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o our Summer issue is upon us and to mark the moment the sun has finally showed its face. Well, thank you Mr Sunshine! It certainly puts a different glow on our Ol’ Blighty when the weather is on our side. And in perfect time for the Olympics! So what have we got in store for you in our August edition? Our inspiration for this month is spawned by my love of the great outdoors, and rightfully so. I will never forget the moment my Uncle took my sister and I swimming in Wales, to a trout river. We were told to stand very still and tickle the Trout belly’s! God forbid, the very thought of my own children dipping their pinkies into unchlorinated liquid, or even touching a fish, eurgh! Sadly, we have become a nation more adept to a gadget than to nature, and sometimes the simplist things are the most rewarding. (Children, including mine, DO NOT venture into any river without an adult!) So, along this theme Sue Lovett investigates ‘Recapturing The Great Outdoors’ on page 8, detailing why and how we should enjoy the ‘free’ things in life. For outdoorsy fashion picks, Rose Keen brings Fashion Trends and equips us with the all essential buys for an adhoc weekend away, page 27 and to add a little adventure to the mix, Clare McDonald brings us Glamp-Venture locations for the intrepid explorer in us all. After the success of our ‘Business Doctor’ columnist Trevor Lake, page 14, (and numerous email requests), on page 12 iN sees our first column from Deborah Jeff, in ‘Family Issues’ which tackles divorce, family law and marital issues. And on a lighter note, we have an amazing 5-night luxurious holiday to be won. Yay! Even I was wowed by the Kempinski Hotel, which takes some doing! Just answer the simple question at and you could be sunning yourself on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast soon! And finally, don’t miss iN’s What’s On Guide and our hottest boutiques in the A-Z of Essex; iN Magazine August issue is certainly a wrap!

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The Great Outdoors

Why Kids Need To Play Outside


Win A Five-Night Stay In Egypt

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Let’s face it, the British weather never allows us to soak up the rays, and being tangoed is old hat. So for a seamless natural looking foundation with a built in self tan, ensure you get the James Read BB Tan Face Pen. It’s a must have for your handbag, allowing you to apply with a brush, ensuring that orange fingers and streaks are a thing of the past. £22.50. Available at Harvey Nichols

You Gotta Have Faith! An organic alternative to invasive treatment - a dramatic Faith Lift Miracle Mask. Yes, sir’ee. This little tub of runny goo-y-ness certainly does what it says on the tin! It’s a powerful cocktail, but lifts, tones, firms and smoothes wrinkles. No wonder Sienna Miller has become a firm follower! Retailing at £50.



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A Modern Cucumber Sandwich

So come on Team GB - we want some Golds!

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Contributor CLARE MCDONALD - After completing a degree at Brunel University, Clare is soon to be studying Magazine Journalism at Harlow College. Writing has always been Clare’s passion, and she aims to be a journalist and author in the future. In her spare time you’ll find her jotting ideas in a notepad, updating her blog or enjoying a good book. You can find Clare at 4 in MAGAZINE

To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779


To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779

To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779



here do peas come from?’ the teacher asks. ‘From the freezer, Miss,’ replies one bright little spark. It’s funny the things kids say. But does this quip hint at a worrying trend amongst Britain’s children? And, does the problem run deeper than simply knowing whether the veg on their plate was grown above or below ground? A report published in March this year by the National Trust shows evidence of a long-term and dramatic decline in children’s relationship with the outdoors. It says that urgent action is needed to bridge the growing gap before it’s too late. The report’s author, writer and TV producer Stephen Moss says ‘We all know the benefits being outdoors can bring, and as parents we want our children to spend more time outdoors than they do.’ But he says that despite overwhelming evidence to support this, kids are spending less and less time outside.

Statistics reveal that things have changed dramatically in just one generation (thirty years): •

Fewer than ten per cent of kids play in wild places; down from fifty per cent a generation ago.

The ‘roaming radius’ for kids has declined by 90 per cent in one generation.

Three times as many children are taken to hospital each year after falling out of bed, as from falling out of trees.

A 2008 study showed that half of all kids had been stopped from climbing trees, twenty per cent had been banned from playing conkers or games of tag.

Our children are being brought up in a ‘don’t do that’ climate, leading to the rise of the so called ‘cotton-wool-kids’. Parents anxious to protect their children and fearful of ‘stranger danger’ are inundated with media reports of accidents and abductions and so view the outdoors as dangerous. Where suitable outdoor places do exist, health and safety officials become overcautious from a fear of litigation if children have accidents. The result is a vicious cycle – the play areas are not used and become the hang-out for ‘undesirable’

groups or kids regarded as anti-social. So, children are driven indoors, because parents believe there are not enough safe places for them to go. It’s easier and less of a worry if you know where your kids are, right? Possibly, however there is plenty of evidence to suggest that allowing children to surf the web freely is every bit as dangerous as letting them play outside unsupervised. In our consumerist world kids play is a billion pound industry.

The average kid has in their bedroom a TV, computer, numerous games consoles, most own mobile phones – why would they bother to come out? Staying inside is the default of modern day kids – it’s the new norm. But, kids do need to get outside because the balance of play has tipped so far towards indoors that the current generation of children is fatter and less happy than ever before. Last September Unicef, the UN’s children’s agency, conducted a study of childrens’ wellbeing in 21 developed countries. British children came out bottom - even though Britain is the fifth wealthiest country in the World. The report held rampant consumerism and parents’ long working hours largely to blame. The findings are shocking and bring into focus the issues faced by today’s parents. Parents are stressed and children are too, from high pressured expectations of work and school life. British adults are among the hardestworking in Europe and, unlike many countries, eighty per cent of UK mums with children under five have jobs, often working unsocial hours. It’s not surprising, then, that children are sent off to after-school clubs, extra lessons and planned activities such as sports and music lessons, leaving precious little time to go out and ‘just play’.


CT: Gene rat and g ions of p are ra who grew ndparent nts need up ou s t o exper pass on tdoors ience their too labefore it’s te.

or mobile phone, name celebrities and what the famous are wearing. How many would recognise a newt, name a type of butterfly or identify an oak tree? How many kids of this generation have rolled down a grassy hill, hunted for fuzzy caterpillars, or built a den?

Author Richard Louv is co-founder and chairman of The Children and Nature Network. He terms this growing dislocation between children and nature as ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’. In his book Last Child in the Woods (Atlantic Books) he describes how a whole generation of today’s children are missing the pleasures of a free-range childhood. Their indoor habits, he says, are contributing to epidemic obesity, attentiondeficit disorder, isolation and childhood depression.

Just a quarter of children play outside every day, compared with more than half of Britain’s adults when they were young.

