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by Luk Aujame

federation- council

a& april, an American team of ping-pong players went to China. Before its visit was over, the 14 of dpril, president Nixon announced that the embargo on a list of “strategic” materials was raised, a decision which was later followed by the announcement that the United States would vote for China’s admission within the United Nations and that Nixon himself would go to China. The 14 of april, the Bengali movement for selfdetermination was crushed by, Pakistan’s president-general Yahia Khan, using modern weapons-mostly furnished by the United States, and planes having stopped in China on their way from West Pakistan. At the same time, Ceylon’s president, Mme Bandaranaike was crushing a peasant’s revolt, receiving, for a job well done, the congratulations of both Mao and Nixon. This introduction may seem, at first, to be unconnected with the call of the national student association (US) which can be read above. Nevertheless, it is essential, to understand the m’eaning of this international campaign at the initiative of the NSA, to be able to grasp the situation in which this campaign is started, at the same time that it must be made clear what Nixon and Mao- tse-tung ~are trying to agree on behind the back of the Vietnamese people- and whythey are doing so. For those who may be sceptical about this last statement, the same question was raised, in a more “brutal” way by a Saigon newspaper, Chinh Luap: “We have before us two hypothesis: either Washington exchanges the life of South Vietnam for peaceful relations with Peking, or China sacrifices the Vietnamese communists for a temporary alliance with the United States.” Everything seems to indicate that the Chinese communists have the intention of choosing the second hypothesis. From the open support to Yahia Khan and Mme Bandaranaike to the opening of diplomatic ties with Malaysia-specialised in the witchhunt of communists, and Czechoslovakia following the pseudo-14th congress of the C.P.T.\ which ratified the “normalisation” in process since the august 21st 1968 invasion by the Warsaw Pact armies of this country, the Chinese government has shown a face which contradicts every declaration made so far on their “proletarian internationalist” policy. In itself ‘the fact that China, as a country where capitalism has been replaced by a planified economy, is trying to pass an agreement with the United States cannot be condemned. China is submitted to the economic and political pressure of the US imperialism, and finds itself even more isolated to resist it by its break with Moscow. In addition, the “cultural revolution” almost \ stopped the economy for a number of years, thus worsening the





Huynh Tan Mam, president ~ of the socith Vietnam student union and 20 of his comrades have been jailed and charged with “treason” and “rebellion”. It was his convictions and determination to speak out against the American intervention. in his country and for support for Vietnamese self-determination, that has brought him to trial. . Of particular importance has been Mam’s ratification and implementation of the “People’s Peace - Treaty,” a document drafted by the representatives of the south Vietnam student -union, the north Vietnam student union and the United States national student association. Though he has been already crippled, and partially blinded and deafened .at the hands of the Saigon regime, he is once again on trial, although this time for his very life, because of Thieu’s determination t6 crush any student struggle for peace, independence and self-determination to incrush any student struggle for peace,

US-China dynam


dependence and. self-determination of the Vietnamese people, especially at the moment the national elections are taking place. We, Students of the United States realize our responsibility in organizing a defense for Mam and those who feel the repression of the Saigon clique. We call upon all student unions from every country to join in this campaign of solidarity for the defense of Huynh Tan Mam, for his colleagues and for all political prisoners in south Vietnam. We appeal for all other student unions to prepare for coordinated aand simultaneous actions with -actions planned in the Unit&d States this fall in support of the Indochinese people’s struggle for independence. To this end we urge all unions of students to send either their president ordelegate to attend a conferencein Washington Kto be held in October of this year, planning for simultaneous actions on a single date.

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“fictitious capital”. It is in this that resides the cause of the crisis of the international monetary system set up ! at Bretton Woods in 1944. If it is in order to preserve their own internal security and their domination of the world economy that the American capitalists try to “extricate” themselves from Indochina, they have at the same time to put the burden of their bankruptcy on the other nations, as ~~41 as on the American workers. This is the meaning of the drastic measures taken by Nixon to stabilize the economy: a 10 per cent surtax on all imported goods, the non-convertibility of the dollar, and a wage-andprice freeze of 90 days. It is in the light of this analysis that the significance of the international campaign




