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love to pick up a magazine, feel it in my hands, finger through the pages, and idly ponder over the images, the people, the stories and engross myself in other peoples existence's. For me, it's like brunch with a Bloody Mary, or afternoon tea with a glass of Champagne; a cup of Earl Grey in hand, the smell of newly printed paper in another, calming me time. I don't know about you, but I take note of the websites, jot them down, tear pages out and interact with what lays before my eyes. And that is what I hope iN does for you. Our A - Z Guide of Essex on page 16 and Fine Dining Guide on page 46 is filled with where to go and what to see, where to eat and what to buy, all locally and the very best bit is... it's for free. I look forward to seeing you all at The Duke of Essex Polo, all be it for me as a guest. Essex Polo is always brimming with celebrities and a fab family day out too. If you are looking to fill your diary, our Whats On Guide on page 6 is loaded with the best Essex has to offer. On page 15, Buckhurst Hill really pulled out all the stops for their Jubilee Street Party, e'ruff said. (Pardon the pun!) Our fashion this month is brought to us by River Island, with Fashion Editor Rose Keen ensuring that you have on-trend essential's for any holiday destination, page 29. And talking of holidays, if Bali is on your wish list, W Retreat Hotel & Spa on page 36 has your fairy Godmother's blessing! Phew! That's a lot of content for a little local mag. And I want to hear from you, keep your tweets, emails and Facebook messages coming, I'm listening... Until August

Zoe Hopkins - Tweet: @zoehopkinsiNMag

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This month saw an array of products fighting their way to be featured for July’s ‘Editors Pick’. If you’re a lover of Lush - you will love Bath Blitz. Products that smell good enough to eat, with prices from as little as £2.00. My particular fav was the Chanel No 5 scented bath bomb.

Celebrity favourite Glam Rock offer a new perspective on convertible timepieces with their SoBe Collection. With two additional case covers, the look of any watch can be transformed to suit your outfit within a few seconds using the 'just click' technology. £595


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Courtesy of River Island

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To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779


The London Lassie explores the latest shift in the dating world: the shocking discovery that men dislike being single more than women... 8 in MAGAZINE

icture this: Sleeping Beauty is awoken from her slumber by handsome Prince Charming and grunts “get off buddy – I need my beauty sleep!” Or, imagine Sandy keeping her cute pastel look and telling Danny Zuko to like it or lump it. Or even, Rose keenly getting into that life boat off the sinking Titanic, “Jack, to be honest, I’ve only known you three days. It’s not love. See ya later mate”. A parallel universe? Maybe not.

Mintel can reveal the single stereotype in the form of Bridget Jones is gone, with their study showing 70% of men dislike being single compared to only 30% of women (the 30% probably being the ‘Take Me Out’ girls). Meaning, men now get to be the ones that lie in bed crying with only a tub of Ben & Jerry’s for comfort. The new YouTube series ‘I Hate Being Single’ features a lonely singleton rummaging through Manhattan searching for a partner and illustrates this point perfectly. It sounds like the perfect Sex and the City replacement doesn’t it? But the protagonist is not a Manoloclad columnist, but a typical Brooklyn male. And it’s not just across the pond singleton sitcoms are taking a turn. Shows like Mr. Right showcased a male with females fighting for his affections. Now, the makers of ‘Come Dine With Me’ have created ‘Come Date With Me’, where four relationship-hungry men fight for the affections of a single girl. Interestingly, men’s mags such as Loaded suffered a calamitous 30% year on year drop, while higher brow magazines such as Private Eye excelled.

Even rock stars - the epitome of the male singleton - are claiming they crave girlfriends over expected groupies. Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol recently stated he yearns for a partner, even claiming “I don’t think they allow single musicians to adopt, but I’m ready”.


t seems the heartless playboy is becoming an endangered species. According to Londonbased dating expert, Jasmia Robinson, her clientele of men is increasing - “Guys have much more requests now. They really want to find the one”.

But how have men evolved from the seed planters they are biologically programmed to be? Even ex ‘TOWIE’ star and infamous womaniser Mark Wright recently told The Daily Mail that:

“I don’t see the appeal of one night stands anymore”. Jenni Trent Hughes, dating expert at, believes “Although men are extremely independent in most areas of their lives they still love to be taken care of”. Perhaps so, but why do more women feel happier being single? The first explanation has to be the fact there are now more females in top jobs. Decades ago women had the ‘Honey, I’m home!’ scenario where days were spent with a feather duster for arm candy instead of a Celine tote. Women no longer need financial stability and many are simply too busy. And this could affect more women. The Telegraph reported on ‘International Women’s Day 2012’, that Nick Clegg wants to see even more females in business stating there is "still a long way to go in achieving equality in society". But surely a businesswoman needs someone to go home to? Someone to rub her Louboutin-pinched feet? This needn’t be a heterosexual boyfriend, but a ‘gay boyfriend’. More and more women are filling the void that straight men once filled with their favourite gay. Sunday Times journalist, Giles Hattersley recently articulated that “Gay men have seduced the nation”, especially the nation’s women. Let’s face it – they shop better, they bitch better and they dote on women. And all the things they can’t do can always be purchased in a little shop named Ann Summers. It’s not only gay 10 in MAGAZINE

men fulfilling the lives of women, but fellow women themselves. The modern woman has a close group of girlfriends to confide in. Men usually don’t have this. According to the Guardian’s Sali Hughes:

“Women’s friendships means that single girls get together to have fun, regardless. Single men tough it out alone and feel they’re missing out on that emotional support”. According to Laura Jane MacBeth, the singleton behind Cosmopolitan’s ‘Sex and the Single Girl’ column, “women are lucky because they tend to talk more, and open up about these issues, and also be more proactive when it comes to dating - so maybe that's why they are finding being single easier”. Dating Coach Jasmia Robinson believes women are now happy to be loners - “people don’t really need each other. We are more independent. You have ready meals. You have sex shops. Women are fending for themselves”. Alexandra Richmond, Mintel’s Consumer and Lifestyles analyst agrees articulating “the stigma associated with being single has virtually disappeared” and when it comes to women enjoying singledom “freedom is key”. Cosmopolitan columnist, Laura Jane MacBeth states, “being single is empowering in itself - it forces you to cope on your own, and once you know you can do that, you feel far stronger... I think women are starting to feel more in control of their love lives”. Jane*, 22, a new singleton from Loughton is enjoying her new found freedom, “Within the last month I have become single for the first time in 7 years, and it has so many perks. I love the freedom. I don’t need to consider anyone else and if I make a last minute decision to go clubbing, I can without upsetting my boyfriend. It’s also cheaper as I don’t have to buy presents for in-laws at Christmas which means I can spend more money on myself!” As well as freedom, could it also be possible that women are simply becoming “too picky”? Women today are brought up to believe they can do anything, like living on a council estate and becoming a lawyer. Meaning more are delaying marriage and childbirth in order to work on their careers. According to Catherine McColl, Inspire Trends Analyst at Mintel:

plans and ambitious career steps has a higher expectation of men arrived? Cosmopolitan columnist Laura Jane believes women should have high standards: “it's nice to be in love and have a relationship, but you shouldn't go out with the wrong person just for the sake of having someone”. The recent split of ‘Arg’ and Lydia in The Only Way is Essex was interesting. According to eHarmony dating expert Jenni Trent Hughes:

“Men do crave the emotional attachment and consistency that comes with being in a relationship”. After their split, Lydia wants to be single; she wants to see what else is out there. But Arg wants her back, so much so that he recently lost three stone in six weeks and spent a fortune on a gleaming new smile, claiming to Lydia “I did it all for you”. The Guardian recently reported that despite the recession, cosmetic surgery performed on men has risen by 5.6%. Is this to keep up with the heightened expectations of ambitious women? Are women so picky now that they need a surgically enhanced male to keep up with their standards?