When they do get time, what is the top activity for parents and children to do together? They go shopping - this despite household income being savagely squeezed by pay freezes and increased bills. Cycling in the park, or a walk in the forest costs nothing, but for some reason doesn’t seem to appeal – probably just because these are no longer the kinds of activities families think of to do – they are pastimes that have fallen out of fashion. The average twelve-year old can name-check any brand of trainer in MAGAZINE 9


sters g n u o d of y b ed A thir never clim den, have or built a ot a tree, in ten cann one e a bike. rid

Scientific studies appear to back up Louv’s theories. Research by the University of Gloucester for the organisation Play England shows that playing builds and shapes regions of the brain that concern emotion, motivation and reward. Playing freely with friends, it found, lets children experience primary emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, happiness, shock and disgust. The rules of the game meanwhile, developed secondary emotions such as pride, shame and sympathy. The academics concluded that free play was important when it came to forming friendships, building resilience and boosting emotional and physical health, because unstructured play helps the brain develop flexible responses to experiences and relationships.

The research confirms what every parent already knows – ‘just’ playing makes kids smarter, calmer, more self-disciplined, more cooperative, happier, stronger and healthier. 10 in MAGAZINE

That doesn’t happen sitting alone in their bedrooms spending concentrated hours on the computer or Xbox. When children play together they tend to play outside. They use their imaginations, learn to get on, they laugh and they run around. Children need to experience independence – they need to feel trusted if they are going to trust themselves. When your see your twoand-a-half-year-old on a climbing frame, your heart is in your mouth – that’s a normal feeling. But, most parents know that they need to be brave and allow children to take physical risks, within reason, because that’s how their children learn. Overcoming physical challenges, like climbing a tree, will stand kids in good stead for

tackling real life problems later on and help them to gain their independence in stages. Richard Louv says ‘There are things outside that can be risky, but keeping kids under house arrest has risks too.’ One of the biggest risks to the health of housebound kids is obesity. We know that overweight children tend to grow up into overweight adults, carrying the dangers of contracting type-twodiabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. In South-East Essex 32.13 per cent of year six children (aged ten to eleven) are either overweight or obese. The 2011 national average for England is 33.4%. But the National Trust are fighting back to reverse the indoor trend. It is holding a summit this summer to bring together a

range of experts to develop a roadmap for reconnecting children with nature. The Trust believes that capturing children before they enter the teenage years is crucial. If you get kids hooked before they reach twelve years old, you’ll create a lifelong passion for the environment. Stephen Moss says:

‘Almost everyone – parents, grandparents, teachers, health professionals, conservationists, social commentators and politicians from all across the political spectrum – agree that something needs to be done to reverse the trend towards housebound kids.’ Anyone can get involved in the inquiry. Details can be found at And it’s not all bad news. Scouting is the largest co-educational youth movement in the UK with a combined adult/young person membership of over half a million people. Its popularity is on the increase, membership having swelled every year since 2005. It’s sad to think that a generation of children may grow up never having experienced the joy of making a mud pie, a daisy chain or climbing a tree. Part of growing up should be coming home filthy, scabby-kneed, exhausted and exhilarated. Our society is seems has confused happiness with ownership. Our kids are rich in possessions, but actually the things they need most are free. Words by Sue Lovett

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Create a bird bath – a shallow pottery bowl filled with water will do. Hang a bird feeder next to it in winter. Discover a hidden world – place a piece of board on a patch of bare ground – it doesn’t have to be huge. Come back in a day or two, lift the board and see how many creatures have found shelter there. Replace the board and return in a month to see what’s new. Tempt hedgehogs into your garden with some dog or cat food; lure badgers and squirrels with unsalted peanuts. Involve the grandparents (they often have more free time). They can remember when playing outside was considered normal. Get them to talk to your children about what they did when they were young and encourage the kids to do some of the same. If you have a garden, however small, let your children go camping at the weekend, or in school holidays. A tent need not be expensive, or help them make a tepee. If space and weather permits, leave it up all summer. Be a cloud spotter, or simply count the stars. All you need is a view of the sky. In spring listen to the dawn chorus. You may not need to go further than your own garden but you’ll have to get up early – birdsong usually begins about an hour before sunrise. Take a holiday in a national park., or Get your children to check out the Scouts or Guides. Visit and Encourage older children to volunteer for the conservation projects run by the National Trust, information can be found at The Wildlife Trust also run activities for children, as well as opportunities to volunteer – The Marine Conservation Society hold annual beach-cleaning events for which they need volunteers, see




Ever increasing demands on couples and the impact this has on relationships and families as a whole, together with financial pressures, is big news. We have been inundated with requests for a family law columnist. We heard your pleas... welcome to our first column featuring Deborah Jeff, Founding Partner and Head of Family at Seddons Solicitors who will be answering your questions and providing expert advice on divorce, family law and marital issues. Is it correct that people who live together could soon get similar rights on separation, as people who are married. If this is so, is there any point in getting married? Some senior lawmakers in recent weeks have been calling for increased rights for cohabiting couples to reflect the contribution they have made during a relationship. This follows a judgement under Scottish law where a gentleman was ordered to pay his former partner a sum of almost £40,000 after their relationship broke down. But this still did not put the rights of cohabiting couples on the same footing as married couples in Scotland and different law applies in England and Wales anyway. The government has postponed a change in the law for cohabiting couples for the time being, but such a review is long overdue. One of the biggest differences between the law for married and cohabiting couples is that for couples living together, the partner who has stayed at home to raise the children would not have that contribution recognised in the financial settlement, whereas a spouse would. Unmarried couples also have no right to claim maintenance from each other for themselves, only for their children, whereas married couples can claim maintenance for themselves too. There is a logical argument for saying that if couples living together want all the benefits of marriage then they should marry, but current law often leaves one party seriously disadvantaged financially. The arrangements must make good commercial sense and, if children are born, reflect the valuable contribution of caring for the family. Until any change in the law, if you are thinking about living with someone it’s sensible to consider 3 important issues: 1.

How the property will be held. This will depend upon intentions and how much each of you will be paying towards the property;


A legal document called a ‘declaration of trust’ to confirm the shares you will each have in jointly held property; and


A cohabitation agreement. This is the equivalent of a prenuptial agreement for couples about to marry, confirming the financial arrangements that will be in place whilst you are living together and what will happen financially should you separate.

If you have a question regarding any aspect of divorce, family law or marital issues you would like answered please email editor@in-magazine with FAMILY ISSUES in the subject header.

