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EDITOR: Rafael Sifontes

e are very proud about are first issue. Made with so much work, and passion for this magazine. In this issue there are some articles that can be of general interest, everytime thinking on our readers, the Second Life people. You can find: music, people, work, lifestyle, picture, and many things about SL that we address in this issue. Enjoy this FIRST SECOND MAG, and give us a oppinion, on the URBE EFL CENTER on Second Life. The Editor

WRITERS: Ariana Fernandez Nataly Palacios Leidimar Pineda


MADE IN MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA. MARCH - APRIL 2012 Reproduction in whole or part of the contents of this publication without permission of the publisher. The writers are responsible for their ideas and works on display, leaving the SECOND MAG blameless for any effect that this may cause. IP registration pending.

JENNE DIBOU, is from Hungary and came to meet us in URBE EFL CENTER and tell us about her experiences as a creator in Second Life. Watch her works at

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT SL? I like the most, it’s always changing, always something new things coming, and i can learn non-stop tinkering around^^ DO YOU THINK PEOPLE CAN FIND, A JOB, EDUCATION, LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP IN A VIRTUAL PLACE LIKE SL? Yes, i believe, SL can be a base of a nice life. certainly it must be connected somehow into RL, but yes, here can be found anything from job to relationship, etc. IF YOU DESIGNED AN ENVIRONMENT IN SL, HOW WOULD IT BE LIKE? Again about the enviroment: its always abandoned, and ruined a bit, but still can be seen, it was fancy once a long time ago WHAT WOULD BE SOME THINGS GRAPHICS DESIGNERS COULD DO IN VIRTUAL WORLDS LIKE SECOND LIFE? The graphic designers can create a variety of things like clothing, magazines, stands, etc. ^ ^


odelling, a uncommon job on real life, but in Second Life, Arceus take the camera and fall in love with her. He found on every picture, the way to express his art about modelling, moving his body, and creating art with his poses. Found out if you can strike your pose too like him. Come on, vogue!

ARCEUS LAW REAL LIFE NAME: JC AVATAR’S NAME: Arceus Law HOBBIE: Designing, modeling, editing photos, dancing, singing, drawing, reading, to practice english, taking professional photos on SL. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THAT AVATAR? IS IT THE DEFAULT AVATAR OR HAVE YOU CHANGED IT? My avatar is customized by my self for Top Model Agency, the proportions were studied with care so the Avatar is almost perfect for the magazine photos, runway activities and the clothes of the designers, is important to take care of the proportions because is what make your Avatar different from others and special, beautiful, magnificent and almost real. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT SL? I like the easy way of communicating with people from another part of the world, is a big open door for business and the opportunities that maybe you wont have in real life. DO YOU THINK PEOPLE CAN FIND, A JOB, EDUCATION, LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP IN A VIRTUAL PLACE LIKE SL? Ofcourse the people can find job this is easy because we have talents and SL need talent people in addition the eaducation is always present in SL because we learn new things everyday. We always find friendship in SL are there many nice people, but about a love I think this is a very hard feeling because people fall in love in SL nevertheless the real needs are not present.

IF YOU DESIGNED AN ENVIRONMENT IN SL, HOW WOULD IT BE LIKE? That question so hard, I think it would be like the Victorian Centurys with dark colors, nice ornament textures on the walls, skinned beautiful furniture and an elegant touch to every corner. WHAT WOULD BE SOME THINGS GRAPHICS DESIGNERS COULD DO IN VIRTUAL WORLDS LIKE SECOND LIFE? There are many things designer can do in SL like designing magazines, posters, books, flayers, clothes, body parts, skins, shapes and even buildings is a very open field for the design we just need our tools like Photoshop, Illustraitor, 3Ds max and Indesign.

BEFORE THE ENGLISH FOR WORK LEVEL. HOW IS YOUR EXPERIENCE IN SL? Now my experiences are better, I have a job in Top Model Agency and in InWorldLifeStyleMagz editing magazines and making photos, I keep practicing English and pronunciation. YOU CAN ALSO GIVE US SOME GREAT DETAILS FOR HIGHLIGHTS AND EXTRA TIPS. Well keep practicing English in SL is easy and fun there.


ur friend Isaac Elejalde, talk about this music genre, that makes the music blow and moves with every beat that play. Reveals every doubt you have about dubstep, and joy the next time you hear it.

