a fresh croissant.

A: Oxford Castle, 3 New Road, Oxford, OX1 1AY T: (01865) 689 944 W: www.malmaison.com/locations/oxford TW: @TheOxfordMal


Jurys Inn Oxford Oxfordshire Accommodation

Last year Jurys Inn Hotel Group expanded its UK portfolio by rebranding the four star Oxford Hotel, Godstow Rd, Oxford, to Jurys Inn. Since then the 168 bedroom hotel, located just four miles from Oxford city centre, has been undergoing a £10.8 million refurbishment programme to enhance its facilities, including the transformation of all its bedrooms and public areas, and the introduction of an additional 72 bedrooms. In April 2016, all 168 spacious bedrooms were fully refurbished, incorporating a bright, contemporary décor, chic furnishings and stunning artwork, featuring the Jurys Inn bespoke ‘DREAM Beds’ with upgraded mattresses, pillows, bed linen. Towards the end of summer, guests can expect all public areas including the lobby, bar, Juvenate Leisure Club, and 20 meetings rooms to be transformed - the concept of which draws on inspiration from Oxford’s motor manufacturing heritage, with a nod to the era’s beautiful vintage style and classic cars such as the Morris Minor and the Mini. The summer months with also see the hotel open its doors to its very own Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, serving delicious dining experiences. Using timeless dishes with British heart and French soul, The Steakhouse will enhance the hotel’s position as a culinary destination for local food lovers. But that’s not all, by the end of 2016, Jurys Inn Oxford will also unveil a newly built extension adding an additional 72 bedrooms to the hotel. Situated on Godstow Road, Jurys Inn Oxford is only 3.3 miles from Oxford railway station, with 250 complimentary car parking spaces available on site.

A: Godstow Road, Oxford, OX2 8AL T: (01865) 489 988 W: www.jurysinns.com/hotels/oxford TW: @JurysInnOxford



Oxfordshire Accommodation

Lady Margaret Hall Lady Margaret Hall is located in tranquil North Oxford, a leafy Victorian suburb of wide streets, splendid gothic houses and mature trees. The University Parks, Natural History Museum and Pitt Rivers Museum are all close by. Oxford city centre is a 15 minute walk down the boulevard of St Giles, past the Eagle & Child pub, famous haunt of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, and towards the Ashmolean Museum. Also within easy walking distance is Jericho, an attractive area of shops, and restaurants which backs onto the Oxford canal and Isis Lock. A stay at LMH offers the chance to unwind in peaceful surroundings. We have 180 comfortable en-suite rooms on site, 70 of which can be twinned. All rooms have free Wi-Fi access, hospitality trays and complimentary toiletries. A full English breakfast is served in our splendid Dining Hall, and guests have access to our tennis courts, croquet set and punts. A: Norham Gardens, Oxford, OX2 6QA T: (01865) 274 300 W: www.lmh.ox.ac.uk TW: @lmhoxford


Oxford Eastgate Hotel Recently refurbished, the 17th century building which is home to the Mercure Oxford Eastgate is located in the centre of Oxford opposite part of the University buildings and gives a personal welcome for a stay in the historical University City. The famous novelists J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S Lewis frequented the hotel whilst being Fellows at Merton College and Magdalen College respectively. The Eastgate Townhouse boasts the newly opened Marco's New York Italian restaurant and with onsite parking (chargeable), it is the ideal place to stay while in Oxford.

A: 73 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BE T: (01865) 248 332 W: www.mercure.com TW: @mercurehotels


Oxfordshire Accommodation

Bear & Ragged Staff

A: 28 Appleton Road, Cumnor, OX2 9QH T: (01865) 862 329 W: www.bearandraggedstaff.com Not only does the Bear and Ragged Staff serve fantastic food throughout the day, its conversion to a Country Inn is complete with the opening in December 2012 of the last five of nine rooms. The Bear is now in a position to offer a full suite of services to the discerning traveler whether on business or just looking for a home away from home for a few days.

Eynsham Hall

A: Eynsham Hall Hotel, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX29 6PN T: (01993) 885 200 W: www.eynshamhall.com Nestled deep in the Oxfordshire countryside, Eynsham Hall provides a breathtaking blend of elegant period features with a twist of modern design, and offers guests a stay they will never forget. From the cutting edge design featured in the award winning bar to the sweeping Jacobean-style staircase that dominates the reception area, every turn offers something new to discover.

Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel

A: Henley Road, Sandford on Thames, OX4 4GX T: (01865) 334 444 W: www.oxfordthameshotel.co.uk

This stylish four star Oxford hotel is perfect for those wanting Oxford accommodation in a rural setting. Set on the river, this Oxford hotel is just three miles from the city centre.