Deborah Jeff, Seddon’s Solicitors 12 in MAGAZINE

To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779



A FIVE-NIGHT STAY AT THE KEMPINSKI HOTEL SOMA BAY iN Magazine has teamed up with Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay to offer you a chance to win a five-night stay in Egypt; at the perfect luxury hideaway with guaranteed sunshine! Be enchanted by Soma Bay on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast, where the sun perpetually shines on the desert mountain range, aquamarine waters and the hotels pristine sandy beach. Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay boasts expansive beachfront views, impeccable service and unrivalled access to world-class scuba diving, kite surfing, championship golf and Egypt’s premier thalassotherapy spa. The hotel offers guests European hospitality with Egyptian flair with its 325 rooms and suites, Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay is also home to the Laguna Club, a members club for those staying in the hotels suites or Laguna Club Rooms. To enter iN’s August Competition log on to: and answer this question: What is the location of Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay? TERMS AND CONDITIONS The prize consists of a five-night stay for two guests sharing a Standard Room at Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay on a bed and breakfast basis, excluding flights and transfers. Only open to ages 18 and above, not open to employees or associates of iN Magazine and Kempinski Soma Bay, or their families. No cash alternative is available. Prize is subject to availability and excludes peak season. The competition closes on the 31 September 2012. Prize is valid within one year of the closing day.

TO ENTER LOG ON TO WWW.IN-MAGAZINE.COM/AUGCOMP To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779





Each month we catch up with Mr Lake from the LB Group and ask him to answer your business related questions.

We have recently incorporated our business partnership into a limited company. Currently all shareholders are directors and work in the company. What would happen if one of the working shareholders died unexpectedly? Helen, Brentwood


Whilst we hope this would never happen, it is always wise to plan-ahead for these circumstances. Upon the death of a shareholder, the shares will form part of their estate. The shares will then be passed to the beneficiary of this estate, for instance, the spouse of the original shareholder. This new arrangement can cause potential problems as the new shareholder may have no involvement in the business. Alternatively, the new shareholder may want to sell the shares or expect a return of dividends for the shares held. If the new shareholder does not want to sell their shares against the wishes of the remaining shareholders, then this could cause an on going issue. To avoid this situation an agreement amongst the shareholders can be entered into that covers what will happen in the event of the death of a director and shareholder. The agreement can set out how the shares to be purchased on death are to be valued and paid for. If the new shareholder would like to sell their shares, then how is this going to be funded? If the remaining directors do not have the personal funds to purchase the shares then this could be a problem. To avoid this situation, co shareholder protection policies are available that pay-out for the shares of the deceased (up to an agreed amount) giving the beneficiary of the estate cash for the shares. As time goes on and the value of a company potentially increases the cover provided for the policy needs to be reviewed to ensure it remains adequate. With planning the untimely death of a shareholder should not cause undue distress to the dependents of the shareholder or to the business.

If you have an accountancy related question that you would like LB Group to answer in a forthcoming issue, please email Trevor Lake, a Director, can be contacted by telephone on 020 8221 8282 or by email at This article is designed for the information of the reader and while every effort is made to ensure accuracy, information contained in this article may not be comprehensive and recipients should not act upon it without seeking professional advice. LB Group is registered to carry out Audit work by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779

Launches & Events

Packford Opticians of Wanstead Gucci Launch

Gucci comes to Wanstead Packford Opticians of Wanstead launched their refurbished practice in a flurry of media attention, highlighting the event with the latest range of Gucci spectacles and sunglasses. Mr Packford greeted the residents of Wanstead stating, ‘It is a wonderful opportunity to welcome and renew acquaintances with our customers and their families, some of which are now on their third generation of having their spectacles expertly dispensed by Packfords.’ The 2012 Gucci collection was met by an enthused reaction from their guests, the spectacles present a classic and contemporary take on design, understated with undeniable quality, in this seasons colours interspersed with daring designs for the more fashion forward. A raffle of Gucci perfume on behalf of the Guide Dogs charity, was well received, as was the exhibition of photographs by local artist Lady Tracey Adebowale Jones who specialises in equine photography and local landscapes. The exhibition will remain until September. Packford Opticians is a firm favourite for the Wanstead highstreet, offering quality spectacle frames for the whole family, with brands such as Pro-Design and Lindberg from Denmark, Anglo American, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors from America. Another new addition is Carter Bond from Jono Hennessy with his faux wood frames.

‘We would like to thank all who had an enjoyable evening and look forward to seeing patients in the practice very soon.’ Mr Packford & Staff

Packford Opticians

127 High Street, Wanstead E11 2RL Tel 020 8989 3327 372 High Street, Woodford Green Essex IG8 0XQ Tel 020 8504 2296

10% disc on oun bouglensest any ht with framGucci e for augu st. in MAGAZINE 15






FOR Celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Games and show our athletes they have your support with these stylish Team GB accessories. Union Jack Heart Studs £4.00

Team GB Summer Sports Umbrella £19.50

Union Jack Desk Vaccum £15

Canva s Wall Art www.m £10 atalan

Team GB Trilby £12.50

ion ush BC G m £12 Tea c ext. w.n ww

Team GB Tumblers £12

Red or D ead ww £10Blighty 0 Sho huh es .co. uk

Union Jack Foundation Wristband £1.50

Unio n Jac kB www £10.50 ag .next .co.u k

By Clare McDonald

Flag Vest £14

Union Jack Telephone £40



nder the sun bleached blue of the desert sky, flowers are as rare as rain showers. Bring color and life to the dusty heat with this summer's combination of print and embellishment. From sheer paisley print blouses, exotic beading to flowing maxi dresses, this season throws out the rule book when it comes to summer dressing. In the desert, you may not be able to remember your name, just remember to be as cool as the breeze that carried you here.

Cherry Maxi Dress - £150 Gobi Stacker Bracelets - £16 Walmer Sandals - £35


Toca Lace Top - £39 Riley Print Skirt - £49 Ponto Bag - £29

Indiana Print Longline Dress - £160 Rangipo Earrings - £12

Imogen Dress - £69 Kari Necklace - £20 24 in MAGAZINE

Koscian Wrap Dress - £95 Hoola Earrings - £10


Serafina Dress - £139 La Paz Cuff - £10 Bakewell Sandals - £40 26 in MAGAZINE

By Rose Keen e l i F e l y t S

s than deliciou dy t more lo er Bran le id o C h t Aw merse ion o h S s , fa w o s Strongb h some seriou on the wit duced comes eing pro b dhood il ls h a c ti farm – creden y il m fa a r nd ey Temperl shion designe erley. fa f mp o Te Alice home mantic ro h s li g En

Tribal Heart Earrings £129.00

High-Waisted Hot Pants £32.00

Somerset Pomona £9.65 Waitrose

w w B w .b £ B C ob 28 re bi .0 am br 0 ow n. co .u k

Oversized Parka £68.00

Basso & Brooke Tent £595.00

ic ag m ng . cti er fe ask r pe i-t in ult k s m d ty an eau F SP b r, ate ir se ltim stu u oi e m e th ng ar ni s bi am m e Co cr BB

Celine Retro Sunglasses £200

a tent in a g Pitchin Fo ww w.z £9xy Rin oea 9.0 g ndm 0 org an. com

chic. o s d ke er loo v e n ld has e i f y mudd

‘Knit-Twoo' – Burberry draws inspiration from the great British wildlife to make the perfect sweater stomping about the countryside.

