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Meeting Thurs., Oct. 7 at 8:00 pm

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A buck to play a game of badminton? The intramural department this week approved the levying of a one dollar fee on anyone wishing to play badminton with the newly formed club. Unfortunately, the peak recreational hours of 7 : 30 to 9: 30 on Wednesday and Friday evenings are reserved for club members. No longer will the average student be able to amble over to the people’s gymnasium for a few easy games of recreational badminton between those hours. The choice is either to pay the buck for membership (and an additional quarter each evening for a guest) or find some other time to play. Varsity team practices, greatly decrease any other available times. A twenty two dollar activity fee is more than ample remuneration for a few games of badminton. With continuing scheduling of free time gymnasium use for specific groups, the normal, non-competitive individual is being phased out. To stay involved, and to enjoy this recreational activity, badminton players are urged to show up during free hours, raquet and bird in hand but with no money in the pocket.

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A news feature starting this week will deal with sport on campus. These articles will deal with all aspects of sport, including the varsity, recreational, and spectator levels. The articles will also attempt to orient the student to the various activities available. Included will be coaches names, practice and recreational times, and the names of persons associated with the sport who should be contacted for further information. This article will convey the attitudes of both the coaches and the players, as well as the student body towards the various levels of activity. \ This week, squash is featured in a somewhat abbreviated form.

Squash Are you a squash player-a beginner, just average, or experienced? Do you want to know what squash is all about, how to improve your game or find better competition 3. There are several squash activities on this campus to do just that and they are open to all members of the university.

Instructional. First, there are instructional clinics. For the girls, these will be held on tuesday evenings starting next week. For the men, an entry list will be posted in the tote room next week and there will be an organizational meeting on act. 11th in rm. 1089 of the jock building.

Team league


There will again be a 5-man Squash League this year. This competitive program started last winter and proved to be a succcess. Six teams were entered and in the final Lydiatt’s Idiots defeated the Bureaucrats. To enter this leaghe, just find 5 squash players, invent a name for the team and get an entry ‘form at the jock office. Entry date closes act. 15 and competition begins act. 25. Starting on nov. 8th, there will be the Uniwat Open Singles Squash Tournament for the students, faculty and staff. At the same time, the Intramural Squash Tournament will be held. Further details and entry lists will be out in a couple of weeks..Last year, there were 108 players in the tour-

nament. Professor Jack Ord emerged as the best squash player on campus by defeating Varsity , Player Dave Harrison in the final





match and will be back defend his tile.



Ladder boards are available in the squash court area for private competitions. _ For further information on these squash activities, contact the following : 5man squash--Terry Morin (3532) Girls’ instruction-Sally Kemp ( 3533 ) Men’s ins true tion-Doug MacLean ' (576-4072) Singles Squash Tournament and Varsity Squash-John Cushing (744-3666).

Men’s varsity A record turnout of 19 players attended the first practice for the varsit;T squash team last week. Back from last year’s team are: number 2 player Doug MacLean, Peter “The Whip” Armstrong (No. 3), John Cushing (No. 4), and Abe Ibrahim (No. 6). Dave Harrison, the best player on the team last year has graduated and John Moore joined the faculty ranks this year. There are, however, several other promising players to fill the gaps and certainly, the six positions on the team are in doubt at this stage. Neil Richardson has been playing squash all summer and his game has really improved. John Pezzack, a member of the uniwat tennis team, is trying out for squash as well. John Frittenberg and John Hohmeier are out again and are looking for positions on the team. Newcomers to the varsity squash scene are John Frederick and Paul Dunning. John has 7 years squash experience at Ridley College and Paul, a native of Galt, has been getting expert instruction at the K-W Racquet Club for 3 years. One of the persons teaching Paul is Sandy Morgan and this year Sandy will be coaching the varsity squash team. Sandy has been club champion at the K-W racquet club several times. Last year hewon the Ontario “C’ singles squash tournament and this year he will be aiming for the Canadian Veterans Squash Championship. With plenty of young talent and

Sandy Morgan at the coaching helm, the University of Waterloo should have a good squash squad by the time the OUAA Championships are held here in February.,n18_Chevron,n18_Chevron.pdf,n18_Chevron,n18_Chevron.pdf