The Royal Oxford Hotel

A: Park End St, Oxford, OX1 1HR T: (01865) 248 432 W: www.royaloxfordhotel.co.uk As one of the most famous and popular UK destinations, The Royal Oxford Hotel is perfectly located and this makes the hotel the perfect choice for both vacation and business travellers. The world famous Oxford University colleges are all within walking distance, as are the city's many museums, parks, restaurants, shops, leisure centres and many other attractions.


The Old Parsonage Hotel

A: 1 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6NN T: (01865) 310 210 W: www.oldparsonage-hotel.co.uk Luxury bedrooms & suites are individually designed by Sally Conran using all natural materials. Wool, linen & velvet feature in deep red, purple & grey. Marble bathrooms are designed by Martina Landhed. Many bedrooms retain features in the original part of the building, others have their own terrace overlooking the garden. Daily walking tours & use of hotel bicycles are complimentary, to make the most of this iconic city.

The Crazy Bear

A: Bear Lane, Stadhampton, OX44 7UR T: (01865) 890 714 W: www.crazybeargroup.co.uk The original Crazy Bear has been entertaining guests since its creation in 1993. Abundant gardens, eclectic design, award winning dining and inventive facilities, within eighty acres of working farmland all contribute to its distinctive personality. The Crazy Bear Stadhampton is a unique oasis in a countryside setting, and is the foundation for our Crazy Bear culture.

Oxford Spires Four Pillars Hotel A: Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1 4PS T: (01865) 324 324 W: www.oxfordspireshotel.co.uk

Offering the best of both worlds, this four star Oxford hotel is just half a mile from the centre of Oxford, yet set in acres of tranquil parkland. Perfect for leisure and business guests alike, Oxford Spires Four Pillars Hotel offers an excellent location, an elegant setting and a host of business and leisure facilities.

The Old Bank Hotel

A: 92-94 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BJ T: (01865) 799 599 W: www.oldbank-hotel.co.uk The independently owned Old Bank, situated on Oxford’s High Street, is a breathtaking statement in design and arguably one of the best locations in Oxford. Awarded the Best City Hotel 2011 and Editor’s Choice in 2015 by the Good Hotel Guide, it is surrounded by the famous colleges of Merton, All Souls, Christ Church and University and is directly opposite the Bodleian library and Radcliffe Camera. 123

Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs From historic taverns frequented by writers and scholars of days gone by to contemporary cocktail bars and nightclubs, you will find something to suit all tastes in Oxford.


Features p.126 Angels p.128 Be At One p.129 The Eagle and Child p.130 Freud p.131 The Lamb & Flag p.132 Malmaison p.133 Mad Hatter p.134 Morse Bar p.135 Raoul’s p.136 The Red Lion

p.138 The House p.139 The Duke of Cambridge p.140 The Head of the River p.141 The Bear Inn p.142 The King’s Arms p.143 The Trout p.144 The Varsity Club p.145 The Turf Tavern



Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs

In an area that is acclaimed for its cocktail bars, Angels does well to maintain a strong presence in the infinitely cool Jericho community. The retro theme that permeates this venue is evident in the art nouveau festooned across the walls, complimented by a cocktail menu with a distinctly 20’s feel about it. The two floors are different in essence but complimentary in nature. The upstairs has a bustling and busy feel to it as it welcomes new arrivals and allows existing patrons to watch the world go by on the ever cultural Little Clarendon Street. The downstairs, with a number of floor to ceiling mirrors in place, has a much more intimate feel to it with slimline furniture allowing for easy movement between tables and booths. As any cocktail bar worth its salt crusted martini glass should, the Angels spirits display is nothing short of mesmerising. With the two bars mirroring each other, they hold an exotic array of spirits to craft all manner of cocktails - ranging from the historically warming sidecar, the after dinner friendly black star liner and the vodka lovers Black Bison. The bar staff are clearly trained to a high standard, equally at ease making recommendations or subtle tweaks to the existing menu. For the straight spirit purists out there, Angels will surely have the beverage to tempt even the most discerning of palettes. Patron XO, Wray & Nephew Overproof and Suntory Yamazaki 10yr are just some of the more global choices on offer, in conjunction with all the usual suspects. Angels is available for private hire and are able to comfortably cater for parties in excess of 100 guests. In an area so richly known for its cocktail bars, Angels manages to strongly differentiate themselves by offering an excellent standard of drinks (priced around the £6 mark) in conjunction with their visually bold themes and retro but flexible approach to service the ever judicious Jericho locals. In 2016, Angels won the Living In Oxford award for “Favourite for Nightlife”. A: Little Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX1 2HS Open: Mon-Sun T: (01865) 554 224 16:00-01:00 W: www.angelsbar.co.uk TW: @AngelsCocktails



Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs

Be At One The chain was established in the late ‘90s, when the cocktail bar industry was growing bigger and bigger and three friends decided to give it a try, opening their own. The first Be at One opened in 1998, and in 2015 they opened in Oxford on St. Clements street. The bar offers drinks you could only dream of and their menu is filled with a wide-range of interesting and innovative cocktails. Each drink is a masterpiece and there is something for everybody, from classics to fascinating creations you never seen, or tasted, before. The venue is intimate and personal, with loads of places where you can sit down and enjoy your drink. They play varied music and sing-a-long friendly songs that contributes to the atmosphere of the bar. The staff are friendly and love to show their bartending skills, which makes the visit even more enjoyable.