Equipment Silk Playsuit £290.00

Burberry Prorsum Owl Jumper £795.00

Lomography Diana F+ Camera £100.00

Glitter Finish Hunter Boots £85.00

Hobbs London Treak T £35.00




Other than getting lots of sleep and drinking plenty of water, we sometimes need an extra helping hand to achieve a radiant glow - we can’t always depend on the good old British summer. Many celebrities swear by the ‘oxygen facial’ including Madonna, Brad Pitt and the Sex in The City girls. iN caught up with Shazia Siddiqi, from Pure Medi-Spa to find out what all the hype’s about.

Dr Siddiqi: ‘Many of you would have heard of

micro-dermabrasion which is the use of tiny crystals which are bombarded against the skin, helping to strip the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving a smoother surface underneath; this helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation, scarring and uneven skin tone. The Dermabrasion OXY-FACIAL is the latest technique which is suitable for all skin types and combines the best of three facials. Following the micro-dermabrasion a Vitamin C based serum is massaged and infused under the skin which helps with both the repair of the skin, and also helps increase the amount of collagen and elastin formed in the skin to help stop sagging. To help push the serums in the therapist will then infuse oxygen under the skin which helps boost blood flow to the area and allows the cells to become more plump in appearance which then shows in the form of healthy revitalised skin.

• • • • •

The Benefits: Pore cleansing Lighten hyperpigmentation Strengthen elasticity of the skin Eliminate acne-causing bacteria Reduce fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone.


Many people who experience the oxygen facial treatment see an immediate change in their appearance. Effects of oxygen facials are said to last about a week but for best results, we recommend a series of six treatments followed by monthly touch-up visits.’

All procedures are carried out by Dr Siddiqi and her team, and start with an initial free consultation.

PURE Medi-Spa, 9 Chigwell Road, South Woodford, E18 1LR T. 020 8989 1822 28 in MAGAZINE

To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779

with Bettina Hunt


Lau ra Me rci er Tin ww t w.u £ ed M k.s 33 oist pa uri cen ser k .c SP F2 om 0

17 Ins tan t

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist £16.50

Glo ww £4w Sh w.b .99 imm oo er Bri ts.c ck om

Caudalie Thé des Vignes Fresh Fragrance £26

al to a festiv Heading is mping th or off ca e Must hav ur ? r e m m Su or yo s items f gorgeou cool ! Staying ill g a b l e v a t tr om dawn r f ic h c and en never be s a h k s u d easier.

Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel £15 Batiste Dry Shampoo in Fresh £2.99

MeMeMe Boho Balms in Coral Taupe & Pink Rouge £6.50 each


Yes To Cucumbers Facial Kit £19.99


Steam Cream London Collection Gift Set £15

Nazila Love Glamour GB Rocks Nail Glitz £21.99

Benefit "That Gal" London Limited Edition Brightening Face Primer £21.50 in MAGAZINE 29

. . . A n O g n i o We’re Al G If you are an out-doorsy type who loves adventure but also can’t leave your home comforts behind, then our Glamp-venture feature is sure to excite you. Clare McDonald brings us her Top 10 glamping holidays for the intrepid explorer in all of us. Camping need not mean soggy tents and spiders; this is glamping the posh way with activities to suit every age, with something to interest everyone. And you don’t even have to own your own tent!

1. Feather Down Farm Days ........... Why: This is the place for you if you have kids who love to explore. It’s a relaxing traditional experience for campers and animal lovers, without any of the inconvenience of old school camping. What: Feather Down Farms Days are situated on several small-scale working farms throughout the UK. You’ll find everything necessary for a carefree stay including a farm larder, chicken coop, wood-fired oven and paddock with animals for you to hold, stroke and feed. Adventure: The perfect combination of camping and relaxation with the chance to explore the lush surroundings. Hire a Jacuzzi, tend your own chicken coup or look after your private bunny and get close to the animals in the paddock. Explore the farm, helping with the harvesting, making cheese, milking, and taking care of the cattle. Cost: Prices start from £279 depending on the farm.

2 . Pop-Up Hotel ............................... Why: Because you are going to a Festival and you like your creature comforts. Fab for couples or families. What: The Pop-Up Hotel literally pops up at Festivals and events throughout the UK. For 2012 they also have a fixed abode at the River Cottage location. With accommodation inspired by luxury safari tents, they give a luxury hotel experience which includes breakfast, tent/room service, a relaxing outdoor/indoor guest sitting room, reception and concierge service to assist with exploring the surroundings. Adventure: Perfect for whatever festival/event takes your fancy, log on to their website and take your pick. At the gardens of the River Cottage book into the cookery school, or visit Lyme Regis and the stunning Jurassic Coast. They’re currently taking bookings for Glastonbury 2013, but hurry! Cost: Prices start from £495 for three nights. 30 in MAGAZINE

3. Mill Farm .............................................................. Why: Perfect for families with kids, and those who like a farm environment or want to have a genuine horse riding experience. What: Situated on a farm in Wiltshire, these luxury canvas lodges have all the space and comfort needed to enjoy a camping holiday without suffering the elements. Collect eggs from the chickens and enjoy the animals in the paddock. For an added bonus the site has a free wi-fi connection, so you can hook up from the comfort of your lodge. A converted Mill House is also available to rent. Adventure: Mill Farm offers Farm Tours and donkey rides on site for smaller campers, or for those inner cowboys, there’s the opportunity to ride horses on the neighbouring farm. If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, try laser clay pigeon shooting day and night, with glow in the dark clays. You can also visit Stonehenge, Bowood house, Longleat Safari Park and the village of Castle Combe. Cost: Prices start from £400 for a mid-week stay.

4. Atlantic Surf Pods ............................... Why: Ideal for getting teens off their mobile phones and into the surf. What: A small collection of eco pods in on a 26 acre farm in Cornwall. Adventure: These pods are so close to the Cornish surfing coast they give you a holiday with sun, sand and sea. Enjoy a BBQ between surfing and take in the rays. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try coasteering which involves climbing cliffs until you find the ideal spot to dive into the sea! Cost: Prices start from £75 per night.

