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Academic Calendar 2018 Regular Programme Classes First Semester: • Dormitory move-in days • Pre-registration day (Room101, S1 Building) • Registration day (Stadium) • Student ID Card Processing day (C5 Building) • Preparation Programmes - How to Live and Learn on Campus Programme - Intensive English / Upper Intensive English Programmes • Physical examination (MFU Hospital) • Semester starts • Midterm examination period • Last day of classes • Final examination period • Semester ends

16-19 July 2018 (08.00-16.00 hrs.) 20 July 2018 (08.00-16.00 hrs.) 21 July 2018 (08.00-15.30 hrs.) 22 July 2018 (08.00-16.00 hrs.)

23-27 July 2018 30 July - 17 August 2018 31 July - 17 August 2018 27 August 2018 22-28 October 2018 14 December 2018 17-28 December 2018 29 December 2018

Second Semester: • Semester starts • Midterm examination period • Last day of classes • Final examination period • Semester ends

28 January 2019 25-31 March 2019 17 May 2019 20 May - 2 June 2019 3 June 2019

Summer Semester: • Semester starts • Last day of classes • Final examination period • Semester ends • Last day of academic year

24 June 2019 2 August 2019 5-11 August 2019 12 August 2019 25 August 2019

Remark: Academic calendar may vary depending on the programme pursued. 2

Dormitory Information and Recommended Items General Information: Mae Fah Luang University has increased its accommodation capacity and offers almost 6,000 beds in 18 furnished dormitory building for students. There are 14 female dormitory buildings with 4,497 beds and 4 male dormitory buildings with 1,368 beds. Students’ residences are just a ten-minute walk from the main buildings. Students have privacy within a safe, friendly and lively learning environment. All first year Bachelor’s students are required to live on campus, which encourages students to develop their social skills through living together, learning together and helping one another. Assignments to any of the dormitories are made on a random basis. All students are required to submit dormitory forms, which will be provided upon move-in. Students Dormitories Fees: • 4,000 - 6,000 THB per person per semester (4 person shared room). • 5,500 THB per person per semester (3 person shared room, limited rooms are available). • Students are responsible for electrical and water bills. Furniture Provided: • Bed • Desk • Book shelf • Fan

• Desk lamp • Wardrobe

• Mattress • Chair • Water heater

Dormitory Services: • Study room • Television room • Reading room • Computer room • Refrigerator • Free wireless internet • Water cooler • Microwave • Electric kettle • Washing machine Electric Appliances (Allowed Items): • Hair dryer • Rice cooker • Radio • Iron • Computer / Notebook (must be registered and an additional 300 THB per item per semester must be paid) Security and Welfare: • Dormitory advisor and assistance available 24 hours. • Security guard 24 hours. • Warning light system on every floor. • Security systems: surveillance cameras and fingerprint recognition systems for every dormitory. Remark: In the event that dormitory staff finds appliances that are not allowed in the dormitory and/or in your room, the appliances will be seized and returned at the end of the semester or when you move out. Mae Fah Luang University Acceptance Package 2018


Dormitory Move-in: • Dormitory move-in days:

16 - 19 July 2018 (08.00 - 16.00 hrs.)

Suggested Items: • Pillow • Blankets • Bed sheets (size 6 x 3 feet) • Slippers • Personal belongings • Personal medication • Towels and bathrobes • Lock and key (3 sets) • Student photograph (2 copies of 1 inch color photographs) Required Dormitory Documents: • A copy of passport • A copy of departure card Contact Information: • Office of Student Dormitory, Mae Fah Luang University • Tel: 0-5391-7117 • Email:

Pre-Registration Day Documents: • Original Passport • Original High School graduation certificate or diploma • Original High School transcript

Registration Day • Tuition fees payment. • Fresher Package payment. • Receive ‘How to Live and Learn’ Package.

Student ID Card Processing Day In support of campus safety and security, all students are required to obtain and carry a current MFU Student Identification Card. Please be advised that a current MFU Student ID Card must be presented upon request. The Student ID Card is also an ATM card and can be used to access any facilities on campus. Please prepare the following documents prior to processing a Student ID Card. • Original passport • A copy of passport • 200 THB for the Student ID Card fee Remark: Student uniform is mandatory on the student ID card processing day. 4

Bachelor’s Degree School Agro-Industry Cosmetic Science


Academic Programme

B.Sc. B.Sc. B.Sc. B.Sc.

Food Science and Technology Postharvest Technology Beauty Technology Cosmetic Science Applied Thai Traditional Medicine (Students should have a good command of Thai language - Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) Environmental Health Occupational Health and Safety Physical Therapy Public Health Sports and Health Science Traditional Chinese Medicine: - Foundation Chinese (2 semesters) (Students who have passed HSK Level 3 are exempted) - Standard Academic Study (8 semesters) - Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China (GZUCM) (2 semesters) (Students will responsible for additional costs such as airfares, accommodation, living cost etc. for two semesters in GZUCM) Computer Engineering Computer Science and Innovation Information and Communication Engineering Information Technology Multimedia Technology and Animation Software Engineering English Thai Language and Culture for Foreigners


Health Science

B.Sc. B.Sc. B.PT. B.P.H. B.Sc.


Information Technology

Liberal Arts

B.Eng. B.Sc. B.Eng. B.Sc. B.Sc. B.Sc. B.A. B.A.