A: 15 St Clements, Oxford, OX4 1AB T: (01865) 598 206 W: www.beatone.co.uk/cocktail-bar/oxford TW: @beatonebar


Open: Mon-Wed 17:00-02:00, Thu-Sat 17:0003:00, Sun 17:00-01:00

The Eagle and Child Opened in 1650, The Eagle and Child is a traditional British pub with a lot of history. They serve a big range of ales and classic pub food and are located close to Oxford University, St Johns Collage and only a few minutes walk from Cornmarket Street. It is part of the Nicholson’s collection which has pubs around the country, reputed for their history, buildings and atmosphere. The pub has been visited frequently by big literary names, such as the writing group The Inklings, amongst them J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, who used to share their work with each other over a pint. The Eagle and Child is a historic landmark in Oxford and should not be missed.

A: 49 St. Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LU T: (01865) 302 925 W: www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk TW: @nicholsonspubs

Open: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00


Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs

FREUD Set in the old church Saint Paul’s on Walton Street in Jericho, FREUD has been serving legendary cocktails since 1988. The building is a Greek revival designed in 1836 with great pillars. The ceilings are high and the glass is decadently stained which makes this setting unique and one of a kind and unlike anything else in Oxford. Sometimes they have live music such as jazz and blues which is highly appreciated by regulars. Students can enjoy a discount on a wide range of cocktails.

A: 119 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6AH T: 020 7240 1100 W: www.freud.eu/cafe-bars


Open: Mon-Wed 12:00-23:00, Thu 12:0000:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-02:00, Sun 12:00-22:30

The Lamb & Flag The Lamb & Flag lies just north of the main entrance to St John's College, who manage it. The Lamb & Flag Passage runs through the south side of the building, connecting St Giles' with Museum Road, where there is an entrance to Keble College to the rear of the pub. Since St John's took over the management of the pub in 1997, a Lamb & Flag scholarship has been instituted for graduate students. The name of the pub comes from the symbol of Christ as the victorious Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) of the Book of Revelation, carrying a banner with a cross, and often gashed in the side. This is also a symbol of St John the Baptist, and so is emblematic of ownership by the College of St John the Baptist.

A: 12 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3JS T: (01865) 515 787

Open: Mon-Sat 12:00-23:00, Sun 12:00-22:30


Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs

Malmaison Popular among both short term visitors and locals, this brasserie is located in the cellar of the old prison building, giving the restaurant a unique atmosphere, which could be described as both classic and charming with its wooden furniture. Before sitting down to decide what to order, a stop at the bar is a nice start of the meal. They offer a wide range of delicious food and wines and everything is served by knowledgeable staff and it can be hard to imagine that a venue like this used to keep criminals. Its link with the past makes the restaurant doubtlessly one of a kind. During the summer, there is also the possibility of enjoying the food in the exercise yard or on the terrace upstairs.

A: Oxford Castle, 3 New Road, Oxford, OX1 1AY T: (01865) 689 944 W: www.malmaison.com TW: @theoxfordmal


Open: Mon-Fri 08:00-21:00, Sat 09:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-16:00

Mad Hatter To the east of the dreaming spires lies The Mad Hatter, a place of English eccentricity, drinks of distinction and timeless distractions. This bar is something special. Not only do they serve new world wines and European brews, they also serve unique creations which make the whole visit even more exciting. The orders are taken via the phones on the tables in the bar and they often have live acts, such as music and entertainment. Based on Iffley Road, this bar is perfect for those who want to have a different night out. The Hatter promises the maddest of tea parties with live music and entertainment into the early hours. Leave your troubles outside, here a show awaits you!

A: 43 Iffley Road, Oxford, OX4 1EA T: (01865) 604 959 W: www.themadhatteroxford.com

Open: Tue 20:00-00:00, Thu 19:00-01:00, Fri 17:00-02:00, Sat 19:00-02:00


Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs

Morse Bar Located in one of the most popular and famous hotels in Oxford, The Macdonald Randolph Hotel, The Morse bar is a landmark for the city. The name originates from the character in Colin Dexter’s bestsellers, Inspector Morse, who has spent several scenes in the bar together with his sergeant Lewis trying to solve complex and exciting cases. It is still featured in the follow-on TV series with Lewis in the lead role. The bar is decorated in a classic and elegant style and hosts several events throughout the year, for example whisky tastings and cocktail master classes.