“Not only has society become far less critical of singlehood, but we’ve actually become more critical of marriage - especially as divorce rates continue to grow. In this respect, ‘being single’ has become the new normal”.

Women may be pickier when it comes to men now, they may be too busy, and they may have too many friends and ‘gay boyfriends’ providing support to even need someone. Nevertheless, will the male womaniser actually become extinct? With fewer marriages can we expect to see a future of singletons? We don’t need a partner for babies anymore after all. Shall we all go to Mae West’s view of “I'm single because I was born that way”? Sassy Cosmopolitan singleton Laura Jane MacBeth believes “I hope women continue to enjoy their single lives to the max!" But can anyone actually imagine a world of Russell and ‘Rachael’ Brands? This could be dangerous.

So, along with these postponed marriage

Watch this space... Words by Louise Robertson

Welcome to iN’s society column, ‘Girl About Town’ where socialite Caroline Polledri gives her own hilarious take on being out and about in Essex and beyond.

colleague from work just asked me to grab them a ‘Toffee Crisp’ from the vending machine. Just hearing ‘Toffee Crisp’ instantly made me feel quite nostalgic. I haven’t heard, seen or tasted one for years and, before this maudlin moment, I never realised how significant they are to my childhood.

A Toffee Crisp reminds me of my school summer holidays, my brother and I having an absolute blast at ‘Camp Beaumont’. Usually after the swimming activity we’d visit the Tuck Shop and buy one. It’s funny, isn’t it. Just the mention of a retro chocolate bar can send your mind racing back to a very young summery memory, that allows you to reminisce fondly, and actually put you in a better mood, in the present hour. My Toffee Crisp moment has got me thinking about my school's nine-week summer holiday and how much of a blessing they were at the time. To be honest, I’m slightly jealous of the teaching profession. They still get the whole summer off; it’s something I miss and it’s not fair! The days of getting up late (well, 9 am), watching ‘Why Don’t You?’ or ‘Pugwall’, trying to find something fun to do to that day, which would often lead to building rope swings and camps, outdoors and in. I would spend hours making and creating just ‘stuff’, go to bed late and have sleep over’s. And it didn’t’ matter how much time was wasted because nine weeks seemed like years. So much so, that by the time the new school term came around, you were actually looking forward to going back! The anticipation of returning to school, that those nine weeks generated, was great too. How much had people changed on their first day back? Slightly more mature and voices breaking or another three inches taller, it was all very exciting. Those nine weeks were poignant, from a reflecting and growing point of view, and now, with life moving so quickly, it’s difficult to attain that sort of contemplation time. It’s a shame but perhaps having children will change that. Maybe that will be my next move…Or failing that I’ll become a teacher!


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WORTH OVER £1000! You can win a pair of beautiful Burscarf genuine diamond earrings set in 18ct white gold. Each cluster measures 8mm in diameter and is set with sparkling white, high quality diamonds totalling 3/4ct. The lucky winner will be presented with their prize at a champagne reception to be featured in the October edition of iN Magazine.

What Are BURSCARF Clarity Enhanced Diamonds? The process to improve the clarity of diamonds was first invented in 1982. With advancement in technology, Burscarf claim their Clarity Enhanced Diamonds have the reputation of being the best available. In layman’s terms, it is a simple case of ‘cosmetic surgery for diamonds’. Burscarf take the cutting, polishing and preparation of 100% natural stones one stage further to make any ugly flaws or inclusions invisible to the naked eye. The advantage is that you can buy a much larger and sparkling diamond for your money. For example a typical 1ct solitaire engagement ring in the high street retails for about £9900, but Burscarfs’ customers can buy the same size ring for under £3000 or choose to upgrade to a much bigger diamond and save thousands! Importantly, you are still buying a real diamond not a laboratory grown or synthetic substitute, so your Burscarf diamond remains a good investment.

Burscarf also offer a range of earrings, bracelets and pendants. All backed by their no-quibble 14 day money-back guarantee. iN Magazine readers are entitled to an extra discount by entering voucher code INMAG during checkout.

HOW TO ENTER Log on to: and answer the following question. Are BURSCARF Clarity Enhanced Diamonds REAL diamonds?

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS Closing date for entry is midnight 12th August 2012. There is no cash equivalent prize. The competition is not open to employees of iN Design Publishing & Print Ltd or Burscarf Ltd. Entrants must be minimum 16 years old. Entrants agree to attend presentation reception and give permission to use their name and image for promotional purposes. Failure to do so will result in forfeit. The winning entrant will be drawn at random. Prize provided independently of iN Magazine. Entrants may be contacted by iN Magazine and selected partners. By entering the competition you agree that should you be selected as winner that you will provide an image of yourself to be published within iN Magazine on condition of receiving the prize. ISSUED BY: Burscarf Ltd PO Box 2917, Romford RM7 1NX

TO ENTER LOG ON TO WWW.IN-MAGAzINE.COM/JULYCOMp To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779



To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779

Launches & Events

Diamond Jubilee Puppy Kit Fashion Show

BUCKHURST HILL DIAMOND JUBILEE PUPPY KIT FASHION SHOW Only in Buckhurst Hill can Kate Moss be upstaged on a catwalk! Furry, four legged friends strutted the length of the runway with big puppy dog eyes and clothes that Paris Hilton would die for! The Pooches of Buckhurst Hill proved the catwalk is not only for supermodels; this was not a case of ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’, but 'Do it like a doggy, do it like a dude!' Sixteen dogs represented eleven different breeds at the Diamond Jubilee Street Party, organised by Buckhurst Hill Parish Council. Puppy Kit supplied an array of designer outfits for the themed occasion; Sporty Pooch, Nautical Pooch, Army Pooch and even a swim suit collection for the dogs that dared! The Grande finale saw sixteen dogs panting and wagging their tails as they sashayed down the red carpet in matching Union Jack t-shirts, in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee. The winners of the show went to two toy poodles Liczy and Soda, owned by local resident Donna Louise. Epping Forest MP Eleanor Laing made a short speech to thank Puppy Kit and everyone else who had helped make the street party an amazing success.

® PUPPY KIT - 70 QUEENS ROAD, BUCKHURST HILL, ESSEX, IG9 5BS. Photography: Phil Harris Words by Natasha Chan







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Fashion Bikini Bottoms - £10 Bikini Top - £15 Gold & Diamante Aviators - £14.99 Pendent - £7 Earrings- £6

Turquoise swimming pools clash with neon swimwear and lipstick as the sun bakes the pastel concrete of one of Miami’s motels. The faded glamour of the place, combined with an Americana sensuality that comes from the sort of heat that makes the air shudder is the perfect back drop to this season’s bold to the point of brash LA-style. Personified by the husky seduction of ‘Lolita got lost in the hood’ Lana Del Rey’s Veronica Lake curls and gangsta talons, it’s a look which speaks of last summers, Mountain Dew and palm trees at sunset.


