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I am a Junior UI/UX Designer currently based in Vilnius. I love everything that has to do with Web and Graphic design.

2018 m. – Present – JSC "Lithuanian Railways" Web and Graphic Designer From 2016 to 2018 m. – Smurfit Kappa Packaging Designer/Constructor

With 2 years of experience working as a packaging designer/constructor, I have learnt to understand customers needs and solve their actual problems by creating useful and meaningful products. Today my passion is to apply these skills in UI/UX design field and learn more design principles everyday.

From 2012 to 2016 m. – Kaunas university of technology Packaging and Printing Engineering

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From 2007 to 2009 m. – A.Martinaitis Art School Fundamentals of art

Contact Me +370 678 86 377

From January 2018 to April 2018 – Code Academy Web design (UI/UX) From February 2017 to April 2018 – Vilnius College of Design Advanced Graphic Design

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Responsive Web Design This is a conceptual web design project about my country Lithuania. My goal was to create design all the way from a concept, to creating personas, wireframing and responsive visual design. During the development of this project, I went through all the UX process.


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“Discover Land Of Lakes”






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Creating Persona Profiles


“Discover Land Of Lakes”

In order to prioritize users need and core task I created persona profiles. They are typically generated from user research, which was made by interviewing real persons. This research also helped me to visualize first design solutions and estimate main features.


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From Sketch To Final Visual Design


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“Discover Land Of Lakes”

My start point of design was sketching, which allowed me to generate my ideas rapidly and make quick visual test. Next step was wireframing with Adobe Illustrator and final design was created with Adobe Photoshop.

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Website Redesign Project

Website redesign

In this project my aim was to redesign car rental companies website. First thing that caught my eyes was missing consistency and visual hierarchy. So I did elegant layout based on two brand colors which made a structure and created consistency, and I also used a few icons that brought a little fun to this web site design.

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Creating Mobile App Design

/ app design

My goal was to create a simple mobile app design that invites people to have lunch together. In this project, I used a simple layout that lets easily navigate through the information, clean design with one dominant brand color and simple icons. Log In/sign In

Mobile app design

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Contact Me +370 678 86 377

Inga Sinkevičiūtė © 2018.

UI/UX Design portfolio  
UI/UX Design portfolio