their lives. Although the conditions of living. The point, did before the Geneva’s revelation does not come from of those trails cannot however, is that qeking shows agreements. Both are per- the fact that they reveal outcome b e d et ermined in advance, it signs that it is ready to accept, mitting Saigon’s regime and anything new-for -example, must be made clear that their in order to break its isolation, Nixon’s administration to gain that the attack by the North only protection is such the “normalisation” of the 1 time, in a period where both Vietnamese Of the tWO US -organised solidarity political and social situation in find themselves in critical destroyers august 2 and 4 1964 Solidarity not dnly with Vietnam in terms dictated by situations. in the Gulf of Tonkin us&d as a t h ose Vietnamese students but the US government. Such Saigon’s ‘regime is slowly Pretext to start bombarding with the Vietnamese people as signs are actually more than collapsing. In its “vietHanoi, was entirely set up by a whole. The withdrawal of US visible. In its july 19 editorial, namisation” of the war, the US Johnson, was already known. troops is not something L’Humanite (organ of the army . has gone through a Their hlpOl?hlCe COllleS from mechanical By trying to iLset French communist party) process of systematic that they are Offihd SWTt?t a date”, Nixon wants to Save wrote the following: destruction of the country. An documents showing Openly t0 time, time which should “As expected, the an- example of the most the American people the lies permit him to consolidate his nouncement of Nixon’s trip to “modern” methods used by which the successive ad- positions both at home and in China raised a lot of the Americans in Vietnam was ministrations have used to South Vietnam, and regroup hopes. .,The Vietnamese peace recently revealed by pentagon justify their war of aggression. the forces which would impose plan does offer to the United officials : an electronic device The time of their publication a compromise to the VietStates conditions of settlement placed in trees and which can is also of importance. It nameSe Peking being the are more than detect any human movement follows ‘Orne Of the most major element which of those forces reasonable. It guarantees~ the in a given perimeter is con- massive demonstrations The demand of “Out Now’; security of withdrawing US nected to plastic fragmen(500,000 in Washington, 250,000 expresses the determination oi troops. It accepts the tation bombs are in San Francisco) for the the American people to have simultaneity of this withautomatically fired on-the spot immediate withdrawal Of US nothing to do with a war whick drawal and the liberation of (Plastic has the advantage troops from Vietnam, Laos, is not theirs, as well as the prisoners. It insures the self- that it cannot be detected by x- and Cambodia and where support to the right of selfdetermination of South rays when it has entered large numbers of labourn dtermination for the VietVietnam in accord&e with bodies). organisations participated * for namese people. The result of the Geneva’s agreements.” ,this the first time. The fact that the Solidarity then is also witk “pacification” programme is judicial apparatus has not those The Geneva’s agreements, who in the United States signed in 1954 by France and that the determining political stoPPed the Publication of are protesting against the war North Vietnam as the result of factors in South Vietnam are these PaPers-in spite Of against their own government the French army’s defeat in now more the cities than the Nixon’s Pressure, Proves a solidarity which would giv; where the con- again that the mobilisation Of the feeling to the American Dien Bien Phu, ratified the country, division of Vietnam in two by tradictions of the regime are the American PeOpk? againSt people that they ire not the creation of the artificial more explosive,. Evidence of the war and its consequences isolated in their effort tc of the is shaking the US government impose peace . border on the 17th parallel and the decomposition ’ opened the way for the government is given by the in its very foundation. At the same _time, the establishment of a “puppet” The expenditure of 200 consequences of the war in recent elections , during which regime in Saigon supported by the opposition was physically billion dollars in Vietnam has every country give a reality ta the Americans. The Geneva’s threatened by the police to brought the American this solidarity. It is not agreements were nothing insure a majority for Thieu’s economy On the verge Of necessary to insist too much more than the repetition of administration. The facade of disaster. The deficit of the on the results in Canada of the preceding settlements on democracy that the October 3 balance Of paymeIlt reflects us eCOnOmiC Crisis. The Korea in 1950 and Germany in presidential elections are the fact that the American “importation" of the' wage 1945 (Potsdam) which both led going to be is another economy has produced too freeze (Douglas and Chrysler) to the artificial divisions of example. So is the opposition many Products of all sorts~ lay-offs (GM), inflation acthose two countries. They df the South Vietnam student including military OneS. (It companied by demand; of contain, thus, but a farce of union to the war and to their should be noted that Nixon has employers of higher The own government and which no intention of stopping arms productivity and the breaking self-determination. support to the right of self- has resulted in the arrest of production: the 18 of august he of unions (Texpack, La determination for the Viet- Huynh Tan Han, president of declared in Dallas: “Military Presse), It is also not namese people has meaning the union and 20 of his spendings will not be en- necessary to insist too much only if it is based on the comrades. dangered bY the recent on the incapacity of Trudeau’s reunification of Vietnam. The The main reason for this measures, on the contrary, the government to do anything US army is fighting in In- decomposition can be summed defence capacities of the about it, dochina in the name of self- up in a few words: the country should be reThus this campaign exdetermination for South Americans are not winning the evaluated.“) There is almost pressesthe will of not giving Vietnam, or so have said war. The resistance of the at hand 8 crisis of overpro- up to the illusions that the war successively Eisenhower, Vietnamese people nourished duction. A menace which is is going to stop suddenly and protected by the growing Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. aggravated bY the fact that the because troops are being withThe programme of the NLF opposition to the war in the US sector of the economy that drawn (they are replaced by and more recently Mme itself, has in fact stopped the produces military products the “automated battlefield” Binh’s 7-point peace proposal, US military machine. has been financed bY inflating that is systematic massacres; for the establishment of an The pentagon papers affair t,he dollar and credit, through that peace is something that independant, neutral, peaceful reveals the point the political different finanCia1 manipUk+ has t0 be imposed to Nixon by South Vietnamese government crisis has reached in the US. tions creating enormous The American people and all of their can only lead to an impasse, as The importance quantities of what is called other people. friday

1 October