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6 Simple Tips for you to reminisce better If you tend to forget dates, names or other vital things and it has starting affecting your life, it is time you do something about it. Start inculcating these memory improvement tips in your daily routine and see the difference for yourself.

1. Eating right Eating a diet rich food which boosts memory is the first step for memory enhancement. Antioxidants free the body from harmful radicals which damages cells and create many health problems. You should include all the colored food and vegetables in your daily diet. The main memory enhancer foods rich in

antioxidants are blueberries (anthocyanin), fish (omega3), spinach (folic acid), Apple (quercetin), grapes (phytochemicals).

2. Puzzles & Games Working on puzzles and playing memory enhancer or problem fixing games can help you to push your mind’s capacity of recollection. 3. Reading Learning is an ongoing process and reading about various new things will excite your mind. It is a kind of mental exercise which again helps to push the mind’s limit. 4. Socializing There is a proven link between effective memory and healthy relationships. It is good for the mind and body both for you to be connected with the people you like. 5. Relate with Images It is an easier and simpler way. If you can’t remember something, you can associate it with an image created in your mind. Our brains work in an amazing way when associated with a picture or character. 6. Stay fit The right kind of lifestyle and exercise regulates blood flow to the brain and hence helps in improving memory. These simple memory improvement tips will have a positive effect and help you remember better.

6 Simple Tips for you to reminisce better