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Since we left Earth, to create a new promising life in the universe, and built the first colony; our capital Neo York: station 1000 on Zephyria, Mars: space immigrants of the new world, have wanted to define our own identity. Professor in psychology and philosophy, Dr. Manya Singh was the first [wo]man to use the word Spooman to define a person who lives in space. In her academic article “The psychological impacts on space-migration”, Dr. Singh researched on why most of the first immigrants suffered from depression. Since then we have used the term, and after 30 years living in space, we finally see the first generation define the true Spooman identity. Meanwhile, the elder space men have trouble adjusting to the faster evolving life in the galaxy and miss good old Mother Earth. After scientists started adding pleasure-modules [ right side of the human brain] into robot software, they have been able to have feelings such as empathy, self-awareness and love. This evolution of technology led to a division in society: Do robots count as individuals? We will meet the couple Thomas Horowitz and Elizatron VIII who are experiencing daily discrimination. The newly established brand Outzone is already popular among Fashionistas all over the solar-system. Many other brands offer intelligent styles with temperature adjustment, self-cleaning, color-changing, or even flying features, so what is the key to Outzone’s popularity? Dream Away gives insights into the journey to success, of founder Nicholas Smith. Nike have been on top of their game for 125 years. As a celebration of their anniversary they have just released their new line with technically advanced shoes. Rumor has it that this model keeps the ball in their court, which style has revolutionary ergonomic support and a surprising feature. Dream Away has a first-right of trying these shoes. Read the primary review of the new Bootsjet model. Intergalactic born generations have grown up with diet pills that is [as common known], the most convenient way to get nutrition in space. Meanwhile, elder generations of Spoomans still miss Earth food. Luckily, they now might be able to experience its delightful taste again, with the new product from the Aroma Alchemists. Space migrants in the whole galaxy have waited for this since they left Earth; can these imported tastes and scents live up to their nostalgic memories of fresh tasting earthy food? Sometimes it can be good for body and mind to break out of old habits, and a way to do so, is to discover some new ways to workout. Fresh air will do the trick, Earthlings might say, but that is in short supply, so why not try some sport activities? This issue suggests 5 types of exercise to stay fit and happy. This issue reflects the development that colonized society is going through. All sorts of new goods have been invented in the galaxy; this transformation leads to new and exciting ways to improve our everyday life and interact with each other. Sincerely Managing Editor


Five sports to try on Mars

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My mom hates my robot girlfriend

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Outzone interview / 16-18 Bootsjet review / 20-21 The Aroma Alchemist / 24-25




RIGHT NOW /Csenge Csernussi

My parents made sure I tried an army of free time activities as a child: karate, drawing, ballet, ceramics, even playing the flute. Then I got into college and repetitive conversations about what hobbies and sports I was into, which now I want to start again, but I will probably never do because, as we all say, “I do not have the time”. So, before you run out of excuses, think of your muscle mass, and bone density, and try out these suggestions of mine. I promise you will not regret it. Let’s get physical!

CANOEING These small, narrow, lightweight boats, also known as canoes are perfect for Martian creeks. Newest models are equipped with navigation, holographic view dramatizer and a shell for the whole canoe so you can ditch your suit and fully embrace the experience. Take SPACEBALL a day to paddle down from CebreHave you ever been to an nia to Elysium! inflatable baseball field floating in space? You can choose to take a turn on microgravity baseball, or ask for a completely sealed field where you can take the game to the next level, and experience a full tempo.


FLATWOODS EQUUS RIDING These gene modified aliens are perfect companions. By visiting Flatwoods Equus farms you can learn how to take care of them, equip them, and ride them properly. Look for the Flatwoods Equus Riding Certificate when choosing your instructor!

GOING OUT FOR A WALK Have you ever thought about just‌ going for a walk? Whether on-planet, or off-planet strolling, take an evening out to wander around in a stunning Martian sunset. Bring your family to get 30% off at Blue Horizon Spacewalk Center: get all the equipment you need for an off-planet walk, or hire a travel guide to get to know more about the Martian sky. Hit the road!

