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Classified ads are accepted between 9 and 5 in the chevron office. See Charfotie. Rates are 50 cents for the first fifteen words and five cents each per extra word. Deadline I’s tuesday afternoons by 3 p.m.



The awards cover the cost of round trip transportation between the awardee’s home and place of study, registration, tuition, lab, and other school fees, room and board and, where necessary, intensive language training. An sward can be used for almost any field of study except for a person intending to do independent or unsupervised research. Technical trainees are not permitted to use an award for apprenticeship programs. Each rotary district may endorse a candidate for an awsrd if in the opinion of the trustees the candidate meet the requirements of an award.

In 1973-74 the rotary foundation will offer four educational awards. Graduate fellowships for those who have or are about to receive a bachelors degree. @Undergraduate scholarships for those who are studying but do not yet have a degree. aTechnical training awards for high-school graduates who have been employed in a technical field for at least two years at the time of application. eAwards to teachers, for those who have been employed as full time teachers of the physically, mentally or educationally handicapped for at least two years at time of application.




The arts society has called a meeting for thursday October ? at ? pm in AL 105 to set up an english society. The arts society

is a union


course clubs with only english not having a functioning organization. Arts society funds are administered by representatives of the course clubs plus the arts of society hecutive.


A vast range and variety of community programs and services are available to the public in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. The directory of community servicel; outlines purposes, programs, qualifications, costs, and other useful information related to 143 voluntary organizations and government departments producing several hundred programs that directly serve the public This includes iliformation on social, health, yelfa?e,. housing, day care, $lucatidnal, recreational, and cultural programs. The directory, six months in the making, is the first of its kind in the twin cities to bring together detailed information on such a com-




prehensive basis. The directory is designed to serve as a real aid to individuals and groups seeking particular services or wishing to familiarize themselves with the services available in the community. A community information center will be opened in KitchenerWaterloo to provide walk-in and telephone assistance and to assist individuals in reaching the services they need. $he directory will serve as an important supplement to the CIC program ‘in the future. The directory is available: to the public and can be obtained from the social planning council office, 144 King st E for 2.00 dollars a COPY -


. . Want the right to live co-operatively or communally? You may


, imagine trying to work within that structure? Many of us feel we have to fight for it. Wilmot shouldn’t have to and each time a Township Council is having a by-law like this is passed it sets hearing this Monday, Oct. 4 at 11 precedents that other communities a.m. feel freer to follow. They want to pass a, by-law We could pack the council room redefining a legal family living in those presenting one house. The by-law would and support meet demand that people be related by protest briefs. All interested blood, adoption or working for in room 211 at the campus centre at 1 pm on Sunday afternoon. someone in the house. Can you



coalition of all Ontario women who supprt abortion law repeal. This will be a decision-making conference and every woman who registers will be entitled to participate and vote. Registration will take place on friday October 1 at Jarvis collegiate. The conference begins at 10 am on Saturday. Au women who believe that they should have the right to decide for themselves whether or not they wish to bear children are urged to attend.

This committee is sponsoring an Ontario women’s abortion action conference on October 2 at Jarvis collegiate in Toronto to form a


far Queens

Park? meetings with elected yepresentatives and for bringing issues directly to the people. Many people around the university have been looking for a candidate to represent the youth voice and Koop may be that man. To register in as a candidate a person must live in the riding for twelve months and put up a $250 deposit which is refunded if the candidate receives- 50 p&cent of the winner’s votes.

There will soon be a fourth candidate in ’ the upcoming p&incial election in the riding of Waterloo north. John Koop, a graduate of the university of Waterloo english and drama, announced that he had looked into entering the election, and decided. to run as an independent candidate. Koop feels that there is a need to move away from the concept of party politics. He stressed the need for open i\





Phone 576-

1968 MG Midget very good condition, radio, snow tires, no rust. 35,000 miles. $700 or best offer. 745 -9053.

Mid-july, silver ring, pink stone. value. Reward. Tui, ext 3225 or 578-8604.

Two pair Lange-dynamic skiis, CM. and 215 CM Nevada bindings, excellent condition (1970). One pair Eastern Blue Glass skiis 207 Ptione 743-3703 after 6 pm.

Felt hat at blues concert. 5327. LOST

My U of W jacket mistakenly taken from 177 Albert street friday, september 24. Please contact Anver, 193 Albert St., Waterloo. 742-8285 PERSONAL







It you believe in a revolutionary transformation of society and communalism contact like minded people write Community for the Humanist Revolution. care of P.O. 453, Waterloo, Ontario


File cabinet, 2 or 3 drawers. Phone Don or Pat at 744-7449 after weekend. We need cheap good condition furniture: bed, chesterfield, and lounge chair. Urgent. Call 745-1336 after 5 pm. RIDES WANTED Ride needed to Peterborough October 7 or 8. Will share gas cost. Call Joan 576-2449.

I don’t believe it. 388 Erb street west. Purveying waterpipes, copperpipes, holders, candels, rugs, dishes.



Double room for rent, kitchen facilities, close .to university. 743-9568.

