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Bridal ISSUE LEAPING LEMURS! Lana Kerker Returns from Madagascar

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Lana Kerker Returns From Madagascar

Warrenton native Lana Kerker gives her account of studying lemurs in Madagascar.

Color Can Transform Your Home

Interior decorating advice from Laura Ziemann.


Kyler Mooreman Photo by Ernie Stiner Bridal Fashion

Gorgeous bridal gowns modeled by local talent. ¦


Destination Weddings


Creating Your Dream Home Home decor tips from Lori Akins.

Tips on planning a destination wedding from travel agent Diane Picht. ¦ 32


Changing The World

Buying a Wedding Gown

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Resale shopping tips

Fashion Focus

Women & men’s hair, bridal, and makeup trends from salon owner Tina Brown-Parrish.

Get Over the Winter Blahs

Skin care and makeup guide by Lynda Chandler.


The Perfect Pair


Making Funeral Arrangements


Women & Guns


Women in Business


Steps to Starting Your Own Small Business

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Advice on selecting the right eyeglasses by local optician Barbara Cashion.

Bridal boutique owners Lorene Friend and Angie Ruckel give insight into the dress buying process. ¦ 33

Bridal Jewelry Trends 2008

From chandelier earrings to tungsten, Paula Nakajima breaks down the current trends. ¦ 35

Wedding Planning for Less

Patra Chacon offers tips for planning your wedding on time and on budget. ¦ 37

Tips by a local licensed funeral director

Shop Without Intimidation

Sage advice by business owner Deborah Dillon about starting a business and keeping life in perspective.

Local banker provides resources to help start your own business.

Hearing Loss Treatment

Tips by Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Julie Lipinski

Women & Technology

Trends in consumer electronics

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the birth My life is truly blessed. Within the course of a few months, I’ve been able to both fulfill a lifelong dream and welcome a beautiful baby girl into the world. My son and my new daughter are the absolute loves of my life, and I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to follow my publishing passion as well. I’ve found that having a new baby and launching a new magazine are similar in quite a few ways. For both I will dream, nurture and plan. For both I will work to gently shape and grow. And in the end, I will be required to send both out into the world, for the world hopefully to appreciate. I am grateful to our exceptional team for their intense effort, to our loyal base of Focus News customers for their unfailing support, and to the contributors and supporters that have shared their diverse knowledge. We begin this venture with our bridal issue, and are happy to share a wealth of expertise from members of the communities we serve. Thank you. We welcome your readership.

Tamara L. See Spring 2008


contributors Audrey C. Vincent has been in the banking industry for 10 Years.. She is Branch Manager of Warrenton National City Branch.

Deborah Dillon

owns 4 Doors Down in Warrenton.

Laura Ziemann

owns At Home Outlet in Troy.

Angie Ruckel and Lorene Friend own The Wedding Shoppe in Troy.

Stacy Neuhaus owns

owns Four Season Travel and Cruises in Warrenton.

Jane Hale

and her husband, Mark, own H & H Guns in Warrenton.

Kimberly Ingersoll is a Missouri

Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. She and her husband Rick own Ingersoll Chapel & Cremation Services in Troy.


owns All About Home, located in Troy.

and her husband Jim own C&J Floors in Warrenton.

Paula Nakajima

owns Three Monkeys Beadery in Troy.

Julie Lipinksi Lynda Chandler

is an Independent Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

is a Hearing Instrument Specialist (H.I.S.) for Apple Hearing Solutions in Troy, Warrenton and Florissant.

Tina BrownParrish owns Luminesce Salon in Warrenton.


received a Fulbright Scholarship to study lemers in Madagascar.

Publisher Tamara See

the Radio Shack in Warrenton.

Celeste Schnyder Diane Picht


Sherry Miller

owns Castaways in Warrenton.

bARBARA CASHION, Optician, owns Here’s 2 Eyes in Troy.

PATRA CHACON Owns Garden Gate Party Rental & Supply in Troy.

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Health Coverage Made Easy.

Solutions with choices are easy, just call


314-923-5526 or 866-392-6952

314-923-5526 or 866-392-6952

Lana Kerker Returns from

MADAGASCAR By: Lana Kerker

My family first moved to Warrenton when I was six years old but I have always thought of it as home. Even today I, although I’ve lived away from my parents for almost ten years, my caller ID still says home when they call.  It was one of those great towns to grow up in where I could ride my bike around all summer and my sister and I would spend hours playing in the wooded area behind our house.  This may be where the seed was planted for my love of the outdoors.  I attended Warrenton high school where my main focus was cheerleading but I was always fascinated by all of my science classes.  The rest of my family still lives in Warrenton (mother, Joan Kerker and father, James Kerker; sister Tara, brother-inlaw Brian and 2 wonderful-amazing-cant say enough about them nephews, Evan and Ethan Leavitt) and, as insatiable as my desire to travel is, I always know I’m really home when I get there.  I love that it is nearly impossible to run an errand without running into someone you know who, in turn, knows everything about everyone else.  I came upon the Fulbright grant by chance.  The chair of the UMSL anthropology department came approached me as well as one other student to see if we were interested in applying.  It seemed perfect for me as I was looking for a way to earn money to do what I love, which is studying primates.  My advisor, Dr. Donna Hart, and I spend many hours researching the grant and Madagascar seemed like the most logical place to go.  All I had to do was learn French and as my entire for-

eign language background is in Spanish, this was not a small feat but by no means was it insurmountable. The original grant proposal was to study an entirely different species of lemur than I ended up with but the project seems to have gone the way all best laid plans go (down the drain and coming up better than ever).  It all worked out for the best as I am completely in love with all of my study subjects.   The application process was long and tedious but the waiting was, by far, the worst part.  Letters would come every now and then to let me know that I had made it past another series of eliminations but when I finally got it, I actually broke down and cried in front of the post office (that’s embarrassing but true).   I live in a small village called Reindryrendry just outside of Betampona Nature Reserve.  It is approximately 40 km. from Tamatave (the second largest city in Madagascar).  Tamatave is the largest port in the country as it is on the Indian ocean and is where we go for groceries, decent food and mental health breaks.  In order to get to Reindryrendry from Tamatave it is necessary to take what is called a “taxi brousse” (either a minibus or a truck that hauls people and their belongings) which is the equivelent to a bus system in the United States for about 25 km.  The bridge washed out a few years ago so it is necessary to take everything and put it into a dugout canoe to cross the Fontsima river.  Then everything is taken up a hill to where the road picks back up and we get on another taxi brousse (that is generally poorly maintained and tends to get flat tires, run out of gas and break down regularly) for another 12 km until the road ends.  From there, we hike another 4km up a mountain and across approx 7 moderately sized streams to the village.  This 40 km journey tends to take 8-10 hours depending on the taxi brousse schedule (or lack thereof). Reindryrendry consists mainly of Betampona field agents (persons in charge of things such trail maintainence and routine animal censusing) and their families.  The researchers (such as myself) and field agents are the only people allowed in the forest.  My team consists of myself, my research assistant (Lucien) who is a master’s student at the University of Antananarivo and our guide (Cel). We work 6 day weeks and devote 5 days each week to following Indri or Sifaka groups for around 6 or 7 hours each day.  Every time an individual feeds from a new tree we flag it and take a GPS point then on the 6 day of the workweek (usually saturday) we go back to all the flagged trees for the week and collect samples of the food sources.  In a typical day, we wake up at 5 a.m. but I am usually up around 4 or 4:30 because that is when the Indri begin their morning calls.  It is the most beautiful sound in the world and I promised myself to never take hearing it for granted. There is no electricity or running water so we stumble around and get dressed in near darkness until the sun rises (we have flashlights and candles to help find things but its not nearly as easy as flipping on a lightswitch).  Breakfast is cold cereal and coffee at 5:30 then at 6 we set out to find our study group for the day.  We generally find our group after 1-2 hours (and 2-4km) of hiking.  The terrain at betampona is particularly rough and steep compared to other field sites as it is located on the top of a mountain.  Flat land does not exist here, we are always either going uphill or downhill.  Once we spot the study group we immediately sit down and let them get used to our presence.  Once they start ignoring us we begin to collect data.  Lunch consists of a cold version of the rice and beans we had for dinner the night before.  We head back to the village before it starts to get dark so that we have time to wash up (the washing facilities are a bucket

