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How to Succeed at IMSA

Written by Mack Lee, DIY & Guides Section Editor

Interested in sucMany people over- unique at IMSA. [So- goals and do not let othcess at IMSA? Here are look the primary pur- cializing] helps you grow ers affect your passions. the formulae: pose of school – learning. as a person, and academTo sophomores: Not all upperclass1.) No Procrastination + men are proper models. Time Management Choose your models carefully and do not be “[One key to success affected by negative beis] being able to balance havior. your workload and your In addition, however, ically you learn to think free-time since [misman- the school’s second- in different ways by 5.) Keep yourself healthy aging] time is one of the ary purpose is person- bouncing ideas off other biggest problems that al fulfillment. Personal people.” – Mindy Jian ’13. Want to live longer? people have,” says Ted happiness should be Take risks! Do Sleep, don’t skip meals, Li ’12. everyone’s goal. “Being things that you are not avoid Instant Noodles You will find your- successful at IMSA is used to. IMSA provides (Maruchan, Shin, etc.) self awake in the morn- being happy with what many opportunities for and snacks, and exering if you make the effort you’re doing…so the you to participate in. cise! You want to be able to be sensible. In-room, key to success is know- Take advantage of the to see your toes, so don’t lights out, and Internet ing what you want out people that live around get fat. Good health enshutoff certainly do not of your time and truly you and don’t be afraid hances your academic help a procrastinator. working towards that,“ to ask for help. performance and emoManaging your time is says Eric Ordonez ’12. tional stability. Health vital to your success at 4.) Don’t compare your- always come first! IMSA. Do not spend 3.) Break your bubble self to others. too much time on any and take advantage of Follow these five one activity. Prioritize, your surroundings Everyone is differ- key steps and you will and make sure you finent. Some people are find yourself happy ish what you start. Keep “Expose [yourself] smarter than you; some about yourself. After yourself busy and you to new things that might people aren’t. In reality, making the most of your will avoid homesickness even replace your career your success is not based time at IMSA, you will goals.” – Ted Li ’12” as well. on your intelligence have experienced a fruitA key to success but your persistence ful three years. 2.) Realize your purpose. is “mingling [with oth- and hard work. Work ers] because everyone is towards your personal

“4.) Don’t compare yourself to others.”

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A Quick Summary of the Presidential Debates

Written by Ryan Chiu, World News Section Editor

In a series of four intense presidential and vice-presidential debates, bothends of the political spectrum showed their rhetorical and political colors. Both President Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney were tested on their positions regarding different domestic and foreign policy issues. In an effort to recap what occurred during the past few weeks, below is a quick and – hopefully – easy-to-follow summary of all major statements provided by both presidential candidates in the debates.

choice between private insurance and Medicare. Reduce benefits for higher income people. OBAMA: ”Both Romney and I are similar on Social Security, which is basically sound with minor adjustments. However, on Medicare we are different. Obamacare will save $716 billion by reducing payments to care providers, it helps close the “donut hole,” saving seniors $600 a person on average. It pays for preventative care visits. Romney’s voucher program will cost the average senior $6,000 a person.”

How will you create more Should Obamacare be repealed? jobs here in America? ROMNEY: “My plan has five parts: Energy independence, more trade, training, a balanced budget, and championing small businesses.” OBAMA: “During my first term in office, I have created 5 million jobs here in America … [we need to] invest in education and training.” Any plans for Social Security? ROMNEY: Supports voucher program for future retirees to give them

ROMNEY: “Yes. Obamacare added an unnecessary $716 billion in healthcare costs to Medicare. It was pushed through without bipartisan support. Three-quarters of small businesses said they would hold back on hiring because of the costs. Thirty percent of people will lose their existing insurance because companies will find it more cost effective to let them buy it on the exchange. Let the states manage a health care plan. Don’t let an unelected board

decide health care coverage. I would create a plan that allows young people to stay on their parents’ plans. It would also allow people to get insurance for pre-existing conditions. It would provide incentives for health care companies to lower costs.”

It pays the states to add more low income families to Medicaid. It closes the donut hole for those on Medicare. The board simply advises on best practices.” What is the proper role of our government?

ROMNEY: “Protect OBAMA: “I would keep life and liberty, and the Obamacare because it rights of people to make provides the follow- decisions for theming benefits. It provides selves.” He also advocoverage for those with cated better schools. pre-existing conditions. Provide vouchers for Health insurance com- disabled and other chilpanies can’t impose ar- dren to allow them to atbitrary lifetime limits. tend the school of their They have to pay you choice. Romney agreed back if they spend too with Obama’s programs

ROMNEY: “In eight to ten years, we will get a balanced budget by cutting non-defense spending by 10%, the first step … Get rid of Obamacare.” much of your premium on administration and advertising. Children can stay on their parents’ plan until age 26. You can keep your existing coverage. It allows you to pay a lower, group health insurance rate if you have to buy your own insurance. It provides a subsidy for those who can’t afford private health insurance.

