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LEFT: CARDIGAN 1129P516-m815 - TEE 1129Y494-251 - JEANS 6 pocket straight/narrow-rinsewash 1129T536-815 RIGHT: JACKET 1129J523-251 - TEE 1129Y499-m788 - SWEATPANT 1129T491-594 - jeans adventure loose engineer stonewash 1129T543-293

Essentialy Imps&Elfs Imps&Elfs wants a child to be a child. Children’s characteristics, like their build, their personality, their imagination, get all the space they need. First you see the child, then what he or she is wearing. The true quality of the clothes is in the cut. On a hanger, the garment appears straightforward. But on the body, it shows its finesse. A shifted shoulder seam, a sleeve just a bit tighter than usual. This combination results in a sharp and fashionable silhouette without being too obvious. Imps&Elfs is a ‘wordy’ brand. The sober, subtle clothes form the perfect backdrop for graphic, editorial prints; the content matters. Imps’ answer to the worldwide crisis: ‘everything is going to be alright’.

Definitely MADE-BY Working for children means working responsibly. That is why we work with MADE-BY, an independent organisation that continuously improves the social, economic and ecological conditions throughout the whole supply chain of their member’s collections. For Imps&Elfs this means paying fair wages, not making use of child labour, and working climate-neutral when we can. We are proud that our collections are made almost entirely from certified organic cotton. We believe in a ‘transparent’ business model, which means that the production process of each garment can be traced via our website and that of MADE-BY.

I dream of later when I sleep And when I can’t I count the sheep

OVERALL 1124O005-m875 - SOCKS 1124X070-m875

tee 1124Y014-100 - pant 1124T016-100 - hat 1124X018-100 - socks 1124X070-m875

cardigan 1124P027-m875 - pant 1124T016-100 - hat 1124X018-100 socks 1124X070-m875

cardigan 1124P050-m875 - pant 1124T016-100 - hat 1124X018-100 socks 1124X070-m875

tee 1124Y023-m875 - pant 1124T026-815 - socks 1124X067-m875

dress 1124G034-m875 - maillot 1124X069-251

cardigan 1124P058-815 - tee 1124Y022-m875 - pant 1124T026-815 - socks 1124X070-M875

cardigan 1124P050-m815 - tee 1124Y024-223 - pant 1124T060-m815 - socks 1124X067-223

cardigan 1124P045-223 - dress 1124G059-463 - maillot 1124X069-m875

cardigan 1124P045-m875 - tee 1124Y057-m877 - pant 1124T060-m788 socks 1124X067-m875

cardigan 1124P047-815 - dress 1124G054-223 - maillot 1124X068-815

cardigan 1124P027-m815 - tee 1124Y022-594 - pant 1124T029-594 - socks 1124X070-m875

tee 1124Y003-m875 - overall 1124O032-594 - SOCKS 1124X070-M875

pant 1124T029-594 - socks 1124X070-M875

cardigan 1124P047-407 - dress 1124G041-407 - maillot 1124X069-251

tee 1124Y001-M407 - pant 1124T033-461 - socks 1124X070-M875

cardigan 1124P045-251 - tunic 1124H076-407 - socks 1124X068-407

tee 1124Y001-m407

one giant leap for men, not child with my magic boots I walk the world beguiled

cardigan 1127P251-m815 - tee 1127Y231-788

tee 1127Y230-m875

cardigan 1127P256-351 - tee 1127Y231-788 - pant 1127T311-898

shirt 1127H306-594

jacket 1127J264-594 - tee 1127Y231-M875 - jeans 6 pocket straight fit stonewash 1127T313-293

cardigan 1126P121-815 - dress 1126G187-813 - pant 1126T122-815 - socks 1124X070-M875

cardigan 1126P177-m875 - tunic 1126H167-594 - maillot 1126X151-305 pants 1126T196-M875