Tuition Fee/ Semester (THB) 29,250 29,250 36,400 36,400 36,400 39,000 39,000 36,400 29,250 28,080 39,000 78,000 Maintaining MFU student status 10,000 + tuition fee of GZUCM 29,250 29,250 29,250 29,250 32,500 29,250 26,000 30,000

Mae Fah Luang University Acceptance Package 2018





Academic Programme

B.Acc. Accounting Business Management B.B.A. Aviation (International Aviation Logistics Business) Aviation Business Management (Aviation Operations) pursuing pilot careers or careers B.B.A. (Students in flying operations will be required to study 4 flight training courses with an additional fee of 160,000 Baht per subject) Business Management Management B.B.A. Aviation (Aviation Services) Business Administration (Students who do not English proficiency test scores will be B.B.A. submit required a handwritten statement of purpose for 200 - 250 words) B.Econ. Economics B.B.A. Hospitality Industry Management B.B.A. Logistics and Supply Chain Management B.B.A. Tourism Management Nursing Science Nursing B.S.N. (Students should have a good command of Thai language - Listening, Speaking, Reading) B.Sc. Applied Chemistry Science B.Sc. Biotechnology B.Eng. Materials Engineering Business Chinese (Students will responsible for tuition fee B.A. and additional costs such as airfares, accommodation, living cost etc. for one semester in Xiamen University or Fudan University) Sinology Chinese Language and Culture (Students will responsible for tuition fee B.A. and additional costs such as airfares, accommodation, living cost etc. for one year in Beijing Language and Culture University) Social Innovation B.A. International Development

Tuition Fee/ Semester (THB) 28,600 46,800 46,800

46,800 28,600 32,500 28,600 32,500 28,600 42,900 29,250 29,250 39,000 45,500

39,000 39,000

* MFU reserves the right to adjust tuition fees without prior notice.

Fees and Financial Planning

Studying at a university can be quite expensive, particularly for international students in Thailand, who are not permitted to do part-time work. Fortunately, the cost of living and fees at MFU compare very favourably to other institutions that teach in English, both in Thailand and around the world. The university is its own self-sufficient campus and provides everything that students need, including free across-campus wifi, inexpensive food (breakfast to dinner, 365 days per year), free transport, convenient accommodation, world class sports centres and great entertainment facilities. Everything on campus is guaranteed to be cheap, and students rarely ever need to leave MFU - except for when leaving on trips!

Working out the amount of money required for your studies can cause a lot of confusion - so we have provided a helpful fee calculation sheet on the opposite page to let you work out the approximate amount of money you will need while studying at MFU. The amounts provided are average minimum amounts and should not be considered as the exact or final figure. This data is only meant to be a used as guide in helping you make a decision and work out your financial planning. For the exact cost of undergraduate, graduate or doctorate fees please refer to the programme details earlier in this prospectus.

Mae Fah Luang University Acceptance Package 2018


Cost Approximate Fees Tuition Fees 1. Range of Undergraduate Fee per Semester 2. Range of Graduate Fee per Semester Other Expenses (Undergraduate) 1. Application 2. Intensive English / Upper Intensive English Programmes ** 3. Intensive Chinese / Upper Intensive Chinese Programmes ** 4. On-Campus Dormitory (4 Persons Shared Room) per Semester 5. Damage Insurance (Refundable after Graduation) 6. General Maintenance per Semester 7. How to Live and Learn on Campus Programme 8. Fresher Package 9. Health Insurance (Annual) 10. Health Check at MFU Hospital *** 11. A Bank Account and New Student ID Card Fee (ATM Card) Other Expenses (Graduate) 1. Application 2. Registration 3. Damage Insurance for Mon-Fri Programmes (Refundable after Graduation) 4. General Maintenance (Annual) 5. Health & Accident Insurance (Annual) 6. A Bank Account and New Student ID Card Fee (ATM Card)



26,000 - 78,000 25,000 - 143,000

813 - 2,438 782 - 4,469

300 4,000 4,000 4,000 2,000 800 2,200 1,000 2,100 500 200

10 125 125 125 63 25 69 32 66 16 7

300 2,000 5,000 300 2,300 200

10 63 157 10 72 7

Note: * 1 U.S. Dollar = 32 THB and subject to change. ** Additional 1,400 THB dormitory fee exempted if taken during the preparation programme period (first semester only) *** For Traditional Chinese Medicine students, the fee is 2,000 THB For Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, Physical Therapy and Nursing Science students, the fee is 1,250 THB **** MFU reserves the right to adjust tuition fees without prior notice.

Estimate Personal Expenses Items 1. Food and Drinks (50 THB/meal) 2. Study Materials 3. Shopping / Entertainment 4. Mobile Phone / Utility Bills 5. Laundry 6. Travel 7. WIFI Internet 8. Other Expenses Personal Subtotal 9. Additional Personal Allowance Personal Total


Per Week (THB) 1,050 200 800 200 150 300 FREE 300 3,000 ......... .........

Per Semester (17 weeks) 17,850 3,400 13,600 3,400 2,550 5,100 FREE 5,100 51,000 ......... .........

Student Uniform Students who are registered at undergraduate level are required to wear university uniforms in strict accordance with the university policy. The uniform requirements are specified below:

Male: A white long-sleeved shirt, navy/black trousers; a black leather belt with MFU buckle; black leather shoes; a blue necktie with the university pin. Female: A short-sleeved white standard female uniform blouse with a fold line at the back and engraved MFU buttons; the blouse must be tucked into a standard female university black skirt, which must be long enough to cover the knees. Both the skirt and the blouse must not be too tight. The skirt must be worn with a suede brown university belt with an engraved MFU belt buckle. First years must wear plain white sports shoes with white ankle-length socks; second year students and above must wear standard black leather uniform shoes. The university pin must be clasped on the right hand side of the shirt at chest level. Muslim: Muslim students are required to wear a long pleated skirt with a long sleeve shirt and white veil without accessories. Remark: Belts, pins and neckties are all available at the MFU Book Centre. Tel: 0-5391-7020 Mae Fah Luang University Acceptance Package 2018





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Acceptance Package Undergraduate 1-2018