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to boost education. OBAMA: “The first priority of our government must be defense.” Also, he wants to create opportunities for small businesses. Hire more teachers and improve education, such as with Race to the Top. Training programs with the Community Colleges. Lower educational costs

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by cutting out the mid- put our military into now – it needs 313 ships cuts and reduce the defidleman and lend directly Syria. [Instead,] we need to be effective, but has cit. We have fewer ships to help organize the in- less than 285. Our Air because we have more to students. What is your tax plan? ROMNEY: “Don’t raise taxes on the rich during a slow-growing economy … because it hurts small businesses … the National Federation of Independent Businesses said it would destroy 700,000 jobs.” Lower corporate rate by eliminating some loopholes and deductions. There is no tax break for shipping jobs overseas. Tax breaks to oil companies is only $2.8 billion a year, and it’s just an accounting adjustment, not a real tax break. It mostly goes to drillers and other surgents and give them more arms.” small businesses.” OBAMA: Cut $4 billion a year in subsidies to oil companies. Lower corporate tax rate by eliminating tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. Obama and Romney then debated whether Romney’s tax cut plan would reduce government revenue by $5 trillion and whether Romney’s spending plan would add $2 trillion to federal defense spending. On what level should the United States by involved in Syria? ROMNEY: “I don’t think it’s necessary to

Image: The Washington Post

Force is smaller than in 1947. We can now only handle one conflict at a OBAMA: [Agrees with time. Obama will cut the Romney’s stance] ”Re- military by $1 trillion, almoving Assad is para- though this includes the mount. We don’t want fiscal cliff sequestration.” to get into a military “Military conflict, so we want to OBAMA: organize the opposition spending has gone up and make sure they have every year I’ve been in office. We spend more the arms they need.” on the military than the How do we fund our efforts next 10 countries. I’ve asked the Joint Chiefs in national defense? to plan for what we’ll ROMNEY: “In eight to need in the future — cyten years, we will get a bersecurity and space. balanced budget by cut- It’s driven by strategy. ting non-defense spend- It allows us to reduce ing by 10%, the first step our deficit by spending … Get rid of Obamacare. smarter, not more. RomI’ve had lots of experi- ney can’t spend $2 trilence in balancing a bud- lion more on defense, get. Our Navy is smaller $5 trillion more on tax Want to read more? Visit!

aircraft carriers and submarines.” Should we pull out of Afghanistan / aid Pakistan? ROMNEY: “[The Afghan government] will be ready. Recognize that Pakistan has a major effect on Afghanistan because they have 100 nuclear warheads. We will give Pakistan aid only if they meet certain benchmarks.” OBAMA: “By ending war in Iraq, we could refocus on Afghanistan. We’ve met many of the objective that got us there in the first place by decimating al-Qaeda’s core leadership. Afghans

4 are now perfectly capable of defending their own country. We’ve got to transition responsibly. This allows us to free up resources to put our own people, especially veterans, back to work, build our infrastructure. It’s especially important to help the veterans with PTSD.” What is America’s role in the world? ROMNEY: “We have a responsibility to promote principles such as elections, freedom of speech, etc. We want to end conflicts. To do so, we must be strong by strengthening our own economy. I won’t cut $1 trillion from the military budget. We have to be prepared for who knows what. We shouldn’t have pulled our missiles out of Poland. Obama shouldn’t have been silent during the Green Revolution in Tehran”. Romney reiterated 5-point plan: Energy independence (including alternative energy), more free trade with a focus on Latin America, training, create a balanced budget, and foster more small business creation. OBAMA: “America is stronger than four years ago, because we ended the war in Iraq, which allowed us to focus. For example, our alliances are now stronger than

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ever. We are rebuilding our economy by retraining workers, strengthening the auto industry, cutting our oil imports by building alternative energy. Romney’s plan doesn’t cut the deficit.”

ease. IMSA’s continued support for Dr. McLaren has gained recognition in newspapers throughout Illinois. I had the privilege to get to ask Dr. McLaren about his time at IMSA, what he’s doing at the moment, and his thoughts on everything IMSA’s done through e-mail correspondence. Although it had to be kept brief, it was an interesting experience to get to talk to someone Written by Jo-jo Feng, who made such an imIMSA News Staff Writer In 1986, when pact on IMSA without IMSA first opened, Dr. being recognized by the Eric McLaren began Class of 2015. To begin the disworking as a residential counselor. Since then, cussion, I asked Dr. Mche moved up the ladder, Laren what his favorite

A Word with Dr. McLaren

“It is a noble cause for an important figure who truly made an impact on the school and, consequently, the scientific world.” eventually becoming the principal of the school. Sadly, he was forced to retire when, in the fall of 2010, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In Dr. McLaren’s honor, IMSA hosts many activities in order to support and raise awareness of ALS research and has even partnered with Project ALS, a fund that goes toward researching potential treatment for the dis-

experience living on campus was, and if there were any specific memories he had while he was an RC or HC. He had lived on campus for four years and created many fond memories with students and staff members. These stories came up at class reunions, exemplifying the bond that Dr. McLaren had with his students and coworkers. In this year alone, many events have been

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established at IMSA such as the Sockless Day of Solitude, to honor Dr. McLaren because of his predilection for not utilizing socks. Furthermore, the Lap the Lake event raised money and awareness for ALS research. Dr. McLaren’s children’s college and the Skyrise Willis Tower climb that IMSA students will be participating in on Sunday, November 4th will raise over $2,000. In response to all of everything IMSA has done for him, Dr. McLaren expressed his enthusiasm by saying “Spark is wonderful!” He also mentioned the work students have been doing in SIR, studying ALS along with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s in an effort to achieve a tremendous goal of helping treat such diseases. “The answer is in the science,” he reiterated from an article in the Chicago Beacon News, showing his adamant belief in scientific research. Next, I asked him how he felt about the publicity he has gotten recently, specifically citing an article in Beacon News that had been passed around the IMSA student body in the past few weeks. “The articles were nice, but too much focus on me.” Dr. McLaren said, modestly. ” The real

story is about my three friends running the New York City marathon and raising significant funds for Project ALS,” Even in sickness, his thoughts don’t lie on himself, but

Dr. McLaren (Image: The Beacon-News)

on helping other people, which truly goes to show how dedicated he is to promote IMSA’s mission statement to “advance the human condition.: Dr. McLaren continues to optimistically fight ALS. He strives to push through it and continue his work. Impressively, he still holds the title of Vice President of Academic Affairs for IMSA and is currently working on four projects with Dr. McGee. IMSA continues to create opportunities to support Dr. McLaren and ALS research through fundraising, awareness, and various events. It is a noble cause for an important figure who truly made an im-

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pact on the school and, consequently, the scientific world.