‘Baby put on heart shaped sunglasses, cause we gonna take a ride’ Lana Del Rey

Jacket - £28 Border Print Vest - £14 Chinos - £30


Tie Front Shirt - £22 Shorts - £35 Belt - £8 Bag - £40 Shoes - £65 Socks - £4


Shoes - £65 Bikini Top - £26 Bikini Bottom - £18 Socks - £4 Sunglasses - £13 in MAGAZINE 25

Hat - £18 Shorts - £25 Bikini Top - £18 Clutch - £30 Shoes - £65 Socks - £4 26 in MAGAZINE

Girl: Jumper - £32 Jeggings - £35 Scarf - £10 Socks - £4 Bangle - £9 Sunglasses - £10 Clutch - £30 Boy: Trousers £40 Jacket £95 Shirt £30 Shoes £50 in MAGAZINE 27

T-Shirt - £8 Jacket - £95 Trousers - £40 28 in MAGAZINE

Images courtesy of River Island

Vi ole ww tD w. my £3 ark fla 95 lin sh g tra sh .co m

Style postcards

r Vinade Monica 40 £2 r. e rt com et-a-po www.n

t ren Lau t ain s S £ Yve sl w.y ww

One Vintage £1210 m

Greek S andals www.m £140 y-wardro


An ww n w. ma £ a & tch 178 Bo y esf ash ion .co m

Where: Ibiza, Sp Vibe: a Sun dre in nc Stay: El Chrin hed hedonism g and Oliv uito. Owners Jo na ia Fleury passion have com than Thorogoo fo d island, to r luxury with th bined their e ir c re re a te sp ect for th a beach you can sid 't e Must: Visit Ca help but feel pa e setting where la D'Au rt of the barca, o untouch Ib iz a A-list. ne of Ib ed beauty iza's picnics. Ask for spot - perfect fo loveliest d opposite r ir the churc ections in the sh romantic o h in San t Mateu p .

akri aM Ilean£4965 fash ches .mat www

eo forest abah, Born each, rain Where: S pical luxe y white b ill ensure you’ll er ro d T w o p e: ws w Vib a, Its ocean vie though unga Ray Stay: B kdrop and endless e real world, even th bac away from r away. feel miles is just half an hou n at Gayana’s io rt ss o se rp g is ai the snorkellin restaurant, which e el after a th d u o f ef o o R af st o se : Must hinese with m Alu Alu C the best in Sabah, . considered from its own farm ed fish sourc

VIX £78 hesfas c t a www.m

Bernado Vintage Couture £235

Pacha for River Island £45

m Pris 0 om £26 porter.c a t .ne www Shell Lip Balm £12.99 bash a Oda Meliss £148 .com beach imply www.s

L Farrow X Charlotte Olympia £237

Halston Heritage £585

an cia, Caribbe Where: St Lu and breezy t ure to make Vibe: Brigh ountain. With architect hotel has the M ry xu de Ja lu is Stay: the in proud, th a Bond villa ing views to be found in nd bi l el sp t mos all Caribbean. Friday this sm s Islet. Every rth coast of the island ro G it is V Must: on the no fishing village urful carnival scene from lo the co a es m beco soca provides Reggae and ‘jump up,’ as about 9pm. tic ge er an en soundtrack to the streets. to dancers take

Rosanti ca £195 t-a-port

occo rakesh, Mor Where: Mar ian opulence ique em Vibe: Boh 'Ivoire. Behind the bout best rD Stay: Noi studded wooden doors hotel's ad traditional ri features of a roof terrace, d, ar ty ur co liberally palatial occan food exquisite Mor decadent trimmings, sprinkled with ry own baby ve including its grand piano. r bags and beaded for leathe souks. Must: Shop ies at the city's famous ss ce ac or

Repossi £5350

Rosantica £195

l m al m .co S 0 a 0 rter p p 4 o Pi £3 -a-p t ne w. w w

Musa £280




£8,500 CHARITY WINDFALL CROWN STREET FASHION SHOW Designers, models and stylists teamed up to create a dazzling catwalk show to raise awareness for Children with Cancer. London is not the only place to host a fashion event. The boutique owners of Crown Street, Brentwood showcased their fashion show at the De Rougemont Manor, Warley, in support of Children with Cancer. The band ‘Re_PubliC’, launched the event for over 250 guests. The catwalk featured a bespoke collection from Mesh and Racquet along with designs from Elvis Jesus, Ted Baker, Judas Sinned, Superdry, Save The Queen, Yumi and French Connection. The jewellery for the event was supplied by French Quarter. Stylists from the Hair Company, Voodoo, Hub Hairdressing, Inula Beauty and Caz Hair & Beauty added glamour to the show. Robert Blackbourn, a little boy who inspired the fundraising event, was unfortunately unable to attend however his parents came along and gave a passionate speech about the importance of the charity ‘Children with Cancer’. It was fantastic to see the independents of Crown Street working closely together raising a staggering £8,500 for the charity. Well done to all involved. Words by Natasha Chan Photography: in MAGAZINE 31


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with Bettina Hunt

Banish unsightly sore feet with this clever foot mask. Pumice helps rub away dead skin. Papaya loosens the dead skin. Menthol, lemon and cinnamon stimulate circulation and provide an ice cool feel. Just apply and wrap in cling film before rinsing off.


Lush Volcano Foot Mask - £5.50

At the end of a long day treat your feet by using this effervescent salts soak to cool and soften feet.


The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak - £7



This deliciously scented scrub is a truly luxurious treatment for the skin. The polish gently buffs away dry skin cells whilst nourishing oils and vitamins hydrate the skin, leaving it silky smooth.

If dry, cracked heels are an issue, apply this fast acting balm twice daily, especially formulated to give results in just 7 days. Tip - can also be used on cuticles.

Dr. Lewinns Revitalising Hand and Foot Polish - £21

CCS Heel Balm - £6.12

Unleash Your Summer Feet! Your feet may have been hidden away and neglected all winter but now is the ideal time to start giving them some much needed TLC.


Rich in shea butter, this intensive cream not only leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and moisturised but also contains arnica extract to reduce redness and irritation. The relaxing lavender scent may even help you sleep.

The base coat helps to nourish nails whilst helping to prevent staining, smooth the surface and prolongs the staying power of the polish.The top coat provides a wet look finish that is touch dry in just 45 seconds.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream - £18

Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top & Base Duo - £18

7. Brighten up your makeup bag with these summery nail files, use to shape and shine for an immaculate pedicure. Models Own 2pc Buffer Set - £3



Instantly invigorate and soothe hot, tired feet with this refreshing spray suitable for use on the go. Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Reviving Foot and Leg Mist - £10


Beautiful feet deserve to be flaunted, why not choose one of these pedi perfect shades.

Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic - £12 Essie Orange, It’s Obvious! - £9.95




With the season getting into full swing most of us women will be staring at our summer wardrobe, with its leg revealing sun dresses and shorts, with horror. The reason? Dr Siddiqi: Spider veins. Those purple or red

wiggly lines, also known as thread veins, which are the curse of the lower leg. Though a natural side effect of growing older, over exposure to the sun, heavy alcohol consumption or by standing for long periods can all exacerbate this unsightly condition. Though medically harmless, these unsightly purplish webs can cause anxiety in even the most confident of women. With 1 in 3 women suffering from thread veins, and with often no help available from the GP, it might seem like a third of us are destined to a summer of maxi dresses and opaque tights. But not if PURE Medi-Spa have anything to do with it. Coming to the rescue of thread veined people everywhere PURE Medi-Spa have a range of new treatments which can deal with these unsightly veins in a matter of minutes. BEFORE AFTER By either using a fine needle and heat to burn them, a laser to break them down or the new technique of using an injection to block the vein causing it to shrivel and fade naturally, you can bid farewell to leg revealing anxiety forever. Usually requiring a course of 2-4 treatments, the results are impressive and more often than not will allow men and women to regain both their confidence and feel able to wear clothes they have avoided for years. Though most commonly found on the legs, thread veins can also appear on the face with devastating effects on the self confidence of the man or woman affected. Luckily the above treatments are just as effective for broken veins on the face as on the limbs.