with water and a cup; very hi-tech) before dinner. We eat around 7 p.m., then go to sleep almost directly afterward so that we can get up and start over the next day.  It seems like loads of work but it is really an honor to get to watch these animals go about their daily lives in front of me every day.  Working with the Madagascar Fauna Group has been a nothing short of a dream. They run a research center for agro-forestry and a Saturday school for local children who are unable to attend school during the week.  In addition they run a zoo that houses both captive and free ranging groups of lemurs as well as other indigenous Malagasy animals and plants called Parc Ivoloina.  All of this is on top of maintaining the Betampona strict nature reserve where I am fortunate enough to work.  Sadly, the entire area, both Betampona and Ivoloina, have been hit hard by Cyclone Ivan.  Luckily all of the staff members of the Madagascar Fauna Group have survived but several have lost their homes.  I received word that my home is still standing but I have no way of knowing the condition of it return.  My biggest worry now is the effect this natural disaster has had on my lemur groups.  I will be heartbroken if any of them did not survive the cyclone.  The re-building effort is already underway to repair the trail system at Betampona and all of the facilities that Parc Ivoloina provides but your help would be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be made at and I’m told they are tax deductible.  Even 20 or 30 dollars can put a new roof on someone’s home or construct new walls for them.


Can Transform Your Home By: Laura Ziemann

Today many people realize that the subtle power of color can transform our emotions. An interior color scheme can give a room a sense of well being. The colors in your home are an expression of the people who live there and a matter of personal taste, but sometimes people feel anxious about choosing the paint color in their home for fear of making a mistake. In fact, color is the most cost effective way of transforming a room and there are some easy tips you can follow to avoid making a mistake. Paint is the most versatile element of your interior transformation. It is available in thousands of colors, so the paint color for your room should be the thing you choose last, after your carpet, cur-

tains and other fabrics have been finalized. Once you have chosen everything else, you can choose which of the myriad of paint colors available might be best suited to your other furnishings. Color can change the apparent size and shape of spaces. Warm colors decrease the apparent size of a room while cool colors recede and seem to increase the size. For example the most obvious solution when painting small rooms in a small house is to paint them white, because white, with its reflective qualities, will make a room seem bigger. However, this can look harsh. People often do this out of fear of making a mistake and it can be very boring. Color can make your home come alive with beauty if you are willing to take some risks. Color is very powerful. Psychologists believe it can influence our moods and how we feel about spending time in a particular room. Psychologists credit certain colors as having specific associations. Yellow is considered a bright, warm and cheerful color. Blue is considered rest-

10 impulse

Spring 2008

ful, soothing and cool. Green is also considered soothing, reassuring and natural. Black is sleek and elegant. Deep purple suggests grandeur and opulence, while lighter violet is feminine. White is stylish and, like gray and black, it amplifies the effects of other colors. Red and orange are exciting and will make a person feel uneasy if there is too much of them in a room. These basic associations need to be taken with a grain of salt when choosing your interior color scheme. Much depends on the intensity of the color you choose. The colors you can see are determined by the light that you have available. Select a range of different paint swatches and take them home to observe in your own interior space with the light sources you’ll be using in the room. Do a test patch on your wall before purchasing paint. Try living with the test color on your wall for two or three days and see how you really feel about it.

Consider the proportion of different color carefully. One color should always dominate a color scheme. A scheme that always works well is to have two thirds of the room done in one color and the other third in another color. You should avoid using two colors of the same strength and intensity. People often choose the color schemes from one of three different categories. Complementary color schemes are chosen from colors that are on the opposite sides of the color wheel such as red and green. Harmonious color schemes are based on similar colors close together on the color wheel like yellow and orange. Variations on one color, such as three different shades of green, are also popular. You may want to choose very different colors for your bath or bedroom than those you choose for your kitchen, but it is a good idea to connect all rooms by using a common color somewhere, even if it is only in your furnishings.

The rule is “there are no rules.” Choose the colors that make you happy and work well with your furnishings and have fun with it!

HAndcrAfted jewelrY Accent furniture Home decor locAl Art work stAtionArY otHer gift items

AffordAble elegAnce for You And Your Home. * Home decor * custom frAming * design Help & room mAke-overs

At Home Outlet

501 Main St. Historic Downtown Troy, MO 636-528-0331 Spring 2008

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2/22/2008 impulse 11 1:00:50 PM

Creating Your Dream Home

If you are on a tight budget, start by changing the color of the room. Color creates dramatic effects. And while your furniture is away from the wall, rearrange it to change the flow of the room. Consider moving pictures that were previously in other rooms and add a new lamp to brighten the space.

Lighting is essential to great design. Several of the new TV design shows have drawn attention to the importance of home lighting. The best part of accent light can be found in the small details By Lori Akins of the fixure, not necessarily the Let’s begin creating the home you have always dreamed of so you will be proud to share cost of the fixture. this warm, inviting home with family and friends. A visit to your local home decor store, like All About Home, will inspire you. Share your thoughts with our fun-filled staff members and Skillfully mix textures, colhear about new market trends and products. ors, and materials to highlight

All AbHome all A




your unique pieces that are displayed. Whether it’s an antique rediscovered, a keepsake crafted by a native artisan, or a treasure produced from the other side of the world, the results are fashionable displays for the home. Vintage pieces can bring a unique energy to a room’s decor. When choosing antiques to live with, consider the era of the piece and mix it in with furniture periods of at least two decades apart. This contrast will accent the details and craftsmanship of your treasured antique and the sleek, comfy appeal of your newer pieces. Solve collection display and storage dilemmas with custom crafted furniture. Units with wide shelving and glass doors create an impressive display area for your collectibles while the drawers and solid doors conceal everyday items. Custom crafted furniture offers the flexibility of faux finishes or natural hues. By using these select reproduction pieces, a new focal point is now your cherished collection and a classical room can be created with ease.

cover their solution. It might be a question about tying two rooms together with color and accent pieces or it might be a question of an elegant table decor for a special occasion. It’s exciting and fun to explore the possibilities and to help discover the right element. I like to draw inspiration from design and architectural magazines and Internet

blogs. I’ll discover myself reading until 2 o’clock in the morning! Stop by and chat for a while. I know you can create the comfort and style that you are searching for. We can perfect your imagination in your own home. And always remember to enjoy the journey!

Looking to get over the winter blahs? Consider several design quick fixes that you can accomplish in a short time. Fall in love all over again with your favorite heirloom glass filled with a fresh look of 2008. Reshape your favorite reading space by pulling up that upholstered piece near a sun-drenched window. Stack those visionary design magazines on the table as if they were a new accessory. Revamp your treasured collection by grouping and elevating your favorite pieces. Pick new pillows to add stunning accents in soothing shades of refreshing spring. Add a big bowl of fresh limes to your kitchen counter or table. Increase the level of energy into your rooms with reflective components like mirrors and chrome-framed pictures. I like to get to know our customers. When a customer comes in and says that they have a design problem, I like to ask them questions, like what their home has--color, furniture, style. Often, I ask them to bring me photos and we can dis-

“Helping to Make Your House a Home” 207 West Main St. • Warrenton, MO 63383

Spring 2008

636-456-7019 • impulse 13

Home Flooring


Submitted by Celeste Schnyder, from profiles Magazine Sandi Graham, a hard surface stylist for Shaw floors, has her ears to the ground, picking up new cultural and artistic drumbeats. She has identified three district trends that are sparking interest of late: 1. Darker Neutrals 2. More coordination between hard and soft surface products--with emphasis on coordinating collections, styles and trends. 3. Color schemes are being tailored to geographical region. “We conduct extensive studies of regional colors and markets to fine-tune what we do at Shaw,” she said, because those markets indicate where trends are headed. One big direction is toward darker neutrals. As a result, stone, tile and carpet are becoming richer and more intense in color.”