An Article You Are Probably Too Busy To Read

Written by Kaylee Karumanchi, Opinions Section Editor

Everyone I know is busy. Whether it is piling on the extracurricular activities or adding to our numerous community services hours, we’re all busy somehow. These activities not only fill our schedules during the school year or weekdays but also even during our so-called vacations and weekends. Summer break is no longer devoted to catching up with friends and sleep, but also seeing what internships we can land or what planes we can hop onto to go on a service trip to pad our already well-embellished resumes. Sunday is no longer the day of rest, but another day we can use to add more activities and obligations to our already over extended schedules. It’s almost as if any given minute that we are resting or enjoying ourselves, we are wasting what little time we have to achieve more. This is especially apparent in the pressure cooker we call IMSA. We’re all so worried about getting an edge on the competition, our peers, that we forget to “stop and smell the roses” (forgive the cliché). Our generation of students applying to college doesn’t leave any ground

for slacking off. As Stephen Colbert stated, we’re all up against “an army of overachieving geniuses with an 8.0 GPA, who’ve played the violin since the second trimester, and whose extracurricular activities include flying the chopper that got Bin Laden.” And he’s right. We’ve set such a high standard; we’re no longer looking to do things we actually enjoy, but rather one-up even our dearest friends so that we can have a leg up on what seems like the most important thing in the world right now: college admissions. During the school year, I would come home every Friday night, beaten down by the workload I had during the week, even more tired than my parents. We’re practically children still and though we have fewer responsibilities than our parents, we come home even more tired than the grown-ups. But, what is this all for? We’re only gearing up for the long journey ahead of us. There’s no end to this. A vast majority of us will most likely attend some sort of graduate school and have to fight past another hoard of applicants. And then there’s the competition of actu-

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ally finding a job after all the years of education. That isn’t the end of it either, though. There’s always room to be bigger and better. Someone will be sure to set the bar higher. We must outmaneuver, outdo, and outsmart our peers and colleagues so that we can take another step on the ladder to success. For now, the magnitude of your success may be based on getting into certain colleges; however, the journey of finding success never really stops. We only work now to work even harder later. It’s arguable that taking a break now will only impact our future negatively, but giving yourself a chance to relax is as important as eating your vegetables. Eating healthily isn’t a vice, so why should giving yourself a break be? It may be time to step back and think about what it is that you are striving for. Are you looking for happiness? More money than you can count? Whatever it is, by all means keep your nose to the grindstone, but realize that being tiresomely busy is not your preordained fate. It’s something you’ve chosen, and there are plenty of average, idler people

The Acronym

6 out there who’ll make it even bigger than you will.

StudCo Brings You Campus Events! “Go Green”: Written by Corey Hornbeck, IMSA News Staff Writer

Fierce dodge-ball tournaments, delicious snacks, and episodes of a popular TV series – three awesome things Student Council (StudCo) hosted on Tuesday nights! Two weeks ago, StudCo held the Senior-Sophomore Lock-In, offering an open gym, concession snacks, and showings of The Big Bang Theory as well as How I Met Your Mother. If you missed out that night, don’t worry; StudCo has several future activities for the student body! StudCo is planning a Last Lecture soon. For sophomores, Last Lecture is an event where students nominate a teacher to give a talk as if it were his or her last before retirement. Last year, Mr. Gentzler and later Dr. Don delivered a Last Lecture, discussing their lives, sharing anecdotes, and passing on life tips to students. Last Lectures are a great way for students to learn about life through the perspective of an experienced IMSA teacher! Along with future Last Lectures, Student Council has several oth-

er events planned for fist semester such as a Sodexo Appreciation Week and an On-campus SIR Shadow Program, the latter to allow


sophomores to get a feel for the IMSA’s Student Inquiry and Research program (SIR). Look out for more news on future StudCo-hosted events; there’s much more to come! Like always, StudCo works for you! Our StudCo President is Kevin Zhang. He is followed by Nathan Suek as Vice President, Ashley Radee as Secretary, Scott Zelman as Treasurer, Ian Wilkinson as Senior at Large, Anthony Marquez as Junior at Large, Hannah Swerbenski and Sue Kim as Co-Chairs for

Academic Committee, Taylor Imburgia and Emmy Mladenova as CoChairs for Communications Committee, Kevin Chong and Bindi Patel as Co-Chairs for Residential Life Committee, and Sunny Shah and Kendell Byrd as Co-Chairs for Reform Committee. The newest additions to cabinet are the Sophomores-at Large, Vinesh Kannan and Ryan Yang. Together as a team, they fulfill various responsibilities, one of which is hosting activities and events for IMSA students. Read “Class of 2015’s New Sophomore-At-Large’s” for more information on the newest members of Student Council, Ryan Yang and Vinesh Kannan. Missed StudCo’s last lock-in? Take a look at “Student Council: Sophomore-Senior-Lock-In and Sodexo Updates!”

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A Red Plot?