5. Dome Garden ...... Why: Because you like a fun-filled eco-experience. Exciting for families, couples or lone rangers. What: Dome shaped eco-pods modelled on a combination of igloos and the Eden Project situated in the centre of the Forest of Dean. Adventure: This is a paradise for those who like to roam, with the opportunity to hike through the Forest of Dean with a guide or even a llama for company. If you want to pick up the pace there’s the opportunity for biking, or canoeing in the local area. In the evening, there’s a communal pizza oven for those who like to get involved. Cost: Prices start from £345 for four nights. in MAGAZINE 31

6. Vanilla Splits ..................................... Why: Because adventure is the very core of your existence! Good for absolutely anyone: couples, kids, teens, friends or a group of you. What: Based in Chichester, Vanilla Splits have converted ten old school VW vans and have kitted them out with beds and fridges, some of their vans even have DVD players. Adventure: Rent a van and you are fully equipped for any holiday, whether its cruising along the coast, biking in the New Forest, a round trip of the Isle of Wight or just head off into the sunset and see where your imagination takes you. Cost: Prices start from £525 for a short break.

7. Bivouac .......................................... Why: You like a campsite setting with a twist, suitable for families with both toddlers and teens, friends or on your own, with the added benefit of a shop, a mouth watering cafe and an onsite beauty therapist. What: Every level of comfort is offered here, Yurts, Woodland Shacks even a converted Bunk Barn. Situated on the 20,000 acre Swinton Estate in the Yorkshire Dales. Adventure: Perfect for those wild adventurers who want to climb the limestone at How Steam Gorge or have a go at orienteering. For those who want a more sophisticated stay on offer is wine tasting, a relaxing hot tub or their popular two-hour full body massage. The Bivouac also has a cafe on site serving sumptuous food. Cost: Prices start from £285 for a 3 night stay in the yurt, or £18 for an individual one night in the Bunk Barn.

8. Sun Ridge ........................................................................ Why: Because you love Devon. Perfect for couples, families or come with friends and you can have the exclusive use of the glamping site for the duration of your stay. Dogs can stay too. What: An acre of land in Devon with two bell tents that can each sleep up to five people. Both are wi-fi connected. If tent’s are not your style, there's a luxury lodge for a more private and indulgent experience. Adventure: Perfect for those who love to fish, as Sun Ridge has its own private carp lake where the biggest recorded carp caught weighed 28lbs. South Hams is England’s most outstanding area of beauty with Mothercombe Beach nearby, as well as the Dawlish Warren National Nature Reserve with its beautiful cliffs and dramatic dunes to explore. The National Marine Aquarium is also nearby. I like Cost: Prices start from £85 per night. 32 in MAGAZINE

adventure too!

9. Hillside Gypsy Caravan .................. Why: Because you wondered if you could stay in a Romany caravan without feeling claustrophobic! A romantic holiday for two or a cosy weekend away for those with older children. Set on the border of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Wales. You can even holiday here with your horse! What: An idyllic refurbished Gypsy Caravan for two and an additional wooden cabin with mod-cons and extra sleeping space located at the base of Titterstone Clee Hill and surrounded by countryside. Adventure: A more relaxed holiday for those who enjoy quiet walks and picturesque market towns, of which there are plenty nearby including Ludlow. This location offers plenty of opportunities to soak up the scenery and watch the sunset. Hawkeye Falconry, Go Ape, Ludlow Food Festival, Gliding and a whole host of other activities are nearby if you are more adventurous and want to explore. Cost: Prices start from £168 for 2 nights.

10.Tree House Lavender Holidays ......................... Why: Maybe you’re a tree hugger! You like sleeping at height and have a family with kids of all ages, or you’re a couple looking for a romantic weekend away. What: A simply stunning tree house in Somerset built around an old lime tree overlooking and surrounded by luscious gardens, with a woodburning stove and toy’s, books or DVDs for your kids. Adventure: A range of activities to partake in including a private hot-tub or use of an indoor heated pool. If you’re not content to relax in the tree house and take in the scenery, there are plenty of surrounding attractions to explore such as Cheddar Gorge and Caves, Glastonbury or Bath, Tropiquaria or the West Somerset Railway. Cost: Prices start from £595 for four nights.

Words by Clare McDonald









With Essex’s best resident DJ’s, the sexiest waitresses and the coolest crowd, your night at Funkymojoe is bound to be one you will never forget! Always brimming with celebrities, weekends at funkymojoe are full of excitement and glamour; funkymojoe really know how to get the weekend party started! Their ‘4th Birthday celebrations saw a guest-list fit for a red carpet, with vast amounts of champagne popping and pumping music, it really was a night to remember! If you are looking for something different in your bar/clubbing experience and to rub shoulders with a few celebrities, funkymojoe will not disappoint. Stars spotted include Simon Webb, Stacey Soloman, Frankie Essex, Amanda Harrington and the cast of TOWIE. Pamela Anderson, Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Furguson have also put in an appearance. funkymojoe offer nights such as their Victoria Secrets Model party, to the V-festival giveaway. Tables and booths are available in a secluded area or


right in the middle of the action, for any special occasion. The funkymojoe priority is giving you great customer service, catering for your every need. If you are celebrating a 21st, 40th, or just a girl’s night out, funkymojoe is the place to be! The big Bank Holiday weekend is set to be a scorcher, why not cool yourself off with the ultimate party weekender at funkymojoe! With celeb guests and performances, the Bank Holiday will go off with a bang!

Twitter: @funkymojoe FB/funkymojo.southwoodford Free admission before 9.30pm / £5 thereafter Doors open 8.30pm till 2.30am 159-161 High Road, South Woodford, Essex, E18 2PA For tables or more info: 020 8506 9703 / 07508 930 835

To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779

Welcome to iN’s society column, ‘Girl About Town’ where socialite Caroline Polledri gives her own hilarious take on being out and about in Essex and beyond.

ot long now... the wait is over... and it’s here! While many of us are dreading the chaos that the games will cause, there are some (like me) who actually believe that the Olympics will be amazing. Not only will the events themselves be great (all thanks to the unbelievable athletes) but London town itself will be delightful; you can tell by the way our nation rocked the Jubilee - holding events is our country’s forte! I live in Bow at the moment, in the thick of it and yes, it will be quite easy for me to get to work as I could probably walk, and I do understand that the thought of the Central Line makes you cry on a good day, let alone with the extra thousands of others. But surely they won’t all be commuting in rush hour? The games are on at all different times of the day, aren’t they? I think the pessimism of the infrastructure of our town is just an excuse for a moan, we do love a moan and that combined with the never ending rain – makes this summer probably one of Britain’s most loved. After all, we get to moan for a good three months. Well, I refuse to jump on the grumbling express, no matter how slow it is or whether or not I can actually get a seat. No, this month I feel very lucky and nothing can bring me down. I generally feel lucky most of the time but at the moment even more so. The reason for my extra blessing has come from my little stint on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!’ Yes, it’s true, you’re eyes were not deceiving you I was an actual contestant, I actually sat opposite Mr Tarrant, I ‘phoned a friend’ and ‘asked the audience’ and actually used my pointless ‘50/50’. I’d like to say I was a strong contender but anyone that watched will know that I slightly chickened – albeit at a good time. I did however walk away with £10,000 smackerroonies, my dignity and a memory of an amazing experience that will live with me forever. The whole thing, even now, was very surreal. From the two months screening process, to sitting opposite Chris Tarrant while he berated me for talking too much! It was like a dream and one of THE most fun things I’ve ever done, and I am quids in.