Cast aways

Sandi said deeper, richer hues are hot: Forget oatmeal--and look instead for browns that are chocolaty or the color of coffee beans. Mexican Noche, a type of stone that’s a darker, richer walnut, is influencing color. We’re seeing a new influx of grey--appearing first in couture and now in home fashion. (According to Sandi, there’s an 18-month gap from couture to the home.) More exotic woods are on the horizon, with more call for unusual species-though consumers are increasingly aware of environmental concerns.

BOUTIQUE STYLE RE-SALE Jewelry Home Decor Furniture Hidden Treasures on Three Floors


107 S. Hwy. 47, Warrenton, MO Corner of Main St. & Hwy. 47 (636) 456-7744

Influencing Local Fashion: One “lost” shirt at a time... By: Brad Miller Kids, next time your mother nags you over leaving your clothes on the floor, you best heed her, less you want your favorite designer jeans ending up in someone else’s wardrobe. Adding insult to injury, that someone else is going to pay only a fraction of the price you shelled out in the first place. I’ve experienced such loss personally, as my mother, Sherry Miller, runs and owns a local consignment shop, Castaway’s Resale and Consignment. Her wares are very diverse, and all in great condition, with many designer labels and many items that still have the original tags. I can say this without being accused of nepotism, as many of her best selling men’s wear came directly from my closet. With the last few years seeing a boom in the resale and consignment industry, with a new thrift shop popping up seemingly every month, mothers now have the opportunity to not only make a point out of the mysterious “disappearance” of that t-shirt (the one that spends more time keeping the carpet clean than it does on the owners back), now mom can make a few bucks as well. “Next time your son or daughter leaves that nice pair of slacks or trendy skirt laying on the floor, just bring it on up here,” says Sherry, “I guarantee once they realize that shirt their friend is wearing isn’t just the same shirt they have, but actually the very same shirt they had, they’ll begin to be a bit more mindful of where they toss their laundry.” Castaway’s isn’t just about clothes either. After nearly 3 years of business, Castaway’s has built up a reputation for hard to find antiques, novelty items, and home décor pieces. With a vast and ever changing stock, Castaway’s is an excellent source for gifts and knick-knacks, and guarantees a uniqueness that simply cannot be found at your local mall. “I’m very particular about what I put on my shelves,” states Sherry, “I don’t sell junk, I sell treasures.” Treasures indeed, occasionally straight out of my closet, and now that I’ve moved back home for awhile, I look forward to contributing to local fashion once again. One “lost” shirt at a time.

702 N. Hwy 47, Warrenton Mo 63383 www.


Spring 2008 luminesce spring 08.indd 1

impulse 15

Fashion Focus

When it comes to fringe or bangs, think Audrey Hepburn.


By: Tina Brown-Parrish With the winter coming to a close it’s time to focus on what is happening in fashion.

Hair |

This year, no matter what the length of your hair the trend is to make a statement without saying a word. We will be seeing a variety of styles such as multiple textures in one haircut. Diversity will rule with both strong and heavy lines, maybe in the fringe or bang area, then in the same haircut you will see shattered or highly layered ends through the length, having some similarities to the old shag. It is a powerful haircut that shows both strength and softness. Some asymmetrical haircuts are happening as well. This is a great look it gives you the best of both worlds. You can have a bob that swings from one side, short to long on the other side. This works well no matter the texture, fine or coarse. One version you will continue to see this season is the disconnected hair cut such as the one Victoria Beckham is sporting. Bobs will be strong again this year with more of a Sassoon structure. Precision is making its way back into haircuts. When it comes to fringe or bangs, think Audrey Hepburn. For those of you that were around in the in the fifties you know what glam is: romantic and soft. It was about beauty. You will see a lot of dressed hair finger waves, texture, and sparkles, not to mention hats--lots of hats.

Color |

Spring brings change, lightening up our hair and lightning up our moods. This season your haircut and your color need to work together. If you have a strong shape in your haircut your color should be soft. If you have a soft, romantic haircut, you should have strength in your color. They should balance and compliment each other. You should be wearing

culture color (one of a kind). Like makeup is designed for your eye shape, color should be designed for your face shape and haircut. Today trends are moving away from a partial foil or a full foil, and moving toward the time and application needed to best accommodate your individual needs. Unlike your traditional foil, you are seeing color treatment in which you don’t see where the color begins or ends, like panels or accent pieces strategically placed within the haircut. Another point of difference this season in color is the mixing of warm tones and ash or beige tones in the same look. From far away it balances to a neutral color, but if you focus on details you will see the artistry of the color.

Bridal Trends |

Soft, simple, and elegant, a sort of effortless glamour will preside with brides. You will se tears of ruffles and hints of color details at every turn. If the gown is flowing so must the hair; if you have a straight form, fitting gown, the hair should also have the same sleek lines. The variety of head pieces and hair pieces can dress and finish any look. Make sure you have a practice run with your hairdresser so it will take the stress out of your day to remember.

Makeup |

Make-up is going glam, you see it all over. It may be a smoky eye or in another look it may be a strong lip. If the emphasis is on the eyes or lips the cheek color is subtle.

16 impulse

Spring 2008

Remember to keep a point of interest and not make the look too busy. A good tip: stay in your color pallet if your hair color is redorange, no pinks. If you are unsure what colors will best enhance your features, neutrals are always a safe bet. For mature skin, stick with creams from lip to cheek to eye; they will minimize lines where some powders become heavy. Don’t forget your brows--it is all about details. It is not just about going to the salon for a wax. You need someone who is experienced and takes the time to make sure the lines are clean and natural, working with the brow bone and natural arch and not creating their own.

Men |

The trend has been in a growing stage the last year and now men are looking to the appropriate products to support their new length. Did you know that a man’s scalp produces twice the oil as women? That is why when you use your wife’s shampoo you feel oily by the end of the day. You need a shampoo and conditioner that addresses this need. High texture is the name of the game. Very unstructured hair, in appearance it is very light while keeping length. Color has made a strong presence and is accepted in all generations, whether you are just wanting to brighten your color, blend gray, or if you have a rock-in emo haircut that is missing some drama. Men are beginning to see the value in taking care of their skin. When looking for a skincare line, find one that will suit your lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time out doors then you will need a stronger spf in your moisturizer. Remember, you are worth it.