Written by Tejas Joshi,

Opinions Staff Writer Warning! You are constantly being inundated with environmentalist propaganda! Assuming, of course (in the words of Dr. Victory), that you are a semi-rational being, you deserve to scrutinize these claims that incessantly encroach upon your mind. For this purpose, as absurd as the proposition might be, we will assume that global warming, acid rain, Greenland, and the like are not elaborate hoaxes. Instead, I will demonstrate the inherent hypocrisies and failures of the “Go Green” creed. Environmentalism directly opposes American values and freedoms. The “Go Green” movement creates divisions between species in a clear contrast to our democratic system. Those environmental proselytizers discriminate between species with terms such as “endangered” or “extant”. They are clearly implying that the lives of some creatures are worth more than others. The “Go Green” movement also treats all people as equal, with an equal re-

The Acronym Film Review: Looper


sponsibility for the environment, regardless of how hard they work. It also promotes government control of the environment under the

daytrip, just to deliver a warning. Now that’s commitment.” Even the less committed members Written by Ciara Wardlow, of the upper-class suffer Entertainment Section Editor Director: Rian John- director, Rian Johnson, from the “Go Green” son is referring to something very different: Starring: Joseph modern Hollywood. BeGordon-Levitt, Bruce cause, while adaptations Willis, and Emily Blunt of preexisting sources have always have always Rating: R been a staple in film, never before has origSummary: The year inality seemed so enmovement. Addition- is 2042, and the Unit- dangered—something ally, Robert F. Kennedy ed States economy has which gives Looper a deJr. warns that the Cape collapsed, and the in- cided edge. By steering Wind project to install vention of time travel is away from typical issues 144,000 wind turbines 30 years away. Joe (Gor- of time-travel with the off the coast of Nantuck- don-Levitt), 25, works for premise of an assassin et will block the Kenne- a Mafia-like organization whose target is his future dy family’s view of sever- unofficially in control self, Johnson examines of Kansas City, run by a psychological and philal of their islands. So, what can you do charismatic man known osophical issues far outto help solve this prob- as Abe as a Looper, a side the sci-fi standard, lem? Join me in a protest specialized assassin who such as fate, free will, against these wasteful kills targets sent back friendship, and morality. The world of Loopand denigrating “Go from the future. When Green” groups in Wash- Joe’s new target ends er manages to be both ington D.C.! However, up being his future self familiar and unsettling, don’t write a message (Willis), it sends him on with futuristic elements with wasteful electricity a convoluted cat-and- (time travel, flying moon your computers or mouse chase which tan- torbikes, etc.) scattered with store-bought pa- gles his past and future amongst an aged, weary pers which promote into the lives of a single landscape reminiscent of deforestation. Be sure mother (Blunt) and her what one would would see on the evening news, to make a sign with a young son. Makeup does wondialed up to eleven. The homemade organic ink of chlorophyll and saf- ders in the new film streets are riddled with holes, lined with overfron shavings and write Looper flowing garbage bins. a letter on homegrown Review: “Do some- The sidewalks and alpapyrus. Then, hitchthing new,” crime boss leyways are overflowing hike your way to D.C. (with only hybrid cars) and time-traveler Abe with the homeless, living and meet me in front of complains, with a roll of out of beat-up cars and make-shift tarp abodes. the Capitol building. his eyes. Now, while he Everything is dinged Together we can make a is talking about Joe’s and dirty, crying out difference! choice in neckwear, the for a good wash. It’s not

“Environmentalism is harmful to all levels of society.” guise of national parks and the like. Together, these factors obviously indicate that we are suffering from a hold-over from Communist splinter cells during the Cold War. Environmentalism is harmful to all levels of society. The poor cannot afford many “green” technologies such as electric cars or solar panels. The continued development of green products only exacerbates class differences and builds a dangerous hatred in the minds of the proletariat less fortunate. The rich also suffer under the restrictive green ideals. Those who actively espouse environmental issues are put under a great strain of time and resources. For example, online media guru Matt Drudge estimated that “Gore used 439,500 pounds of fuel, or 65,600 gallons, at a cost of more than $131,000 on a 16,000-mile

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The Acronym

story with unnecessary explanations. At the same time, Looper still provides enough of a basis to keep from be-


8 post-apocalyptic, but Johnson’s vision of the future is hardly worth looking forward to. Despite the depth

and intricacies of the world he creates, Johnson avoids falling in the trap all too many promising sci-fi films succumb to and keeps the setting in the background, where it belongs, instead of weighing down the

coming frustratingly ambiguous--something the sci-fi movies also susceptible to (see: The Road). The film is not, however, flawless by any means. The fact that Looper is Johnson’s first foray into the genre proves

a double-edged sword. His fresh perspective is the film’s greatest strength, but his lack of experience in the genre is also responsible for its greatest weakness—a last-minute plot twist which pushes Looper into the unsettling grey zone between sci-fi and fantasy. Although this flaw does not destroy the merit of the film, it turns what could have been a fantastic, cathartic conclusion into a ending that is merely “good”. Nonetheless, with superb performances by both Willis and Gordon-Levitt and a strong, unique premise, Looper has certainly secured a spot on the Modern Sci-Fi wall of fame as the best original release

since 2010’s Inception. Verdict: 8.5/10 Oscar Buzz: If a guy won Best Makeup and Hairstyling last year for making Meryl Streep look like Margaret Thatcher, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the team responsible for making Joseph Gordon-Levitt a believable young Bruce Willis stand a good chance. That said, the competition this year will be pretty stiff with Cloud Atlas (caucasian Halle Berry? Tribal leader Hugh Grant? What?) and bio-pic Lincoln also in the running. [Note: Lincoln and Cloud Atlas will both be reviewed in the ACRONYM at a later date.]

IMSA Golf: A Look Back

Written by Anthony Marquez, Sports Section Editor & Assistant Editor-in-Chief Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to inadvertently forget about practicing and striving to improve during a vacation. Because of this, those who forget may be unprepared and at a disadvantage when returning to their competitive routine. This year’s IMSA golf team knows all too well about the initial setbacks that are caused by not practicing over a vacation. When prompted,

Luke Zhan, a junior on the team, emphasized the fact that the team started off very roughly due to a lack of sufficient preparation before the early matches. Fortunately, those issues proved to be somewhat temporary and, ultimately, the team’s success was not too sorely inhibited. In fact, the team ended up going undefeated in conference play and eventually placing third in the conference tournament.

