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ARE YOU READY TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MORE REWARDING? “Perhaps once in a lifetime you come across a

true opportunity that can change your life dramatically; but you choose to ignore it... However, you may wonder what would’ve happened if you had only considered it... For me that was enough to pursue this opportunity! After all, I had earned an education plus CPA and worked hard for over 25 years of my life and I was still living paycheck to paycheck.” Claribel Matos

4life® Research, LLC

Founded in 1998,

• Build your business with a company that is built to last! • Founded By David and Bianca Lisonbee, retired multi-millionaires with 30 yrs of experience in network marketing. • After only five years of operation, ranked as the 15th Fastest-Growing, Privately-held Company in the US by INC 500 magazine. • Today 4Life, the leader in the development, production, and distribution of Transfer Factor support products, continues to post growth in more than 40 countries around the world.

4life® Transfer Factor ™ • Transfer factors (TF) aren't fruits, vegetables, vitamins, herbs, or minerals. They're messenger molecules that educate your immune system to better recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats. • In 1949 TF's were discovered by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence. Since that time hundreds of studies have been completed involving TF's effect on various diseases. Read some PubMed studies on TF • A recent study revealed an astonishing 437% increase in the activity of natural killer cells. NK cells form a first line of defense against infections from viruses and certain other microorganisms.

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4life® Transfer Factor ™

• Since 2002, 4Life® Transfer Factor products have been included in the PDR for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements, and H • Due to new studies conducted in Russia, the Russian Health Ministry has approved TF to be the first supplements used by doctors and hospitals in Russia. Read the Russian Methodological Letter • 4Life® TF is manufactured in FDA approved labs. • 4Life transfer factor products approved for use by olympic athletes

Targeted Transfer Factor Products • 4Life® also has a targeted Transfer Factor line that provides bullseye support for specific body systems.

Learn more about 4Life® targeted transfer factor products

4Life速 Transfer Factor Personal Care Products

Learn more about 4Life Enummi速 Face Care System

ShapeRite® by 4Life® For weight control

Learn more about 4Life® Weight Management Products 

Understanding Network Marketing Traditiona l Distributi on

V. Network Marketing or Direct Sales

FROM factory (40%profit)

TO wholesale-warehouse-Advertise-Store (Intermediaries keep 60% of what you pay)

Products from 4Life® directly to YOU

TO YOU (you Pay 100%)

• Network Marketing is not a business but a way of doing business. Instead of 4Life paying astronomical sums to advertising agencies to market their products, they prefer to pay You to spread the word! • Intermediaries are eliminated! • Your business has no boundaries. • Worldwide expansion!

Linear Income v. Residual Income



(Limited to amount of hours worked, If you (No limit on the amount of $ you can earn! 4Life pays this stop working due to sickness or unemployment your income stops!)

Most people work: 8 to 12 Hours per day 5 to 6 Days per week 30 to 45 Years to Retire... 95% Retire Poor based on the US Department of Labor! that's why we see elderly people still working!!

type of income.. ex singers, writers also receive this income, it is a reward for job well done once!)

With 4Life you work: 2 to 5 Years to achieve Financial Freedom!

Residual Income is different. It is the most powerful and profitable source of income. It is a source of income that keeps coming in on a regular basis, from work you do once meaning even when you are not working.

With 4life速 You may be in business for yourself but not by yourself! We have a team INT that will teach you all the fundamentals on how to develop your network and achieve realistic results!

Enrollment Options With 4life速 Diamond4Life: First qualifying purchase of 400LP, set up a 100LP monthly autoship, paid at this rank for 6 months, wholesale pricing, Rapid Rewards, 30-day free trial of 4Life速 Office Pro, Summit magazine, downline commissions including 4th level and infinity bonus.

More Enrollment Options... Leader 4Life: Purchase a Compass Kit and a 100LP first qualifying purchase, Set-up a 100LP monthly Auto-Ship. Paid at this rank as long as the 100LP AutoShip is active. Receive downline commissions on first 3 levels. Preferred Customer: You buy products at wholesale prices to improve your health. Click for more info on 4Life Enrollment

FIVE (5) Ways to get Paid Retail Profits: Buy products at wholesale and sell them for retail profit. Personal Rebate: Receive a 25% rebate on personal volume over your minimum monthly required purchase of 100LP. Rapid Rewards: Get a 25% commission on the first order placed by every new person you personally enroll. Power Pool: Each month sign up at least 3 new people with a 100LP order in their 1st two months and get paid your share of 2% of the entire company's volume. Residual Income: Generate an ongoing residual income by building a network of distributors and customers and getting paid on their efforts. Your income is no longer limited by what you do alone, but rather powerfully leveraged off the activity of others.

Residual Income: The Power of Duplication Levels

# of people

Monthly LP's





6x100 = 600




36 (6x6)














Monthly Residual Income


**You share this opportunity with 6 people (1st level) who will also consume 100LP monthly. Then you help each of them sponsor 6 people (2nd level). Because 4life believes in together, building people they pay you 25% on your 2nd level. Also, 4Life pays infinity bonuses!!! In the above, for simplicity each person is equally duplicating by 6.

ARE YOU READY TO ACCEPT THE 4LIFESTYLE? “No matter what you dream--if you just want to supplement your income with a few extra dollars, or quit your day job and have the freedom of working for yourself -- 4Life Rewards Plan can help you achieve the life of your dreams."

For more info visit my website:

4Life Transfer Factor  

Your good health is your choice! Choose 4Life Transfer Factor ® products for a unique and scientifically tested way to support your immune s...

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