WHAT’S DUBSTEP? Dubstep is a genre of electronic music that originated in South London, UK in the early 2000s and increase in mainstream popularity in the late 2009s. WHICH ARE THE FEATURES OF DUBSTEP? The features that make the dubstep different of other genres are the drop and the bassline, the drop is the most important part of every dubstep song which is the blank space after the bassline start, this blank space is filled generally by a voice sample and the basslines is a blend which involucres different sub basses and wobble basses (to create a wobble bass, you need to modificate the LFO rate that makes the bass wobble faster or slower) that makes the dubstep so filthy.

WHAT ABOUT THE RHYTHM? IS BASED ON WHAT? Dubstep rhythms are often shuffled or incorporating tuplets. The tempo is usually 140 beats per minute, the range of 138–142 beats per minute, with a clap or snare usually inserted every third beat in a bar and there will be a kick at the begging of every bar. MAIN MUSIC GENRES DUBSTEP INFLUENCING? Dubstep is influenced mainly on dub music and the roots are in the releases of UK garage producers that played around to incorporate elements of drum and bass in a new genre creating the dubstep.

MAIN DJ’S OF DUBSTEP? Benga, Artwork and Skream were the pioneers of dubstep and when dubstep start growing a lot of dubstep producers became mainstream like Rusko, Knife Party, Nero, Borgore, Datsik, Bassnectar, Zeds Dead, Ephixa, Modestep and Skrillex, if you want to hear fresh dubstep tracks you can visit http://www. WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHY DID YOU LIKE DUBSTEP? The mainly reason why I love dubstep is the bassline, I love them because they make me feel invigorated, also the blending of some nice kicks, snares and hi hats making a filthy drum pattern is the perfect combination to blow away my mind and ears.

WHEN YOU START TO MIX THIS KIND OF MUSIC? I started to produce and mix dubstep in december last year. WHEN CAN WE HEAR YOUR MUSIC? You can hear my songs at anytime you just have to download my songs or if you want to stream them you can do it online at



ARIES You do find that your mind drifts to your own idea of recreation. It has been a long time since you heard your heart sing. Oh, come on . . . take the coming weekend to rent a cabin at a nearby lake and enjoy the time away from work. A little added work around the house each day this month will have you ready by the time another month arrive. If you are by yourself, get a group of friends together . . . if you are with a family, make plans to have a reunion soon--wherever you decide. At any rate, it is time you planned for more fun--perhaps one weekend a month. You and your family will enjoy some fun together time. Go on a trip in Japan Tempura Island.

TAURUS Be on guard not to become a victim this month. Martyrdom is not the way to go. Energy and self-assurance are rather low, so use the time to evaluate your sensitivities and leave the confrontations for another time. Do not negotiate the signing of contracts these weeks. This is, however, an opportune time to sit down alone and get many things accomplished. If the weather is not suitable for working in the yard this afternoon, clean the garage. This will leave you by yourself to think and work and clean and when you are finished there could be a renewal of energy. Show your appreciation of others and celebrate life in general by treating yourself and someone you know to a dinner or a fun

nature walk, etc. Group activities are well attended. Go for a nature walk in Nautilus. GEMINI You enjoy doing some research in the workplace. During these days there are also opportunities to listen to a book on tape, take long walks, pet animals, enjoy brief visits with children and have long philosophical conversations. This is your day to do many things. One thing about you is that you do not become preoccupied with one idea and accept it as gospel--you have an open mind. Considering all sides of a story may be most beneficial just now. Take stock of what you have accomplished in your life and share your expression of gratefulness with a dear friend. Co-operative activities now should be both well-attended and successful. Perhaps a light dinner and movie is the perfect activity for tonight. Your focus this month is on healing and love, so you should go to The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse and make yourself at home. CANCER This is a great day for personal achievement as well as making plans. Your personal goals are clearly visible and you should make great strides in reaching them. Be careful not to alienate friends or loved ones who may be following a different path. You attract many opportunities right now, but you must choose which to pursue. Faith in your own self is the key. This is a time of major transition in your life, one that is usually quite beneficial. Today, your job is to find ways in which you can enhance your creative abilities and lift or raise your psychic energy. Careful--there are opportunities to be lazy, as well as expressive. Consider signing up for a class or teaching a class. This will promote a healing in yourself and others, you can sign up for a class at Caledon University. LEO This week, clear communications and young people go together. You will find this a good time for decision making with lots of talking to others about their dreams and