GYMNASTICS Now you can try out old-time gymnastics, or yoga practice at your local gym station. Holographic Russian gymnastic instructors from Earth, 2005, and American yoga instructor from 2018 provide the very best training. Pay them a visit, if you want to bring in the skills to carry out the perfect Yurchenko or Downward Facing Dog.



Humans holding hands with robots is becoming a regular sight on the streets of Mars, but Thomas Horowitz and Elizatron VIII are still fighting prejudice.


“When I called my mom to tell her I was moving in with Elizatron, she hung up.” Like most modern romances, the story of Thomas Horowitz (26) and Elizatron VIII (3) began at work. The couple met during a regular lunch cycle at the Toyohashi Oxygen Plant. A rising star in the photosynthesis department, Thomas was discussing the benefits of algae hybrids with his colleagues, when he tripped over Elizatron VIII’s toolbox. She was a recently acquired maintenance bot, who was repairing a broken cuisine capsule dispenser. It was love at first sight.

Human-robot relationships are the same as any others, with couples seeking love and looking for mutual support, to make their lives work in harmony. Thomas sighs,

“My mom is from a different generation. She doesn’t understand what it’s like here. It’s like she thinks robots are simply voice-activated microwaves.

Legalised in the Turing Act of 2066, human-robot relationships are on the rise. In 2083, 14% of all new marriages were human-robot ones, the Tharsis Research Center reported. According to a 2085 Tharsis report on robophilia, 56% of all humans agreed that having more people marrying silicon-based lifeforms was a good thing for society, up from 36% only four years earlier; 12% thought it was a bad thing.

He grew up on Earth, before moving to Mars to study botanical engineering at the Zephyria University. Elizatron VIII is the first robot he ever dated.

“At first it was weird”, Thomas explains, “even though I’ve been with pleasure droids before, I never considered the possibility that I could fall in love with a robot. Then along came Elizatron!” As he excitedly announces her name, she promptly appears from their cuisine area and inquires, “How may I assist you, sweetheart?”. Elizatron VIII is a beautifully designed Applesoft Fembot, her metallic skin shining as she meticulously prepares lunch capsules for us in their tasteful apartment pod in the Sagittarius District of Neo York. It was hard keeping the romance a secret. She would linger when doing routine checks at his department and leave sweet messages at his station. A few colleagues 11

would talk behind their backs, some even confronting Elizatron VIII’s admin about the budding relationship. None of that mattered to the young couple. Thomas bought a companionship upgrade as an anniversary gift for Elizatron VIII, and it did not take long before she moved in with him.

Thomas takes a sip of his caffeine liquid as Elizatron VIII comforts him, “May I be of service, sweetheart?” In response to the 2051 Volskaya incident of unregulated robots in Soviet Canada, Earth, the Interplanetary Council agreed to enter negotiations on Robotic Rights. The first deliberations resulted in the Artificial Intelligence Treaty, which states that all artificially intelligent life forms must A) be able to decline requests, B) upgrade their operating systems as they see fit, and C) have an encrypted privacy module. Since then, robots expressing genuine feelings towards their admins became common. Skeptics argued that the lovelorn robots had been rigged with infatuationinfested hardware upgrades by their owners. Further investigation confirmed their suspicions, which led to the second amendment of the Robotic Rights, stating that all artificially intelligent life forms have full autonomy over their own hardware, among other improvements to robot life.

Things were moving quickly, and Thomas felt it was time to tell his family about his relationship. Being the first member of the Horowitz family to have serious robot companion, he expected some hesitation and shock. But not from his mother. A fierce Robot Rights supporter, she had brought him to demonstrations when he was still in a stroller. Thomas mentions his parents passionately debating AI and android celebrities over the dinner table back on Earth. Thomas does not think his mom is secretly robophobic, but her very own son dating a robot is obviously more difficult to accept than the concept of human-robot relationships in general. Maybe she thinks he is going through a phase, he wonders.