A: Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2LN T: (01865) 256 400 W: www.macdonaldhotels.co.uk TW: @randolphhotel


Open: Mon-Sun 09:00-01:00

Raoul’s Cocktail bar that has won several awards and has been ranked as one of the 50 best bars in the world by The Sunday Times. The cocktails are made of homemade ingredients, from bitters and syrups to sherbets. The fruit juices are also homemade and a lot of them are squeezed freshly everyday. They also have one of the largest selections of liquor in the country and they have a long list of cocktails. The bar has two floors and is decorated in a funky way that reminds you of the 60’s. Upstairs you find comfortable seating areas where one can enjoy cocktails in a more intimate surrounding, and downstairs is the dance space.

A: 32 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6AA T: (01865) 553 732 W: www.raoulsbar.com TW: @raoulsbaroxford

Open: Sun-Tue 16:00-00:00, Wed-Sat 16:00-01:00


Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs

The Red Lion

Just around the corner from The Ashmolean, The Red Lion welcomes its guests with its elegant décor. It offers seating in the expansive garden, which is also the biggest in Oxford that can serve 100 people, a bar, a side area and private rooms, which give the customers a lot of alternatives. The décor reminds you of the nearby museum with its classical colours and drawings on the walls. The menu is seasonal and features a big selection of dishes made with quality and seasonal ingredients that are freshly prepared daily. The pub is inspired by the desire for traditional pub food with a modern twist. Visitors can choose between food classics and new flavours, there is something for everyone at The Red Lion. The wine list is filled with wines from around the globe to complement the dishes. Bustling with students, families, and professionals, it is obvious that the Red Lion have put a lot of thought into every facet of the pub, from the food and the surroundings to the welcome from the team. Its menu changes with the seasons and is modern British, comfortably interwoven with elements from the Mediterranean, ranging from traditional favourites such as fish and chips and steaks to freshly made pizzas, pastas and daily chef’s specials. The outdoor patio is really something to encounter, and is best enjoyed with a glass of their marvellous wine, cask ale, super-chilled draft or whatever your favourite beverage may be. Expect only the best in this brilliant venue, and service with a smile every time.

A: 14 Gloucester Street, Oxford, OX1 2BN T: (01865) 726 255 W: www.redlionoxford.co.uk TW: @RedLionOxford


Open: Mon-Thu 11:0023:00, Fri-Sat 10:0023:00, Sun 10:00-22:30


Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs

The House A stylish cocktail bar in the centre of Oxford with two floors and an outdoor terrace for summer evenings. The bar has been featured in Elle Magazine’s Top 25 Bars 2010 for their intimate, yet buzzing venue. With big armchairs, chesterfield sodas and modern lightning, the interior is both personal, yet sophisticated. Not only is the interior modern and relaxed, they also have a games room upstairs with a pool table, board games and cosy seating areas with its own bar. There is something for everybody offered at the House! The House is well-known for its magnificent cocktails and their list over drinks is long, from the good old classics to new favourites created by the House Bartenders. The bartenders can also customise a drink for those who do not find what they are searching for on the list of existing cocktails. There are good reasons why this place is so popular and it should be experienced. A: 11 Blue Boar Street, Oxford, OX1 4EE T: (01865) 724 433 W: www.housebar.co.uk TW: @thehouseoxford


Open: Sun-Wed 17:00-00:00, Thu-Sat 17:00-01:00

The Duke of Cambridge Opened in 1981, The Duke of Cambridge has a good reputation in the city for their cocktails. It is listed as one of the top 5 cocktail bars in the UK by The Guardian and it is frequently visited by local regulars. You can find it in Jericho and it is popular on both weekends and week days, even if the atmosphere is more relaxed during the week and more vibrant during the last part of the week. The bar has a stylish interior with chandeliers and dark walnut floor. The cocktails are made of fresh ingredients by friendly and knowledgeable bartenders. The drinks menu shows a diverse assortment of cocktails and other drinks of high standards. As it is one of Oxfords most popular bars, it is a must for cocktail lovers to visit!

A: 5-6 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX1 2HP T: (01865) 558 173 W: www.dukebar.com TW: @dukebars

Open: Sun-Wed 17:00-00:00, Thu-Sat 17:00-01:00


Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs

The Head of the River The Head of the River is a lovely pub, located on Folly bridge in St. Aldates. It's a relaxed place to eat, drink and even sleep, because it's offering 12 guestrooms, combining original features with modern luxuries. It's one of the few pubs in Oxford, where you can enjoy your drinks in a garden and thanks to the location on the River Thames, you sit right at the water's edge. Predominently featuring classic British cuisine, the home-made menu enjoys some exciting twists - not least the famous Venison burger with Oxford blue. For the traditionalist, there's crispy battered Haddock and chips in a London pride beer batter, or a sumptuous Steak & ale pie. All freshly, lovingly prepared by Head Chef Justin and his expert team. The award-winning ales, including the famous London Pride and seasonal ales, are perfect to enjoy chilled at the waterfront.

