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Cragside, Northumberland

...let the history of North East England take you back to past times!

Grand Designs In the past one way of proclaiming a successful and wealthy life was to design and build your own spectacular house incorporating your own ideas, moulded with your own personality. North East England has an abundance of great houses, from Classical Greek revival villas, 18th century Palladian mansions and spectacular gardens of all shapes and sizes incorporating exotic plants, mazes and rolling parkland. They all give an insight into the people who built them. Enjoy the sights of some exotic - sometimes eccentric but always fascinating architectural wonders!

Living Legacies Not only can you visit many of these ancient historical buildings, country houses and gardens, you can also find out how people lived in these times. People like Lord Armstrong, the engineering giant and inventor who was the first person to install hydro-electricity into his famous home at Cragside.

“the living Museum of the North” At the famous Beamish Museum, “the living Museum of the North” discover how local people lived and worked in the early eighteen and nineteen hundreds. Whilst Woodhorn reflects on the social and cultural lives of the mining communities who could not afford sumptuous country houses or stately homes. It holds the County's records so why not delve into your family tree and maybe find a connection to the people who lived and worked here! Maritime heritage is strong here especially in Tees Valley. Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience replicates an 18th century seaport complete with its own ship, the copper bottomed HMS Trincomalee. Look out for the period costumed sailors who may even fire a few flintlocks!.

“NORTH EAST ENGLAND IS A FORWARD LOOKING GROUP DESTINATION with a fascinating and sometimes turbulent past to explore. One of my favourite’s is Beamish, one of those special places for groups. It’s been here for many years yet always has something different to offer visitors. Whether it’s the 1825 railway, the mouthwatering sweet shop with loads of traditional delights; the tram rides right around the huge site or, my favourite, the friendly and

Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland

A Magnificent Monument When the Romans came to Britain they were pushed back to Northumberland where they built Hadrian’s Wall. They couldn’t go any further north and they were definitely not going to suffer the humiliation of retreating any further south! So they stayed for over 400 years and as a result there are Roman remains everywhere. At Chesters, Corbridge, Housesteads and Vindolanda groups can learn about how they lived and worked, what they ate, how they worshipped and how they entertained themselves During 2010 and early 2011, The British Museum will be returning the Vindolanda Tablets to where they were originally found. This superb archive of personal letters and experiences from people who lived and worked on the Wall over 2,000 years ago will go on display.

welcoming old fashioned pub in the main street!” STEVE REED, SRT Tourism

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One North East Group Travel Guide 2010  

2010 edition of the Group Travel Guide for the North East of England.

One North East Group Travel Guide 2010  

2010 edition of the Group Travel Guide for the North East of England.