All procedures are carried out by Dr Siddiqi and her team, and start with an initial free consultation

PURE Medi-Spa, 9 Chigwell Road, South Woodford, E18 1LR T. 020 8989 1822 34 in MAGAZINE

To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779



UXUA has become the destination of choice for the fashion and entertainment elite

As the sun goes down, torchlight ceremonies explode with dance and masks, celebration is and has been at the very heart of Balinese culture. This island paradise has been intriguing travellers for centuries, its heady mix of vibrant festivities and its sense of quiet (almost magical, mysticism that one gets from padding around a Balinese garden barefoot at dusk) has stolen many a jaded traveller's heart. in MAGAZINE 37

And if the island has your heart, then let W take care of the rest of you. The newest addition to the W Hotel brand, the Retreat, is situated on the exclusive Seminyak coastline with its eclectic art galleries, hip boutiques and luxury night and bar scene. The W is undeniably cool, keeping true to the brand's well recognised sleeker than sleek aesethic, whilst incorporating elements of Balinese design for a look that mixes downtown New York with Indonesian exoticism.



Step foot onto the private and pristine stretch of Petitenget Beach and lounge your way to holiday nirvana. With W's legendary Beach Ambassadors making sure you always have water and towels within reach. For further relaxation, a bit of pre beach preping or just because you are worth it, book yourself into the W's 'AWAY' spa, which beyond being gloriously indulgent, is open 24 hours a day and includes the oxygen-filled 'Blue Room' which is the perfect place to chill out, either before or after your treatment. For all this day-time luxury, much like the island's famed ceremonial dances, it is at sunset that the resort comes alive. Overlooking the beach, you can go straight from the sand to ordering a cocktail at WooBar's sky deck, with its panoramic ocean views and soundtracks as mixed by the W's unending supply of hot international DJs. 40 in MAGAZINE

The W Retreat & Spa Bali is a beautiful place for beautiful people enjoying idle days and anything but idle nights and as escapes go, it has to be one of the most fantastic.



From ÂŁ187 per night.


Cosmopolitan cool with a hint of the exotic.


Cocktails at the 'WOOBAR' or 'W Lounge', wine in the Cellar.


Beachside pan asian dining at 'STARFISH BLOO', interactive dining at the hotel's grill 'FIRE' and tapas at the 'WOOBAR'.

Tour operators: Kuoni, Trailfinders, Virgin HIP Hotels, Quintessentially. Special features: 24 hour spa, oxygen lounge, Beach Ambassadors, pillow menu, setting. in MAGAZINE 41









in POP-UP INDIAN SUMMER GARDEN – We normally don’t start mentioning (or praying for) an Indian summer until around September, but Soho’s Carom restaurant has brought us one early with their pop-up Indian Summer Garden. Luxuriate under tall palms whilst enjoying one of their brilliant exotic cocktails.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN – The stylister's go-to shoe man has had his iconic red sole lifted to the world of art with a blockbuster exhibition at London's Design Museum. Hurry though ends 9th July.

STRAWBERRIES – The nation’s favourite fruit is back in season and we are going to eat them until we are in a right Eton Mess.

out JIGSAW TAN – When your fashion forward cut-out swimsuit causes your tan to look more modern art than Eva Mendes.

WASH OUT WEATHER – The gods of weather better send some rays our way or we are considering emigrating to somewhere where cashmere is not appropriate summer wear.

LONG RUNS – HIT, high-intensity interval training, is our new favourite fitness fad, but can the possibility of less pain and time really equal more gain? We are ever optimistic.


To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779

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ine is honored to months iN Magaz g in m co on e th d e, sharing For July an ne Blenheim Terrac O of rf ae Sh Ed have Chef Patron delights. his love of culinary ridges and as dan Ramsey at Cla or G e id gs on al d ke urant Ed has wor owns his own resta w no e H y. Iv he T the Sous Chef at d. ace’ in St Johns Woo ‘One Blenheim Terr dishes, stripping l known and loved el w ng ki ta in into is ‘My passion reconstructing them d an ts en em el re co beautiful.’ them back to the ed and esthetically fin re e or m h uc m something Chef Ed Shaerf

SeaBasswit h Herb Crust Ratatouille & Olive Oil Mash METHOD: 1. Heat a saucepan with some olive oil and sweat down the onion, thyme and garlic until soft, add the chopped tomatoes and bay leaves, gently reduce until it thickens. Remove bay leaves before serving. As the sauce is reducing toast off the panko bread crumbs in the oven until golden, remove and cool. Once cooled add the herbs and lemon zest.


2. Boil the potatoes in salted water until soft and drain, place back in the pan and put back on the stove to remove any remaining moisture. Pass the potatoes through a ricer or sieve. Beat in the cream, season and then leave somewhere to remain hot. When ready to serve beat in the olive oil.

SERVES: 4 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

4 sea bass fillets 100g panko breadcrumb Zest of 1 lemon 3 tablespoons of chopped fine herbs ½ clove of mince garlic 500g peeled mashing potatoes 250ml of double cream 200ml extra virgin olive oil ½ aubergine finely diced 1 courgette finely diced 1 red onion finely diced 1 red pepper finely diced 1 small tin chopped tomatoes 2 bay leaves 10 sprigs of thyme Seasoning

3. Heat a small amount of olive oil until very hot in a frying pan and sauté off the vegetables and pepper until nicely coloured and then add to the tomato sauce and leave to tick gently. 4. Pan fry the seasoned seabass fillets skin side down, when the skin is crisp turn the bass over and take the pan off the heat leaving the fish inside; the residual heat will finish cooking the fish.

ASSEMBLE: 1. Place a well of ratatouille on the plate and spoon the mash inside. 2. Place the bass on top and finish with herb crumb. in MAGAZINE 45

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For an authentic taste of Italy without having to book a flight to Sardinia look no further than Buckhurst Hill’s gem of an eatery – Il Bacio. Authenticity is the name of the game for this new Sardinian restaurant, which has already become a firm favourite with the locals ‘in the know’. With a menu that includes a range of pizzas, pastas, fresh fish, traditional Sardinian mains and regularly changing specials, Il Bacio makes a brilliant and atmospheric location for a dinner date or for a sunny al fresco lunch with friends on their beautiful terrace.

Please Sir I want some… Mooro's! Are your taste buds ready to be tantalised? If you are looking for a fun-fueled dining experience in a family friendly modern setting, then you have found it in Mooro's. Serving a deluxe American Cuisine using the freshest of ingredients, Mooro's has rapidly becoming one of Essex’s favourite eateries.

A Woodford Green treasure, this Indian restaurant has a loyal following of local residents. Its grand venue, modern chic interior and its name translates to ‘superiority’. Razza is something beyond the usual Indian. Alongside the favourites, Tikkas and Dansaks, expect to find delicious surprises in Razza’s menu which regularly updates with a variety of new dishes such as the chef’s signature monk fish cooked with fresh coriander and a lightly spiced sauce. Take away and free home delivery available. Book now for Razza’s Bollywood Night on 10 August.

Visit and find out more about their flamboyant ‘Cabaret Nights’ and availability for private hire. Also now booking for the Christmas festivities.








‘The Restaurant’ by London Darbar is the perfect place for entertainment while enjoying an exquisite menu of contemporary Indian cuisine. Their immaculate team of chefs bring a menu that ranges from succulent chicken to tasty sea bass, with a bar that presents fine whiskeys, mind blowing cocktails, mock-tails and refreshing smoothies. The incredible food goes well with the art décor led venue, marine tank, zebra detailed ceilings and a private dining room called ‘The Godfather Room’. It is the ideal place for sharing a meal with family and friends.

