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2012 VIRTUOSO AWARDS ENTRY FORM Entry Deadline: 5:00 p.m. Friday, March 2, 2012 INSTRUCTIONS 

Complete one entry form for each entry that you submit to the 2012 Virtuoso Awards

 Attach a printed copy of page one of the entry form to the appropriate work plan

Entry Information Title of Entry

Broadacre Website,

Division Number & Name

Division 3: Communication Creative

Category Number & Name

Category 24: Interactive Media Design

Entry Fee (see page 2)


Entrant Information Name*

Michelle Boyer


ON Communication Inc.

Address Phone

200 Queens Avenue, Suite 440, London, Ontario, N6A 1J3 519-963-1938


IABC Membership #**


Client Information (if applicable) Client Organization Broadacre Agriculture Inc. * Entrant name Please give only one name. The name provided should be the individual who was responsible for the development, management and execution of the entry. The name on the entry form must match the name on the work plan. If you win a Virtuoso Award, you will be contacted, by email, to see if you want to add additional names for recognition. ** Entrant IABC Membership # The IABC Membership # must belong to the entrant otherwise non-member entry fees apply.

Please read the following and sign your entry form:  I grant IABC London rights, title and interest to reproduce my work in the chapter’s print and electronic vehicles, if my entry wins a 2012 Virtuoso Award. OR  I elect to keep this submission private due to proprietary interests. Signature:

ENTRY FEES Electronic Entry Fee – entries must be received on a CD or memory stick (NOTE: a hardcopy of the entry form and work plan are still required)

IABC member $60 per entry

Non-member $85 per entry

Student $30 per entry

$80 per entry

$110 per entry

$40 per entry

Hardcopy Entry Fee  

Entry fees must be paid online. See for details. Entries and payment must be received by 5:00 p.m. Friday, March 2, 2012. Late entries will not be accepted.


Entries can be mailed, couriered or dropped off in person to: Tenzing Communications Inc. 615 Wellington Street London, ON N6A 3R6


Entries will not be returned unless specifically requested and postage is provided; please do not send original material for which you do not have duplicate copies.  An email copy of the judges’ evaluation will be sent to all entrants.


Submissions must include work plan and work sample; see for complete details. Clearly label all components of your entry with your name and organization, the category name and number and the entry title

Entrant’s Name: Michelle Boyer Organization’s Name: Broadacre Agriculture Inc. Division & Category: Division 3, Category 24 Interactive Media Design Title of Entry: Broadacre Website, Time Period of Project: June – September 2011 Project Summary All the major industries that supply farm operations have undergone large-scale transformations to maintain economies of scale. It’s an environment of new partnerships and relationships for vendors, suppliers and equipment manufacturers to manage risk, pool resources and remain competitive. Established August 2010, Broadacre provides farmers with the opportunity to build a successful future within this environment. Broadacre recognizes and rewards the knowledge and experience of the farmer by paying members in the form of shares, while they maintain ownership of their own land. ON was tasked with programming, designing, writing and launching a new Broadacre website. It was crucial to design a site that appealed to the intended audience while communicating the definition of a Broadacre farm with secure member login and password protection. The site had to include career opportunities and a method to submit resumes online. The new site had to be visually pleasing, easy to use and even easier to update. Intended Audience 1. Males 40+ who work in the Western Canadian agricultural industry. Characteristics: Want the perks of joining a larger farming operation (access to capital, security, technical and professional services like HR and marketing). 2. Secondary audiences: Current and potential investors Current and potential shareholders Local farm communities (primarily Saskatchewan) Current and potential employees (office and field) Provincial and federal governments Vendors and suppliers PMG farm operators/members (primarily Saskatchewan, with plans to expand into Alberta and Manitoba) Media Objectives Design and launch a new website at that positions Broadacre Agriculture Inc. (Broadacre) in the Western Canadian agricultural industry by September 15, 2011. Create visually appealing website that is easy to navigate and maintain. Key Messages/Theme Tagline: We believe in being the best. 1. Broadacre is a successful, leading edge, innovative farm operation. 2. Broadacre provides new opportunities for growers to choose farming as a financially rewarding career option and build a successful future within a sophisticated global market. Creative Rationale A wide, visually expansive layout with lots of white space was used to create a panoramic, open feeling for the user. It mimics the open landscape of a farmer’s field. On the home page, we created a custom 3D video of a sunrise over a farm field and plays in the background of the website. Green, gold and yellow colours were used to mimic colours you would see at dawn in a farmer’s field. The green colour used throughout is consistent with the green in the new Broadacre logo. Clean, clear, large navigational buttons were created for older farmers who might have trouble navigating smaller text-based links. The navigation itself is simple and intuitive, making it easy for the user to move around the site. Results The Broadacre website was successfully launched on time and on budget and both objectives were met. The client is extremely happy with the visual look of the site and finds the administration side to be very intuitive and easy to use. Anecdotal feedback from members and shareholders is excellent – customers have commented on how easy they find the website to use. Google analytics monitors traffic and page visits; the first week averaged 70-80 visits per day.

Broadacre Website  

ON Communication Inc. Award of Merit

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