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Kanom Jeen

Spicy, tasty and assembled how you want it!


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Cover Photo | Phuket Indy Market for travelers, the expatriate community & everyone in Phuket

The festive season is now upon us and what better way is there to spend it than on this paradise island. Although not widely celebrated by the Thai community, there is no shortage of options for those that wishing to bring in Christmas and New Year in true style. Most resorts & restaurants on the island will be putting on special menus and activities for those wishing to do things as they would back home, with one exception, and this is one which I can personally guarantee, there will not be one single flake of snow. If there is, I will run through Patong wearing just a Christmas stocking on my head. Please enjoy your time here this festive season and please remember top stay safe. Editor PS When I said snow, I mean real snow!!!!

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Daily baked Italian Breads and Italian Pastries, from our Executive Pastry Chef Francesco Giordano. Wide selection of Italian cold cuts and cheeses, delicatessen, fruit and vegetables, pasta, fine extra virgin olive oils, and special gourmet products. Enjoy our Illy coffee at the coffee bar, or a nice lunch from our carte of Italian traditional specialty.

in Phuket is published by Four Seasons Info Media Co., Ltd. 50/21 Moo 4, Chao Fa Nok Rd., Vichit, Muang, Phuket 83000, Thailand Tel.: +66 (0) 7624 8715 Fax: +66 (0) 7624 8901 Email:

Read ‘in-Phuket’in these outlets and many others. Opening Hours: 07:30 – 20:00 Location: On Chaofa West Road, near the intersection with Khwang Road

Located in the prestigious Boat Lagoon Marina off Thepkasattri Rd. You will see the on the right-hand side after the security box

Tel: 076 521 670, 081 328 1352

We Café is a pleasant restaurant and coffee shop located on Chaofa West Road between Phuket Town and Chalong Temple. Opened in October 2012, it stands adjacent to a famous hydroponic farm which has been growing and selling fresh salad and vegetables since 2000 to distribute to Phuket’s many restaurants and hotels.

The Hardstand is a lot more than a great coffee shop, they have a fantastic menu as well just take a look at their website http://www.thehardstand. com and Facebook page and see. Every Friday they offer a great BBQ night starting at 5.30pm and this a not to be missed event. They also have an excellent reputation offer catering for Marine Charters and other events.

Located in Phuket Old Town at 58 Radsada Rd. between Phuket Rd &Takoupa Rd. Tel: 080 524 2121

You will find Dannys Place on the Rim Had Road in Kamala, in-between 7/11 Eleven and the Print Resort

A great café and bistro in Phuket Old Town, offering a wonderful selection of coffee from Nespresso, you can also purchase a fabulous machine for home/

Dannys Place is a fabulous bar and restaurant in Kamala where you can

office use. There you will find a delightful selection of sandwiches, salads,

be assured of a wonderful welcome. On offer is great selection of drinks

cakes, ice cream and they also serve breakfast. Not forgetting Wines, Beer

from beers to cocktails or just enjoy great coffee. The menu offer excellent

and Vodka.

value authentic Thai food and is open for breakfast, lunch or diner.

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641


Travel & Eateries

in Phuket, January 2014

Travel & Eateries

in Phuket, January 2014


Experiencing Phuket’s temples Given Phuket is 90 percent Buddhist, there are of course many shrines and

Poh Cham for a religious talisman to bring them good luck and he gave them

In term of architecture at Wat Chalong, there is a 60ft tall ‘Chedi’ sheltering a

temples. Talking about a temple, or “Wat” in Thai, is something nearly every

pieces of sanctified white cloth which they used as headbands. The climax

splinter of bone from Buddha. Walls and ceilings are decorated with beautiful

visitor to Thailand does. Some are very small and located in tiny sois (lanes),

came when the Chinese laborers, drugged and stupefied by their opium, were

paintings illustrating the life of Buddha, and you are free to climb up all the way

while some are large complexes filled with halls, schools and revered statues.

attacked and destroyed by the locals.

to the top floor terrace. From here you will get a stunning bird’s eye view of the

It can be difficult to choose one temple over another to visit because every

The most talked about subject of many tales is Luang Poh Cham’s walking

temple is unique in its own way.

stick. Apparently it had many healing qualities, and it is in the possession of

When entering the central building, make merit by giving lotus flowers and gold

However, if you are limited for time you may have make visiting the most the

the current Abbot. The most amusing story about the stick was when a local

leaves, or light firecrackers in the brick oven-like construction. It is supposed to

famed temples a priority. Here are some of our picks:

girl, desperate to get healed, that she solemnly vowed to gild his privates if he

show your gratitude when one of your wishes has been granted.

