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The Expansion of Society Through Gender Everything started with a bang, at the very beginning when that infinitely dense particle exploded and sent all the elements and particles that would exist spinning, twirling, and expanding through the void. When life began in the smallest of bacteria it sought to expand to, changing, adapting into different species fit for a particular position in the world, and after millennia when man first became man they sought to expand too. They reached the farthest corners of the Earth and were separated into different people and different societies, and after a while when they started seeking expansion again those different people collided sparking wars and death that lasted centuries. Those expansions have brought the human race to where it lies today where the world now appears much smaller than it once was because of technological advances that can make anything and everything appear right before a person’s eyes, now there is no place to expand left on Earth. Even though people seek to expand, society has hit a point where everything has to be defined; everything must lie within the norm or face persecution and ire from the majority of society. Society has thus created two words to define who a person is; they are either a man or a woman. So while everything around the human race is constantly changing they are left to use outdated words to describe themselves. Thus for society truly to move forward it must be able to accept that people cannot be split into just two groups, nothing is that simple, people must be allowed to figure out and define themselves as they choose, or else society will encourage more destruction than progress. To first understand the issue at one must look at the wide and varying world that is gender and sexual identification, and while all the time to go into that world a brief overview will suffice.

Next, would be to look into some of the problems facing people who fall outside the gender binary today. Finally, there will be a look into what countries and companies have done to help accept those whom fall out of the gender binary. All in all, through understanding and acceptance society can and should be able to push forward into a more peaceful and inclusive existence. Gender is not what it once was, it is not a world of black and white, male and female, it is now an array of different shades and colors and understanding what truly defines a person is confusing, as it should be. To begin with gender non-conformity is behaving and appearing atypical for one’s gender binary-based gender (Grollman). Along with that comes misunderstandings because of one’s atypical gender expression for example, that one might because one might be gay or lesbian based upon whether they are a male who expresses femininity or a woman who expresses masculinity respectively, thus the person might be teased or bullied for their behavior (Grollman). To even higher degree what is defined as gender non-conformity is based upon what society dictates should be masculine and feminine, it is akin to how sixty years ago expectations of women were to be the house mother who cooked, cleaned, stayed at home, and were for a large part subjugated based upon their husbands wishes (Grollman). The many facets and nuances of gender identity cannot be fully described succinctly, but to give a couple examples there are genderqueer people who may be in between the lines of gender or bigender or trigender or pangender; there are transgender people whose gender expression does not match their birth sex; there are even two-spirit people who perform work and wear clothes belonging to both genders (Ferraro). With such a wide array of what can be and what is gender there is no

possible way that society can continue not wholeheartedly accepting it, it cannot be so simple as to be defined by two terms man and women. This is because nothing in this world can be easily defined it can be asked about and looked into until the end of days finding new idiosyncrasies in the minutest of details. These ideals of gender binary will hopefully go the way those old stereotypes about women did there is no place for putting certain stigmas on a person; a person is who they themselves define themselves as not what society dictates. With the society having to face the change from two to an innumerable amount of genders there is likely to be a large amount of backlash from those who are unwilling to accept it and that can lead to someone questioning who they are. Transgender and gender non-conforming people are the most affected by abuse nearly ninety percent of them face some form of harassment, discrimination, and mistreatment at their place of work (Ferraro). Another frightening statistic is that forty-six percent of transgendered people attempt suicide compared to 1.6% in the general population (Ferraro). Nearly half of LGBTQ youths report being bullied online and more than a quarter feel unsafe online and have been bullied specifically because of their gender expression or sexual orientation in the past year (Ferraro). Thus it is apparent of how some of society fights against the growing change and it is truly frightening of their success. These people who seek to destroy people who express differently are sickeningly effective they have driven gender non-conforming to extremes to killing themselves because somehow they don’t belong. Those who lie outside the norms of society are forced to try to hide because they don’t feel safe and thus are the problems with society today. There now exist in a time of change those

who resist it and cause those who could finally be accepted in this day and age to be ashamed and frightened to be who they are. While there exists many of those who wish harm upon those who fall outside the gender norm many businesses and government are now seeking to help and support members of the LGBTQ community. Facebook for example recently added more than fifty different custom gender settings, the ability to choose which pronouns the user would like to be referred to, and custom groups to share their gender field with (Ferraro). Germany even recently adopted a policy that would allow parents to choose an indeterminate option if a child appears to have both male and female characteristics (Chappell). Germany is the first European country to adopt third gender policies and it joins countries like Australia who began to let their citizens identify as intersex on passports and Pakistan and India who granted the rights to identify as a gender beyond that of man or woman (Chappell). So even with the darkness there is still some light that shines through there still exist people who are willing to go the extra mile to help those who need it the most. These acts show how anyone can do something to help change and expand the rights of LGBTQ people who gain identification from countries as different as Germany, an economic powerhouse, and Pakistan, a politically charged and violence-stricken one. Thus, the world today reflects perfectly in both in its advancements scientifically and technologically and in the people behind those, both are expanding to areas so diverse and out there, and while there exists detractors there still exists people who will fight for expansion for anything that will be a greater societal good. Now the ultimate problem with the limited ideas of gender that exist now is that it

does not reflect the world in which we live in, the world is not filled with clear cut things, things are not just black and white but obtain tints of each. Thus is the same with gender one could not have one without the other and there is no way that a person can only be purely one, everyone contains something that sets them apart from everyone else and that begins at the very core of who they are. Gender expression means being true to oneself and expressing every part of what makes a person who they are; by going by societal standards people would be forced to be monotonous drags, not vibrant individuals. Taking this to a further meaning these basic rights of expression are much like the civil rights movements seen in the past they are all pushes for society to accept people for who they are, no matter what that might mean. History may not repeat itself exactly, but it does rhyme from time to time and its rhyming now telling the people of today that the only way to move forward is by embracing humanity as a whole, embracing every person no matter how they identify or define themselves, because love is love and people are people.

The expansion of society through gender  


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