As a result, the Titans are going to enjoy a delicious banquet courtesy of Sodexo. In order to progress as the season went on, many members of the team credit their consistent utilization of friendly competition. While practicing may typically not be enjoyable, the Titans managed to spark up the environment by perpetually igniting a competitive fire in one another and motivating the

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team to work, improve, and compete at a sufficient level. Additionally, the upperclassmen managed to forge a sense of camaraderie within the team while providing a guiding presence for the sophomores on the team. Often times, members of the team would gather and spend time with each other before and after matches. By being so comfortable with one another, constructive criticism was

The Acronym not seen as threatening, but rather as a truly beneficial medium for identifying issues. Despite the positive outcomes from the season, there were notable areas that require attention and improvement before the next season. Specifically, as a whole, the Titans were mildly inconsistent in the context of one match to another and, in some cases, one swing to another. Furthermore, while it is

expected that motivation would deteriorate as time goes on, the Titans must sustain an acceptable level of attendance at practice throughout all portions of the season. In totality, the past season provided an overall helpful experience, whether it be by improving as the season went on or deeming other areas necessary for improvement.

Techniques for Sleeping in Class

Written by Mack Lee, DIY & Guides Section Editor

At IMSA, sleep deprivation will cause the need to sleep in class. This guide provides some tips on how you can sneak a few extra minutes of sleep in class. Don’t waste your time drifting to sleep and closing your eyes every half-second. If you need to sleep, sleep. Disclaimer: If you get caught, Acronym staff is not responsible for your consequences. This article is for entertainment purposes only. Use at your own discretion/ risk. It could be detrimental to your grade.

by the chance of successful execution Risk = Low, Medium, High -Risk is measured by the chance of being caught Note: For all techniques, to avoid being compromised, do not sleeptalk, sleepwalk, or snore. In addition, make sure your neighbor won’t tell on you!

Technique 1 (One-handed Visor) Materials: None Difficulty Level: 4 Risk: Medium 1.) Pick a spot in the classroom in which the teacher does not move behind Difficulty Levels from 1-4 you or next to you (the (From least difficult to edges work well) most difficult) 2.) Place your hand on -Difficulty is measured your forehead as if you

were frustrated (with your elbow on the table), and tilt it to an angle so that you cannot see the teacher’s eyes. 3.) If you can’t see them, they can’t see you Make sure you cannot see their eyes. To do this, test each eye by closing the other. 4.) Make sure you have good head support When sleeping, your head will sometimes slip and move around while you sleep. Avoid this by bracing your elbow sturdily. 5.) Sleep tight! Technique 2 (Two-handed Visor) Materials: Handout and/ or notebook, pencil Difficulty Level: 3 Risk: Low 1.) Repeat step 1 from technique 1 2.) Place your elbows on the table, interlock your hands, and place them on your forehead with your thumbs on your temples. You’re essentially making a visor with both your hands. Make sure you cannot see the teachers’ eyes. Look down at your paper 3.) Make sure your elbows will not slip off the table and use step 4 from Technique 1 4.) Move your hands towards the back of your head while maintaining the lack of eye contact so it does not look obvious. 5.) Dream away!

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9 Technique 3 (The Wall) Materials: None Difficulty Level: 3 Risk: Medium 1.) Sit somewhere in the classroom where the teacher only sees you from one side 2.) Take one hand and place it vertically on your cheek (the side that the teacher usually sees you from). Move it forward until you cannot see the teachers’ eyes. If needed, place the second hand on the other side for a different effect. You are shielding your eyes from the side, similar to the visor in Techniques 1 and 2. 3.) Test each eye by closing one and seeing if you can see the teachers’ eyes Technique 4 (Chillin’) Materials: Dark Sunglasses Difficulty Level: 1 Risk: Low Depending on the teacher, make sure this teacher will allow you to wear sunglasses in-class. 1.) Sit up straight and look like you are looking at the teacher. Technique 5 (Laptop Freak) Materials: Laptop Difficulty Level: 2 Risk: High 1.) Place your laptop open in front of you 2.) Make sure the teacher will not see you as he/she walks around the class-

10 room 3.) Place your chin onto the touchpad or under the keyboard 4.) Don’t let your head slip and catch up on sleep!

The Acronym

3.) It is crucial that you have a sturdy head so that it will not tilt side to side/up and down 4.) Sleep away!

however, make sure it does not come in contact with it or you will be compromised. If possible, angle your head so that your chin is closer Technique 8 (Pencil to your neck, shielding Drop) your eyes. Technique 6 (Brave Materials: Pencil 2.) Move your eyes up Soul) Difficulty Level: 3 to see if you can see the Materials: None Risk: High teachers’ eyes Difficulty Level: <1 1.) Place your pencil on 3.) -_Risk: Beyond Imagina- the ground

next to you with pencil in hand. 3.) Pretend to write (try to write something so that you have a way out) 4.) Don’t let your pencil drop and dream well! Now you have been provided with an arsenal of skills for you to catch up on sleep. Use this with caution and if

