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PADUA DAILY Mismatch of Identity at Minola Wedding Padua-Lucentio and Bianca were finally wedded on sunday. Petruchio’s party first arrived with Vincentio at the house of Lucentio. It turns out that Lucentio did not tell his father about the wedding and had a merchant impersonate Vincentio. The true Vincentio was to be arrested until the newly-weds came to sort out the matter. Once everyone made up they travelled inside for the main event. During the celebratory banquet, a fight broke out between Petruchio and Hortensio’s new wife. The newly faithful Katherine took her husbands side, just before the fight was broken up by Bianca.

SHREW FINALLY TAMED Seconds after the families went to feast, they left Katherine and Petruchio outside to talk.They were seen to be kissing outside of the Minola home. A nearby witness reported that he heard Petruchio say, “First kiss me, kate, and we will.” Petruchio later told reporters his quest to tame Katherine was finally over.

KATE AND PETRUCHIO outside of the Minola house. This picture was taken just before Lucentio’s banquet.

Most Obedient Wife? Petruchio has reportedly tamed his shrew. However the other men did not believe that his wife was suitable for anybody. They still thought he was stuck with a shrew. To prove to everyone that his wife was tamed he proposed a challenge. Both Lucentio and

Hortensio sent for their wives however they did not come. Petruchio told Grumio to go get Katherine and she appeared. Everyone was taken aback and the crowd was shocked. Petruchio successfully proved that he has tamed his wife

BAPTISTA AND VINCENTIO standing outside of Baptista’s house after the wedding of Lucentio and Bianca BY JACOB KAZMI

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