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Wall To Wall Castles One of the main highlights of any trip to North East England is the first view of Bamburgh Castle sitting on top of its “rock”, proud and elegant demanding respect from all around. North East England was highly important during past centuries in terms of the defence of the realm and this is why it was so heavily fortified - it was on the front line; the marauding Scots to the north and west, Vikings to the east - even the Romans had difficulty with the Barbarians from the North! Hadrian’s Wall is proof enough of that. This meant fortifications and castles - Berwick’s old ruined Castle and its Elizabethan walls were built for defence from both land and sea and these walls now provide for a fine walk and a chance to disappear into the museums! In fact, there are more castles in Northumberland than any other county in England - some like Alnwick, Bamburgh and Raby are family homes - others like Lumley and Langley are hotels. But the atmosphere within each is special - listen to the tales and let your imagination take over!

Spiritual Sanctuaries North East England is an area of real significance - from the simplistic early monastic lifestyles associated with Holy Island and churches like the tiny Escomb Saxon Church to the later rich majesty of Hexham Abbey and the sheer elegance and magnitude of Durham Cathedral.

“Powerful Bishops” They all tell the tale of a rise from impoverished monks to affluent and the most powerful Prince Bishops, a heritage full of intrigue and powerful struggles!

Durham Cathedral, Durham City

Medieval castles and defences, Hadrian's Wall and Roman remains, grand country houses, ancient villages and characterful market towns - feel the past - it's all around you.


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Main: Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland Small Picture: Beamish Museum, Durham

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One North East Group Travel Guide 2010  
One North East Group Travel Guide 2010  

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