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Alnchitka protesters close 49th parallel VANCOUVER (CUP) - In what demonstrators refused to let them pass. The newsmen sat in their car student leaders called a successful demonstration, about 3000 people and waited the half hour until six assembled at the peace arch in- Pm. ternational border between British About 150 demonstrators blocked Columbia and Washington State a truck crossing one mile east of for a four-hour blockade of the the Peace Arch just before 2 pm. Canadian-american border on Almost at once an elderly man tried to ram his small car into friday September 24. The border demonstration protesting the U.S. Canada but was prevented by the crush of demonstrators. The forty Atomic Energy Commission’s members of the RCMP present did proposed nuclear test on Amnot intervene despite the man’s chitka, an island in the americanowned chain off Alaska, was protests. At about 3:45 pm with trucks sponsored by the University of backed up about two miles from British Columbia’s alma mater ,society, or student government. the border, the driver of a large trailer truck attempted to drive Another 1200 Burnaby high through the makeshift blockade of school students skipped classes hay bales and people but and marched to the U.S. consulate demonstrators prevented him in Vancouver. For about an hour, speakers at from getting any more than the the demonstration including UBC cab of his truck over by putting bales of hay and a four by four student president Steve Garrod, political science prof Phil Resnick under his tire. For good measure they also opened the valves of his and united fishermen and allied air brakes and let the air out of his workers union president Homer tires. Stevens told the assembled As a result of this confrontation, demonstrators about the test and reinforcements came, over from about its repercussions on Canada. the Peace Arch so that soon there “If the warhead were to eventually be used,” said Garrod, “it were 600 demonstrators blocking the truck crossing. would explode incoming missiles over Canadian territory.” About 50 people at the Sumac crossing 40 miles east of the Peace Members of the Surrey, B.C. detachment of the RCMP Arch were repeatedly dragged remained on the scene and spoke to from the road by the RCMP and traffic was blocked only indemonstrators. termittently. No arrests were ‘Detachment chief inspector Jim reported. Riddelle said no incidents were reported ‘at the Peace Arch but The blockade at the Aldergrove said demonstrations which con- crossing, 20 miles east of the Arch, tinually break the law, such as became effective around 4 pm came over blocking a port of entry, were not when reinforcements going to be allowed forever. from the truck crossing and the Peace Arch. It effectiveness lasted Most cars attempting to cross the border in the four-hour period until 5 : 55 pm when a truck successfully rammed the line between 2 and 6 pm were diverted to other crossings and there was knocking\ over, but not injuring, little trouble. One Vancouver two demonstrators. The RCMP say they are thinking of laying charges family with a small boy who had become ill while vacationing in against the driver. The Aldergrove blockade apWashington state was allowed through, but a man identified only parently got one fat Californian by the jowls. as a “pressman” did not turn back and instead attempted to run the “You can take Canada and shove blockade. Forced to stop when it up your ass,” he replied to the demonstrators blocking the road demonstrators when they told him did not move, he returned to they were blocking the border Canada after arguing unbecause of the particular dangers successfully with the RCMP. posed to Canada by the Amchitka Two CBS newsmen also tried test. unsuccessfully to get demonAll blockades ended promptly at strators to let them through ‘6 o’clock but further demonbecause the said they had news strations are planned for other film which they had to send to New Canadian-american border York. After taking a vote, the crossings.

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