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her the appearance of having lost weight in time for her wedding regardless of whether she did or not. How? By the use of highlighting techniques in the area of the cheekbone. In the most basic terms, this bridal beauty tip involves using a lighter shade on the top of the cheekbones and a darker shade underneath to create the illusion of sunken cheeks. To pull this off a bride should: 1. Play with it in advance, 2. Stop by a cosmetics counter for a little free advice on pulling it off, or 3. Hire a specialist to do their makeup on the day of their wedding.

This is one reason so many brides choose to wear their hair up on their wedding day. Hair worn down can look nice, too, but it tends to create the illusion that the bride has little or no neck, though anyone who thinks about it can see otherwise!

Earrings — It may surprise some to hear that their choice of earrings can impact how thin they look. It’s really common sense, but it’s not something we tend to ponder. A bride trying to appear thinner on her wedding day should avoid dangly earrings. Visually they fill in the space around the neck making the individual appear fuller in the face! Choose earrings that stay on the lobe to draw attention to the difference distinction between the head and the neck. This is easily accomplished with larger, bolder earrings.

Good choices are their own reward. Luckily, even last minute good choices reap some rewards. It only takes a couple of days to drink enough water to hydrate a bride’s skin and flush excess salt from a body to prevent excess water retention, thereby creating a bride that’s slimmer and healthier looking than she otherwise would be. Likewise, understanding how choices we make in styles and accessories impact our overall look is a simple and cost effective way to creating a slimmer looking, more beautiful bride — all by following these beauty tips.

Hairstyle — Just like earrings, hairstyles can accentuate the distinction between a bride’s head and neck or obliterate it.


Shoes — We’ve heard the joke about not being over weight... just being too short! Whether this problem is relevant in the case of any particular bride or not, it’s true that by choosing to wear high heeled wedding shoes a bride will end up creating a longer, leaner look.

Article by Jeanette Shinn, bridal professional.

VOLUME 1 / 2010


Impressions Bride Magazine 2010