Established for 15 years, Simply The Café is undergoing some new changes. Since working closely with Rosebud Bakery you can now choose from a mouth-watering selection of homemade cakes, pastries, biscuits and cookies which are all made on the premises.

The Clocktower’s passion is delicious, freshly prepared food, a friendly service in a relaxed dining environment. Since 2001, the Clocktower’s chefs have been serving dishes from Britain and around the world, making use of seasonal produce on their weekly changing specials board.

Enjoy Simply’s existing menu of sumptuous hot and cold food; why not lounge in their garden for a cup of Monmouth coffee and a slice of cake.

The Clocktower has become a trusted local restaurant in Epping and has considerable experience in holding parties and celebrations, with two outside terraces which are perfect for summer drinks or al fresco dining!

251 CRANBROOK ROAD, ILFORD, ESSEX, IG1 4TG. T. 020 8554 4133 E:



To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779

352 HIGH ROAD, WOODFORD GREEN, ESSEX, IG8 0XQ T. 020 8505 8999

4 STATION ROAD, EPPING, ESSEX, CM16 4HA T. 01992 575 707

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For a true British steak house, serving the very best of British meat, Queens British Steak House & Grill is the perfect place. The steaks originate from Longhorn and Shorthorn cattle, and are dry aged for at least thirty-five days.


For a taste of Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain, The Olive Tree in Loughton is renowned for its Mediterranean Cuisine, using the finest freshly prepared ingredients. Now boasting a Charcoal Grill, new-look facade and updated menu with exciting new dishes. The Olive Tree has also just recently introduced a Deli-Café, providing an opportunity to enjoy a more casual dining experience, with speciality teas and a less formal setting to enjoy a tasty breakfast or healthy lunch with an array of salads and sandwiches to chose from. Enjoy fabulous food, day or night at The Olive Tree.

A welcoming atmosphere and homely interior, Queens is the place to be for good food. Plenty of time to look at their mouth-watering menu as it is open all day, 7 days a week. Relax and enjoy lunch and dinner at your leisure with your friends and family.

Al Khayma is a luxurious Arabian experience, (Al Khayma translates into ‘The Tent’ in Arabic). It is labelled as ‘The most lavish Arabian themed restaurant in London’. Al Khayma features Middle Eastern cuisine. The Arabesque themed restaurant have comfy sofas, Moroccan lamps, live belly dancers, Arabian music, authentic cuisine and a life size camel. The private Khayma booths seat from 2 to 25 guests, you can eat and drink in privacy, with your family and friends. London Darbar also cater for outdoor events and have four banqueting venues which cater for 100 to 320 guests.

258 HIGH ROAD, LOUGHTON, ESSEX, IG10 1RB T. 020 8502 3332

63 NEW WANSTEAD, LONDON, E11 2SA T. 020 8530 8861

251 CRANBROOK ROAD, ILFORD, ESSEX IG1 4TG. T. 020 8554 4133 E:


Just Married Jessica & Gavin Lilley Jessica Waddell, a dance teacher and Gavin Lilley, an escalator engineer, tied the knot at the beautiful Gaynes Park in Epping. Natasha Chan caught up with the newlyweds to talk first meetings, themes and their favourite wedding moments. Tell us about the story behind the date of your special day… Jessica: We met on New Year’s Eve at a nightclub in London, although we’d seen each other around for many years before that. Gavin was the first person I saw when I walked in the club that night… and the rest is history. Having met on New Year’s Eve we felt the Christmas/New Year period would be perfect. We figured that no-one has much to do between Christmas and New Year so why not have our wedding then. Also, my grandparents were married on 28th December, it worked for us.

How did you pick your venue? Jessica: We wanted a venue that was relaxed and not too formal, but also had a wow factor. Gaynes ticked ALL the boxes! We were both blown away by how beautiful and special it was. We loved the fact that it felt like our own little world and the Orangery provided such an intimate setting for the ceremony.

Did you have a theme for the big day? Jessica: Lily’s... I was about to become Mrs Lilley! I had a lily of the valley bouquet and the wedding party wore calla lily button holes. The bridesmaid’s bouquets were made up of calla lilies, anemones and peach roses. We used lots of ribbons and had black candelabras as our centre pieces, with peach roses on each table. The tables were names of different types of lilies. The table plan was made by myself and my bridesmaids, which had a very vintage feel to it. We also had two old suitcases with postcards of Thailand in them (our honeymoon destination) for our cards and gifts.

How was the ceremony room decorated? Jessica: We tied glass baubles with tea lights along the front of the Orangery and the the back wall with hanging hearts and a Love sign. The aisle was decorated with ribbons in the trees and Christmas tree.

What was your most memorable moment? Jessica: We took ten minutes away from the crowd and went up onto the mezzanine, just the two of us, and watched everyone enjoying themselves and chatted. It really was a lovely moment, as we had barely got the chance to talk!

Finally, tell us about the honeymoon… Jessica: We spent the first six days in Koh Samui (we were there for New Year’s Eve) and then six days in Phuket and finished with two days in Bangkok. We travelled with Kuoni who were just incredible and we can’t recommend them enough. It really was the trip of our lives! Venue: Bride’s Dress: Groom’s Suit: Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Wedding Cake: Photographer: Cars: Florist: Invitations: Band/disco/DJ: Entertainment: Wedding Favours:




THE EPPING FESTIVAL On Saturday 14 July 2012, the Epping Festival will be held on Epping High Street, as a way to thank loyal customers who have supported Epping; shops, boutiques, restaurants, artists have gathered together to share their love of Epping. The day is being held in conjunction with the Epping Society who is celebrating their 40th anniversary. From 10am the street will be filled with: local artists, musicians, singers, craftspeople and schoolchildren who will be showing their talents. To end the day, there is a Sunset Screening of the musical ‘Grease’ at the Rugby Club in Thornwood. For more information contact Rekha Patel/Epping Town Partnership E:

ESSEX BEAUTY QUEEN’S SECRET SMILE Miss Essex 2012, Amber Zakrewski, wowed judges with her incredible smile with a little help from Invisalign, a new type of invisible brace to straighten teeth. Amanda is receiving treatment from Bluebell Dental Practice & Clinic in Chigwell, whose principal Dr Suki Kanagasabai-Shakthi, is the only ‘Premium Elite Provider’ of Invisalign in the local area. The new alternative to metal braces gives people of all ages the chance to correct their teeth. Amanda says, ‘There’s no doubt Invisalign give’s you the confidence to smile and feel good about yourself.’ Bluebell Dental Practice & Clinic - T: 020 8500 6789

BRENTWOOD SCHOOL GIRL’S RISE TO SUCCESS A Brentwood School pupil, Grace Sees, has been awarded a prestigious scholarship involving one-to-one tuition at the Performance Preparation Academy with former child superstar, Bonnie Langford. As well as acting as a mentor, Miss Langford will personally introduce Grace to casting directors, agents and producers who hold the key to the magical world of musical theatre. Watch this space - It won’t be too long before Grace’s name is up in lights. Brentwood School - T: 01277 243243 50 in MAGAZINE

MARK WRIGHT’S HOME COMING AT SEASONS FINE DINING RESTAURANT Back from their US adventure after their debut in ‘Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights’, Mark and ‘the boys’ were happy to be back home in their beloved Essex. They celebrated their homecoming with friends and family at Seasons restaurant in Woodford Green. Mark looked happy to be back, along with his cousin Georgie, Nanny Pat and Mum Carol. Mark is optimistic for the new show which previously had acquired some notably bad press stating ‘Everyone has forgotten the slating TOWIE got in the first few shows, six months later we won a BAFTA’. After dinner ‘the boy’s’ headed off to one of their regular haunts ‘Faces’ in Gants Hill. Seasons Fine Dining - T: 020 8504 2345 Twitter: @SeasonsWoodford Facebook: Seasons Fine Dining

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FISHING FOR CASH A huge well done to the eighteen anglers who took part in a six-hour charity fishing match at Moreton Lake, raising £590 for St Clare Hospice a charity providing specialist care for people living with life-limiting illnesses. The event was organised by Ongar & District Angling Society and sponsored by funeral directors Daniel Robinson & Son, who provided the prize winnings and goody bags for each competitor. First prize went to Terry Commer, with Terry Commer Jnr as runner up.

