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--- ,,“I use a Darryl Sitler hockey stick. ” “I use a Guy Ldfleur hockey stick. Hey Guy, you want some Weetabix? Gab Caplin and a newcomer to Second City act out an old favourate. Photo by John W. Bast 1




1, 1979. Imprint



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Despite the apparently incredible dearth of creativity evident in the university environment, ‘there actually is some unusual experimental work being done on campus. A group called The Mime Company Unlimited is working in conjunction with two sociology professors to produce a workshop on the writings of George Orwell, presented in a hybrid form that binds theatre and mime. The purpose of thelexperiment is to explore the possibilities of joining theatre with academics. Considered as a piece of research, it is financed by both Canada Council and the Arts Council of Ontario.

The script is based on a compilation of excerpts from the essays and “non fiction” of Orwell (“Shooting an Elephant”, “Down and Out in Paris and London”). The sections not presented as dialogue between actors are spoken by professors Murray Paulin and David Kirk of Ryerson and UW, respectively they represent the “Don Quixote and Sancho Panza of Orwell’s mind”. The excerpts, presented roughly in -biographically chronological order, have been chosen to present a representative exploration of Orwell’s less familiar work, and also to make an example of Orwell as a

social critic. There is a possibility of the show being performed in an altered form by the mime company, after it leaves UW. The group 1originated in Niagaraon-the-Lake four years ago, and now operates mainly in Toronto. The workshop will be presented to the public Wednesday June 13 through Friday June 15 at 8 pm in the UW Theatre of the Arts. Admission is “Pay What, You Can” since the show is conceived more as an experiment than a full-fledged production, but it nevertheless promises to be unusual and interesting. O.M., Nierstrasz


Second City

Satire ih inned, .but fun of the impromptu part of the The Waterloo co’mmunity show. Improvisational comwas treated to the minor edy is said to be the group’s leagues of the Second City comedy network Sunday at strong - point, but the actors in were clearly groping the Waterloo Motor Inn,. search of something funny Graduates of the troupe have become enormously to say or do. So why do it at all? successful in movies and Of the 6 performers, Gabtelevision. Dan Aykroyd riel Cohen seemed the most and Gilda Radner are regulikely candidate for gradualars on Saturday Night Live, tion. Harold Ramis wrote the The show was a continuascreen play for Animal tion of Waterloo Motor Inn’s House, and John Candy, recently established SunAndrea Martin, Joe Flahday night dinner theatre, O’Hard, arty , Catherine only this time it was handDave Thomas and Eugene Levy perform in the -burgeoning Second City Television Network. In theatre, Second City is composed of a resident Toronto company, and the touring eroun which nerIt is sometimes too easy to formed yn Waterloo. The overestimate the depth of touring group has a high Twentieth Century classical turn-over: most recentlv music. The Stratford Cathy Gallant and Tony Ensemble’s .musical double Rosato have left. The Second City concept of provid, bill of last Saturday, May 26 proved how unoppressive, ing a talent training ground some modis a solid one; however, its even spurious, . thinning-out of talent is tel- ern music can be. The first work on the ling . ^ ** Ilrnl- I-l 1 1’ --7program was I ne 3oiarer s that the MlNot Tale”, a lesser-known piece to-capacity crowd didn’t by Igor Stravinsky, conenjoy the show - they did. ceived as a spoken theatriThe’ skits that were prewith accomsented have been tested on cal production panying music. The story is audiences for a full year a moral fable about a soldier now. Nothing much has who trades an old fiddle changed during the three with the devil for a book that (count them: l-2-3) times tells the future and forecasts the federation has brought market conditions. them to Waterloo in less than a year. The tale is How could the outtakes interesting and amusing, from a Guy Lafleur-Darrel but far from profound. It Sittler Weetabix commerserves more as a vehicle for cial not amuse? Exaggerexperimentation with the ated enough, betwgen <music, even the jinteraction poorest script spoofing a dialogue and action on the religious TV talk show will stage. produce boffo laffs from an Stark sets, masks, simple audience. lighting, easily identifiable Second City has the succharacters and a small cast cessful formula, crafted- by (four, of whom only three Mad magazine in the l%Os, speak) are complemented of satirizing commercialism by mime, a rhythmic, rhymand the trendsof the times. ing libretto, And Ga It’s unfortunate that they Stravinsky’s Neo-Classicist rely so heavily on easy (read score. A higher cheap) laugh-getters such as level of energy and expresswearing, homosexuality, siveness would have ugliness, drugs, and youimproved the performance name-it. - subtlety is not an overBut perhaps the greatest whelming feature of the disappointment was the piece - but the plavers’ trouoe’s awkward handling

led by the Federation of Stu- I dents. Most of the audience were couples from the community, not students from UW. It seems a shame that the fed’s energies are being diverted towards off-campus community-oriented entertain. ment. The cabaret did, however, provide an opportunity for people to experience professional theatre comedy. It also ended up $300 in the black. ’_ Randy Barkman

Double bill obera light and glib


enthusiasm was more than adequate to arouse the right degree of excitement. The second work on the program was an operetta by Sir Lennox Berkeley, a minor British composer born in 1903. The piece, an incredibly light opera called “A Dinner Engagement”, was first performed in 1954. It is even more mindless and superficial than your average Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musical, but it is almost because of its sheer vacuousness that it manages to be entertaining. The plot - allow me the liberty of glorifying it with that label - concerns the impoverished Earl and Countess of Dunmow who *have invited the Grand Duchess of Monteblanco and her son, Prince Phillipe over for dinner for the purpose of marrying their daughter to the prince. The mindless zaniness was fun to watch, but was almost frighteningly insubstantial. “There was no satire, nor wit, not even parody of mindless opera. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see groups like the K-W Opera’ Guild producing well-performed of lesserinterpretations known works like these. I hope they keep it up. O.M. Nierstrasz


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