19 Ellis Ave. Troy, Mo 63379 (636) 528-4444

Eyeglasses, Contacts & Repairs

Barbara Cashion, Owner-Optician

Get Over The Winter Blahs With a Fresh Skin Care and Makeup Routine

By Lynda Chandler Alligator skin, anyone? Winter weather typically brings dry, chapped, dull, cracked skin with no signs of oil or shine. There is no reason for your skin to suffer. You deserve soft, supple, smooth skin! Our skin is the largest organ of our body; therefore important to hydrate. High winds, extreme temperatures, frequent hot baths or showers, dry climate can all contribute to dryer skin. More commonly, women over 50 will have dry skin. Expression lines are quick to form with dry skin, especially around the eyes and mouth. Our face is certainly not the only place we will find dry, flaky, itchy skin. Have you noticed that white film over those legs of yours? Quick – rescue them! Exfoliation is key! First you will want to cleanse and then exfoliate the skin; followed then with a moisturizer. Otherwise, you are just applying moisturizer over top of dead and dry, flaky skin cells. Yuck! Plus you will use more product than really necessary with all of that extra useless skin hanging around your body. So, exfoliate first. Depending upon what area of the body

in question may determine what specific products you choose to use. Certain exfoliators and moisturizers are designed for certain body parts. For example, you may not want to use the exfoliator designed for your legs, on your face; nor would you want to use the moisturizer designed for your face, on your feet. Try Mary Kay’s Body Wash exfoliator and the Hydrating Body Lotion that has a clean, soft scent and your result will be soft and smooth body parts! Consider Mary Kay’s Timewise Microdermabrasion and not only watch that fresh new baby face come alive, but you may shed a few years to boot! And remember certain products are designed for certain skin types, meaning that if you have dry skin your skin would not benefit from using a product made for combination/oily skin. For example, Mary Kay has an amazing Intense Moisturizing Cream for dry facial skin customers or an Oil-Free Hydrating Gel for normal to combination facial skin customers. Keep in mind, moisture is different than oil. Even someone with oily facial skin still needs a moisturizer, because that is how our skin gets a

drink. And what about those dry, chapped, red, achy lips? If you have not tried the incredible Satin Lip Set from Mary Kay, you are missing out! First, the lip mask buffs all traces of dry skin away and then the lip balm is applied for the softest, smoothest lips in town. And you won’t find yourself reapplying all day long. Our lip balm keeps the lip producing its own moisture unlike other products that block that natural process causing you to reapply that product many times in a day. I can’t forget everyone’s all time favorite….Satin Hands! After you wash and exfoliate your hands, apply Mary Kay’s Hand Cream to lock in moisture. In my opinion, you won’t find a better moisturizer for your hands. So, with winter in mind, wear gloves to protect your hands from the cold temperatures, use a humidifier in your home to add moisture to the air AND treat your skin to some extra hydration. Your skin will benefit from a new winter exfoliation and moisturization routine! Looking for a simple glamour look for every day? K.I.S.S.-Keep It Simple Sweetie! A simple routine can consist of

“Models in the above photos are not wearing Mary Kay Products.”

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Spring 2008

a base eye color with a tad of shimmer, mascara, neutral cheek color or bronzer and to finish the look, some lip gloss for shine (by the way, you are never too old for lip gloss). Consider this “dashout-the-door look,” whether dressed in sweats or ready for work; rather than the “naked face” approach to your day. I would bet that your day would be more successful in many ways. Your first impression is just that. So, choose to start off on the right foot each and every day. Don’t have time, you say? You may want to make the time if it is going to affect the success level of your day. Start by just doing one thing on the first week, say mascara. Then the next week add the crème to powder eye color along with the mascara. Then the third week, add the lip gloss with the eye color and mascara. And then finally, on the fourth week, add the cheek color or bronzer to your routine. Apply it across your natural cheek bone, after you have your eyes and lips on. By this time, each step will be a part of your daily routine just like brushing your teeth. Try it and see what happens – you just may be surprised at what the benefits of having a face on each day can mean for YOU and the success of


YOUR day. Wondering what to do first? Exfoliate and moisture or begin that simple glamour routine No matter what your

needs, contact your Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for your personal FREE consultation.

Lynda Chandler

Independent Sales Director 636-456-4135

amper Yourself.

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The Perfect


By: Barbara Cashion There was a time several years ago when all we had to pick from for eyeglass frames were a few styles. One or two styles for men and the same for women. The same held true for your color choices; brown or black plastic and gold or silver metal. But that was then...

With evolving changes in frames, the lens manufacturers began developing thinner, lighter lenses that work better in the thinner, lighter styles.This attention to detail that got people to pay more attention to the shape of the face and what frame shape would fit best. Along with the shape of the frame,

As the years went by eyeglass frame manufacturers realized that people wanted more. With that they began to experiment with different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. In the 60’s it was hippies and rock ‘n roll. With them came the Buddy Holly look of the thick black plastic frames and the psychedelic look made popular by John Lennon.

color is also an important factor. Changing the color of the frame can also change how a particular frame looks on you. So if you like the frame, but not the color, try a different color. This may be all you need to get the perfect look! One pair of glasses is no longer enough for everything you do. Many of us now have one pair to wear with jeans, another when we go out, another to wear when sitting in front of your computer, or different pairs to fit your different moods. Keep in mind that we are what we wear and in some cases this can become our personal trademark. For instance, the round black frames of Drew Carey, or the red frames of America Ferra (Ugly Betty), or Sally Jesse Raphael, and don’t forget the fashionable sunglasses of Paris Hilton and Bono, just to name a few. There are also a wide variety of fashion tints and coatings that can be applied to the lenses to enhance the look. We certainly have come a long way since the days of Ben Franklin!

Next came the 70’s and disco. The only thing that glittered brighter were the initials, butterflies, stars, etc., that we put on the lenses of our glasses. In the late 1980’s the popular question was, “What season are you?,” so you knew what colors looked best on you. The realization that it is all about the “total package” and “appearances do matter” was brought to us by the “ME” generation. The manufacture of frames all over the world, including the fashion capitals, brought a stronger sense that glasses can complete one’s appearance.

Glasses Selection: Round Face Select a frame that is more square or rectangular (the most popular shape currently).

Triangular Face Since the point of the triangle is toward the chin, you want to balance the face shape with frames that are more square or are aviator shaped..

Square Face Look for frames that are round or oval in shape. To help soften those edges try and select one that has color only on the outside edges.

Oblong Face Since your face is long and narrow, a rounded bottom frame that has deep lenses and sits on the lower face..

Oval Face You have the face shape that can wear almost anything! Trial and elmination is the best bet for you.

Change Your Look: Different frames can give different looks or impressions.

Casual Look:

Trendy or Fashion:


follow certain shapes and sizes. These are frames that may combine more than one color as well as a combination of ornate detail and encrusted rhinestones or even semi-precious jewels. A frame like this can be your way of displayingyour “real personality or to just have fun with your glasses.

tive eyewear with impact resistant lenses. Not to worry, fashion has come to these also. Even sports wear has a more sleek design as well as a variety of colours and finishes. So the next time you’re ready to hit the courts in your favorite outfit, why not finish the look with a pair of sleek looking sports goggles.

Select a frame without a lot of color or detail These are frames that incorpo- Over 90% of all eye injuries that oc(ornate design or bling). A frame that is not rate both style and color. Just like cur while playing sports could have hem lines and heel styles, frames been prevented by wearing protectoo heavy in its design or material.

Business or Professional:

Select frames that have a little more weight to the frame itself with more color for definition such as brown, black, greys and plums. A plastic type frame with rectangular shape and thicker tmeples would work well. This style projects a more serious attitude which is often needed in the business world.

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Bliss O

nce upon a time you dreamed of the perfect guy, the perfect day and the perfect dress. The following pages may help you find the latter. With dresses by designer Maggie Sottero, Jasmine and Mary’s, let the fantasizing begin.

Photography by Ernie Stiner. Gowns provided by The Wedding Shoppe in Troy. Jewelry by Three Monkeys Beadery in Troy. Flowers by Charlotte’s Flowers in Troy. Makeup by Mary Kay Independent Consultant Barbara Thomas.

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Spring 2008

Jessica Kneemiller is wearing a Maggie Sottero Victoriana style vintage taffeta gown with beaded embellishments in pearl rose.

Spring 2008

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Lana Kerker in a Mary’s bridal gown with pink taffeta sash. Lana’s hair was done by Nicole Warmke & Makeup by Tina BrownParrish, both of Luminesce Aveda Salon in Warrenton.

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Spring 2008

Jessica Kneemiller models a Maggie Sottero white french taffeta gown.

Spring 2008

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Jennifer Brennan models a Jasmine Couture gown with a v-neck line in silk satin with Swarovski crystal beaded embroidery detail in ivory.

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Spring 2008

Heather Miller models a Maggie Sottero gown, Dallas Marie-style, in light gold and rose Romance satin with brooch and ribbon embellishments.

