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8 Tips to Prevent Impotence Impotence doesn’t have to be something you live with for the rest of your life. With the advanced medical technologies available today, there are more options available for improving sexual performance. But don’t forget that there are also ways you can prevent the condition from developing in the first place. In fact, there are seven essential tips you should take into consideration in order to help prevent erectile dysfunction (ED). There are the commonly known contributors to ED such as stress and circulatory problems, but you might be surprised to learn what else can affect your sexual drive. If proper care is not taken, impotence can lower a man’s self-esteem and ruin his sex life. Contrary to popular belief, there are steps you can take to help prevent or improve the condition. 1. Keep track of Medication Use Certain drugs are known to cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect. The drugs most commonly related to the condition include high blood strain medications, sedatives, and ulcer drugs. 2. Quit Smoking Tobacco can decrease performance because the nicotine constricts blood vessels in your body and stops blood from properly circulating to the penis. 3. Avoid Excess Alcohol Consumption In some circumstances, erection problems are caused by excessive drinking. Recent studies even show that over time excess alcohol consumption leads to permanent damage of the nerves in the penis. 4. Find the Right Time Both men and women have fluctuating hormone levels throughout the day. Finding the right time of day for you and your companion can help improve overall sexual performance. 5. Talk to Your Doctor Erectile dysfunction in young men is most often caused by psychological issues, whereas in older men it is most likely due to a physical condition. Men over 50 years old should have an annual exam done to assure they are not at risk for health conditions that can lead to impotence. 6. Eat Healthy Believe it or not, erection problems can stem from poor nutrition. A diet high in fats and cholesterol can cause coronary heart disease and poor blood circulation, which directly affects a person’s sexual drive. Not only does eating healthy food promote sexual health, it can also prevent many other health problems such as coronary heart attack or stroke.

7. Minimize Stress Erectile dysfunction can be connected to excessive stress in your life. Although this is a psychological issue, it significantly affects performance during intercourse. A trained counselor or therapist can provide you with helpful support. For more information regarding erectile dysfunction, visit St Pete Urology at

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8 Tips to Prevent Impotence  

Impotence doesn't have to be something you live with for the rest of your life. With the advanced technology available today, there are vari...

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