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Northumberland history & heritage at every turn, enchanting


tales & stirring border battles.

...when you walk in the 2,000 year old footsteps of the mighty Roman Legions.

Enough to inspire the most demanding groups. the foundations of Lindisfarne Priory were laid. Here, the tide dictates your access, over the causeway of golden sands - magnificent in the warmth and sun of a summer's day with sparkling water all around and vistas of golden beaches as far as the eye can see, right down the coastline. The lazy seals lying on the sandbanks sunning themselves have the right idea. It was here that the famous Lindisfarne Gospels were written in the 7th century. A copy of these truly stunning works can be found in the Heritage Centre and are amongst the most celebrated illuminated books in the world. From the vantage point of Holy Island, the whole mainland coastline seems to be dominated by the impressive Bamburgh Castle, with golden beaches on either side, it is another icon not only of North East England but of the UK - an absolutely outstanding castle which maintains a welcoming lived-in atmosphere, still being the family home of Lord Armstrong.

Ford & Etal, Northumberland

Edge of the Roman Empire

“WE TRAVEL ALL OVER THE UNITED KINGDOM developing the group product - but my favourite county has to be here, my home patch, Northumberland. It's ideal for groups of all types and backgrounds offering an amazing variety of touring and excursion possibilities for tour planners� STEVE REED, SRT Tourism

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It is often forgotten that the Romans were here in Northumberland for over 400 years and sites such as Vindolanda, Chesters and Housesteads help to explain how they lived, worked and entertained themselves. The Vindolanda Writing Tablets Britain's earliest written archives are coming home to North East England in 2010. They represent stories from people who lived and worked on the wall over 2,000 years ago including invitations to birthday parties and letters home adding the human touch to this Roman "experience". Northumberland is also a county of rural beauty, market towns such as Morpeth, Hexham and Alnwick and some outstanding country houses like the National Trust's Cragside, Belsay Hall and Wallington Hall. And, where there are country houses, there are sure to be spectacular gardens like the three acres of walled gardens at Whalton Manor, the 12 acres of landscaped gardens and arboretum at Longframlington Gardens, the 11,000 rare trees and shrubs and Earl Grey Tea at Howick Hall and then the spectacular contemporary water features of The Alnwick Garden. This "most tranquil county in England" encompasses peace, beauty and heritage in abundance in its outstanding coastal scenery and wonderfully diverse and fruitful countryside.



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One North East Group Travel Guide 2010  
One North East Group Travel Guide 2010  

2010 edition of the Group Travel Guide for the North East of England.