So, no moaning from me for a good few months… well, until it snows at least! 38 in MAGAZINE

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At One Blenheim t Terrace we take grea odern pride in putting m tish spins on classic Bri is a fare. Afternoon tea and British institution to l ia we’re rather part y afternoon tea is trul them ourselves. No c nod to the classi complete without a is h. Its fresh flavour cucumber sandwic a as rt ired this desse iconic, and has insp d g alternative to roun light and refreshin mer meal. off the perfect sum Chef Ed Shaerf, Head


If yo ice cr u don’t h the eam ma ave an contamix into ker, put a freezeiner, place plastic r in t a half a n n ho d whisk a he u r inte t until rv t smoo he mix is als th, b thick ut .

Served with Cucumber & Ginger Sorbet. INGREDIENTS:



1. Blend ¾ of the cucumber with the ginger and the stock syrup, pass through a fine sieve. Place ¾ of the mixture in an ice cream machine and churn until frozen, place in freezer. Keep remaining mixture for plating later.

• • • • • • • • •

1 cucumber 200g ginger 100g stock syrup 2 slices of brioche 100ml double cream 50g icing sugar 20g red amaranth cress 1 small orange – segmented 1 granny smith apple

2. Roll out the brioche until flat and cut each slice into 6 rectangles. Bake the brioche between two trays until golden and leave to cool. 3. Lightly whip the cream and fold in the icing sugar, finely dice the cucumber and fold in the cream. 4. Peel the apple and chop into 1cm cubes.


1. Layer the brioche rectangles with the cucumber cream and repeat twice, stacking on top of each other. 2. Place a spoonful of the leftover mixture on the base of a plate and place the cucumber sandwich on top with a scoop of sorbet next to it. 3. Dress the plate with the apple cubes, orange and amaranth cress. in MAGAZINE 39

To Fine Dining

iN Magazine’s Guide...





‘The Restaurant’ by London Darbar is the perfect place for entertainnment while enjoying an exquisite menu of contemporary Indian cuisine. The immaculate team of chefs bring a menu that ranges from succulent chicken to tasty sea bass, with a bar that presents fine whiskeys, mind blowing cocktails, mock-tails and refreshing smoothies. The incredible food goes well with the art décor led venue, marine tank, zebra detailed ceilings and their own private dining room called ‘The Godfather Room’. It is the ideal place for sharing a meal with family and friends.

George’s newly refurbished restaurant offers the best of Greek food, in an environment perfect for family dining. Winners of the ‘2010 London 24 Food & Drink Awards’, ‘London’s Perfect Portion Award’ in 2009/10 and listed in ‘Time Out’s Best Restaurants 2012’, George’s Fish and Souvlaki Bar’s accolades exceed expectations. September see’s more excitement for George and his customers, with Live Greek music on 6 September and every Thursday thereafter. With two for one meals in the restaurant on Tuesdays and the option to rent out the entire restaurant for functions of up to 60 people, what more could you ask for?







Seasons restaurant in Woodford Green offers a unique take on contemporary British Cuisine giving it a French twist to excite your palate. Seasons warm welcoming atmosphere provides the perfect environment for guests to relax and enjoy the taste sensations that their artistic culinary menu brings. With an exciting buzz mid-week, late nights Friday and Saturday till 1am, and a family friendly day on Sunday; Seasons caters for everyone with a menu full of British classics that are to dine for!

Al Khayma is a luxurious Arabian experience, (Al Khayma translates into ‘The Tent’ in Arabic). It is labelled as ‘The most lavish Arabian themed restaurant in London’. Al Khayma features Middle Eastern cuisine. The Arabesque themed restaurant has comfy sofas, Moroccan lamps, live belly dancers, Arabian music, authentic cuisine and a life size camel. The private Khayma booths seat from 2 to 25 guests, you can eat and drink in privacy, with your family and friends. London Darbar also cater for outdoor events and have four banqueting venues which cater for 100 to 320 guests.


251 CRANBROOK ROAD, ILFORD, ESSEX, IG1 4TG. RESERVATIONS: 020 8554 4133 E: To advertise your business call: 020 8504 7779


NEWS & GOSSIP THE VAULT TEA ROOM LAUNCH The Vault in Woodford Green launched its new concept Tea@The Vault in aid of Haven House Children’s Hospice. A new blended tea of strawberries and cream was served with 10p from every cup sold going to the charity. Mike Palfremen, Chief Executive of Haven House, was delighted with the idea and claimed ‘It is a great example of how local businesses can support the hospice’. Tea@The Vault offer 15 different teas as well as a selection of coffees cakes and pastries for you to enjoy, so give them a visit. 15a The Broadway, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 0HL T: 020 8506 6419

LARGE DIAMONDS ARE NOW WITHIN YOUR REACH Renowned for maximum sparkle and whiteness, the Burscarf Diamond gives customers the opportunity to buy a much larger diamond than they would usually be able to afford. Burscarf take the cutting, polishing and preparation of 100% genuine diamonds one stage further by removing any ugly flaws or inclusions making them invisible to the naked eye, saving their customers up to 70-80% off High Street prices. View and buy online their range of rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets at

LOCAL BAR SUPPORTS OLYMPIANS Bar One Twenty in North Chingford will be supporting the Olympians this month by showing Olympic events on their outdoor big-screens on the Bar One Twenty private terrace. To get involved in the games and show your support, pay a visit to Bar One Twenty and have a great night out in the process. Bar One Twenty, 120 Station Road, Chingford, Essex, E6 6AB. T: 020 8529 8660 Twitter: @baronetwenty 42 in MAGAZINE

BRENTWOOD SCHOOL CRICKETER IN ENGLAND SQUAD Seventeen-year-old Brentwood School cricketer Kishen Velani has been selected for the England Under-19 squad to compete in this month’s Cricket World Cup in Australia. Kishen, who plays for the School and Essex 2nd XI, said he was ‘over the moon’ at his inclusion in the 15-man squad. He has flown to Australia for a week of acclimatising before the competition begins. England will begin with a game against hosts Australia in Townsville before playing Ireland and Nepal in the other group stage matches. They could then go on to face one of twelve other countries in the latter stages. Headmaster Mr Ian Davies said, ‘Kishen’s ability to manage the heavy workload of A levels and achieve such success on the cricket field is to be applauded.’ iN Magazine wishes Kishen and the England Team the very best of luck. Brentwood School, T: 01277 243 246

GETTING ESTABLISHED IN ESSEX Summertime is upon us! Now is the perfect time to check the efficiency of your boiler in readiness for the oncoming Winter months. Don’t wait until your boiler packs up before getting it serviced. Research reveals that 40% of homes experience frozen pipes and boiler breakdowns in Winter. To celebrate their successful move to Essex, Evenflow Heating and Plumbing are offering a 20% discount on boiler servicing and installations until the end of British Summer Time. Contact T: 0779 919 0790 for more details.