A: Folly Bridge, St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 4LB T: (01865) 721 600 W: www.headoftheriveroxford.co.uk


Open: Mon-Sat 11:00-23:00, Sun 11:00-23:30

The Bear Inn The Bear Inn is one of the oldest pubs in Oxford, dating back to 1242, and is hidden on Alfred Street off the busy High Street that goes through the city. The pub is popular with students, locals and tourists. They offer pints of real ale, lagers, ciders, stouts, world wines and home-cooked traditional pub food. The food is made of the fresh local ingredients, and they have seasonal specials too. One thing that has made The Bear well-known is its collection of over 4,500 ties. The tie ends have been cut off with a pair of scissors in exchange for half a pint of beer. The tradition was started early on by the landlord and the ties were originally pinned to the wall, but today they are all in glass-fronted cases on the walls and the ceiling. The ties represent clubs, sport teams, schools and colleges in the Oxford area and also around the globe.

A: 6 Alfred Street, Oxford, OX1 4EH T: (01865) 728 164 W: www.bearoxford.co.uk TW: @inn_the_bear

Open: Mon-Thu 11:00-23:00, Fri-Sat 11:00-00:00, Sun 11:30-22:30


Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs

The King's Arms The famous Kings Arms is one of the oldest pub in Oxford built in 1607 and still standing in its original position. If it's homemade hearty British pub food you're looking for then you're in the right place! Pies are our speciality, freshly made every day and inspired by the seasons, from steak and ale to game, plus homemade bar snacks to soak up the beer, and everyone's favourite fish and chips, great burgers and freshly made sandwiches. We serve food all day from 11am - 9.30pm. We're quite possibly also the brainiest pub in Oxford too, known for having the highest IQ per square foot of anywhere in the world! Loved by Oxford scholars and tourists alike and renown for fine cask ales, hearty home made food and our resident ghost. A: 40 Holywell Street, Oxford, OX1 3SP T: (01865) 242 369 W: www.kingsarmsoxford.co.uk TW: @KingsArmsOxford


Open: Mon-Sun 10:30-00:00

The Trout Not only is this pub popular amongst Oxford visitors, it is also a favourite for many locals and students living in the area. It is one of the city’s most iconic eating places and has been featured in Colin Dexter’s characters Morse and Lewis. The food is varied and one could find Italian, Mediterranean and Asian influences on the menu so the chance of finding something to order and enjoy is rather big. The staff are friendly and engaging and the restaurant itself is full of character with the river passing by the terrace.

A: 195 Godstow Road, Oxford, OX2 8PN T: (01865) 510 930 W: www.thetroutoxford.co.uk TW: @TheTroutOxford

Open: Mon-Sat 11:00-23:00, Sun 11:00-22:30


Oxfordshire Bars & Pubs

The Varsity Club Occupying a stylishly designed four-storey building on the High Street, this well situated cocktail bar is in the heart of the busy city centre of Oxford, within a stone’s throw of Oxford Town Hall and Carfax Tower. TVC is different, different on every level. The Cocktail Lounge and Bar found on the first floor has eclectic contemporary dÊcor mixed with quirky traditional period features. The second floor Club and Dancefloor has a state of the art DJ booth and serious sound system, making it the perfect party venue. Members Lounge and Private Hire can be found on the third floor. The crowning glory is The Roof at TVC, the newly opened stunning roof terrace with bar and lounge seating overlooking the skyline of Oxford, the University Quods and its Dreaming Spires. We serve high quality cocktails on every level, using premium spirits mixed with flair by our expert bar-tenders. A: 9 High St, Oxford, OX1 4DB T: (01865) 248 777 W: www.tvcoxford.co.uk TW: @VarsityClubOx


Open: Sun-Thu 11:00-00:00, Fri-Sat 11:00-02:00

The Turf Tavern The Turf Tavern is a popular but well-hidden historic pub in central Oxford. Its foundations date from the 13th century and the low beamed front bar area from the 17th. It was originally called the Spotted Cow but changed its name in 1842, probably as a reaction to gambling meetings held on site. It is located down a narrow winding alley, St Helens Passage (originally Hell's passage), between Holywell Street and New College Lane, near the Bridge of Sighs. Running along one side of the pub is one of the remaining sections of the old city wall. Local legend has it that it was at the Turf Tavern where former U.S. president Bill Clinton, while attending Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, infamously "did not inhale". The Turf is still a frequent gathering place for the Rhodes community in Oxford as the site of Turf Tuesday every week during term.