1968 25Occ Suzuki Scrambler, excellent condition. Phone 479-3966. Anyone interested in the New Democratic Youth please phone 74.2-O 0848. Bean Bag Chairs from $25. Six assorted colours. Contact Dan Muellar 578-4481. Audubon Wildlife Films. Five shows of general interest scheduled in the Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate, first 1971 Honda 750. Dark green, imshow October 2, 1971. Tickets at $5 maculate, must sell. Call Jon 579 per set of five shows obtainable from 5271. K. D. Hunt, MC5118 _

Three girls wish two bedroom furnished apartment from january to april inclusive, near university. Phone 579 1857.

Mature lady will baby sit children $3 per day. Reference available. 7421390. .

Three girls looking for +wo bedroom apartment close to univet :ity. 579 4984.

Radical Communal farm needs people four miles from university. Phone 7420848. ” HOUSING

1968 Envoy,excellent condition 26,000 miles, snow tires, $750 or best offer. Phone 576-2411 after 5 pm.


This week on campus is a free column for the announcement of meetings, special seminars or speakecs, social events and other happenings on campus-student, faculty or staff. See the chevron secretary or call- extension 3443. Dead&e is tuesday afternoons by 3 p.m.



Federation Flicks. 50 cents U of W undergrads; $1 others. 8 pm AL116 Sponsored by federation of students.

Free Monday Night Movie. ‘Stage Coach’. 9 pm campus center great hall. Sponsored by Campus Center Board.

Tropic of Cancer pub with Skin Flesh and Bones. 50 cents admission. 8 pm CC pub. Sponsored by Optometry society.

Career Information Talk - representatives from Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation will be on campus to talk with interested students. 3:30 pm EL211.

Free Movies - check schedule at campus center. Sponsored by Federation of Students 8 pm campus center great hall.


Faith Missionary Church, 110 Fergus avenue invites you to their services. Sundays 11 am and 7 pm. Monday Youth time 7:30 pm. A bus will call at campus center 9:15 am.






lslington at 9 pm for campus

students to:

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the unhrersity

Watertoo Christian Fellowship invites you to join us for supper. Special speakers and just plain people getting together in Jesus. 5 pm CC113..


Seminar, “Compton Scattering from Molecules and Chemical Bonding.” Speaker Dr Paul E. Cade, University of Massachusetts. 3: 30 pm MC5158.

U of W student Liberal club meeting. 3:30pm ML212

Informal Christian Science test imofiy meetings. 9 pm SSc228.

7-10pm MC3007. All those interested in cheerleading both males and females please attend




in cheerleading,

required. Attitude most important. All welcome. 4:30 pm Combatives room,

Physical Education

Physical Education

6y 6f

All those

both males and females, please attend practices. No previous experience required. Attitude most important. All welcome. 4:30 pm Combatives room,




Math Society pub dance featuring “Spott Farm”. Mathies 25 cents federation members 50 cents. 8-12 CC pub.

Flying club ground school. All welcome.

Bus leaves

by Federation

Flicks. 50 cents U of W undergrads; $1 others. Sponsored by Federation of Students. 8 pm AL116


Russian Club meeting. Everyone welcome. 7-10 pm MC3007.



Ski meeting with movies and fashion show. All welcome. 8 pm MC2066.

General Meeting - Armenian Students Association. 7 pm EL208.

Federation Flicks. 50 cents U of W undergrads; $1 others. 8 pm AL116. Sponsored by Federation of Students.



General Meeting of Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers to &ct executive’and take on new members. 7: 30 pm Eng 2/3324.

free Movies - check schedule at campus center. 8 pm campus center great hall. Sponsored by Federation of Students.

subway station

All those interested in cheerleading, both males and female’s, please attend practices. No previous experience required. Attitude most important. All welcome. 4:30 pm Combatives room, Physical Education Bldg.

Duplicate Bridge - open pairs. Entry fee 50 cents per person. All bridge players welcome. Partnerships can be arranged. 7 pm SS lounge.



Anyone interested in joining Badminton Club come out. Membership is $1. Play is restricted to club members. 7:30 to 9:30 pm Physical Education Bldg.


Pub with Jam Band. Admission’ 50 cents for Eng. Sot.; $1 for others. 8: 30 pm Festival Room food services.



All those interested in cheerleading both males and females please attend practices. No previous experience required. Attitude most important. All welcome. 4:30 pm Combatives room, Physical Education building.

Toronto Express Bus leaves campus center for Islington subway station at 1:30 and 4:30 pm. Sponsored by Federation of Students.

fees l

student Send

A chalet to rent near Collingwood or a group of people with the same idea. Peter Schrama, Renison College, room 152. 745-2101.

Men’s Peugeot 10 speed bike, 2 months old. Call Chuck 579-2548 11 Austin Drive, Ap’t 11.



On august 12, women from a number bf organizations met in Toronto to initiate plans for the establishment of an abortion ‘law repeal coalition in Ontario for the repeal of the federal abortion laws. A committee, called Ontario R women for abortion law repeal coalition was formed,







off-c&mpw Waterloo.

Bldg. terms.