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Institute of Management & Technical Studies

Franchisee Proposal For More than 200 Courses, from UGC approved Universities

Institute of Management & Technical studies

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Acquire the dreams while you rejoice to learn

Institute of Management & Technical Studies

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, Some extra-ordinary project All of your thoughts break their bonds Your mind transcend limitations Your conscious expands in every direction And you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive And you discover yourself to be a greater person than You ever dreamed yourself to be.�

Here IMTS team welcomes you for accessing in the world of excellence education.

Institute of Management & Technical Studies

IMTS: A glimpse for introduction:Country’s renowned & reputed institution, having wonderful track record to enrich Indian Education System, phenomenon of higher studies and to shape future of nation, with unique model of educational services and including all those talent bodies who want to upgrade themselves through it’s own business model and franchisee, INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNICAL STUDIES is an ISO 9001:2008 certified International B& T school, accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom accreditation services) in association with ACM which recognized in 140 countries. Having more than 200 courses, more than 12 universities, providing diverse range of Educational services IMTS is acclaimed and run under ALL TIME HELP. Providing diploma to doctorate level degrees and certificate IMTS fulfill all of requirement of current educational issues.

Institute of Management & Technical Studies

‘IMTS’ different from other institute:-

India is moving on continuously with all of its potential for upgrading itself in educational workplace. Though enough institutions are generating many attracted word for grabbing vision of tenderly grew youth, however they take-over by huge fees and unusual pedagogy ethics which cannot be fit in genius environment for what India would be renowned, lack of skill-set for corporation (as many survey speaks) and not having a methodical and perfect educating cum learning system can create a gap in growth of country and all infrastructure related with economic, education, IT, agriculture and all most Morale of Indian Youth. There is lack of those helpful hands who could reach at these places;        

Person who have requirement of degree & certificate from reputational and UGC certified Universities for their government/private job, Who wants to be in foreign but they have need of attestation Facilities to cover study, lateral entry and saving years who has left study abruptly, as eligible person can obtain their bachelor degree in only one year, Persons who are working already and want to upgrade themselves professionally, personally and economically, but lack of time and knowledge they are in dark. All the potential youth and working people who are in remote area, many sub-urban and rural areas are being ignored by our current vocational and professional education system. Having low mark in particular subject but they can perform well if they could be provided other course of their interest but once the low mark on certificate can’t give them a single ray of hope. Persons who already feeling the lack of certificate and some skill are being hindrance on their career path either related with government criteria or any other reputed private corporate hub. Ladies, those have lost their opportunity to continue their study again in their interested stream, dozens of family problems and ritual hindrance and lack of any other institution which could provide them all educational solutions and degree or related certificate.

Institute of Management & Technical Studies Beyond of all other hotchpotch, influenced and researched from expertise now opportunity has arrived at your door step, what bestow your one knock, in incarnation of;

INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNICAL STUDIES All solutions with more than 200 courses from Universities approved by UGC

After many years’ hard-work, research, initiative and regularly effort for the achievement of India, IMTS has built a path to create nations best skilled persona from their guidance. Experiencing the taste of magical improvement in students having our certificates are truly developed their destination and making proud IMTS.

Franchisee means to be:Franchisee is the successful business venture model of having another firms’ success practice. Franchisee delivers the French word which means to free and to be free. Franchise is an alternative to building chain process to deliver goods and services and avoiding need of investment and liability of chain, for the franchisor. Franchisee ensure the success depend on the success of franchisor. The franchise bestows to have a greater incentive than a direct employee because he or she has direct stake in business and authority to hire more client/customer for development of defined business.

Institute of Management & Technical Studies

These are benefits to have a franchisee: to earn more easily:       

High profitable record of good track Ease to develop the business infrastructure System, process and procedure in detail Broad geographic model Easily operative and inexpensive operation A maintained and pretty advertised product and services A brand value with pleasure feelings Being own boss and maintain high-profile life

Who can be our franchisee Owner

 All of potential person who are keenly interested to start up their own venture and upgrade themselves economically and socially better.  Those who already have an institutional set-up but want more students could enroll at their place so we have more than 12 Universities and 200 courses of UG, PG, DIPLOMA and CERTIFICATE. 