LAUREN GOODGER ‘PURE MEDI-SPA’ FAVOURITE Lauren was spotted having a well deserved pamper at PURE Medi-Spa after a hectic filming schedule. Lauren opted for a Gelish nail manicure, as she chatted to nail technician Kelly during her 45 minute treatment. PURE Medi-Spa have some amazing August offers, for iN Magazine readers. QUOTE iN WHEN BOOKING The OXY-Facial normally £95, now £49. Purchase 6 normally £570, for August £285. The latest no pain restylane lip fillers with added anesthetic (meaning no pain or swelling) £195 or for 2 people £300. Teeth whitening £150 per person or 2 people for £199. Laser hair removal bikini line, 6 sessions for an amazing £199! PURE Medi-Spa, 9 Chigwell Road, South Woodford Essex. T: 020 8989 1822

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CHARITY DAY RAISES £18,000 The Abridge Golf Club Ladies Section raised £18,000 as part of their annual charity event, in aid of the London Chest hospital. Charity Chairman, Karen Posner’s close relative, was treated at the London Chest Hospital. And, as part of the Mulberry Heart Association, has gone on to raise a vast amount of money for the cause. Karen explained how she ‘wanted to carry on raising money for the worthy cause’. Lady Captains Deborah Jacobs and Oriol Phillips presented prizes to winners on the day, the one hundred and twenty-eight players certainly raised the bar on this charity fund raining day.

STRESS MANAGEMENT AT HOLLY HOUSE Holly House is now offering Stress Management courses in view of the increasing pressures that the average person now encompasses. Stress can lead to a range of physical and mental health problems including chronic pain, high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, anxiety and depression. The exciting Physiotherapy-led Stress Management Programme, is run by two qualified holistic physiotherapists, offering four weekly 90 minute sessions and takes place in small groups of no more than eight people to ensure maximum personal attention. Participants learn various techniques including yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy and other holistic therapies. For further details about the Stress Management Programme, forthcoming course dates and costs, please contact Physiotherapy at Holly House on T: 020 8936 1210 or see the website at:

RHYS DANIELS TRUST RECEIVES GIFT Actress and TV celebrity Linda Lusardi, took delivery of a photocopier/printer on behalf of charity the Rhys Daniels Trust, donated by United Technologies Ltd (UTL) a benevolent leading IT service provider, based in Theydon Garnon. The Rhys Daniels Trust, was set up in 1994 by Barry Daniels to celebrate the young lives of his children, whose lives were cut short by Battens Disease. The charity provides unique ‘Home from Home’ facilities supporting specialist children’s hospitals, accommodation and a safe haven of comfort and security for families whose children are being treated a long way from home. Brothers and joint business owners Steve and Tim Arnold said, ‘We pride ourselves on supporting the local community. It’s all about making a difference.’ If you would like to know more about the charity or UTL... or

OLIVE TREE LAUNCHES NEW DELI CAFE Loughton’s well loved restaurant, ‘The Olive Tree’ has launched its new Deli-Cafe; serving scrumptious breakfast classics, brunches and lunch to tide you over until their well known dinner service. A favoured eaterie for celebrities such as Paolo Di Canio and many of TOWIE’s own, including Mark Wright, The Olive Tree has gone from strength to strength with its new Deli addition. The ‘Strapatsatha’ on the breakfast menu is recommended by the owner himself. Don’t miss their August live evening entertainment, the full list is available on the Olive Tree website. The Olive Tree, 258 High Road, Loughton, Essex, IG10 1RB T: 020 8502 3332

VINTAGE NOW ONLINE ‘I love your dress’,‘It’s Vintage Darling’ Yes, girls. Your favourite Vintage shop in Wanstead is now online. With an abundance of pre-loved Chanel, Louis V and main stream designers, that little Vintage number, is now at the end of your keyboard. One click and it is yours! Could life get any better? Well, yes! They also purchase your vintage wares. Vintage hand-bags, designer ware, ball-gowns, jewellery, shoes and more; Vintage is every girl’s heaven! Vintage, 10 High Street, Wanstead, Essex, IG9 5TP. T: 020 8989 7530

LOUGHTON ARTIST EXHIBITS AT THE ROYAL ACADEMY iN congratulates local artist, Charlotte Posner from Loughton Essex, whose painting is exhibiting as part of the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. This 244 year old art show celebrates the work of both emerging and established artists, displaying art pieces of all types including paintings and photography to sculptures and film. Charlotte’s piece ‘The Theatre’ is pen and ink on wood, and was selected to be among those shown at the exhibit, which is open until August 12. Charlotte also does commissions in her Art Studio in East London, and can be found at

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When Volvo introduced their XC90 it offered something new in the sector, a premium-branded 4x4 with a road-going bias and a leaning towards comfort combined with the Swedish firm’s well known expertise in keeping you safe. It would go on to be a raging success. More than ten years – and a mild facelift later – and the big 4x4’s still going strong, its popularity has certainly been helped by the fact that it is a handsome looking beast, imposing without any of the look-at-me obnoxiousness that a jury would find an X5 BMW or a Range-Rover Sport unanimously guilty of. At least that used to be the case, but in the R-Design spec, it isn’t anymore. R-Design is effectively a £5,600 styling pack that adds some much-needed muscle and a hint of bling to the reserved big offroader. The most obvious addition being some tasty 19” Ixion diamond cut/matt-black wheels, quad stainless steel exhausts, an R-Design grille and a matt-silver finish window surrounds. The result is a car that looks more well-mannered Rottweiler than über-friendly Labrador. Open the door, step inside and it’s clear the £42,795 Volvo is still a Labrador at heart. Where other premium SUVs – from BMW, Land-Rover and Audi - have started to pile on the glamour with fancy lighting, leather cladding and shiny-style premium plastics, in the XC90 logic prevails. It’s a testament to its design that things don’t feel instantly outdated, but you needn’t look too


far before it’s clear that they are. The optional sprouting-from-dashboard sat nav (£1500 thank you) that used to woo passengers now looks small-screened, lacks clarity and is needlessly gimmicky. It’s not touchscreen, either, leaving you overawed by tsunami of buttons that make the Volvo overcomplicated next to the more sophisticated opposition. It’s still a Volvo, though, and this means it’s fitted with the most comfortable leather seats known to man – and seven off them – and has a standard-fit stereo that’s so powerful it could knockout David Haye or at least silence his incessant drivel. The powertrain’s not going to be knocking anyone out. Volvo has steered clear of the ‘goes-like-a-sports-car’ holy grail that most other 4x4s seem to seek, choosing instead to embrace its fate as a comfy cruiser, and it does it brilliantly.

