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20 | Impression Nº3•February 2018



mpression seeks to share the seminal work of designers and architects across the globe in order to offer food for thought to those working in the industry. To excite and delight the guests of tomorrow, we have to learn from the exciting, delightful work of the designers of today. But who is the most admired? We asked our readers to submit names of their most loved role models…

Tina Norden, Director, Conran and Partners ‘Tony Chi is still one of my heroes and the author of many design features we now take for granted. Could also add Patricia Urquiola to the list for her incredible creativity and wonderful eye.’



James Soane, Director, Project Orange ‘If you want a nomination for hospitality, I would suggest Priya Paul (The Park Hotels India).’ Chris Gwyther, Managing Director, Phoenix Wharf ‘We’re looking towards Australia at the moment as a source of innovation and inspiration. Some of the hospitality design work out there is top notch currently. Agencies such as Biasol are doing great stuff; drawing inspiration from international cultures, being playful with the spaces they design and the materials they use and adding little details that make their designs their own. Just as in retail, UK hospitality design can be a little too safe at times, with brands too often replicating a successful model, rather than seeking to innovate.’ Una Barac, Founder and Executive Director of Artelior ‘Ian Schrager – because he keeps bringing innovation to the world of hospitality and shapes the industry with a highly creative approach to design, operations, entertainment and F&B.’ Martin Goddard, Director & Co-founder, Goddard Littlefair ‘The late, wonderful Conrad Smith of Reardon Smith. He was always personable and charming and one of the last true gentlemen in the industry. I will always have great admiration for his skills and his unique way of unlocking a scheme with one killer move.’



And another name graced the lips of many and emerged as a key player from our conversations with the design community; and that’s none other than our next guest…


Impression No3  

Inspiring hospitality interior design

Impression No3  

Inspiring hospitality interior design