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November 2017 Edition

SIMSR Alumni Newsletter

Team ALCOM is elated to present to you the November Edition of Imprints. In this edition we have Mr. Sudhir Shenoy, CEO - Dow Chemical, India sharing his rich experiences with us in the AlumSpeaks section. In line with our theme for this month - Knowledge Tree, we present to you the list of upcoming

The Alumni meet in New York, USA was held on 14th October, 2017. Our faculty and Chief Controller of E xa mina tio ns , D r. Nilak antan N Sundararaman attended the fun-filled event. It was an evening loaded with recollections, laughter and an opportunity to reminisce in memories and network with the SIMSR family. Read the full article here

 Milaap 2017 was held on 28th October, 2017 to celebrate the completion of a decade of being a 2007 SIMSR Alumni  The event was addressed by Dr. Monica Khanna, Dr. Bharati and Dr. Radha Iyer followed by a performance by Mauj and the 'Batch 2007 Witty Awards' which was heartily enjoyed by all, making the event a great success Click to know more

conferences at SIMSR. We constantly thrive to engage our Alums through numerous events like - the US Alumni Meet at New York and Milaap - the batch reunion held last month. We also have more such events lined up for our Alums like the Alumni High Tea and upcoming Milaap for other batches.

SIMSR adds another feather in its hat by moving up the ladder in its rankings to be placed at 28th rank among the top B-Schools in India, provided by the latest edition of ‘The Week’ magazine

In GHRDC CSR B-School Survey 2017, our Institute has been ranked 1st amongst the Top Leading Pvt. B-Schools of Super Excellence category for the second year in a row

Detailed rankings here

Detailed rankings here

 Somaiya Super Sixes was a Short Format of Cricket held on 28th October, 2017 at the Somaiya Cricket Ground, Ayurvihar (Sion Campus)  Four of our alums participated in the event with great enthusiasm and finished as first runner-up Read More

A number of conferences will be hosted in the Institute in the coming months. They will focus on a diverse range of topics and will feature interaction with professionals, researchers, academicians and students from different fields. Date of Conference

Last Date for Abstract Submission


16th Dec, 2017

30th Sep, 2017

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12th Jan, 2018

15th Nov, 2017

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19th Jan, 2018

15th Sep, 2017

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5th HR Conference

2nd Feb, 2018

15th Nov, 2017

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13th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference

15th-16th Feb, 2018

29th Oct, 2017

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Conference Name SIMSR Global Supply Chain Conference Somaiya International Conference on Technology and Information Management SIMSR International Finance Conference



Mr. Sudhir Shenoy

SIMSR Alum Batch 1997-2000 | CEO - Dow Chemical, India Mr. Sudhir Shenoy started his career as an Account Manager at Dow Chemical and has risen through the ranks to become the CEO of the same organization. He is a selfconfessed running addict and is one of the pioneers for the initiative I too can run-(i2CR).

Favourite Movie 3 Idiots

Favourite Car Audi Q7

Favourite Quote Lead, or get out of the way

One Word/Line you say the most ‘Der hain Andher Nahi’

Favourite Holiday Destination Bled, Slovenia

Most Rewarding Advice Received Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission Favourite Food Japanese

Role Model Nelson Mandela

Success Mantra Success is Attitude

Favourite Book ‘Leaders Eat Last’ - Simon Sinek

Figure out what you value and be after what you want to pursue with determination and purpose.

Q. How has your experience been in Dow Chemical Company all these years and how has your journey been from the role of an Account Manager to that of the CEO?

Q. Dow was also associated in the upgradation of the Jaipur foot from wooden foot to polyurethane foot. What do you want to say about that?

A. The fact that I am here, even 20 years later, says that Dow is a great company to work with. I think the beauty of Dow is that the company has so much of breadth and diversity in terms of number of businesses, number of geographies we operate in, number of technologies we use. In my 20 years of experience I have had the benefit of working in different geographies, different roles, different businesses, different responsibilities which is collectively equal to having worked with at least 5 other companies. So, I have never felt that I have been in one company, doing one job. I have also had the opportunity to work in different parts of the world like Europe, USA, China and of course India. I have worked in some specialty businesses, some commodity type businesses, and some highly complex operations, along with others that were very niche like Pharma etc. It has been a fantastic journey. I can’t complain about it.

A. We believe in bringing innovation for societal benefit. So we collaborated with Dr. D R Mehta to create flexible and economical foot for victims who lost their limbs. We worked with them, made many iterations and tried creating a foot which is lighter and can be mass produced. We also work with them and run camps in other countries like Bangladesh to provide these services.

Q. Now-a-days young generation tends to switch their jobs very frequently but you have stuck to Dow for more than 20 years. What is your view on this? Is it good or bad? A. This is a completely different generation, there is a rush and a hurry to achieve success but there is no right or wrong. Clearly different generations have different ways of looking at things. When we grew up we had the patience to work our way up. I think today’s generation is far more talented than we were in those days. They bring in the kinds of skill sets which took me perhaps decades to learn. Understandably their aspirations are high. Each one has his or her aspirations which is not necessarily uniform and depending on that they choose what to do and where they want to go. So it is different strokes for different folks. Q. You are a member of advisory council of GBCI (Green Building Construction Inc). Any plans on how to work in this regard? A. India has an opportunity to leap forward a few generations on getting our standards to that of the other advanced geographies in terms of construction and environmental footprints. We are targeting those standards that can be upgraded at low cost and that can bring huge innovation and change in the current construction and building methodologies.