Tired IMSA students: a typical scene. (Image: you are caught, the contion 2.) Act as if you cannot Technique 10 (Peek-a…. sequences are severe. 1.) Think about your per- reach the pencil and Boo?) Please refer to the disfect world and person- sleep with your head Materials: None claimer at the beginning al fantasies and forget on the desk facing away Difficulty: 1 of the article. about school and sleep from the teacher and Risk: High in whatever position you your arm hanging down- 1.) Place your hands over NFL Power choose wards off the table your eyes as if you don’t Rankings: Week 9 2.) Don’t get expelled 3.) Do not sleep for too want someone to see you Written by Agnel Philip, long… or take a picture of you Sports Staff Writer Technique 7 (Medusa) 2.) Zzzzzzz…… Materials: None Technique 9 (Near-sight- Technique 11 (Note-tak- After so much fluctuaDifficulty Level: 2 ed) ing SIKE!) tion during the first part Risk: Medium Materials: Book/Hand- Materials: Notebook, of this season, it truly 1.) Pick a spot in the class- out Pencil is nice to get a sense of room that faces away Difficulty Level: 1 Difficulty: 3 permanence and norfrom the teacher Risk: Medium Risk: High malcy at the top and 2.) Make sure the teacher 1.) As you read the book/ 1.) Place your head side- bottom. The middle is will not make a round or handout, lower your ways on the table facing still chaotic as ever but walk in front/to the side head so that it is close to away from the teacher that’s why we watch the of you and parallel to the table; 2.) Have your notebook games, right? Anyway, Want to read more? Visit!

enjoy this week’s edition of the Power Rankings! As always, Mason Dearborn wrote for the even ranked teams and I wrote for the odd ranked ones.

The Acronym

11 to be second here. They and Jennings, but they what it will take for them really can be there. Not get it done and nobody to become a good team. all opponents will be as can count them out. 10. Broncos (4-3) Last forgiving of early-game Week: 11 (M: 9, A: 10) mistakes as the Panthers 7. Ravens (5-2) Last Peyton Manning is disand the Bears need to Week: 7 (M: 7, A: 9) pelling all doubts and generate an offense that Bye week last week. They Colts fans are cringing at

M: Mason’s Rank A: Agnel’s Rank 1. Falcons (7-0) Last Week: 2 (M: 1, A: 1) That was just a dominating performance by all facets of their team. If they get to 10-0, perfect season talk would be warranted for this team. They have all the pieces. 2. Texans (6-1) Last Week: 1 (M: 2, A: 2) Why did I decide to have the Falcons move to number 1 this week? I was worried about the issues of Matt Ryan starting slow and having games with bad teams be close, but they came out this week against Philly and got up big early and had a great running day.

Oct 28, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (88) makes a catch in the end zone in the fourth quarter against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium. Bryant was ruled out of bounds on the play. (Image: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE)

confidently drives the field. 5. 49ers (6-2) Last Week: 5 (M: 5, A: 4) Alex Smith looks more 3. Giants (6-2) Last Week: like a legitimate fran3 (M: 3, A: 3) chise quarterback every They almost, and in my week. The fact is that opinion should have, they are going to need lost a game in which they him to become one in orwent up by 23 points. Eli der for them to seriously did not look elite at all in consider themselves Suthis game and despite the per Bowl contenders. turnovers they created, the defense got carved 6. Packers (5-3) Last up by Tony Romo. Week: 6 (M: 6, A: 6) The Packers have beaten 4. Bears (6-1) Last Week: the Bears and the Tex4 (M: 4, A: 5) ans for their only losses. I really want the Bears They are without Nelson

needed that bye week to figure out where they were going to go without Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb.

giving him away. 11. Seahawks (4-4) Last Week: 8 (M: 10, A: 11) You have to feel bad for the Seahawks because the Lions were due for a 8. Patriots (5-3) Last win over a decent team Week: 10 (M: 8, A: 8 ) and they just happened They scored on their first to be the next decent five possessions. How team on the schedule. funny is it that the New ENGLAND PATRIOTS 12. Vikings (5-3) Last played in London, En- Week: 9 (M: 13, A: 12) gland? Everyone was waiting for the Vikings to show 9. Steelers (4-3) Last that their season so far Week: 12 (M: 11, A: 7) has been a fluke. RealThey effectively con- ly, I don’t think this loss tained RGIII mania and means as much as others showed the Redskins may say. They are a run-

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12 ning team that just got countered by a strong run defense and a great game by Doug Martin.

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In a division that prides itself on having good ground games, this team glaringly lacks one. Also, they need to get Larry 13. Dolphins (4-3) Last Fitzgerald involved more Week: 17 (M: 14, A: 13) otherwise they could leThe Dolphins are gain- gitimately end up 4-12 ing momentum and after a 4-0 start. could challenge for a wild card spot if they 18. Bengals (3-4) Last keep up these perfor- Week: 18 (M: 16, A: 22) mances. The second This team still lost to the half of their schedule in- Browns before its bye cludes two games against week. the Patriots, though… 19. Lions (3-4) Last Week: 14. Buccaneers (3-4) Last 22 (M: 24, A: 16) Week: 21 (M: 12, A: 17) As I said, they were due After an interesting for one win against a game against the Saints, decent team and they the Buccaneers again got it. Now they have to pleasantly surprised prove themselves against with a win over the Vi- teams that actually have kings. Also, Doug Mar- an offense, such as Green tin is being compared to Bay in three weeks. Ray Rice, which is definitely a good sign. 20. Saints (2-5) Last Week: 20 (M: 17, A: 24) 15. Cowboys (3-4) Last The Saints have the Week: 16 (M: 15, A: 18) worst defense of all time, It was a valiant effort but but Drew Brees means it was too little, too late. high scoring, entertainTony Romo needs to ing losses for the Saints. limit the turnovers otherwise he will lose what- 21. Chargers (3-4) Last ever support he has left. Week: 15 (M: 21, A: 20) Pathetic. That’s the only 16. Eagles (3-4) Last word that can describe Week: 13 (M: 20, A: 14) their loss to the Browns. If the team has to an- They have some serious nounce who the starting issues to work through quarterback is, there is a but not much time to problem. Do not let the work on them. If they Saints defense this week lose to the Chiefs this make them look too weekend, their season is good. officially in jeopardy. 17. Cardinals (4-4) Last Week: 14 (M: 19, A: 15)

The Indianapolis Colts beat the IMSA Titans! Yes, we played the Colts. Our football team is no longer undefeated.