Spring 2008

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Kyler Mooreman wears a Maggie Sottero Camdon style gown with de-clustered satin ivory with light gold accents with lace and sash.

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Spring 2008

Jennifer Brennan models a Jasmine Couture gown with a v-neck line in silk satin with Swarovski crystal beaded embroidery detail in ivory.

Spring 2008

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Sheridan Summers sports a Maggie Sottero Evita-style gown in tulle with ivory embroidered pewter accents.

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Spring 2008

Lana Kerker models a white french taffeta Maggie Sottero gown.

Spring 2008

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castle, or on a cruise ship, or at one of its ports of call, the possibilities are endless.


We do suggest wedding couples come to our office well in advance of their chosen date so that the resort can be secured and the time of their vows chosen. This also gives guests enough time to make plans to attend.

estination eddings

By: Diane Picht What is a destination wedding? It is a stress-free special day in paradise with memories that last a lifetime! A destination wedding might include just the bride and groom; the couple and select family; or the couple plus enough guests to make up a real “reunion.” The “reception,” if any, is more like a big party and held after the couple returns home. Destination weddings are almost guaranteed to be faster and simpler to plan than a traditional wedding and reception. There are all-inclusive (all your food and drinks are included) resorts and cruise lines around the world that are very appealing and make it easy to wed. Most have wedding coordinators onsite. Add that to a reputable travel agency, like Four Season Travel and Cruises, that specialize in destination weddings and honeymoons and you have a stress-free wedding! Good travel agents are familiar with local marriage license requirements, the resorts that offer free weddings, packages that include all the essentials: flowers, photography, videos, minister, cake, etc.,; and any special forms needed to be filled out in advance, etc. You just step off the plane and start having fun, because everything is already taken care of for you. If a stateside wedding is more appeal-

ing, we have contacts that will assist you with very simple ceremonies or weddings that include family and friends a a full-blown reception. Destination weddings are the perfect solution, if after both families meet and obviously do not see eye to eye, for the bride and groom to regain control of their special day. The change of location can help put aside any family drama and turn it into a fun-filled vacation. There are so many reasons for the popularity of destination weddings. First, you choose the destination of your dreams. Your destination choice can express your unique personalities. True romantics may opt for a location very special to them, a locale that holds a special place in their hearts and they can return to celebrate anniversaries. Adventure-loving couples may choose a snowcapped mountain top. Las Vegas weddings can be held in special chapels at many hotels and be very traditional in a full-length gown and tux, or at a more simple chapel, in a hot air balloon, or even by Elvis in a drivethrough. Your family and friends would probably jump at the chance to visit Vegas, too. Beach lovers can have a beautiful tropical location and feel the sand between their toes with a view of the Caribbean as they exchange their vows. Under a waterfall in Hawaii, a European

Never feel that any question you have is dumb; you never know until you ask. If you are undecided about your wedding site, we have the expertise to help with your decision. We also have some ideas to make your special day extra special for your guests also. As a general rule the bride and groom pay for their airfare, resort stay, and any extra ceremony expenses. Guests should expect to pay for their airfare, resort stay, and any non-wedding activities they choose to participate in. Almost all flights, shuttle service, or rental car and resort or hotel can be packaged together, making it more affordable. Destination weddings are very popular for second marriages. They have had the traditional wedding once and now they want a real celebration to include their children, families and friends. and what a great celebration and vacation they have to offer their guests. A typical wedding day is full of appointment times and stress, but a destination wedding gives you time to work on your tan, have a massage and/or facial, get your hair and nails done at the resort, and spend some time with family and friends especially dear to you. Your guests may choose to meet for drinks before the ceremony since they are already dressed for the occasion. They can start the celebration early! Most resorts let you choose a special restaurant and/or menu for an evening dinner with your guests making the celebration special and stressfree. Destination weddings now account for 16% of all weddings and they have increased 400% in the last ten years. The experienced agents at Four Season Travel and Cruises can help you decide what is right for you: a destination wedding or a traditional wedding at home followed by a romantic honeymoon. We make weddings and honeymoons stress free for you!

Buying A Wedding Gown

By: Angie Ruckel Will you marry me? This is the question every girl waits a lifetime to hear. What comes next seems obvious, the wedding gown and all the details. Sure, you have been planning your wedding since you were a little girl, but the actual

purchase of your dress is a new experience. Time can mean the difference of a nice wedding or unforgetable wedding. Wedding gowns can take up to six months to arrive after they are ordered. A bridal gown is never considered finished until a seamstress makes the final alterations so your gown fits you perfectly. Allow yourself time to put all the finishing touches to your wedding so it reflects you and your groom’s personalities. The bridal store you choose will be a very important part of your experience. Your bridal consultant can show you the latest trends, timeless styles, and the most flattering styles for your body type. Making appointments are always a good plan, some stores require one. Take someone like your mom and/or maid of honor for good advice and make a day of it. Dress up a little, take along a strapless bra and pull up your hair to see how a veil will look. You can create a picture in the mirror of what you will look like on your wedding day. Today’s styles are all

about showing your curves and enhancing them. Dropped waist, full skirts in silk, satin, and body hugging lace with pearls and crystals--try them all on and don’t shy away from color. Diamond white, creme, gold and ivory look beautiful against the evening sun. Bright white with touches of your favorite color can add drama and show your personality. When you find your dress, ask the bridal consultant to bring bridesmaids dresses in flattering colors next to your gown to see how they look. This will help you choose your colors before you and your bridesmaids start shopping. The Wedding Shoppe in Troy, MO, is a full-service bridal salon, and offers private appointments to make your shopping experience as relaxing a s possible. The bridal consultants at The Wedding Shoppe will assist you in your bridal gown selection, and bridal party attire including tuxedos. The consultants will offer their services on your wedding day to help you dress. All this to make this the wedding you always dreamed of.


It’s our reputation. The very best custom designed jewelry at the very best price.

•Pearls •Crystal •Sterling •Gold

Three Monkeys Beadery, LLC

235 East Cherry Street, Troy, MO 63379


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The Wedding Shoppe 14 The Plaza Troy, MO 63379 (636) 528-5647

“Marry in Blue, your love will be true.”

Get Swept Away.

Book Your Spring or Summer Wedding

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Bridal Trends 2008

By: Paula Nakajima The trends and latest fashions for jewelry are in full gear for 2008 and wedding trends are no exception. Today, wedding trends include many styles, themes and budgets. When it comes to wedding jewelry, there are some common factors that ring true for any wedding party.

Individuality ♥ People search for individuality in their wedding jewelry,

placing value in uniqueness and originality. Now it is fashionable to have jewelry that is unusual and uniquely yours with special meaning. Having bridal jewelry like everyone else’s is definitely no longer the fashion. Today’s brides and grooms like to express their individuality and uniqueness with their wedding jewelry. In addition to the wedding rings, brides and grooms traditionally exchange wedding gifts; jewelry is often the gift of choice. Many couples also choose to give thanks to parents and members of the wedding party with jewelry as well. Not only does jewelry provide a memorable keepsake, but also helps maintain a beautiful theme for your wedding attire. Brides, wedding party members, family, and guests are using wedding celebrations as special opportunities to get creative with personal adornment.

Drama ♥

Earrings, necklaces and bracelets designed for wedding-wear are often styled to complement the whites and ivories of traditional wedding dresses. However, wedding jewelry can also be used to enhance the personalized theme of a wedding, or even to match carefully placed color accents on a bridal gown. And since it’s becoming popular for brides and their party to change outfits between the wedding and reception, there’s often a need for two distinct sets of jewelry for one wedding day. The chandelier earring styles we’ve grown to love for everyday-jewelry make dramatic wedding earrings when adorned with pearls or crystals. Chandeliers can also take the form of elegant necklace stations or pendants. The romantic styles of the 1920s, ‘30s, and ‘40s – including art deco and old Hollywood are perfect for any elegant wedding. Look for sparkling faceted stones and quality vintage glass beads. Many brides will take advantage of the bold look this year including lots of draped or twisted strands, often surrounding eye-catching centerpieces. Layers may be adorned with pearls, crystal beads, and even less-traditional materials like natural gemstones. Pearls of all shapes and sizes are everywhere this year, and they’re readily available in non-traditional, dyed colors in addition to classic creams and whites. Some brides are adding color accents to their wedding gowns; colorful pearls can be beautiful matching accompaniments.