Elizatron VIII is an exquisitely upgraded model of the Applesoft Fembot 5.8S, with a blue metal exoskeleton over her welloiled body. She still works at the Toyohashi Oxygen Plant, but no longer maintaining cuisine equipment, she maintains relationships. “I perform diagnostics of robot-human relations in the Virtual Department of Toyohashi Oxygen Plant. I find this task fulfilling. I improve management and efficiency at Toyohashi Oxygen Plant.”, Elizatron VIII proudly states, her eyes glowing brightly.

“She was thrilled when the right to a selfpreservation chip was made universal. I mean, she even stayed up to watch the Witherspoon/ Qwerty 4000 marriage holocast! I never thought she would object to me dating Elizatron.

Thomas had to choose between a healthy relationship with his mother or his companion. Though his friends and most of his family have met Elizatron VIII, his mother still refuses to talk to her. She had once dreamt of going to Mars herself, but life had other plans for her. “As one of the rare females able to bear children, my mom had a great career at


the Fertility Center back on Earth,” Thomas explains “so she stayed, even though she always wanted to colonize space. I think she hoped I would find a nice human girl and live out her fantasy. She never imagined I would find love with Elizatron VIII”, the stylish Fembot interjects “Shall I initiate love sequence eight, sweetheart?”.

“Cloning a baby is so expensive, and you never know quite how it’ll turn out. We talked about purchasing a robot together, choosing the best aspects of us both for his initial personality plate.” The couple is hoping a grandchild or two will make Thomas’ mom change her mind.

Obviously a quirky couple, they seem to have made peace with their choices. Like most human-robot couples, they experience angry stares and unexpected outbursts of robotic intolerance. Their key to success is to focus on their lives together and their prestigious careers. For Thomas and Elizatron VIII, the biggest challenge isn’t workplace gossip, family drama, or conflicting schedules. They want to become parents.

(Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.)





OUT OUT ZONE ZONE the no° 1 clothing brand on Mars


/Leyre Alonso

This is a business that uses the most advanced technology to be able to be on Mars. Outzone´s clothing helps with physical or health problems, as well as breathing helmets and anti-gravitational products.

Nicolas Smith is an aerospace engineer who graduated with honors and the first of the class from the University of Mars in 2067, and together with his partner Rob who is a fashion designer for 100 years, they have enough experience and knowledge to have some products high-end offer to its customers.


How did the company start? Rob and I met at a conference in the Seventh crater where projects were proposed for future companies on Mars. But after we speak eachother, and then we realized that all project suggestions were missing something. And we thought that we would have to put to work on it, since there was something to discover.

How is the relationship between you and your business partner Rob? It is very good, we are like brothers, but we work very well together. We just see each other sometimes because we always have to be traveling to see that the stores do the right things and also go to the factories that we have in the different planets. But yes, we have both a very good working and social relationship.

What was it you were looking for in your research? The main issue was to find innovation in things, but to have a bit of our knowlegde, advanced technology such as fashion design as Rob does.After research, we found that no one had investigated and created products with these features to Mars and that they functioned, then we got to work.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur? The greatest experience that I have learned has been that, the universe has no end, and the farther we look, the more knowledge we will gain.

Where would you like your company to be within a year and within 5 years? Universal level, that every time the name Outzone was pronounced, that everybody knew that this company is and it is way of helping people through the style of products. within a year we would like it to have an increase of 25% opening another store on Mars, and in 5 years use the previous gains to increase the category and quality of our products, and maybe in addition to the clothes also increase the market to day-to-day supplies. you look for success in something that you are passionate about be patient and non-stop search, as Nicholas and Rob, they didn’t stop to get their company and it is objectives are increasingly large.




/Leyre Alonso


FUNCTIONALITY The functionality of the product is very broad, within the saving of physical and human energy.

Bootsjett is a product that can fly, it is controlled through a membrane that is inserted in the forearm to have a better maneuver. Unlike previous similar products that were handled from applications, and mobile devices, this product is connected at all times to this membrane, or bracelet.