Q. You are a self-confessed running addict and you have been one of the pioneers of I too can run (i2CR). How has running helped in your work and in life and what was the idea behind this initiative? A. What motivated me in this aspect was my deteriorating health. I almost got into the border line of the diabetic territory. But that was just a trigger, what made it sustainable and made it grow to the size where it is today is that I enjoyed running. It changed me as a person; I made friends while running together. We enjoyed exploring places to run. It is no longer only about health but it is more about passion now. It changed me for who I am as a person; it changed my personality, my outlook to life, made me more open as an individual, as a professional and more self -aware. I really enjoy it. Q. Chemical Industry is vast and has a lot of potential but it is an unfrequented sector? So what will be your advice to young Alumni who want to pursue their career in this sector? A. If you have a Chemical or Chemistry background that would be an obvious fit, but that is not what is necessarily needed. We need people who have the right attitude, who want to learn, who are interested in exploring things. We don’t need chemical engineering in many disciplines such as supply chain and HR but yes, it helps. When you get up to a certain position of influence and span of control it is not about what you do, it is more about how you get the things done by & through people. First be true to yourself and figure out what do you really aspire for. Do not be ashamed of what you want. If you want to grow in every two years find a right fit, not every place is a right fit for everyone. Just figure out what you value and be after what you want to pursue with determination and purpose.

Read the full interview here

We are glad to announce that three of our esteemed professors have successfully defended their thesis and were awarded the PhD degree.

Dr. Hardeep Singh was awarded the PhD. Degree in September 2017. His thesis is titled, ‘Adoption of healthy food choices among Urban Indian Adults – a Consumer Behavior Study’

Dr. Purushottam Sabherwal has worked on a very unique and contemporary topic ‘Attitudinal survey to assess Readiness of Indian Industry for adopting Delayed Differentiation Strategy’ under the guidance of Dr Joginder Lamba

 It gives us great pleasure to announce that Prof. C.P. Joshi, Chairperson MDP and Consultancy at KJ SIMSR, recently, at the request of Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd., contributed to Management by Stephen Robbins and Mary Coulter which was published in India in July 2017

 He customized the content for the South Asian context. He wrote a new case on ‘Cafe Coffee Day’ substituting the continuing case ‘Starbucks’ in the book published earlier in the United States

Dr. Swati Godbole was awarded the doctorate for her research on the thesis titled, ‘Gold buying behaviour of retail consumers in India’

 We are proud to announce that Dr. Radha Iyer presented a paper titled, ‘A model for organisational storytelling from ancient Indian mythology’ at the 25th Asian Media Information & Communication Centre Ltd., Conference (AMIC) in Quezon City, Philippines  It was authored by Dr. Uma Bhushan and Dr. Radha Iyer  The theme of the Conference was ‘Rethinking Communication in a Resurgent Asia’ and was held from 27th – 29th September 2017

 This experience proved a great learning for him

 The Bigwigs Speak 2.0 - the flagship ‘Industry - Classroom Connect’ event of PGDM Integrated Marketing Communications was organized on 6th October, 2017  Mr. Shreyash Sampat, Associate Director, Content Programming and Development at The Viral Fever (TVF), Alum of batch 2011-13, was the Bigwig for the day. He has worked with varied brands such as Lintas, HBO, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. and the TVF  The theme for this second talk session in the series was ‘The Art of the Millennial Marketing’ covered the broader perspective on targeting, influencing and winning the millennials  We thank Mr. Sampat for his valuable insights and for sharing his experience with us Read More

Watch the full session here

Job Opportunities Total no. of recruiting companies 7 Total no. of openings 8 Top Recruiting Companies ICICI Bank

 The Alumni Committee cordially invites MCA/MCSA, MIM, MMM, MFM and MHRDM for an evening of 'Alumni High - Tea' to be held on 18th November, 2017, Saturday from 5:30 –7.30 pm  It will be a great opportunity to revisit your time at SIMSR, connect and network with your batch mates, Alumni & faculty and see how the institute has grown over the years MCA/MCSA Reg Link



Michael Page


Deutsche Bank

Omni Hospital

Godavari Bio-refineries Ltd. To share a job opportunity at your organisation write to us at simsrjobs@googlegroups.com Connect with our Alum family by signing up here-

 It is rightly said that ‘The joy of reunion is simply unmatched’  After spending valuable time of life together, destiny takes people apart. Hence whenever they get a chance to reunite they feel overjoyed  SIMSR brings to you ‘Milaap - The Batch Reunion’ where our Alumni of specific batches come together and cherish their memories

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We are glad to announce the fixtures for the upcoming SIMSR Alumni City Meets. The registration links for the same will be floated soon.

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