A: 4-5 Bath Place, Oxford, OX1 3SU T: (01865) 243 235 W: www.turftavern-oxford.co.uk TW: @TheTurfTavern

Open: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00


Oxfordshire Shopping From the chic designer shopping outlets at Bicester Village, to the fresh and local produce available at our various Farmers’ Markets, to handmade souvenirs and clothing in Oxford’s Covered Market – You’ll find what you’re looking for here.


Features p.148 Bicester Village p.150 University of Oxford Shop p.152 Alice’s Shop p.153 Bodleian Libraries Gift Shops p.154 Clarendon Centre p.155 The Covered Market p.156 Cowley Road p.157 Jericho p.158 Summertown p.159 Westgate Shopping Centre 147

Bicester Village Oxfordshire Shopping

The ultimate shopping experience. Discover the UK’s leading luxury shopping experience at Bicester Village, located in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside on the edge of the Cotswolds, where spacious boutiques showcase the world's finest fashion and lifestyle brands. Indulge in savings of up to 60%* all year round, as well as tax-free shopping in more than 130 luxury boutiques, including Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, Saint Laurent Paris and many more. Enjoy open-air boulevards, attentive service and a friendly, unhurried atmosphere for a truly unique retail experience – and with Bicester Village open from 9 am, Monday to Saturday, why not start your day in style with breakfast in one of the many restaurants and cafés. Travelling to the Village is effortless, take the train with Chiltern Railways to the new Bicester Village Station, just a five-minute walk from the Village, or travel by the S5 or X5 Stagecoach bus from Oxford. Alternatively, drive and exit at junction 9 of the M40 motorway. Find out more about travel options, the latest boutique news and opening times at BicesterVillage.com *on the recommended retail price.

A: 50 Pingle Drive, Bicester, OX26 6WD Open: Mon-Sat 09:00T: (01869) 366 266 20:00, Sun 10:00-19:00 W: www.bicestervillage.com TW: @bicestervillage



University of Oxford Shop Oxfordshire Shopping

The University of Oxford Shop is ideally located on the High Street, in the heart of the Dreaming Spires of Oxford. Established in 1990, the shop is the University’s official retail store, specialising in a wide range of clothing and gifts bearing the University of Oxford trademarked crest. Inside the shop, I found cabinets, shelves and displays full of quality products, leaving me spoilt for choice! Displayed at the front of the shop, college enamel cufflinks, lapel pins and tie slides are perfect for those who have a favourite college and wish to show their allegiance or connection to it. The clothing section situated at the rear of the shop includes hoodies, T-shirts and polo shirts in a variety of sizes colours and designs to suit all ages and tastes. Many of the designs are exclusive to the shop and are supplied by companies committed to ethical trade. Owned by the University, the shop likes to commission items that have a direct link to Oxford. For instance, the fritillary collection of jewellery, cushions and handmade silver spoons, features the small delicate flower that blooms in Magdalen College meadow in spring. Alternatively, Oxford’s famous architectural landmarks provide the theme for the popular Oxford Cityscape collection by UK artist Lizzie Prestt, my favourite items being the candy coloured plates and mugs. In all, the shop is a treasure trove of beautiful and quality products just waiting to be discovered, and unlike the other souvenir shops in Oxford, all profits are returned to and benefit the University. If like me, you wish you’d bought more, don’t despair, as the majority of items are also available online at www.oushop.com.

A: 106 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BW T: (01865) 247 414 W: www.oushop.com FB: facebook.com/UniversityOfOxfordShop


Open: Mon-Sat 09:00-17:30, Sun 11:00-16:00


Oxfordshire Shopping

Alice’s Shop One of the most famous little shops in the world can be found in Oxford just across the road from Christ Church College. It was formerly frequented in Victorian times by Alice Liddell, the inspiration for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, who used to buy sweets there. She lived at Christ Church with her father Henry Liddell, who was Dean of the College and Cathedral. Alice’s Shop is one of the most tangible links to an entire episode in the Alice in Wonderland adventures and offers lovers of the stories a moment of intimate connection with the World of Alice as well as an insight into Carroll’s creation. The small shop was dubbed “Alice’s Shop” locally as soon as the stories became well known, even as it continued as a grocery shop. The Shop is now a treasure trove of Alice in Wonderland themed gifts, souvenirs and memorabilia. A: 83 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1RA T: (01865) 723 793 W: www.aliceinwonderlandshop.com