whole temple grounds as well as the Big Buddha on Narkkerd Hill.

would rid her of her stomach pains. He healed her without knowing anything Wat Chaitaratam or commonly called Wat Chalong is listed in every Phuket

about the details of her vow; in addition, females must never touch Buddhist

Wat Chalong is also the location for large, annual fun fair, with lots of food

guidebook as a must see in terms of history and legend. Many stories have been

monks, whilst breaking a vow can bring evil. So it is said that when she came to

stalls, activities, Thai games and stage performances. It’s always fun, noisy,

told about the miracles performed there and how the wat played a pivotal and

see the abbot, his adroitness saved the day when out came the walking stick,

entertaining and will certainly give you an interesting view of how temples take

healing role in the fighting between Chinese secret societies (Angyee) in 1876.

Luang Poh Cham sat on it in such a way that it protruded from his robes, so the

part in Thai life.

Time after time the locals fought back against the attackers, and others,

girl gilded it with gold leaves.

Wat Phra Thong

Wat Phra Thong in Thalang is one of the eldest temples on the island. It is much

encouraged by their success, joined them. They pleaded with the Abbot, Luang

smaller in scale compared to Wat Chalong, but is a very pleasant place to visit. A half-buried golden Buddha image is the main attraction. It was told that a boy who tied his buffalo to an object that looked like a post fell ill and died along with the buffalo. His father went to check the post and it turned out to be part of a buried Buddha image. Wat Phranang Sang is very easy to be find as it is located just before Thaalng intersection on your left hand side if driving towards the airport. It is said to be approximately 500 years old, and is the oldest temple on the island. A story is attached to this temple that claims that the temple was built in honour of an innocent princess executed for a crime she did not commit. At her execution, it’s claimed that she bled white blood, thus showing her purity. The temple compound was also used as a Burmese military camp in 1785. The ubosot is where the three oldest and biggest tin Buddha images are enshrined.

Wat Chaitaratam

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641

Wat Phranang Sang

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641


Travel & Eateries

in Phuket, January 2014

in Phuket, January 2014

Travel & Eateries


for something else to try. On my last visit I found a new favorite, deep fried mushroom, flowers and veggies topped with a sour and spicy sauce. Delicious! Don’t worry if you come with kids, as the place is family oriented surrounded with chic coffee shops, air conditioned restaurants and ice cream shops. In term of sweets vendors the list is long enough for you to come four week in a row. Thai style crepes are only 20 Baht with a variety of fillings on offer, and usually you choose fillings to make your favoured combination. Each week, as the night goes on, live bands made up of school kids are

Phuket Indy Market

recapping teen spirits

encouraged to express themselves on stage; they often also feature B-boy dancing. Each of us used to buy a cocktail, sit on a step listening to the music from an enthusiastic boy band. I would like to thank the market for this as most Thais are shy and we need this kind of public support to help us gain confidence and to add tour experiences.

Three years ago my pals and I joined as vendors when the “Indy Market” first opened. We liked the idea of a place offering handmade crafts like you find here. Its Thai name is “Lad Ploy Kong” which means to get rid of thing, and also can be interpreted as showing off in a nice way. Unfortunately due to having full time jobs which stole our time we weren’t able to join that often. It cannot be compared to the weekend market on Naka Road nor the walking street of Chiang Mai, but we still like to visit from time to time to recap our teen spirits! The Indy Market occupies a mainly open-air area on the Limelight Avenue near Sofa Pub. Three years since it was formed many things have changed and it is now a popular outlet for youngster to meet up. We enjoyed people watching as a hobby and there is no better place for that than a market. The Indy Market is actually quite small but it is full of characters. It opens on Thursdays and Fridays from 4pm until around 10.30pm and you will see many youngsters dressing up to impress each other, whilst some are still in uniform. But they all get together, have fun playing guitars, enjoying themselves and sharing some laughs. The avenue offers a park like ambience with plenty of stairs and steps to sit, plus it offers a wide range of items including food, clothes, crafts and live music. Young vendors display handmade items like bags, souvenirs, key rings, trendy jeans and T-shirts. Even you are not intending on buying anything it is fun to just walk, have a chat with the sellers and appreciate their passion for wanting to make a few Baht. Further inside is a food zone where freshly made dishes are available. I like the chicken and beef BBQ sticks as they are easy to carry around while looking