23. Redskins (3-5) Last Week: 19 (M: 18, A: 25) Did I not say they needed a defense? They let Pittsburgh run all over them which is saying something because the Steelers run game hasn’t been able to run over anything thus far. Combine that with a sub-par RGIII and you have a recipe for disaster if you are a Redskins’ fan. 24. Bills (3-4) Last Week: 27 (M: 25, A: 23) The team in New York is pretty good. The Giants. Not the Jets. The Bills need to work on that defense thing that stops teams from using them as a floor mat and Hall of Fame career stat-booster. 25. Jets (3-5) Last Week: 23 (M: 29, A: 21) As good as they looked at times two weeks ago against the Patriots, they are not a good football team and they know it. However, it may not be all bad. I hear they have a decent backup quarterback who only knows how to win.

27. Titans (3-5) Last Week: 26 (M: 26, A: 26) Good news? Chris Johnson appears to be back. Bad news? They are still a pretty bad team. 28. Raiders (3-4) Last Week: 28 (M: 28, A: 27) They might be awful, but they won and stopped Jamaal Charles in the process. 29. Browns (2-6) Last Week: 30 (M: 27, A: 29) I was tempted not to move them up simply because their win against the Chargers was so ugly but hey, somebody has to give this club some love. 30. Panthers (1-6) Last Week: 29 (M: 30, A: 30) The Bears gave the Panthers the game and the Panthers still failed to capitalize. 31. Chiefs (1-6) Last Week: 31 (M: 31, A: 32) Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn? Pretty soon the world will realize it does not matter because neither one of them is going to have the job next year.

32. Jaguars (1-6) Last Week: 32 (M: 32, A: 31) They kept it close against the Packers! If 26. Rams (3-5) Last Week: Cassel wasn’t back then 24 (M: 22, A: 28) they could maybe pass Okay, the Patriots are the Chiefs. Actually, no, 22. Colts (4-3) Last Week: good. The hard times they couldn’t. 25 (M: 23, A: 19) will pass, Rams fans. Want to read more? Visit!

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South China Sea Island Dispute: What It Means for the US

Written by Ryan Chiu, World News Section Editor

China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Phillipines are all divided by a common land claim to various chains of islands in the South China Sea, particularly the Paracel and Spratly Islands. This clash of interests and mutual desire for the same land has recently caught the eye of international media, and threatens to impact the American economy. Before exploring the role of the United States in this foreign crisis, it is important to understand the context and origins of the issue. In 1968, various hydrocarbon deposits, including petroleum, were discovered underwater around the Spratly and Paracel Islands. In fact, the Ministry of Geological Resources and Mining of the People’s Republic of China estimated that the South China Sea may contain as much as 17.7 billion tons of crude oil, which is even more than Kuwait’s reserve of 13 billion tons. As soon as this discovery was made, sveral surrounding nations began staking their own claims to the water around the oil reserves (as shown in the map below).

All of these nations began formulating seemingly legitimate

plaints. Officials in the Philippines, namely former

China, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Phillipines, and even Brunei claim the oil-rich Spratly Islands are their own. (Image:

excuses for their claims over these small island chains. The People’s Republic of China still claims that the Spratly and Paracel Islands are rightfully theirs because the Chinese military occupied them following the defeat of Japan in World War II. For nearly three decades, Chinese authority over the lands remained undisputed. It was only when crude oil and petroleum were discovered, that Vietnam and the Philippines began to voice their com-

president Ferdinand Marcos, believe that given that the Filipino people were the first in history to explore and chart the Spratly Islands, the land should be theirs for the taking. Both the Filipino and Vietnamese governments have stated their belief that it is unacceptable and imperialistic for China to claim nearly three-fourths of the South China Sea, especially when some of its islands are within 50 kilometers of other nations, such as the Philip-

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pines and Malaysia. But, what does this whole island debacle mean for American politics? Recently, President Obama voiced his opinion in the Democratic National Convention that “China should be one of our closest friends.” However, the massive amount of American military support for Vietnamese and Filipino governments might prove otherwise, and may be averse to any Chinese-American diplomatic relations. Moreover, the United Nations may choose to take their respective sides on this issue, and are contemplating the possibility of sanctioning China for its actions. Embargoes may be placed by the two superpowers on one another, which would severely limit the potential for commerce in the Pacific. Even though the South China Sea may seem quite distant in a geographic sense, the affairs and disputes of Asian nations will continue to have a profound impact on the economy and politics of the United States.

The Acronym New IMSA Record: Seven Fire Alarms in One Night


Written by Steph Wang, IMSA News Section Editor

On October 4th, seven fire alarms sounded from five residential halls in one night. Starting around 10:30 PM, IMSA students of 1503, 04, 05, 06, and 07 were sent plodding, shivering, and, for those unfortunate ones, dripping wet clad only in towels into the brisk fall weather. Three of the seven alarms were 05, 06, and 07’s mandatory fire drills. 1506 and 07 passed theirs successfully. 05 is looking into repeating

rowdy.” Although some were planned, four alarms were caused by petty mindlessness of the halls’ residents. While the IMSA campus recorded an impressive number of evacuations in one night, this is not the first time that the causes for the alarms set off could been easily avoided. Earlier this year, incidents such as forgetting to add water to Easy Mac and leaving food in ovens for too long have

1507 experienced three fire alarms. Though they performed satisfactorily for the fire drill, an Easy Mac heated without water resulted in a second evacuation around midnight. 07 junior Andrew

gan to sound. With the sudden announcement to exit the hall, the joke was on 1503. It was discovered that a scalding shower left running too long triggered the alarm. Moral of the story:

“Although some were planned, four alarms were caused by petty mindlessness of the halls’ residents.”