WOW’S TRENDING iN saw ‘Love Lily Rose’ retweeted by Jacqueline Gold (Chief Executive of Ann Summers and Knickerbox) on twitter recently. Director of Love Lily Rose & Essex Mum of two, Lorna Gilbey, was awarded ‘Women on Wednesday’ or #WOW, an initiative set up by to celebrate women in business. Love Lily Rose creates handcrafted silver jewellery and keepsakes using finger, hand or footprints. Join Lorna on Twitter to find out more. T: 07711 989 563 Twitter: @Love_Lily_Rose

AWARD WINNING UPPERCUT Trevor Vale, founder and owner of the Uppercut Hair Group, was personally invited by MP Andrew Rosindell to attend the House of Commons to receive his prestigious award at the Diamond Jubilee Business Awards Ceremony in honour of providing exceptional services to Havering. Consisting of six salons, a training academy and a successful manufacturer of exclusive hairdressing products. Trevor said, 'I'm absolutely delighted to have been chosen by Andrew to receive this award. To be recognised like this is indeed a great honour.' Uppercut - T: 020 8551 4808

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is back with their annual, starstudded fundraising event, ‘Collars & Coats’ Gala Ball. The prestigious event will take place at Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park on Thursday 8 November 2012, hosted by TV personalities Amanda Holden and Pail O’Grady MBE and an abundance of other A list celebrities. For more information, or to book tickets for the event, visit or call T. 020 7627 9309


The Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch has just released it’s autumn shows; the Oliver Award winning rock ‘n’ roll musical ‘Return To the Forbidden Planet’ from 25th August - 22nd September, the hilarious smash hit comedy ‘Shakers’ from 28th September - 13th October and the unmissable howling thriller, ‘The Hound of The Baskervilles’ from 26th October - 17th November

By getting a ‘jump the Q’ season ticket, you are now able to watch all three shows for just £15 each - a saving of over 40% on full price tickets. by 1 September to get this offer. Queens Theatre Hornchurch Box Office: 01708 443333

DIANA VICKERS SUPPORTING OLLY MURS & PIXIE LOTT HOT...OFF...THE...PRESS...NEWS Calling pop fans out there... Get your sun cream, your Hunters & your shades at the ready. Olly Murs headlines at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, this coming September in an outdoor summer concert with Pixie Lott & with X Factor star and No.1 hit singer, Diana Vickers. Sunday 2nd September 2012 is the date, £35.50 is the fee. or call 0871 224 1112/1113

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TV1’S DAYBREAK BROADCASTS AT HAVEN HOUSE Haven House Children’s Hospice, a hospital which cares for children with life-limiting conditions, had an early start when presenter Gethin Jones and the crew from Daybreak, broadcast live from its Woodford Green grounds as part of Children’s Hospice Week. There was a real party atmosphere, with children’s entertainers and Johnny from X Factor providing fun for the children and families who use Haven House. Local celebrities were also in attendance, including actors Ray Winstone, Gary Lucy and Vicki Michelle and celebrity trainer Kevin Adams. Mike Palfreman, Chief Executive of Haven House said, ‘This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our local hospice to the nation’.

TOWIE STARS SPOTTED AT ULTIMATE ESSEX PARTY NIGHT Gemma Collins and TOWIE cast newest star Danni Park-Dempsey, were spotted at the ‘Ultimate Essex Party Night’ at the Prince Regent Hotel in Chigwell. Ultimate Essex Party play old school house, garage and R&B soul on the last Friday of every month. Premier league players (saying no names) also frequent the event. If you looking for a fun night, and to rub shoulders with a few celebs, it’s all about the Ultimate Essex. Ultimate Essex Party Night - T: 07932 999 993 Facebook: Ultimate Essex Twitter: @ultimatepartyni


EPPING FLOWER SHOP TO REBRAND The residents of Epping will fondly recognise ‘The Epping Flower Shop’ as a business that has adorned the high street for the past eight years. iN caught up with owner John Macca, who let us into a little secret, it is soon to be rebranded as ‘McIntyres Designer Florist’. After inheriting ‘Carol Langley Flowers’ in North Chingford, John is simply bringing both shops under the same banner. Renowned for bespoke wedding flowers at venues such as Gaynes Park, Blake Hall and Down Hall, we can be at rest that ‘McIntyres Designer Florist’ will be just as good, if not better under it’s new name. McIntyres Designer Florist AKA The Epping Flower Shop, 170 High Street, Epping, Essex, CM16 4AQ. T: 01992 576164

Business is booming for 1Galaxy as sales rocket in readiness for the holiday season. 1Galaxy’s portable digital mini speaker lets you connect to your smart devices and listen to your music library, just about anywhere you go! The small and light weight speakers produce an excellent rich quality stereo sound and as a bonus they are small enough to be packed neatly in hand-luggage or suitcase. Take it on holiday or use it at home. It is simple to use, just connect the speaker to the device and enjoy high quality music on the go. Prices range from £22.99 - £37.99 depending on the product, free postage and packaging. Available on line Twitter: @1GalaxyTeam


The incredibly popular Billy Stanley Bootcamp is adding even more locations as their Bootcamp goes from strength to strength. Members love the easy going format and the consistent weight loss results. Who wouldn't when you can lose a jean size in a month? New morning sessions have been added; you now can reap the same weight loss benefits plus keep your evenings free for your family. For more information visit 52 in MAGAZINE

SIMPSONS RELOCATES TO LOUGHTON Marking fifteen years of business, Simpson’s Hair Salon have relocated to premier location on Loughton High Street. To honor the occasion, for the month of July Simpsons are offering all new clients 25% reduction from all treatments. Karastase stockists and priding themselves on creative hair styling and colour expertise, Simpson’s are awarm welcome to the bustling town of Loughton. Simpsons 262-264 The High Road, Loughton, Essex, IG10 1RB. T: 020 8551 7880

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Russell Campbell gets to grips with Skoda’s big ‘green’ monster – the Superb Greenline II Estate Skoda’s image has made a meteoric climb since control was handed to Volkswagen almost 20 years ago. In that time the manufacturer’s cars have moved from being the butt of many a joke to being a sensible choice to where it is now as a producer of class-leading cars like this Skoda Superb Greenline II. In estate form the big Skoda has got to be one of the best options for a four-person family. At less than £25,000 it costs about the same as an estate from the class below (cars such as the Volkswagen Passat and Ford Mondeo), but it’s much, much bigger. It’s a handsome looking, too, all the Germanic qualities (courtesy of VW) are there, with deep glossy paint, tight shut lines, flashes of chrome and buckets of reassuring chunk, it looks like it is built to last. But it’s not until you get inside that you realise quite how big it is, because no matter who’s sitting in the front seats rear legroom is nothing less than impressive and most of the time it’s just plain obscene.