Combs & Layering ♥

As metal colors are quite popular for bridal attire, the cool tones of titanium and tungsten jewelry make a striking appearance. For the bride’s hair ornamentation, tiaras are out; headbands are in. Ornate crownlike tiaras are falling by the wayside in the coming year for bridal accessories. Beaded and beribboned headbands are in. Combs covered in crystal and pearls are also hot right now. Usually bridesmaids receive jewelry such as necklaces and earrings for the wedding

day, but rising in popularity are beautiful hair jewelry such as combs, barrettes or jeweled hairpins. Layers are popular, not just in hair, but in jewelry. Many recent weddings have the bridesmaids wearing several strands instead of a single strand necklace. Strands can be simple chains or strands embellished with crystals, pearls or other stones to match the color theme of the wedding.

Titanium & Tungsten ♥

As metal colors are quite popular for bridal attire, the cool tones of titanium and tungsten jewelry make a striking appearance. Tungsten jewelry has become the hottest, fastest growing trend in jewelry because of it unique and intriguing appearance, durability and cost. Tungsten carbide has a lustrous shine, which remains forever without requiring continuous polishing or upkeep to maintain its shine. Titanium jewelry is also quite durable, yet extremely lightweight. Titanium can come in traditional titanium color or the popular black titanium. Titanium is hypoallergenic and ideal for people with skin sensitivities Titanium and Tungsten are the now metals for wedding bands. Strong, light and sleek and sexy, white and colored Titanium is the hottest designer metal for wedding bands 2008. Titanium pairs well with other metals and gems, from gold and silver to stainless steel and diamonds, Titanium can be applied to a variety of tastes and styles.

Spring 2008

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Let Garden Gate Party Rental Help With Your Big Day!

Garden Gate Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Party Rental & Supply

631 South Main St. Troy, MO 63379 • 636-462-5665

Dance The Night Away. The Warren County American Legion Post 122 banquet room is available for rent for wedding receptions, graduation parties, birthday parties and more. Catering is also available. You can go ahead and shake, shimmy and dance without breaking your budget.

(636) 456-2333 • 28855 Legion Trail, Warrenton, MO

Wedding Planning for Less By: Patra Taylor


edding season is fast approaching, and most brides are overwhelmed as to how to start. You’ve barely gotten used to the engagement ring, and now you have to plan a wedding. Here are some first steps to take. Despite the bliss of romance, it is time to be realistic and set a budget for your ceremony and reception. Without knowing how much money you have to spend, it’s so easy to go crazy and spend more money than you have. Keeping this in mind, the right budget is whatever is right for you and your families. The most popular time to get married is summer and fall so pick your date as soon as possible. Remember that June and October are huge wedding months and if things are booking up, consider a Friday night wedding. Friday night weddings are often less expensive and easier to book, though they do make it more difficult for out of town guests to attend. Based on your budget and date, you need to research and reserve your wedding and reception location first. Some popular venues are booked a year in advance; so don’t delay on these two todos. These first steps will get you set for thinking now of your guest list. Set a limit of the number of guests and remember that 10 to 15 percent invited guests will decline the invitation. This is one of the hardest parts of getting married--who to invite and who will not make the list. If the parents cannot stick to their limit this is a good moment, if they are contributing, to ask for a little more.

Once you have achieved your guest list, its time to think about decorations for your wedding and reception areas. Here at Garden Gate Party Rental and Supply we can assist you with decorating your wedding or reception area. You may want to use candlelight to enhance your wedding. We have a variety of beautiful candelabras in brass, wicker or silver decor. Remember, candlelight adds a warm glow of softness to your ceremony. We suggest that what you rent for your wedding, use also for the reception. Your head table, cake area, or appetizers table can always use a touch of candlelight. The candlelight can also be a part of your centerpiece, which creates softness as it sits on your linen tablecloth surrounded by beautifully folded linen napkins. Which brings me to an economical point that renting items such as linen, tables, and centerpieces for your wedding or reception saves you money

and you are not stuck with purchasing 50 centerpieces and then wondering what to do with them after the wedding. When having an outside venue, one must think of the weather and always have a back up plan in case of rain or extreme heat. When renting a tent, tables or chairs for the event, make sure that you have drawn out where you want everything set up and you have the proper room to hold the number of guests you have invited. Your rental company will be able to assist you with this and give you a better idea of what you’ll need. Long after the champagne has been poured and the wedding cake has been served, we want your special day to be memorable, so take time now and plan. If you are interested and would like more rental information contact Garden Gate Party Rental and Supply at 636-462-5665.

Spring 2008

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How To Make

Funeral Arrangements

By: Kimberly Ingersoll As I sat down to begin writing this article, I started to think back on the many funeral arrangements I have made in the last 17 years. Some arrangements have been with one person and others have had a whole room full of people. Some have taken about an hour or less, some have taken several hours, a full day or two to complete. You may be asking yourself, how could funeral arrangements possibly take a day to complete, while others only take a few hours. A prearranged funeral plan is the major difference in these scenarios. No one really likes to think they are or a loved one is going to pass away. Unfortunately, at some point, we all will. How does prearranging your funeral help your family? You have basically made all of those hard decisions for them. Such as, what type of casket, which urn, what songs to be sung at the service, which minister, what was dad’s mom’s maiden name? The list goes on for over 120 items. These are all difficult questions to answer on any given day, let alone when you and your family are distraught over the very recent death of your loved one. When a family prearranges, the funeral home keeps a copy of all the vital statistical, obituary and service details

that have been given to us in advance by the family. When the family comes in to finalize the arrangements, the funeral director will already have the obituary typed and ready for review, a statement of goods and services already completed from the information from the prearrangement, the clergy notified of the death and their availability to handle the services. The cemetery or Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery can be contacted for the grave information and time schedules. Basically all the family has to do is review the information and decide on what time to have the visitation and the funeral. A gift has been left to the family by their loved one, the gift of advanced planning. Not only does prearranging help with gathering sometimes difficult family information, it also helps with the cost of the funeral. When a person prearranges the services and merchandise through their local funeral home and they pass the health questions, or pay in a lump sum payment, the services and merchandise are frozen at those prices. So what you purchase today, you will not have to pay any more on, no matter how much the funeral home prices may rise. Other items that are associated with funeral costs are cash


Rick & Kimberly Ingersoll

211 Boone St., Troy, MO 63379

636-462-CARE ingersoll chapel.indd 1

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Spring 2008

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advanced items. These expenses can be added to a prearrangement, but traditionally are not considered “guaranteed items.” Why is that? Well, as a funeral home, we have no control over what the state of Missouri is going to charge for death certificates or sales tax. Nor do we have control over cemetery charges, minister’s gratuity, newspapers charges for obituaries or flowers. So after reading this article, why should you prearrange? Peace of mind for yourself and your family. You have put into place the type of services you want and have controlled the amount spent on your funeral. A huge burden has been removed. You have answered all of the “unanswered” questions for your family. Advanced funeral planning is truly a loving gift you give to your family.

Help Me Help You!