cardigan 1126P182-310 - tunic 1126G187-898 - Jeans skipper slim stonewash 1126T189-286 - socks 1124X070-M875

tee 1126Y102-M875 - bermuda 1126B138-594 - legging 1126T104-788 - socks 1124X070-M875

cardigan 1126P121-310 - tee 1126Y107-530 - JEANS 6 pocket slim fit dry wash 1126T191-898 - socks 1124X070-M875

tee 1126Y102-407 - legging 1126T104-407 - bermuda 1126B138-251 - socks 1124X070-251

cardigan 1126P182-310 - dress 1126G137-251 - legging 1126X150-251 - socks 1124X070-251

cardigan 1126P127-624 - dress 1126G186-813 - pant 1126T104-M875

jacket 1126P121-310 - dress 1126G186-M876 pant 1126T104-M875 - socks 1124X070-594

cardigan 1126P121-815 - dress 1126G187-813 - pant 1126T122-815 - socks 1124X070-M875

cardigan 1126P182-310 - dress 1126G137-251 - legging 1126X150-251 - socks 1124X070-251

dress 1126G132-M875 - maillot 1126X151-M875

tee 1126Y102-M875 - maillot 1126X150-310 - bermuda 1126B138-251

Let me say this and speak about that when I’m big like mum I will also chat (a lot)

cardigan 1129P516-530 - shirt 1129H522-594 - tee 1129Y494-112

sweat 1129P503-M815 - tee 1129Y486-351 - jeans 6 pocket slim fit stonewash 1129T537-898

jacket 1129J523-594 - tee 1129Y494-351

cardigan 1128P415-351 - tee 1128Y364-M875 87 - dress 1128G430-813

pullover 1128P386-M815 - pant 1128T441-305

cardigan 1128P417-898 - tee 1128Y373-815 - jeans skipper stonewash 1128T450-815

cardigan 1128P411-305 - tee 1128Y350-815 - pant 1128T388-M815

sweat 1128P410-530 - tee 1128Y355-M875 - sweatpant loose rinse wash 1128T480-286 - shawl 1128X447-310

cardigan 1128P417-251 - tee 1128Y356-M875 - maillot 1128X447-251 - bermuda 1128B446-286

tee 1128Y364-M875 - overall 1128O385-530 - shawl 1126X195-619

blouse 1128H443-813 - tee 1128Y364-M875 - overall rinse wash 1128O436-286

cardigan 1129P516-530 - shirt 1129H522-251 - tee 1129Y499-M875 - Jeans 6 pocket slim fit stonewash 1129T535-815

cardigan 1129P515-898 - tee 1129Y496-815 - tee 1129P498-M875 - Jeans 6 pocket slim fit stonewash 1129T537-898

cardigan 1129P503-530 - tee 1129Y497-624 - Jeans 6 pocket slim fit stonewash 1129T537-898

For me, the perfect jeans is the one I choose I play and grow in style Slim, straight, baggy or loose Each body develops and grows so at Imps&Elfs we commit to study the shapes and movements up close and create the perfect fit

skipper super slim fit silver stonewash


jegging super slim fit indigo stone wash


sixpocket girl slim fit sea green stone wash


thunder straight fit powder stonewash


sixpocket girl boyfriend fit burton stonewash


sweatpant loosefit rinsewash indigo


sixpocket boy slimfit black night 


defender straight fit burton stonewash


sixpocket boy baggy fit forest dry dark


worker loose fit burton stonewash


adventure loose engineer green indigo


Imps&Elfs Fall/Winter 2011 Head Office & Store Sloterkade 41-44 1058 HE Amsterdam T +31 20 346 0180 F +31 20 346 0181 E Printed on Kraftliner and Profijt, FSC paper certified. Concept & design by ...,staat Photography by Lies Musch

how To wEAR

A. IF You LIkE ThE Look B. IF You DoN’T LIkE ThE Look




imps&elfs fall winter 2011 looks  

imps&elfs fall winter 2011 looks

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