The boot’s similarly capacious, which was lucky as – in the absence of a spare test family – we had planned a challenging weekend as a music festival workhorse to gauge the Superb’s mettle. Things got of to the kind of miserable start that only a mid-afternoon weekday departure in London can guarantee, traffic was heavy and disruption was rife, nonetheless the sat-nav made a good fist of keeping things calm as the system’s logical controls meant there was little need for a trial-and-error style of operation – even for technical nightmares like re-routing around congestion. Meanwhile, the quality sound system did a comprehensive job of lifting spirits as it sucked (through Bluetooth) tunes from our collection of iPhones. It’s hard to imagine, at this budget anyway, a better cabin to be stuck in. As with the outside, the VW theme is present and correct with nice-to-feel plastics, comfortable electric leather seats and all that space. Not to mention refinement that’s only ever interrupted by suspension noise and a whisper of wind noise.

The Greenline II’s all about economy and that’s something it does very well. 54 in MAGAZINE

The only real criticism inside was the lack of USB plugs, which seemed like a glarying omission in a car that was otherwise so well thought out and family friendly. As we travelled past Birmingham the roads started to clear and the Superb was really given a chance to shine. A scan of the technical spec sheet might leave you thinking the open road would have the big Skoda struggling, after all its 1.6-litre diesel engine only produces 103bhp and as we’ve touched on – the car’s vast, but thanks to 180Ib ft of torque you rarely feel short changed. It’s enough to keep things rolling if you work the gearbox and there’s plenty power for relaxed cruising. Still, with a top speed 119mph and a 0-60mph time of 12.6 seconds it will never be a rocket ship. But then the Greenline II’s all about economy and that’s something it does very well. It should be able nudge 65mpg, but in its time with us that involved fast cruising, stop-start traffic, A and B roads it never averaged less than 50, which is hugely impressive. That the ride and handling is almost as good is a real achievement. On its motorway home the Superb’s composed and stable. And, as we neared journey’s end and the twisty roads of the A82 the green wagon showed us it is perfectly happy in the corners. It’s not a sports car, but for a large diesel estate the steering’s feel some and consistent, body roll’s controlled and the ride – though taught and well damped – is never flustered. So as we setup camp and wired into the first tins of the evening we all agreed - if you’ve got stuff and people to carry and you don’t want to spend a fortune buying and running a huge car, nor feel like you’ve settled for second best - then its hard to think of a vehicle that fills the brief quite like the Greenline II Skoda Superb.

NEW RIO TAKES ON THE ESTABLISHMENT AND WINS Antony Sheriff runs the road-car division of McLaren. When he led the launch of its MP4-12C supercar, he christened it an 'AND' car. Fast AND economical; comfortable AND exciting; stylish AND timeless. The £200,000 MP4-12C may seem quite far removed from the £13,000 Kia Rio but I’d suggest they are built to the same brief. The Ecodynamics has the same appeal that Kias have always had 7-year warranty, low on-the-road price, great fuel economy, reliability and yet combine’s it with some new ones such as good looks and excellent dynamics. And the Korean is a looker – we asked ten people and they all liked it. No surprise then that the company’s head of design is Peter Schreyer – who designed the original Audi TT. The story continues inside with the driver's seat being quite a pleasant place to be. All the controls are where they should be and in the top end ‘3’ specification of our test car, you get some unexpected niceties like Bluetooth wireless playback via your iPhone. I've never bought into the idea of modern diesels being so good they’re difficult to tell apart from petrols – they're not – but in the Rio 1.4 CRDi's in particular, the engineers have succeeded in accentuating the more endearing characteristics of diesel engines while cloaking the less desirable ones. It's exempt from London’s congestion charge and costs around 10p per mile in diesel (achieving 88.3mpg), but it has enough torque to escape being labelled slow. Hold onto the gears, though, and the engine won't enjoy it and the racket means you won't either. Suffice to say, you'd buy a Rio for all the same reasons you would have ever bought a Kia because it does these better than ever. What should give Citroen, Peugeot, Renault et al great cause for concern is that it combines these with looks and dynamics of the best in class. Words by Simba Sagwete

Words by Russell Campbell



arketing themselves as “the first and only company in the UK that can offer short-term lending to companies of all shapes and sizes, plus offering services to individuals no matter what the circumstances may be”, Sterling Pawn is not the traditional bank or finance house. With over 60 years of experience within the industry, and soon to become full members of the National Pawn Association (NPA), SP know the importance of being ahead of the game and offering something different in the ever-expanding world of urgent funds and financial security. With all the post-recession easy credit and extortionate interest rates – often leading to default, bankruptcy, companies facing going into receivership or, at worst, liquidation – many companies took full advantage: often you’ll hear of a £400 loan turning into a £4,000 debt in a matter of months. This is not what Sterling Pawn does. They fully understand that when owning a business cash flow may dry up very quickly due to matters that are out of your control, and they have been structured to offer either short-term financing or outright purchases to companies or individuals at “rates below anywhere else”. Keeping a simple ethic of being a no-hassle, strictly private and confidential company, Sterling Pawn operate from their offices in Loughton where you can visit them or they can come to you – it’s a professional service with a personal touch. We like personal. So iN Magazine arranged an appointment with Sterling director, Robert Waterman...

STERLING PAWN change... we are the future of the pawn industry, so we will consider just about anything. With companies that “cash your gold”, for example, you have to keep in mind that the item of gold you had for 20 years is now worth up to 100-1000 times more even as scrap; this has made the high street a very easy place to get quick funds. Sometimes done in the right way, sometimes not, so the impact on the landscape and how people’s attitudes are towards these companies is massive.

iN: Do you think there are too many pawnbrokers now, or does it help having more commercial publicity of the industry? RW: I feel that the market is flooded with so-called ‘pawnbrokers’, who are looking for the quick buck and are just taking advantage of a weak market. They are not members of the NPA. Having more legal pawnbrokers can only be a good thing and will help grow the industry into an even more respected one.

iN: What makes Sterling different? RW: For example, we have had the opportunity to buy a client’s boat, which was moored in Dubai, so we went with the client and valued it.

iN: What has been the most interesting (or bizarre) piece of jewellery or personal possession somebody has wanted to pawn? RW: We had someone who was a girlfriend to a pop star, who she had just split up with... she wanted to get rid of everything that he had purchased for her, not because she needed the funds but it was her way of closure; she had all manner of items such as fur coats to a Bentley car. It was a bizarre situation but one that was dealt with in a purely confidential way. She walked away very happy and achieved her goal.

iN: Finally, have you ever had to pawn anything? iN: How long has Sterling Pawn been operating? RW: Sterling Pawn has been trading since obtaining our consumer credit licence in December 2011, but we have been trading in all manner of goods for over 20 years; this is an extension of our existing business.