Acrylic Nail Maintenance By: Alex Bui

How many times have you gone into a nail salon, had acrylic nails put on, and then within a week you were picking at them until they pop off? Well, a little home maintenance could help you keep your acrylic nails on longer! After you’ve had your nails serviced, run them under cold water which will help set the polish. If you start to notice your nails are lifting, get yourself a bottle of nail glue and a fine buffer to minimize the lifting until you can get to your nail tech. After all, paying for a new set of acrylic nails every time you go to a salon can get very costly. Remember to get an acrylic fill-in approximately every two weeks. Getting your nails serviced regularly will help your nail tech keep them in tip top shape. It will also help your nail tech keep an eye on other problems that may occur between fills. One such problem is mold. Mold occurs when there is excessive lifting of the acrylic nails and moisture has gotten between the natural nail bed and the acrylic. Your body temperature gives off enough heat for mold to grow. If this happens, go to your nail tech and they will be able to help you solve the problem. With just a little home maintenance, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful acrylic nails for years to come.

Women & Guns

Shop Without Intimidation By: Jane Hale It isn’t always easy for women to go into a gun shop. Of course! Usually there are only men in the store, both as customers and behind the counter. My advice? Take a deep breath, open the door and come in. You will be pleasantly surprised. H&H Outfitters is a local, family-owned gun store that prides itself on treating women with respect and dignity. They take the time to discover each person’s needs and skill level to find the right match for you. Sometimes, a firearm isn’t the right choice, H&H also carries pepper spray and stun guns. Mark and Jane Hale, owners of H&H Outfitters, said, “We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in our store. We have many women customers. Women enjoy hunting, target shooting, cowboy action shooting, and have home and personal protection needs. We are always available to answer questions, provide service, and recommend local places for training.” “Many women are very good shots, you would be surprised how many men secretly admit that their wife or girlfriend is a better shot than they are! We love it when the women get the bigger buck!” In today’s society women need to be proactive in regards to personal protection. You have to have to be aware of your surroundings and be alert to poten-

tial danger. Have a plan in mind. No one wants to be a victim of crime and there are many things you can do to keep yourself and your family safe. On August 28, 2007 Governor Blunt signed Senate Bill 62, a component of which no longer requires residents to get a permit from the sheriff’s department in order to purchase a hand gun. You still have to be a Missouri resident, your driver’s license has to reflect your current address, and a federal background check is still required. “We are able to do all the paperwork here in the store; it is more convenient for you the customer.” H&H Outfitter’s wants all of its customers to know they will soon be changing their name to H&H Guns. “We are still the same store, same owners, and yes, we will still honor our H&H Outfitter’s gift certificates. Take a look beyond the firearms and you may find a hidden treasure in H&H. They also have antiques, framed art, collectibles, Native American items, knives, cowboy memorabilia, and sports collecti bles. You never know what you might find in this neat little store. “People are always surprised at the wide variety of items we offer and how fast things get gone! It’s always changing but that keeps it fun. If you don’t find something you like, you just might find the perfect gift for someone!”

Spring 2008

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Business By: Deborah Dillon I once heard a wise woman say, “There are seasons to a woman’s life, each one holds joys and challenges of its own. You can’t do everything in a single season, so give yourself the grace and permission to say no or to wait for another time.” That little bit of advice helped me so much as a young mother trying to raise a family while dreaming of things I would love to accomplish. I didn’t have to do it all at that moment in time. With that advice I gave myself permission to decline invitations to take on projects or causes if they overloaded me or derailed what I was committed to in that season of my life. Focusing on my kids and raising them to the best of my ability has been a wonderful season in my life I wouldn’t have changed. I was blessed to be able to do that and still have the bills paid. Did I still have dreams? You bet. But I knew there would be a better season for them to be realized. I did, however, use the time to read, learn, and ask many questions. I know many women who must work, however, and that can create more challenges to overcome while pursuing those dreams. Time can be a wonderful friend or evil master. Whatever category you fit in, you still have dreams and I say don’t give up on them. It just may not be the right season. But do make a plan and learn all you can. Find a mentor. Someone to encourage you, teach you, and jump start you when you get discouraged. A great plan and mentor are extremely important in every season in our lives. I’ve loved antiques and collectibles for many years and often dreamed of having my own business. But a dream realized at the wrong time can become a nightmare. I’m now in my 40’s (yes, I did admit that in print!). I own 4 Doors Down, a resale and consignment store in Warrenton and enjoy selling not only antiques and collectibles but everything else in between. Two of my kids are married now, one in college, and one getting ready to give me more gray hair with driving lessons. I stand here and watch this new season in my life burst forth with possibilities like spring flowers create a blanket of color that changes the world around us. Each season brings with it blessings and challenges. We can gracefully flow into the next season with anticipation or we can kick and drag our heels with dread. Preparation, planning, and the realization that the seasons change whether we are ready for it or not can make the transformation a pleasant journey. We take the good with the bad in life and business. I have a passion for what I do (that is a must), like meeting great people,

providing hugs for the lonely, prayers for the hopeless, laughs with new friends, but i hate taxes, bills, bank statements and long hours. If it can’t talk back to me I probably don’t enjoy it too much. Understanding seasons in our lives is freeing, that there is a time for everything under heaven. That each season holds great wonders and blessings but also obstacles that will try to derail you and discourage you. Knowing this going in helps you enjoy the fullness of that season and not wish yourself too quickly into the next. I would never want to hold anyone back from their dreams, only help them see the right timing for that dream to come to fruition with joy, not sorrow. Surround yourself with doerspeople who believe in you but will also be honest with you about your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your weaknesses is one of the most important aspects to setting forth a good, strong business plan. You will need others to help you. Find people who are strong where you are weak. I have a great team here at 4 Doors Down: Katie, who keeps the consignment area working smoothly; Mary Beth, who can sell you a parka in July; Sarah, who is the sweetest, hard-working 19-year-old I know; Linda, who does everything without being told; Sue, who is a great servant to many; and Anita, who is full of grace; and great friends who just come in and help out. I have a great supportive family (although they do miss Mom’s cooking), a wonderful church family to keep me balanced, and last but not least a faithful Lord that leads me and covers me with His grace and mercy and picks me up when I fall. Do you have a dream? Is it the right season to see it come to pass or is now the time to plan? Are you frustrated? Need help determining where you are? Feel free to stop by for a chat or invite me to lunch, I love to eat! We will be glad to help in any way we can. Last, have fun in each season you’re in, splash in the puddles of spring, drink in the sun of summer, jump in the leaves of fall, and build a snowman in winter. God bless you on your journey.

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Steps to Achieving Your Dream of Owning a

Small Business

By: Audrey C. Vincent


ave you ever walked into a business and said to yourself, “Wow, this place is great, I could do this!” Have you ever thought of a product or service that your town doesnt’t have, but desperately needs? Do you put your heart and soul into doing a good job, only to have your employer reap the financial benefits? Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? At one time or another, I am sure we all have shared in one or more of the above sentiments. What happens if you decide to take that leap of faith? What happens if you decide to follow that rainbow? What happens if you decide to open your own business? Where do you start, what steps do you take to realize that dream, and what tools are out there to help you be successful?

Step One:

It starts with the dream. What are you passionate about? What moves you? What do you enjoy doing? Let’s face it, if you don’t love it, believe in it and live it, you won’t be able to sell it! Be realistic.

Step Two:

Research. This goes along with being realistic. Sometimes even if you love it, believe in it and live it, it doesn’t mean

other people will. You may love flowers, but if there are twenty other flower shops in town, what is going to make everyone shop at yours?

Step Three:

Location, Location, Location.

Have you found the perfect spot? Do you want to lease or buy? Shop around. You can do this on your own, but it can be very time consuming. There are local real estate agents that can scour the area and find different locations available for sale or lease. Have in mind how much space you really need to start, and allow room for possible expansion. If your business takes off, do you really want to move locations to support that growth? You want your customers to know where to find you.