goals and the process of achievement. You could be teaching, lecturing or find yourself a guest speaker. The accent today is on communication. A gathering of people after your speech will be easy to navigate and it will leave you feeling that you have helped others. Trading points of view with others should be informative. Travel is favored, especially if it is for your own rest and relaxation. Find a good bookstore, museum or concert for tonight, you should go to VIRTLANTIS for a good group conversation. VIRGO You may be pleased, if not a bit surprised, at how many projects have already been completed this year. Four full months into the last year was less fulfilling and now--you did not realize your full potential. Of course, you have come to understand that the more you experience or know the more there seems to be to learn and experience. You are refreshed with new enthusiasm to continue your work and reassess new ways to branch out and be expressive. It does not matter whether you are the least paid person in the business or the business owner . . . you are encouraged and look forward to new accomplishments. This is a good day. Your generous and warm mood creates opportunities to shine in the social circles; you can melt any heart. You should go to the Natural History Museum. LIBRA You may want to feel more secure through a better financial income now. A part-time job could be considered this week. You are able to entertain and express your talent in successful ways, which could be how you decide to increase your income. If you are in a family that has a hard time budgeting, you might teach budgeting through games, rewards and incentives. Whatever the case, you have to be the one to set the example, so you might want to rethink your own budget. Creativity comes into play now--enjoy this time of learning--it can be one of the more important times in your life. Your mood improves as the day moves forward. This evening you and your family members will cheer each other as you all share in expressing your dreams, goals and plans, have a talk with them and after you should visit Val’s Family Entertainment Center to have a good family time.

SCORPIO There is a little extra time today for solving puzzles and answering problems that may have been pushed aside for another time. Communicating feelings becomes important as you may uncover important matters that need attention. Consider the facts and report the results of your evaluation. Matters can then be considered in a timely manner without emotional comments. Teams of people are made up of personalities and a good boss is aware and will understand your thinking. Appropriate communications will prove positive. Be sure to keep an open mind about new ideas and pay attention to the responsibilities a new plan may require. Friends are the keys to your emotional satisfaction this evening and a movie or meal together may be just the tonic. Go to the Uptown cinema. SAGITTARIUS You seem empowered with a clear and inquisitive mind. Discussing ideas with co-workers or in meetings with your boss can be most beneficial and rewarding. Anyone taking a noon break with you usually finds the most interesting conversations. You have an easygoing manner to all. Relations with members of the opposite sex are strengthened at this time. This is a good day to ask favors from someone close or to return a favor. However, it may be best to just take it easy and plod along with whatever you were doing. Staying on an even keel with business, friends or a romantic partner is kind of nice at this time and may find you whistling a happy song. You could be encouraged to become involved in volunteer work this evening--perhaps with children. So, you should visit Germelshausen Coffeehouse to have a good talk with your partner. CAPRICORN Mental motivation from others is enjoyed at this time; it is a good idea to make every effort to cooperate and compromise with others. Any project today should be a great success. You may want to take on a mentally difficult project or approach a subject with someone you were too shy about before. You could ask for a raise or-

-speak publicly at this time. Energy and self-confidence are strong! Past fears should melt away. This evening presents an opportunity to enjoy some social activities. Because of past tension and hard work, you might really consider joining the group--family or friends--in some fun adventure, so what are you wating for? Go to Forgotten City. AQUARIUS A balance in your life would consist of work and volunteer aid, rest and relaxation, exercise and nurturing with chores and hobbies into each week. This will help bring your energies into balance and reduce the possibility of physical problems later. Learning how to relax and clear your thoughts through art or music will really help your peace of mind. Music is also a wonderful tool with which to rest, enjoy or exercise. This is a suitable time to get to know someone better. Additionally, there is a chance you may hear from a long-lost chum. Mental incentive from others is a good thing and it’s a good idea to make every effort to lend your support and encouragement to others, as well as yourself. This is a productive day, go to Jeogeot and have a long walk. PISCES This may be the perfect day to allow distractions. Getting away from a project for a while will help you to see your work in a different light. You will probably be delighted at the progress and just want to take in the view of everything coming together--similar to an artist that sees the picture before the brush hits the canvas. You may face tremendous responsibilities in relationships with loved ones at this time, but you are competent and patient and that is your answer for now. Chores and exercise will help you gain a focus. To do some exercises go to SLeek Gym.


SECOND MAG, the magazine about Second Life Lifestyle.

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