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641


Travel & Eateries

in Phuket, January 2014

in Phuket, January 2014

Travel & Eateries 9 Phang Nga

Sarasin Bridge

Telephone Directory Emergencies Police & Emergencies Fire Department

191 199/ +66 (0)76-211111

Ambulance Bangkok 1646 Vichara Hospital 1554 Narenthorn Emergency Services 1669 Diving Medicine Center 1719 (Bangkok Phuket Hospital ) Tourist Police National Hotline 1155 Phuket Hotline 1699 Phuket +66 (0)76-225361/ +66 (0)76-254693 Marine Police +66 (0)76-211883

1100 1103 1322

Mobile Phone Call Centres AIS 1175 DTAC 1678 True Move 1331 Government Offices Phuket Customs +66 (0)76-211105 Immigration +66 (0)76-221905 Harbour Master +66 (0)76-391174 Department of Labour +66 (0)76-211995 Post Office +66 (0)76-211020

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R oa d


Phuket International Airport

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attri Road

Travel & Tourism Suvarnabhummi Airport +66 (0)2- 132 1888 Don Muang Airport +66 (0)2-535 1192 Phuket International Airport +66 (0)76 327230-7 Air Asia +66 (0)2-5159999 Bangkok Airways +66 (0)2-2655555 One 2 Go/ Orient Thai Airlines 1126 Nok Air 1318 Thai Airways +66 (0)76- 360444 Lufthansa German Airlines +66(0)2-2642400 Jetstar Asia Airways +66(0)2-2675125 Business Air +66(0)2-1346036 United Airlines +66(0)2-2530558

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The pkra s

Hospitals Bangkok Phuket Hospital 1719/ +66 (0)76-254425 Mission Phuket Hospital +66 (0)76-237220-6 Patong/Kathu Hospital +66 (0)76-344034-5/ +66 (0)76-342633-4 Phuket International Hospital +66 (0)76-249400 Thalang Hospital +66 (0)76-311033-4 Vachira Hospital +66 (0)76- 361234

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Layan Beach

Bang Rong Bay


+66 (0)76-355850 +66 (0)76-239804-6

Bang Tao Beach

402 4027

Yamu Cape

Srisoonthorn Road 4025

Surin Beach



Pa ss R

Ro ad (B y




ttr i Road


ra s a


Ch ale r

Nga Cape



Prab aramee Road


Patong Beach

Phuket City


est (W Fa

. ) Rd 4023






Pa t a k R o a

Cha o Fa


d t R oa

(Ea st)


ao Ch

Karon Beach

Koh Maphrao






Tha Ruea Bay


oa d)

Kamala Beach

Phuket Bay Koh Taphao Noi


Ao Makham

Koh Taphao Yai

d 4028

Kata Beach


Chalong Bay Kata Noi Beach

Yon Bay


Panwa Cape

Viset R


Phuket Aquarium



Koh Lon

Nai Harn Beach Rawai Beach Phromthep Cape

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641


Travel & Eateries

in Phuket, January 2014

in Phuket, January 2014

Travel & Eateries


Kanom Jeen

Spicy, tasty and assembled how you want it! Noodles where initially brought to Thailand by Chinese immigrants and played an important

One of the eldest Kanom Jeen shop in Phuket, and the most popular, is Pa Mai

role during Thailand’s harsh economic period World War II, when the unemployment rate

Kanom Jeen on Satun Road in Phuket Town. It opens as early as 5.30am and

was drastically high. Rice noodles are made from broken rice, and are an economical product

stays open until late morning. It is partially self-service. The way it works is that

especially during times such as when a war is going on. Noodles were promoted as time

a serving of Kanom Jeen noodles are already set in dishes, grab one and take

saving meals, perfect for lunch, and individuals during this time of crisis received printed fliers

any kind of curry you like. There is no restriction on the number of curries you

on how to prepare Thai rice noodles, the effects of which have lasted until today.

use in a dish; basically you can have as many as you wish, but it may change the cost.

However, unlike any other noodles, Kanom Jeen, believed to have been introduced to Thais by Mons, an ethnic group from Myanmar, who have nothing to do with Chinese styles of

The most fundamental one is Nam Ya, normally in the biggest pot. It is a watery

noodles. Kanom Jeen is widely served throughout Thailand, and is a favorite breakfast, lunch

curry made of ground fish in coconut milk. Many like to add another kind of

and dinner among Phuketians. Somehow, it rarely makes an appearance at night markets in

curry to Nam Ya such as Gaeng Tai Plaa (southern style fish innard curry). Some

other provinces, but here they are a must.

might find the flavor of the fish innard a bit strong, but surprisingly it blends perfectly with Nam Ya curry. Other common curries offered are green curry,