Institute of Management & Technical Studies

Why IMTS This is the first developed educational infrastructure of India, who has acquired more than 200 courses and 12 Universities, especially in India it’s many centers are running successfully and enrolling student more than previous amount, with a giant group of world renowned Educationist, Researcher, Expertise, University persona and potential student, it is enriching the Indian skill-set like never before, with all of academic and economically help, IMTS is investing itself towards confirming more and more center so easily students and other degree-certificate seeker could access nearest part of their residence and workplace. Though IMTS business model is working more for students still it’s having much benefit for franchisee owner too,  Having an IMTS centre is totally free and too easy, you just pay for registration only  Offering more than 12 Universities, more than 200 courses and 1 autonomous institute: IMTS  IMTS-a prestigious brand and you find yourself as a boss of your venture, the high reputation of IMTS make you comfortable for working in tough competitive environment  There is no need of heavy set-up, huge fee, signing amount  Much margin, extra-benefit  Expert counseling and best boost-up methods help you quickly, Industry’s big player watch you and advise continuously for enriching better your earning power and more enrollment of students  Free online demo; helps you understand the process of hiring more students and having your franchisee easily,  We are filling the communicational and economical gap between you and university,  There is no any extra charge for university center it’s totally free and we are offering you more than 12 universities if once you would have registered with us.  Very easy process and few of days are require for total set-up  Our business experts and franchisee zone team helps you in all aspect to find yourself better through Advertising, Media campaign, initiative, Seminar, Motivational conference  Revising stamina- our web enabled news and emailing service provide you more information about new ethics of education and surveys with many articles, we always enrich you professionally, personally and spiritually. 

Institute of Management & Technical Studies

Franchisee PACKAGES We have two types of business model :-

 Mega-Franchisee: This is the total authority to take admission in following University and Institute:-


Status Govt. University Deemed University Deemed University Private University Private University Private University Private University Autonomous Institute

Your benefit 50% 30% 50% 45% 50% 50% 50% 65% 50%

LLB from Kanpur & Manav Bharti University B.Ed from Maharishi Dayanand University For this you need to have a total furnished office and you have to be registered. Registration Charge:- 40000 INR (Forty Thousand Rupees) only.

 Mini-Franchisee: For making flexible and explore more and more people’s potential we have designed this model in which you just registered with nominal fee: 11000 INR (Eleven Thousand Rupees) and you get authority to take admission on our behalf and you get 20% benefit on each admission in all university.

Institute of Management & Technical Studies

PROCESS of Being a Highly Acclaimed Franchisee Owner

Limitations Dear guest though we are facilitating you very much but these are some requirement, you have to follow it, don’t worry this is not related with any hyper issues, This is just, we want to be confirmed that,          

You are a potential person with age of more than 18 years and You have officially arranged your documentation these are your: ID-Proof Address Proof Educational Qualification Your character certificate Description of that place where you wish to start your education centre Registration Fee is non-refundable Initially you should have to ensure at least 10 admissions with in 2 month otherwise you would be detained by our authorities.

Institute of Management & Technical Studies

For more information and Application for franchisee feel free to call or mail us at:

 Bhavna Rahul Rawat Yadav Mob:-:-+91-9811561902 Mob. 9811275748 Mob+91-9811561902 e-mail- PankajGupta Nigam  Nitiin Mob. :- 9999786233 +91-8588897202 Mob:- +91-8588897202 e-mail-


Address IMTS Education Private Limited nd E-41, Market, Noida sec-3Dharampali Behind HCL Building Nearsector-27, Sec-16 Metro Noida-201301 station B-9, 2 Floor, Bhoja Palace, (NCR of Delhi)

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