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List of sources of CPD ote that this list is not exhaustive and is no doubt flavoured by the experiences of the compilers. If you have a source(s) of CPD that you would like to add to this list, please email the information to the Engineering Committee at this address: Engineering.registration@acoste.org.uk. The plan is to update this list annually.


Your workplace • Ensure that your Annual Review identifies opportunities for development and use it to sponsor development and training. • Develop a new skill/area of specialism. • Take opportunities to move into new areas to grow your skills. • Volunteer to do new things. • Get out of your office and see what is happening in the workplace. ACostE • There are several recorded webinars at https://www.acoste.org.uk/node/112. A personal recommendation is the ‘Art of Judgement’ which, apart from a few technical difficulties given the Zoom format in the first few minutes, is one of the best CPD examples I have come across. • Attend Regional events, which will be held once we get back to normal, including site visits. • Volunteer to be a member of an ACostE Committee or other professional body committee. • Develop and deliver a presentation/lecture for ACostE. • Develop a new skill/area of specialism. • Read the ACostE Journal. Engineering Council • This link is included to stress the importance of CPD: https://www.engc.org.uk/professionaldevelopment/continuing-professionaldevelopment-cpd/ CIBSE Journal • You do not need to be a member of the CIBSE to use this facility. There are some 175 modules, and I am sure 16 Project Control Professional May 2021

there will be many that you will find of interest. Do the ones that you are interested in. The format is to read a short article and then complete a series of question based on the content of the article. You can submit an answer (online) and receive a reply almost immediately. I copy and paste the email into a Word doc and attach it to my CPD records. https://www.cibsejournal.com/cpd/

ICE • There are several videos available to view for non-members, largely about the Professional Interview process. If you have an upcoming Professional Interview it is well worth a look. Other information seems to require either payment or is for members only. https://www.ice.org.uk/careers-andtraining/membershipguidance/professional-review IMechE • There are several examples of individuals’ plans for CPD and this is one such example (https://www.imeche.org/docs/defaultsource/1-oscar/membership/cpd/cpdcase-study---diego-russojuliano.pdf?sfvrsn=2). A bit too serious for me. • There is more to explore on their website, an example being: https://www.imeche.org/news/newsarticle/with-cpd-even-the-little-thingsmatter. IET • There is a large amount of CPD material from this source. I found the webinar “Importance of firestopping” of particular interest but there are many more. https://electrical.theiet.org/coursesresources-career/technical-webinars/. • ACostE has a joint Project Control network with IET, which runs about four events a year; this is useful networking and educational opportunity. For more information go to https://communities.theiet.org/commun ities/home/27.

Open University • Again, there is a large amount of material available most, if not all, which would count as CPD. An example being: https://www.open.edu/openlearn/scienc e-maths-technology/engineeringtechnology/engineering-the-natureproblems/content-section-0?activetab=description-tab. BBC iPlayer • Type engineering into the search facility and a whole world of mostly engineering-related programmes appear from Fred Dibnah to the biggest engineering projects in Wales. There are currently 20 pages of stuff but everything after page 10 is ‘not available’! https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/search? q=engineering&page=1 Highways Magazine • Highways Magazine is an electronic publication and full of good reading material. Give one a try. https://edition.pagesuiteprofessional.co .uk/html5/reader/production/default.as px?pubname=&edid=6fa1d349-b3e54f38-8d8b-a8be804ab963 This list is an attempt to lead you io the many sources of CPD that are out there. Do the ones that interest you the most. It is always useful and many are surprisingly interesting, but do choose the odd one randomly. Please do not forget to email me at Engineering.registration@acoste.org.u k if you have any questions or examples of CPD that you think should be added to the list. Also, it is worth noting that all ACostE Members have access to ‘MyCareerPath, which is the Engineering Council’s tool for recording CPD. If you have any difficulty in either accessing this tool or want help in using it, please email me at the address above. This list has been prepared by Andrew Bowyer, BSc, CEng, MACostE, MCIBSE, Member of the ACostE Engineering Committee, with assistance of other Members of the Committee. Andrew Bowyer