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of rock


Rippling flocks of percussion, Swinging on softling billows Of strings, struck by the fingers Of the thoughtful, sleepy birds. True to the bird flight: Blue filling, eagle perception To see the wrong. Begin again the fleeting thoughts; Regain again the sin of the happy; L6ving strangers, holding children Of the earth, where it all Is made manifest. That

is the



’ Fly to a sun of brazen silk, If you understand the term. Cry for happy flavours of mind... Can you really feel the germ? Lie to place the awful blame On your living heart, the worm Of the true man: Flying Crying Lying Even...dying. Do you Do you Do you

member: Canadian university press (CUP) and underground press syndicate (UPS), subscriber: liberation news service (LNS), and chevron international news service (CINS), the chevron is a newsfeature tabloid published offset fifty-two times a year (1971-72) by the federation of students, incorporated, university of Waterloo. Coritent is the r-esponsibility of the chevron staff, Independent of the federation and the university administration. Offices in the campus center; phone (519) 578-7070 or university local 3443; telex 0395-748. clrculatlon 13,000 (fridays) .a no editor

understand the term? feel the hold of words? see the message of the



, Through their fingers and their They sing the endless wrong, They- play the timeless truth; They prophesy... the -way out.

voices .-

-Written under the influence of David Crosby’s album, “If I could only remember my name...“, by Brian Vynce.

At times one may find room to complain about the manner in which democratic instiutions may function in this country and on this campus in general but never haS there been such a lucid display of sheer anarchy and inneptitude as at monday night’s council meeting. the meeting lacked any sort of discipline and the petty political bickering reduced it to a three ring circus. the councillors need to do more homework, especially in the area of parliamentary procedure. it would also help if they were mature to the point where they could meet the responsibility entrusted to them by the students moving on to more serious matters, the chevron sincerely apologizes to henry crapo for misspelling his name in last friday’s article on the ndp.electioneering. here is a little note to rick page: there may be a new position opening up on the chevron in the near future, and with you looking for a job... (you never know-wierder things have been known to happen). there is a staff meeting this monday and although every time they are advertised, they are supposedly the most important and everyone should attend. once again there is a very important meeting. the major thing on the agenda is the proposed new position which might be filled with the lately deposed journalist of our mutual acquaintance. more important than this are the many bureaucratic and policy decisions that have got to be made durjng the same meeting. needless to say everyone must attend. it should be noted here that alex smith has been unoficially fired by the staff of the chevron. and this decision was ratified by council. and yet council has no legal jurisdiction to fire the editor except for ‘mismanagement of funds’ which of course they turned down. that leaves us with an editor that has been unofficially fired twice but is still legally ediior. very interesting. working harder to give you a better paper this week were, in sports, don mccuthcan, john cushing, terry morin, moira o’neil, randy hannigan, : on smith, ian wells, irene van eyk, and denis mcgann. the entertainment family is particularly large this week which can only attest to the manner in which it is run. if entertainment is your bag, you should see dave cubberley or mel rotman. those who helped out were dirk deboeck, jaine-o’connel, janet stoody, and a flash special for this weekross bell came in for a return engagement, paul stuewe-from the toronto bureau, brute Steele, david harrington, sue minas, gord pearson, lynn bowers,and jane morly-assistant toronto bureau. photogs this week were sergio zavarella, bryan Wilson, brian cere, bill lindsay, Steve izma and paul hartford. if you are interested in taking pits you should see Steve or gord moore. in news this week were joan Walters, deanna kaufman-who came to our rescue for tuesday nite’s 60 percent gord pearson who memorized the copy code, mart roberts, wes darou who was responsible for the article on coitus, una o’callahan, mary lindsay and nancy murphy, the co-ordinators are bill Sheldon, and george kaufman. it should be noted that alex smith also contributed. as to this and other cataclysmic cosmic occurences, L we can only articulate thusly: we are not amused.


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