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The 7 Safest Places To Live During A World Conflict

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Although a world conflict is unlikely to ignite at the moment, we all need to ask ourselves the question: what would we do if a World conflict erupted tomorrow? Do we have enough supplies to survive? Do we have a safe

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z one where we can retreat to with our loved ones? As frightening as it may sound, this scenario is not impossible. Some places are safer than others, and that is a known fact. Here are the top 7 safest places to live in case of world conflict:

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#7. Switzerland Popular all around the world for its chocolate, watches and banks, Switz erland is also considered one of the safest places on Earth. Despite the fact that it is a relatively small country, Switz erland has managed to thrive over the years and to stay away from the major conflicts that have affected Europe over the past century.

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As a matter of fact, it is exactly Switz erland’s neutrality that makes it such a safe and peaceful country. In

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addition to its history of neutrality, Switz erland’s location of being nestled in the Swiss Alps also adds to its safety.

Many World Leaders and Titans of Industry have socked away large sums of currency and precious metals in the Banks of Switz erland. It is therefore most unlikely that International Governments would permit an attack on Switz erland.

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#6. Papua, New Guinea

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Officially referred to as the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, this country is currently one of the most diverse ones from a cultural point of view. Despite the fact that the population of Papua, New Guinea exceeds 6 million inhabitants, this is one of the most rural regions and one of the world’s least explored areas, both geographically and culturally. Many species of animals and plants are still undiscovered to this day.

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2 Super Affordable Survival Kits That Will Save Your Family’s Life The fact that it is entirely surrounded by mountains makes Papua New Guinea an ideal location in case of world conflict – if you want to isolate yourself from the world, then there are few better places to do so.

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#5. Iceland

#5. Iceland


This Nordic island country doesn’t have any known world enemies and since World War II, it has become one of the wealthiest and most advanced nations in the world. One of the main aspects that makes Iceland such a safe country is the fact that it has countless remote locations where you can hunker down and ride- out a World

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conflict. Moreover, according to the well- known Global Peace Index which conducts surveys in various countries around the world, most people in Iceland consider themselves happy.

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Iceland has the most northern capital in the entire world. While easily supporting a population of around 300,000 inhabitants, many choose to move here mainly due to the low corporate taxes coupled with the popular, freemarket economy. To put it simple, Iceland is a very stable country and it would be a great choice if world conflict erupts all of a sudden!

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#4. Seychelles Currently known as one of the most popular honeymoon destination for the rich, Seychelles is a small, isolated yet beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean. There would be few safer places to hole- up should a World conflict ignite than in the middle of the ocean, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Be sure to put the Seychelles on your options list!

#3. Finland Just like Switz erland, which managed to steer clear from international conflicts over the past centuries, Finland is also known as a peaceful, safe and neutral country where you can live without fear. The Global Peace Index

mentioned above also ranks Finland in the top 10 safest places to be in case of world conflict. It is a remote, beautiful country that has plenty to offer to its inhabitants and visitors!

#2. Canada Canada has been inhabited for thousands of years by Aboriginal people, and it is currently the second largest nation in the world. It is a peaceful nation with very few world enemies and it is a very homogeneous country from a cultural and geographic point of view. If you are looking for a safe place to go with your family in case of war, then Canada is undoubtedly one of the best choices.

#1. New Zealand Last, but certainly not least, New Zealand is ranked as the safest country on the Global Peace Index. With a plethora of beautiful landscapes and isolated places where you can live quietly, New Zealand is one of the most isolated yet developed and friendly countries in the world with no borders, no enemies and a modern democratic government.

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