RW: I did once purchase a Megadrive console from Cash Converters in Gants Hill when I was 14. I saw it for a few weeks and begged my parents for it; I ended up using it for two weeks, put it in the cupboard and sold it back to the shop six months later for a small profit!!

iN: How did the idea for Sterling come about? RW: About June of last year I had been watching Pawn Stars on the Discovery Channel; the programme is based around a Las Vegas family who buy and sell anything from gold coins to hotels, and it’s one of the most watched TV programmes in the world. I originally did some investigating in the Chigwell area (where I have lived all of my life) and found that if people in our area wanted a top quality service which was confidential and involved high value goods they would have to go to either the City or the West End – even then confidentiality was not assured and the company wouldn’t visit clients. It soon became very clear that this is what the area was missing.

iN: What have you noticed about the change in the landscape of the jewellery trade over the past five years, especially with all the "cash for gold" adverts on telly? RW: You have to remember the traditional pawnbroker is something you will associate with jewellery, which is something we are trying to



To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779


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Selling your home is quick and hassle free with


The ongoing property market freeze is crippling if you need to sell quickly, perhaps due to divorce, relocation, for financial reasons or to sell an inherited property with the minimum of pain. Whatever the circumstances, there is a way to secure a quick sale without the unsettling stress of finding a buyer, the possible disappointment of a broken chain and the inconvenience of estate agent viewings. We Buy Any Home are property professionals with over 25 years experience in the UK property market. With a firm belief that the seller’s needs come first, We Buy Any Home are committed to meeting the needs of their customers in every respect. Their approach that is honest and open from the start. Most importantly, because properties are bought for cash, they are able to guarantee a sale that will be fast and stress free. And We Buy Any Home pay all legal fees, so there Words By Sue Lovett

In fact there are no hidden costs or obligations. Following an instruction, We Buy Any Home will value your home using their sophisticated in house valuation software. This may be less than an estate agents ‘asking price’ which tend to be in excess of a property’s real market value. Inflated values allow for room to negotiate a discount, or often an estate agent will apply a high, unrealistic ‘asking price’ to beat off competition from another estate agent when competing for an instruction. However, We Buy Any Home guarantees to offer the best price of any home buying company in the market. In fact, should a customer have a higher offer from another company, We Buy Any Home guarantee to beat it.

Mr Compton – Romford, Essex I had previously been messed around by two other companies who strung me along for months and then changed the price at the last minute. I saw We Buy Any Home’s advert in the newspaper and called them up to see if they could help. I explained what had happened and that I did not want to be messed around again. They made me a very quick offer on my property which they put into writing and they kept to their word the whole way through. It really was very easy and my only regret was not going to We Buy Any Home in the first place.

Even in the most buoyant times, moving home can be fraught. Currently Britain is in the grip of a full blown house price crash, bigger than the slump of the 1990’s, with house prices back to 2004 levels. The result is that there remain scores of properties sat on estate agents shelves that won’t shift.

on the property, which will be put in writing and for which there is no cost.

is absolutely no risk involved to the seller.

With We Buy Any Home, selling your property can be completed in as little as 7 days, in 3 simple steps: • First they will establish the valuation of your property and arrange access for a RICS surveyor.

• Finally, once the sale has been agreed, independent solicitors will be appointed (which may be a solicitor of the vendor’s choice), whose fees are paid by We Buy Any Home. Completion of the sale can then be agreed, potentially within one week.

Mr Murray – Wanstead After losing my job and running into financial difficulties I was close to losing my home to repossession. A friend told me about a company he had seen advertised that buy properties quickly... I contacted We Buy Any Home straight away and I must say they were very helpful. They explained to me my various options and the ways in which they could help. They were able to make me an offer on my property and save my home from being repossessed. I really would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation and looking to sell their home quickly.

Mr and Mrs Green – Ware, Hertfordshire Our property had been on the market for the best part of a year with no offers from our estate agent. We came across We Buy Any Home in the newspaper and decided to give them a call. From the very first quote we found them to be honest and straight forward in their approach. They took some details about our home and quickly came back with an offer. We agreed on a price and they put us in touch with a solicitor, which they paid for and from there they dealt with everything. Within two weeks we had completed the same and had the money in our bank account.

If you have a property anywhere in the UK, whether a flat, house, or bungalow, and need to move fast, We Buy Any Home can guarantee to buy your home within 7 days, regardless of its condition.

If you need to move fast, simply fill in the online form or pick up the phone to discuss your property. Call now on: 0845 6191919

• Within 24 hours of receiving your property details, We Buy Any Home will endeavour to make a no obligation offer in MAGAZINE 63



Each month we catch up with Mr Lake from the LB Group and ask him to answer your business related questions.

I am the owner of a new company with a fantastic new product. I wish to substantially increase sales growth and need to invest more but being a new company, the banks seems unwilling to help; are there other sources of finance that could help my business? I’d also like to know what I can do to make my company more attractive to potential investors. Paul, Highams Park

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is a new relief, which is aimed at smaller start-up companies like yours. Your company must satisfy a number of conditions, which are not limited to the following: • • • •

The company must be an unquoted company, incorporated less than two years ago. The total value of the company’s assets must not exceed £200,000 when shares are issued. The company must have less than 25 employees when shares are issued. A total of £150,000 can be raised using SEIS investments.

Investors in companies raising capital, under the SEIS arrangements, are entitled to tax reliefs. An individual investing in SEIS shares will be given 50% income tax relief for the investment made, regardless of their marginal tax rate. Any capital gains realised on disposals in 2012/13 will be exempt from CGT where they are re-invested in a SEIS in that year. Gains made on SEIS shares will also be exempt from CGT.


Horoscopes JULY’S


You may suddenly remember a previous emotional situation that can assist you in your current work with others. You’ll prefer to lead by example while being strong for your friends. Lucky Drink: Champagne


Relationships are in the spotlight this month. You will be most attractive when you're more open-minded and in a co-operative mood. Lucky Clothing: Blazer


You may think that sharing your plans for the future with a close friend is a smart idea. However, you could lose precious time explaining your thoughts instead of just putting them into action. Lucky Flower: Rose.


It's playtime this month and you'll attract more attention and affection when you let go of long-range ambitions and simply try to relax and enjoy the moment. Lucky Day: Friday.


No matter how profound your deep emotions are now, others just won't relate to you unless you keep it simple. You can still enjoy yourself if you focus on fulfilling your basic needs. Lucky Time: Midnight.

SAGITTARIUS (22ND NOVEMBER - 21ST DECEMBER) Friendly conversations can break out in the most unexpected places. A casual chat may have more impact than seems evident at first. Lucky Saying: Happy Days.


You might not want to talk about an important issue yet with your partner. Don't worry if you have nothing to say yet; the right words will come to you at the perfect time. Lucky Sandwich: BLT.


The impact of these changes is that an individual investor may be able to obtain up to a 78% tax relief from income tax and capital gains tax. If the shares also qualify for business property relief (for Inheritance Tax purposes) the tax saving could be greater still.

Attracting positive attention should come easily this month. Making you more captivating to someone who already admires you. Surrender to your feelings and listen to your heart. Lucky Number: 47.

There are a number of rules and anti-avoidance provisions, but as can be seen above, if done correctly the SEIS arrangement may prove extremely beneficial to a company like yours.


If you have an accountancy related question that you would like LB Group to answer in a forthcoming issue, please email Trevor Lake, a Director, can be contacted by telephone on 020 8221 8282 or by email at

You could be on the outside looking in this July. Time spent alone or with those who share your spiritual values or love of nature makes the most sense now. Lucky Day Out: Horse Racing.


Don't speak just to demonstrate your cleverness. If an issue is important enough, take your time and make your point clearly for the maximum impact before moving on to the next subject. Lucky Food: Spinach.


Mercury is in your pragmatic sign for July, adding a high-frequency buzz to your usual air of practicality. Instead of doing what makes the most sense now, it's tempting to just talk about it. Lucky Colour: Yellow. This article is designed for the information of the reader and while every effort is made to ensure accuracy, information contained in this article may not be comprehensive and recipients should not act upon it without seeking professional advice. LB Group is registered to carry out Audit work by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.



Connections with foreign cultures may spice up a current relationship or even lead to a new one. There is sweet potential for pleasure if you don't overburden yourself with elaborate plans. Lucky Sweets: Haribo.

To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779

To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779