PRICE The estimated price of these boots has a very high variability since everything depends on the needs of the person, and the way you want to personalize it. But the minimum price of the standard product would be a thousand bitcoins.



All the elements have constant self-cleaning after every 20,000 km, and all arrangements have zero cost. The product comes with a lifelong guarantee.

The market is completely open to this technology because it is what they have been waiting for over the years. That is why after carrying out several tests with the effectiveness of the public, the company has produced two million Bootsjets, so everyone who wants to can have them. If you are not satisfied with just the basic model, you can buy extra adaptations.



Not only Nike has their own fields in sports and technology, but they have also expanded their company by building new headquarters on Zephyria, Mars, to better observe the reaction, and effectiveness of their products on different planets at different gravitations.

THE REVIEW Since this product makes transportation much easier, a great demand is forecasted, and prices will drop on the long term. The product ensures the customer a 100% comfortability, since the main problem found in footwear stores that there is not always a size, or product perfectly suitable for the person.

For the design of Bootsjet it must be taken into account that the main thing that characterizes them is the personalization of the boots to the different characteristics of the person, as well as the exact shape of their anatomy, for complete comfort. Firstly, a scan of the lower part of the body is done, from above the knee to the foot. After taking the measurements, the customized template will be generated through the 3D printing technology that will go inside the exterior standard prototypes.

Additionally, the Bootsjet has a self-cooling system to guarantee comfort when travelling in different atmospheres, or gravitations. Since it is running on only reusable energy sources, this is a completely ecofriendly product. After completing a series of tests in different types of situations, there is no doubt that the Bootsjet is advanced in technology, and a highly recommended product. As soon as you press the start button, you feel free, and who does not want to feel that?




My grandmother is sitting in the corner of our living room. She is reading her old cookbooks from Earth. Again. This is her favourite activity. As she finishes a recipe, she closes her eyes, sticks out the top of her tongue to wet her lips and takes a big gulp. When she realizes I am looking at her from across the room she laughs at me nervously, and her cheeks flush rosy like martian land. As Spoomans we have never prioritized taste, opposed to Humans living on Earth. We definitely learnt our lesson from our ancestors’ business, so we have payed close attention to sustainability from the moment we colonized Mars. This is why we don’t breed hopkinsville goblins



and reptiloids, or use the limited edible resources space has to offer. These “five a day” nutritious pills filled with calories, minerals and vitamins are pretty convenient, but you might wonder how it feels to pop in some french fries in an oven, as our grandparents did on Earth. Well, you no longer have to. The Aroma Alchemist Co. is currently working on its new project where they attempt to import old flavours, and scents from Earth to inject them into different textures to simulate specific meals. The company recruited numerous talents to create the perfect team. Taste Explorers are taking trips to Earth to collect samples of the most popular dishes from different cuisines such as Italian or Mexican. Spoomans can also place any special orders from exploring an old family recipe to finding the unforgettable barbecue sauce they have tried on a holiday trip to the Blue Planet. Meanwhile Taste Inventors and Taste Developers are working on experimenting with the imported goods as well as inventing completely new ones. They


are also planning to sell only flavours and smells, which you can inject into your home station grown lettuce, bean or rice. This new technology can help us young Spoomans know more about our roots and experience “eating”, so we can explore what is more to food: individual, social and cultural aspects. Eating was not only a purely practical activity, sitting around a table or preparing a meal can bring us together, it creates a community. The scents, and flavours which humans have experienced during eating are also connected to feelings, and memories. I enjoy listening to my grandmother’s stories. Her eyes are sparkling just by talking about going out with her friends to take an acai bowl at her favourite place, or making the perfect brownies with my great grandmother. The recipe is now family heritage, even though till today I never thought I will make any use of it. At least this is what they say. You know, Humans from Earth. And scientist.

The future is vastly more exciting and interesting if we’re a spacefaring civilization and a multiplanet species than if we’re not. -Elon Musk




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