Open: Sun-Fri 10:30-17:00, Sun 09:30-18:00

Bodleian Libraries Gift Shops The Bodleian Libraries shops offer a curated range of gifts and books inspired by the vast Bodleian collections and fascinating programme of temporary exhibitions. Visit the Zvi Meitar Bodleian Libraries Shop in the Weston Library for contemporary gifts, furniture and accessories, or the Bodleian Library Shop, in the tranquil Old Schools Quadrangle, to browse exquisite and timeless souvenirs inspired by our historic setting. Our diverse range includes the famous Bodleian Reader’s Chair and ever-popular ‘Silence Please’ homeware selection, as well as many more exclusive library and reading-inspired gifts to suit all budgets. You can also browse a wide range of general interest, gift and scholarly books from Bodleian Library Publishing, all drawn from or related to the Bodleian collections. Visit our shops at the Bodleian Libraries, shop online at www.bodleianshop.co.uk or call us on 01865 277 001. A: Bodleian Libraries, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BG T: (01865) 277 001 W: www.bodleianshop.co.uk

Open: Mon-Fri 10.00-17.30, Sat 10.00-17.00, Sun 11.00-17.00 (Opening hours subject to change)


Oxfordshire Shopping

Clarendon Centre The Clarendon Centre is a shopping centre in central Oxford. It is located to the west of Cornmarket Street and to the north of Queen Street. It is accessible from both of these streets and is in the form of an L-shape between them. There is also an entrance on Shoe Lane, off New Inn Hall Street. The area was the site of an early archaeological study in the 1950s. On this site was the Clarendon Hotel in Cornmarket that grew from two former coaching inns, the King's Head and the Star. The Clarendon Centre was built in 1983–4, designed by Gordon Benny and Partners. It is your first destination for fashion with top retailers including Zara, French Connection, H&M, Gap and River Island. What’s more you can relax over a coffee at Costa or a smoothie at Boost Juice as well as getting your hands on the latest gadgets from Currys Digital and Phones4U.

A: 52 Cornmarket Street, Oxford, OX1 3JE T: (01865) 251 493 W: www.clarendoncentre.co.uk TW: @clarendonshops


Open: Mon-Sat 08:00-18:00, Thu 08:0019:00, Sun 10:30-17:00

The Covered Market The market was officially opened in 1774 and has a unique and wonderful atmosphere. It provides its visitors with the wonderful aromas of fresh fruit, coffee and fresh baking and to a feast of sights and sounds. Fruit and vegetable stalls still make colourful displays but much of the produce is now imported from all over the world. The Covered Market is home to numerous traders selling a captivating variety of goods. Fresh fruit, vegetables, breads and cakes, meats, cheeses, seafood, fine foods, flowers, leather goods, shoes, watches and jewellery, clothing, gifts, hats and so much more are on offer - the mix is electrifying. When taking a break from browsing the goods there's a mouth-watering choice of places to eat and drink to choose from. Whatever you are tempted with - a ciabatta, a cappuccino or a cake - you will always find something to satisfy in Oxford's Covered Market. A: Market St., Oxford, OX1 3DZ W: www.oxford-coveredmarket.co.uk

Open: Mon-Sat 08:00-17:30, Sun 10:00-16:00


Oxfordshire Shopping

Cowley Road Cowley Road is the main shopping street of east Oxford, and in the evenings it is the area's main leisure district. The Cowley Road area has played a prominent part in the Oxford music scene. A number of successful bands made their formative performances in local venues such as the O2 Academy Oxford (formerly known as The Zodiac), and The Art Bar (formerly the Bullingdon Arms). Cowley Road is also home to the Cowley Road Carnival, an annual event during which the road is pedestrianised, and which features live music, static sound systems, a parade, and food from around the world. In 2014, the Cowley Road Carnival attracted 45,000 visitors, and has become an integral part of contemporary Oxford.

A: Cowley Road, Oxford W: www.livinginoxford.com


Jericho Jericho is an historic suburb of Oxford. It consists of the streets bounded by the Oxford Canal, Worcester College, Walton Street and Walton Well Road. Located outside the old city wall, it was originally a place for travellers to rest if they had reached the city after the gates had closed. The name Jericho may have been adopted to signify this 'remote place' outside the wall. Jericho retains a strong community spirit. The Jericho Community Association runs the Jericho Community Centre in Canal Street, maintains the community website, Jericho Online, publishes the local newspaper the Jericho Echo and organizes the annual Jericho Street Fair which is held in mid-June each year, around the feast day of the patron saint Barnabas (11 June). Appropriately for its biblical name, Jericho is also known for its iconic places of worship.

A: Jericho, Oxford W: www.livinginoxford.com


Oxfordshire Shoppping

Summertown Summertown in north Oxford is a vibrant shopping and business centre and an attractive residential area. Bounded by the Cherwell River to the east and the Oxford Canal to the west it offers easy access to an incredible range of shops and services of all kinds, and to sports and leisure facilities and open countryside. The 1960s brought enormous changes to Summertown, which had until retained its architectural diversity and village atmosphere. In the last years of the 20th century, Summertown evolved into the vibrant shopping, business and residential centre that it is today, a prosperous suburb to an historic city. Summertown is home to much of Oxford's broadcast media. BBC Radio Oxford and the BBC Television's Oxford studios are on Banbury Road. The studios for JACK FM, Glide FM, and Six TV Oxford (no longer broadcasting) are on Woodstock Road.