These soft, thin noodles are made from fermented rice topped with your choice of spicy curry,

beef curry, Nam Ya Pa (‘jungle, thin curry made with fish, coconut-milk free and

and eaten with any the preferred combination of additional ingredients such as blanched

fiery hot) and shrimp chili paste, something which is rarely found elsewhere.

water spinach, pickled vegetables, bean sprouts, long beans, sliced cucumber lightly pickled in sugar ad vinegar, banana blossom, cabbage, Thai basil leaves, pineapple (only served in

At most Kanom Jeen shops you can add delectable bonuses to the meal such

Phuket Kanom Jeen shops) and more. These accompaniments make it the ultimate have-it-

as crispy fried chicken, Tod Man Plaa (flat fried fish cakes), and Hor Mok which is

your way noodles.

a delicious spicy fish mousse. These items are limited and you may miss them if

You can’t walk down Phuket streets without passing an open-air Kanom Jeen shop. The

you arrive at the shop to late.

things to look out for are stainless steel pots of curry toppers, and dining tables with jars of roasted dried chilies (both ground and whole) and bottles of fish sauce, and the bowls of

Mae Ting Kanom Jeen shop is located just down the road from Pa Mai Kanom

accompaniments, and however much of those you eat, the price will remain the same. You

Jeen and offers the same items, but parking is a bit easier.

should feel free to load the veggies to your heart desire, and there’s absolutely no shame in adding seconds, thirds, or even fourths as one works one’s way through a plate of noodles

Another popular Kanom Jeen shop is Jee Li Bang Niew, and further there is

and curry.

one in Saphan which opens quite late, around 11am, and opens until late afternoon. The selection of curries is less than the two shops above, but is a good alternative to those who find it hard to get up so early.

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641


Travel & Eateries

in Phuket, January 2014

Travel & Eateries

in Phuket, January 2014


No one can dispute that hot weather and ice cream pretty much go hand in hand. And for this reason, in 1989, Italian born Stefano de Carlo set out with the idea of bring Phuket not only its first ice cream parlor, but also its first homemade ice cream. This idea led to the birth of Phuket’s first ice-cream parlor that produces freshly made premium ice cream, proudly featuring both local and imported flavors. Paciugo’s commitment to making the best ice cream means that each batch is made with care, using only premium quality ingredients. No artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives are used in the ice cream. Every morning, Paciugo produces its own freshly made ice cream on its premises. Using the freshest ingredients available, each batch of ice cream is skillfully prepared using time honored methods. Paciugo’s local flavors have won the hearts of ice cream lovers here – some of which include the famous Mango, Coconut and Coffee flavors. That’s why Paciugo’s premium ice cream has garnered fans across

Mortgage Contracts What is a mortgage contract? According to the Thai Civil and Commercial

One last important item to note is when will the mortgage contract be

Code (CCC), a Mortgage is a contract whereby a person (called the Mortgagor)

extinguished? The answer is provided in Section 744 (CCC) which states that

assigns his immovable property to another person, (called the Mortgagee),

the mortgage contract will be extinguished when either the mortgagor has

as security for the performance of an obligation (usually a loan of money),

been discharged (by paying off the mortgage) or by the auction sale of the

without delivering the property to the Mortgagee. It is not only immovable

mortgaged property by order of the court as a result of enforcement or by

property that can be assigned as a security to ensure that the mortgagee

removal of the mortgage.

all generations. When it comes to what’s on offer at Paciugo, don’t be expecting any fancy concoctions like a certain big brand ice cream parlor, which shall remain nameless, they simply serve ice cream cones or tubs. And to be truthful the addition of

Paciugo – The Island’s Original Homemade Ice Cream Parlor

whipped cream, sauces or any other ingredient will simply ruin the genuine taste that Paciugo’s ice cream has. In addition, Paciugo’s doesn’t just give you chocolate and vanilla ice cream like so many other ice cream shops around. They have the ability to make over 17 flavours of soft serve ice cream that will truly knock your socks off! Paciugi is open each and every day from 10am through until 1.30am. They also serve a full range of hot and cold beverages and an assortment of pastries and cakes.