The five-cylinder 197bhp 2.4-litre diesel is now standard-fit across the range (Volvo dropping the thirsty petrols) and it’s a good match for the car. With plenty of torque (310Ib ft) to pull the heavyweight along, it matches the five-speed auto’ box well, too. It’s not the quietest unit, but despite the diesel handicap there’s a five-cylinder thrum that makes it quite appealing. Meanwhile 0-60 comes up in 9.7 seconds and top speed’s reached at a shade under 130mph, which, when you’re rolling along in something as big-boned as the XC, is plenty fast enough. The steering end of things is similarly relaxed and a tiller lacking in feel means relaxed is how you end up driving the range-topper. The ride is well damped with none of the harsh crashiness that you might find in Audi’s Q7 and although quite softly sprung, the XC90 keeps it body control in check and scare free. If you do decide to ‘press on’ things are kept safe with plenty of grip before the front tyres are beaten by two-tonnes of flabby Swede and giving way to understeer. Drive more sensibly and the XC90 should be able to return 34mpg and occupies tax band K meaning it will cost £270 per year. So, the R-Design XC90 is a bit of a sheep in wolf’s clothing with all of the good things that make people like the XC90 – its handsome looks, comfort and safety – but with some much needed mettle thrown into the mix. Is this enough to outweigh what is a more-than-ten-year-old design? Potentially not. That’s a long time in the car world and the game has moved on significantly, but the Volvo’s core attractions remain unaffected by age if you want a comfy sevenseater 4x4 – that isn’t a BMW, Audi or Land-Rover – then the XC90’s still an excellent choice.


to be cool new kid in town Hardly a byword of coolness, Vauxhall has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts with the coupe-like new Astra and prettyenough new Insignia, but their new small car - the ADAM - looks set to move the assault up a gear. Turning its back on retro, Vauxhall has gone its own way with a design that looks young and fresh, with a headlamp-plomped-atop bulbaceous bonnet, imposing grille and swoop-abound bodywork. There’s a strong flavour of Audi A1 – certainly not a bad thing and an aftertaste of Lancia (or Chrysler) Ypsilon to the last quarter, which is possibly not such a good thing. Key to the new model is customisation. It’s something both Mini and Fiat have been doing for a while now and Vauxhall claims that the ADAM will offer more than one million trim and equipment combinations and will be available in four base trim levels: Jam – the trendy option, Glam – the sophisticates’ choice, and Slam – the sporty alternative. Options like a smartphone compatible infotainment system; Park Assist II and standard ESP mix with niceties such as an LED-lit starlight interior roof. The powerplants include three petrol engine in 69bhp 1.2-litre, or an 86bhp or 99bhp 1.4-litre – with no cost option stop-start technology, all should be cheap to run. And if thrift is your middle name – there’ll be a petrol-sipping likely three-cylinder turbo charged unit that’s exempt from the London congestion charge joining the range later. The ADAM’s been given a wide track and sophisticated suspension which should make it a fun in the twisty bits and stable on the motorway. The four-seater city car will be unveiled at September’s Paris Motorshow and is expected to cost around £11,000.

Words by Russell Campbell



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Property Guide






- Jack Bell -

T. 020 8504 2545

Head Chef & Director Of Seasons Restaurant Clare McDonald interviews Head Chef and Director Jack Bell from Seasons Restaurant in Woodford Green, to talk modern British cuisine, his time at Alec’s and Smith’s Restaurant and what diners can expect of the newly launched restaurant. Having worked for two of the regions most prestigious restaurants, Alec’s in Brentwood and Smith’s in Ongar, are you feeling the pressure at Seasons? Not at all, the brigade we have put together is outstanding. I do occasionally have my ‘Ramsey’ moments, but my own experiences have taught me to stay true to what I believe and in my philosophy in food. I have been very lucky to have worked alongside Alec Smith who still is a close friend and mentor. His eye for attention to detail is renowned - I aim to bring the same attention to detail, mouthwatering food and amazing service, ensuring all our customer’s leave having had a truly outstanding experience. How do you plan to live up to your repertoire? Our ethos at Seasons is to strive to keep improving and never get complacent. We have brought something different to Woodford, which includes my love of creating freshly prepared dishes from a menu that changes seasonally. The response we are getting from our clients is incredible, we just want to keep getting it better and better.

You’ve said that you have an abundance of ideas that you’re hoping to introduce into Seasons. What can we look forward to at the South Woodford restaurant? An ever changing menu of fresh, local and seasonal produce from land and sea. I also aim to forge relationships with local colleges to enable students to have a glimpse of fine dining and to help local people interested in food to have a good start in the game. And for the restaurant, you will just have to wait and see...

You have said that you like the way science and art captures the best of British produce. How do your dishes reflect this? Modern cuisine has, in recent years, blown through the boundaries of culinary art; what I enjoy doing most is taking traditional British dishes and bringing them into the 21st century, this has been my lifelong interest. All our dishes at Seasons are made this way. You refer to your cooking style as ‘Contemporary Luxury Cuisine’, how would you explain the phrase in terms of how it affects the ingredients used in your food and the flavour of your dishes? My cooking style is contemporary as it is modern British, with a French twist. The food is clean, seasonal and fresh. With the cultural fusion in British food today you will taste flavours from France, Spain, Asia and even American. I love to make a classic British dish (something you would eat at home with the family), into something refined, outstanding and presentable, by adding luxury ingredients for example: scallops, caviar and foie gras.

Where did your passion for food begin? I started as a kitchen porter at the tender age of fifteen, in my local hotel in Portloe, Cornwall. I worked with people who cared so much about food it was guaranteed to rub off. 50 in MAGAZINE

iN: The food most prepared by yourself at home? JB: Salads iN: The most underrated ingredient? JB: Pork and onion iN: Who would you most like to work with? JB: Gary Rhodes iN: When I say Essex you think of? JB: Hermes Belts


You’ve worked in Paris as well as many places in the UK, did your time in France change your view on food and how food should be served and prepared? It showed me real professionalism, care and attention to detail. I loved the local markets and the characters there. Food is served two ways in France, simple or complicated. I prefer the middle ground. At Seasons I hope you will find something different. We have the same warm welcome and banter, good food and wine.

iN: What is your favourite Restaurant? JB: Alec's and Scott's. Can I say both?

iN Magazine August 2012  
iN Magazine August 2012  

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