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How to use Mycareerpath ACostE’s on line CPD tool

All members should use this tool to record their CPD. Below are some screenshots and brief descriptions to help you to get into and use this tool.

Start with ACostE’s home Page and click on Members circled above.

You then see this page and you need to sign in with your Username and Password. If you have lost either or both contact Sandbach and request a reminder email of that information. When you are logged in you will see this page. Click on MyCareerPath logo (red arrow below). The Guide to CPD can also be accessed from the member’s area.

Should you need to change your password, please email the Association to have your password updated .

If you have not registered in Mycareerpath you need click the “Register” button enter your email address and choose a password. You can save the log in web page to your favourites so that in future you can access MCP without going through the ACostE web site.

You will then be presented with the home page of MCP. To enter CPD evidence click on the Evidence button. You do not need to select a profile at this stage (slide shown has selected Chartered Engineer Profile). You can also if you wish click on the Help button and print a guide on how to use MCP. Also information on how to respond to a request to submit a CPD for an audit.

You are then presented with this window which displays the evidence entered to date. To add evidence - click on the Add evidence button.

You are then presented with the Evidence Wizard below.

You must make an entry into the boxes marked with a red asterisk. You will need to give the CPD a title and choose between “formal” or “informal” the selection is your choice. You will need to input your “lessons learned” and “benefits gained” boxes. The hours are either the time spent or the time assigned the task if from a formal source. The evidence is saved in the CPD profile by default.

It is essential that you click on the save button so that the evidence added is saved on the system. Once it is entered and saved you can subsequently amend the evidence if you wish.

Further down the page there is an option to upload supporting documents. It may be best to leave this element until more familiar with the system (however the next slide shows you how to upload supporting documents). Then click on the save your evidence button. You will return to the Evidence home page, where you can add more evidence or from there return to the MCP home page and enter into the other home pages of Reports or Plans or just log out

How to add supporting evidence

4 2 3

1 Warning: If you miss out stage 2 your document will not upload

If you choose to upload evidence, this is done by the following sequences in the lower part of the Evidence Wizard sheet see below. Note: MCP does not accept ODT format files you must use: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, pptx, .pps, .ppsx, pdf, txt, .avi, mp4, .tiff, .gif, .png and .jpg files. Uploading has to follow the following sequence 1 - Browse and select doc for upload 2 - Enter your title for the document 3 – Press Upload button 4 - Saved file and title listed above the upload fields, other Docs can be added and will be listed here Warning: If you miss out stage 2 your document will not upload

The MyCareerPath system has many more options that can be used, but you are on your way, just treat it like a work diary doing it say once every other week and it will not be onerous. Happy CPD collecting Your CPD Committee

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MyCareerPath Help  

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