will pay the obligation back – some kinds of movable property can also be assigned. Movable property can also be mortgaged provided it is registered according to law, such as floating houses or ships of five tons or more. If the property which is assigned in the mortgage contract is not an immovable property or not a movable property which is allowed to be mortgaged as per Section 703 of the CCC, then that mortgage contract is prohibited by law and will be void. Please realize that a mortgage contract must specify the property to be mortgaged and must contain, in Thai currency, either a specific sum or a minimum amount for which the mortgaged property is assigned as a security. It is also important to remember that no property can be mortgaged except by the owner of that property, however a person may mortgage his own property as security for the performance of an obligation by another person if he/she chooses. The mortgage contract can be used as a tool to ensure that the mortgagee will receive money if the borrower or the mortgagor fails to pay back the money that was borrowed within the specified time frame. Where the debtor fails to perform his/her obligation, the mortgagee has the right to file a complaint to the court asking it to seize and sell the immovable property that was assigned in the mortgage contract and deliver the proceeds received from selling the immovable property to the mortgagee. However, before the mortgagee files a complaint at court, he must first notify the debtor and/ or the mortgagor in writing to perform his obligation within a reasonable time period (usually 7 days) to be fixed in the notice. If the debtor fails to comply with the notice within the specified time frame, the mortgagor can then exercise his rights in a court of law. If the mortgagor fails to first send a

Adopt a dog & save a life

notice as mentioned, he loses his right to file the complaint until such time

This was Jackpot when I rescued him from the streets of Phuket not so long ago; he was fighting for his life & in very bad shape. After one month of good food,

the notice is sent.

some serious medication & lots of TLC, Jackpot has recovered & he’s now looking for someone to adopt him & give him the home he deserves Look at Jackpot now, his skin has cleared up, his hair is growing back & he is the sweetest dog you could meet… Maybe you’re looking to adopt a dog? Please Contact: or check out for more photos of Jackpot.

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641


Travel & Eateries

in Phuket, January 2014



These Sudoku puzzles are pitched at a middle level: not too easy, and not too frustratingly hard, for the average person.


8 1

1 2

7 A



5 8


5 2


2 7

5 3 6 8

5 8

7 4


B 2

4 4 9 C

9 2 1 6 4

6 B 9


1 C


1 C

9 B

7 3 8


2 4


2 9 5 3 2

5 6

3 2 8 5 1 2 7 1 6

8 3 7 6 1 9


1 2 5 9 7 4 3 6 8

6 8 4 3 5 1 2 7 9

7 9 3 6 2 8 1 5 4

2 6 7 4 3 9 5 8 1

5 3 1 8 6 7 9 4 2

8 4 9 2 1 5 7 3 6

4 1 8 7 9 3 6 2 5

3 5 2 1 8 6 4 9 7

9 7 6 5 4 2 8 1 3

7 2 1 9 4 8 3 5 6 8 3 5 7 1 6 2 4 9 6 4 9 5 3 2 8 7 1 2 1 3 4 5 9

7 5 9 8 1 6

8 6 4 7 2 3

4 2 6 1 3 8

9 7 8 2 6 5

1 3 5 9 7 4

6 4 7 5 9 1

3 9 1 6 8 2

5 8 2 3 4 7

Last month's sudoku answers

Crossword Across 1. Asian desert 3. Spice from the nutmeg seed 6. Watch brand 8. Popcorn coating 13. Useless 16. Singly 17. Little bit





Last month's solution O
































1. Where is the world’s highest bungee jumps

Tuesday & Saturday


Sumptuous Seafood

All Italian!

THB 899++ per person

THB 699++ per person



8. How Long is the Great Wall?


Asian / Thai BBQ

9. What are Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse?

THB 799++ per person

THB 599++ per person



Hawker Stall Favorites


THB 499++ per person

THB 499++ per person

2. How many waterfalls does the Iguazu Falls have?





3. What is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket? 4. What is the oldest letter in the alphabet? 5. What is the calling code for Antarctica? 6. What is the most famous river in Bangkok?
















7. What do pandas eat?

10. What is the world's most venomous fish?


11 13


Fresh, live action cooking and themed buffet dining

12 14



1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, United States, 321 meters 2. 275 falls along 2.7 kilometres 3. Ko Chang 4. O 5. +672 6. Chao Phraya is the only river in Bangkok 7. Bamboo 8. 8,851.8 km 9. Solar is when the sun is unseen and lunar is when the moon is unseen 10. Stonefish


Down 1. Happy 2. Nova preceder 4. Cut off 5. Change 7. River in Brazil 9. Snitch 10. Half a couple 11. Fix up 12. Point 14. Photo 15. Final, for short

Trivia Quiz


Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641

Seabreeze Café @ Holiday Inn Resort Phuket 52 Thaweewong Road, Patong, Phuket 83150 Tel: 076 370200 Fax: 076 370298 Email:

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641

Advertising Contact: 076 346 800-1, 080 690 0641

In Phuket January 2014  
In Phuket January 2014