Step Four:

Develop a Business Plan. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. This is your business road map. It’s a way of documenting an operation plan for controlling the business, and it also puts the financial feasibility of the business to the test. It’s in black and white. Also, if you need to secure financing, most banks will require one. You will want to include the market analysis, the product and service research, and financial data, including financial projections for your business. Be conservative, but realistic based on the information you have. Resources:,,,

important. They are the lifelines of your business. You need to keep in mind where you will get the most bang for your buck. Of course right off the bat, you need to choose signage. It’s important that you are very visible. You will also want to look into local advertising, both in print and radio. Be aware of the circulation of local papers, shop ad sizes and prices, ask your friends which papers they subscribe to and read. Look at the papers you may use and see what advertising jumps off the page. If you have a local radio station, check with them for package deals. You may be surprised how reasonable advertising can be. Be sure to get involved with your local Chamber of Commerce. Word

of mouth is cheap and effecctive advertising. Your local Chamber representative can help you promote your business by hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony and/or open house. The Chamber also provides you with a great opportunity to network with other business owners who can provide a wealth of information and support. There also may be a Business Networking Group in your area. This can also be another good source of referrals to your business. Remember the 3 C’s of networking-Care, Connect, and Continue. Resources:,,

Step Five:

Business Structure. How will you structure your business? There are different options available, each having its own benefits. You can research the different business entities online. You can also contact your local CPA. They can tell you the different tax liabilities and benefits for each business structure and can point you in the right direction. Resources:,,

Step Six:

Banking. Once you have your business structure established, you’re ready to open your business accounts and secure any financing. Make sure you shop your local banks. Not all banks are created equal. You want to get the best service, products and rates available. Your local bank should have options available that help first time business owners secure the financing they need through the Small Business Administration, and other programs. If you are a Women Business owner, there could be possible grants and loan options available to help you with your financing needs. Resources: www.nationalcity. com,,,

Step Seven:

Marketing and Networking. Before and after you open your business, these two things are very

Spring 2008

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Serving the area with Fine Photography at reasonable Prices for over 25 years Now in our new location we continue that tradition.

We create heirloom family portraits for families large and small. High school seniors are what keep us thinking and acting young! Kids and pets. Ya gotta love em’ and we do! Models! We do portfolios, test shots and TFCD shoots. We also do product and commercial photography.

Ernie Stiner PhotograPhy

672 East Hwy. U, Troy, Missouri 63379 636-528-7774 800-700-7774

Hearing Loss Treatment By: Julie Lipinski Did you know that one out of every ten people suffer from hearing loss? Well, it’s the truth. And, hearing instruments are usually the number one treatment. While no one knows an exact figure for how many people are hearing impaired, surveys estimate around 30 million people in North America and 500 million people world-wide suffer from some degree of hearing loss. According to the “MarkeTrak VII” survey completed in 2005, hearing loss is a problem faced by all generations: • 1 in 6 baby boomers (ages 41-59) have a hearing problem • 1 in 14 Generation Xers (ages 29-40) have a hearing loss • At least 1.4 million children suffer from hearing problems Friends and Family play a key role in the treatment of hearing loss! The first step to better hearing is going in for a hearing test. If you suspect that someone you care about may be suffering from a hearing loss, go along with them to have their hearing tested by a hearing professional. Your moral support could be the key factor in your loved one getting the help they need! The top two reasons for first-time owners to purchase a hearing instrument are: • The perception that their hearing loss got worse • Family members Untreated hearing loss can have many negative effects on a person’s quality of life. Symptoms of untreated hearing loss may include social withdrawal, depression and anxiety. Hearing instruments are not a cure for hearing loss, but they can be highly effective in treating hearing loss and allowing hearing impaired people to live full and normal lives. Since hearing loss is a disability that often progresses over time, it can be difficult for the hearing impaired individual to notice a digression in their hearing. However, it is the friends and family of the individual who notice the symp-

toms most; asking people to repeat what they’ve said, turning up the television to a loud volume, not being able to understand certain words on the telephone. This is why it is so important for friends and family to be encouraging and supportive. Current surveys show that three out of four people, who could benefit from hearing aids, don’t wear them. The good news is that you can proactively help change this statistic! Encourage your friends and family to have an annual hearing test by a hearing professional. Remember, one hearing test too many is far better than one hearing test too few! Hearing aids come in several shapes and styles, from the tiny CIC, completely in the canal, hearing instrument to the large BTE, behind the ear, there is a hearing aid to suit your needs and lifestyle. But the first step to hearing all of the little things you have been missing is to get your hearing tested so that you can find out what options suit your hearing loss and your lifestyle. We at Apple Hearing are here to help you or your loved ones to improve your hearing with state of the art technology, counseling to help your loved one adjust to their regained ability to hear and long term service to keep your new hearing aids in top working order. Many times I am asked what makes our hearing aids different from some of the others on the market today, my response is always the same “we sell state of the art hearing instruments that are made by Audibel, a company that is 100% owned and our hearing aids are made in the USA! The Audibel network is one of the largest in the United States which allows our customers to have the freedom to travel and enjoy their lives with the confidence of knowing that help is right around the corner at their local Audibel dealer. Quality of Service is another reason we stand head and shoulders above other hearing aid dealers! Our large list of Free services that we provide to our customers, to help them with their aids is offered

for the life time of your hearing aids, not just for the first couple of months or the first year! We offer Free clean and checks of your hearing aids (no matter where you purchased them) Free hearing tests and adjustments to your programming provided regularly so that your hearing aids are programmed to your current level of hearing loss and they bring in as much clarity of understanding speech as possible. We also offer Free In-house repairs to all makes and models of hearing instruments regardless of where you purchased them. Our goal at Apple Hearing is to help our clients to hear as naturally as possible, and to maintain a good relationship with our clients so that we can keep your hearing instruments in good working order so that they last as long as possible to keep your quality of life the Best!

Kevin & Darren Elliott of Elliott Carpet, Troy said, “We both agree. We are very pleased with our new hearing aids from APPLE HEARING Solutions. The price was fair, the service has been excellent, and it is obvious that they care about patient satisfaction.”

Spring 2008

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Women & Technology By: Stacy Neuhaus Technology is ever changing. Women are embracing the technological evolution and are a driving force in changes for the future. Consumer reports show that women make the majority of electronics purchases, partly because there are slightly more women in the U.S. population than men. Also, because many electronics are particularly interesting to women. That is very apparent at our Radio Shack store in Warrenton, MO, where we have just as many women customers as men. Our sales show the top three electronic items women find most interesting are cell phones, wireless routers and digital cameras. Today’s cell phones are nothing short of awesome. They provide the ability to place a call in case of emergency or you can electronically manage your life. You can manage your e-mail or calendar. You can listen to music while driving or exercising. You can take pictures and send them to friends and family. You can make notes or leave yourself a voice reminder

to “pick up milk and bread.” And, of course, you can make calls, whether through voice recognition, speed dial or the good old-fashioned keypad. You don’t even have to hold the phone anymore. Most cell phones are Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth headsets come in many shapes, colors and styles to suit any preference. There are also Bluetooth devices for your car if you don’t like wearing a headset. Home computer networking has become extremely popular in recent years. A large percentage of homes in America have a desktop computer. With technological advances in notebook computers, many households also have one or more notebook or “laptop” computers. To get all computers online at the same time, a wireless (or wired) router is necessary. Many women happen to be the one that manages the family computer needs. Digital cameras are one of the top selling electronic items. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a digital camera. You can choose from any size,

quality, color, zoom, megapixels or type of memory card. The buying process can be as simple or complex as you like. We ask our customers a lot of questions in order to find out exactly which digital camera would best suit their individual needs. 90% of our digital camera buyers are women. Advances in technology are amazing and women are excited to see what comes next!

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A Resale Consignment Store Featuring Furniture, Home Decor, Art, Movies Books, Clothing & Much More.

Over 4,000 sq. ft. to Browse Great Staff to Help You New Items Added Daily

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Email: Hours: Mon-Fri 9-7 Sat. 9-5 Sun. Closed

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