A: Summertown, Oxford W: www.livinginoxford.com


Westgate Shopping Centre The Westgate is a shopping centre in central Oxford and home to 35 shops covering many high street names such as Primark, Western Computer, Size?, New Look, Game and Thorntons. Currently, the Westagte is going through a huge ÂŁ500m re-development. With 800,000 sq. ft. of prestigious global brands, inventive and eclectic restaurants and cafes, a five screen boutique cinema and sophisticated rooftop bars and dining, Westgate Oxford will excite and delight. Expect bold and daring architecture meets innovative design and technology. Arresting rooftop views of the Oxford city skyline create an exceptional, inspirational destination like no other. The Westgate will open towards the end of 2017.

A: Castle Street, Oxford, OX1 1NZ T: (01865) 725 455 W: www.westgateoxford.co.uk TW: @WestgateOxford

Open: Mon-Sat 09:00-17:30, Thu 09:00-20:00, Sun 11:00-17:00


City Sightseeing stops Tourist Information

Transport Despite Oxford being a driver's nightmare there are so many different ways for you to get about the city. In some respect, you'll find travelling around Oxford a lot easier than trying to drive yourself!

Park and Ride/Bus Services

Take the stress out of driving and make the most of one of five Park and Ride facilities located within the Ring Road. This is a convenient and inexpensive way of getting to and from Oxford.

Thornhill: East of Oxford at A40/M40. Bus number 400, journey time 15 minutes to City Centre, departs every 10 minutes from 6am to 7pm Monday to Saturday (last bus at 11pm) and 8.30am to 7pm Sundays.

Pear Tree: North of Oxford at A34/A44. Bus number 300, journey time 12 minutes to City Centre, departs every 8 to 10 minutes from 6am to 7.45pm Monday to Saturday (last bus at 11pm) and 8.30am to 4.30pm Sundays (last bus at 7pm).

Oxford City Buses Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach are the two main bus companies that operate around the city offering a comprehensive network of routes. Check the respective websites for a full up to date list of prices and for more information.

Water Eaton: North of Oxford at A4260. Bus number 500, journey time 12 minutes to City Centre, departs every 15 minutes from 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, no service on Sundays.

Oxford Bus Company T: 01865 785400 W: oxfordbus.co.uk Stagecoach T: 01865 772250 W: stagecoachbus.com

Seacourt: West of Oxford at A420. Bus number 400, journey time 10 minutes to City Centre, departs every 10 to 12 minutes from 6am to 7pm Monday to Saturday (last bus at 11pm) and 8.30am to 7pm Sundays.

Oxford to London Coach There are two direct, 24hr, high frequency coach services to the capital. The journey takes approximately 100 minutes and takes you from city centre to city centre.

Redbridge: South of Oxford at A4144. Bus number 300, journey time 10 minutes to City Centre, departs every 10 minutes from 6am to 7pm Monday to Saturday (last bus at 11pm) and 8.30am to 5pm Sundays (last bus at 7pm).

Oxford X90: T: 01865 785 400 W: oxfordbus.co.uk Oxford Tube: T: 01865 772 250 W: oxfordtube.com


If you're traveling into or out of Oxford by aeroplane, try booking a taxi direct with the airport on 01865 290600. Or hop on the daily shuttle from Oxford Station: www.oxfordairportshuttle.com

Train A frequent direct train service operates from London Paddington and Oxford Station (approximately 30 minutes), London Marylebone and Oxford Parkway (approximately 40 minutes), and between Birmingham New Street and Oxford Station via Banbury and Coventry. For details see the National Rail Enquiries website. Oxford Train Station is located on Park End Street. There are frequent train services to all major UK destinations from Oxford. Getting to London takes roughly an hour and there are direct and indirect services running throughout the day. A frequent, direct train service operates between Oxford and Birmingham New Street via Banbury and Coventry.

Car Hire/Taxi

Budget: 01865 724 884 Avis Cars: 08445 446087 EuropCar: 01865 246373


Hackney Cabs can be picked up from taxi ranks at St.Giles, Gloucester Green, or the railway station, or you can hail them in the street. 001 Taxis: 01865 240 000 ABC Taxis: 01865 775 577 Royal Cars: 01865 777 333

For information call: National Rail Enquiries 0845 7 484950 24hr information line or visit: www.nationalrail.co.uk Chiltern Railways 03456 005165 Mon-Sun 07.00 to 22.00 or visit: www.chilternrailways.co.uk


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