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Seafaring heritage There is nothing more mesmerising than sitting on sea cliffs staring at the waves crashing onto the rocks below - and there is no better place to sit and stare than Boulby Cliffs just south of Saltburn-by-the-Sea. Tees Valley has a strong affinity with the sea - both industrious and illicit! Saltburn’s Smugglers’ Heritage Centre comes into the latter category - smuggling deals done in an illicit drinking den! But it was legal trade that built Saltburn’s Victorian Inclined Tramway and apart from the view and the experience, it helps you avoid a stiff climb!

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This is also Captain Cook Country - his Birthplace Museum in Stewart Park, Middlesbrough is set in peaceful, urban countryside. It tells of where he went, what he did, how he and his crew lived, what they ate, drank and how they passed the time on long sailing vessel trips - and also whom they met on the way! A replica of his ship HM Bark Endeavour can also be found in Stockton. A "living" Napoleonic seaport The “piece de resistance” is undoubtedly Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience and HMS Trincomalee which lies within. This ship is the oldest warship afloat in the UK and was built in Bombay in 1817. Obviously sailors in those days must have been small in stature - many heads have suffered from the low beams during the descent into the heart of the vessel. Trincomalee is the centrepiece of this remarkable “living” Napoleonic seaport complete with period shops and costumed staff. As you walk through the Visitor Centre you step back in time to a remarkable period in British History, the whole atmosphere is magical as you feel totally divorced from

Live again the maritime history of England’s greatest seafarer, visit historic ships and quays, share in tales of smugglers and heroes of the past, explore the beginnings of steam railways and the rich living tapestry of past urban life.. 62

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One North East Group Travel Guide 2010  
One North East Group Travel Guide 2010  

2010 edition of the Group Travel Guide for the North East of England.