Kuznetsov notes that the irony of it all came from the fact that the escape was caused by “getting ready for an all-nighter by making food.” A third alarm sounded at 3AM that night. Whether intentional or accidental, the cause is currently unknown and, according to students living in 07, if found, will most likely remain private. 1504’s residents were seen running toward Yare Yard after an RC accidentally pulled a fire alarm. As a neighboring While no students were harmed, this Easy Mac took a heavy blow. hall to 1504, several 03 res(Image: Jorge Acosta) idents recount that they its nighttime routine as set off residential halls’ had just been poking fun a few juniors admit that sensitive fire alarms. at the boys’ demise when The residents of they had been “a little their hall’s alarm also beWant to read more? Visit!

1. Do not leave any hot running showers unattended. 2. Do not leave any food unattended in ovens. 3. Always remember to add water to Easy Mac before heating (read food labels). 4. Abstain from unnecessarily touching fire alarms as tempting as it may seem. For more information, students’ perspective on the night’s events may be found on Facebook through their statuses and, in some cases, uploaded images.

The Acronym


Film Review: Frankenweenie

Written by Ciara Wardlow, Entertainment Section Editor


Director: Tim Bur-

sane classmates, equally was one of the worst in ton fans will love the extreme teachers, mel- his life, it worked out in numerous references to

Starring: Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Charlie Tahan, Winona Ryder, and Martin Landau Rating: PG


Summary: After Victor Frankenstein’s dog, Sparky, is hit by a car, Victor brings Sparky back to life with the power of electricity. Sparky’s reanimation “sparks” a variety of heated reactions in Victor’s suburban, science-phobic hometown of New Holland, ranging from joy to jealousy to total terror. In addition to Victor and his loyal canine, the film features Victor’s varied and arguably in-

Burton makes some adjustments on the set of Frankenweenie.


ancholy neighbor, and surprisingly normal parents.

the end. Burton is now one of the most wellknown living filmmakers, with several film Some History: Fran- staples to his name, inkenweenie isn’t really a cluding Batman (1989), new film. Actually, it’s Edward Scissorhands almost thirty years old. (1990), and The NightEarly in his career, Bur- mare Before Christmas ton made Frankenwee- (1994), as well as Alice nie as a 29-minute short In Wonderland (2009), to accompany the 1984 the only Burton film to theatrical re-release of break the billion dollar Pinocchio. It never made mark in the box office. the silver screen, however, as Disney claimed Review: Frankenthat Burton had wasted weenie marks a return company resources on a to what makes Burton product “too scary” for such a beloved filmmakchildren, fired him, and er: his original characshelved the project. ters, in their first film Although Burton appearance since 2005’s claims the year after be- Corpse Bride. And while ing fired from Disney it stands on its own, BurWant to read more? Visit!

Burton filmography, including Mars Attacks! (a poster in Victor’s room), Batman (a bat-shaped kite), Corpse Bride (The mayor is a Finis Everglott look-alike), and even Burton’s book of poems, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories (Staring Girl comes to life as a creepy classmate). Verdict: 8/10 Oscar Buzz: Frankenweenie is a definite frontrunner for Best Animated Film.

The Acronym


A Letter from the Editors-in-Chief

As the 2012-2013 school year, and consequently, our senior year approaches, we are thrilled to be standing at the helm of the Acronym and look to again revolutionize our school’s humble newspaper. Through improving the quality of our content, expanding into new types of media, and increasing the ease with which you can access the Acronym, our efforts revolve around bringing you a more personalized, relevant, and interactive news source. Many of you have seen Acronym blossom over your years at IMSA, and for those of you who are new writers, we hope that you will join us as our paper continuously grows. Of course, over the course of this past year, we have surpassed new milestones and reached higher expectations than ever before. With Andrew Ta and Lucy Filipac, the Editors-in-Chief for the 2011-2012 school year, Acronym underwent a tremendous makeover. From a sleek new website to more structured writerforce, these internal changes have resonated with our readers as evidenced by record numbers of unique visitors to the website and higher student body and faculty involvement. Just this past year, IMSA celebrated its 25th anniversary since the day it opened its doors. Among all the festivities and celebrations, we were able to sneak a glimpse of life before us. In fact, the Yearbook staff published archived pho-

tos of classes and baby IMSA. For Acronym, we have been able to compile articles and cartoons published exactly one decade ago. As our tribute to the change IMSA has experienced, these documents are now accessible on our archived webpage. This isn’t to say our job is finished, though. In addition to reaching out to new readers like many of you and maintaining interest for returning readers, we also want to take Acronym to the next level. We’ve decided that with a new year, we want to experiment with new themes and a new look for Acronym, create new sections that we believe to be more relevant to the IMSA population, and introduce new faces that will now serve you as the staff of the 20122013 Acronym. However, as IMSA’s official student newspaper, we cannot limit our feedback to that from our staff writers and section editors, but rather must reach out and listen to the entire community. We strive to make the Acronym not just our paper, but your paper as well, and with your input coupled with our enthusiasm, we are confident that we can raise the Acronym to new heights. We envision a day when IMSA students go to the Acronym as their chief source of news, when administration views articles as the students’ voice, and when those outside of the IMSA campus can get a glimpse into life at our unique school. The Acronym has the

Jennifer Ren & Summer Wu

potential to go beyond informing and entertaining, to persuading and truly becoming an outlet for change. Accordingly, our ultimate goal as co-EditorsIn-Chief is to catalyze this reaction. To infinity and beyond, Jen and Summer

Thanks to the Editors!

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