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Swish™ System Surgical Protocols With the addition of SwishPlus™ implants to the Swish™ system, an update was made to the Swish system’s countersink drills (SPCD3.3, SPCD4.1, SPCD4.8, SPCD4-6, SPCD5-6). The new generation countersink drills are now available in the Swish Complete Surgical Kit (SPCST) and will be available for individual sale February 24, 2012. The previous generation of these drills can still be used to place both SwishPlant and SwishPlus implants. The diagram below explains the variances between the surgical protocols in detail.

Longer shank offers improved visibility by creating more space between the head of the handpiece and osteotomy

Bone Level SwishPlant 8-16mm SwishPlus 8-16mm

Bone Level SwishPlant 6-16mm SwishPlus 6-16mm

Tissue Level SwishPlant 8-16mm

Tissue Level SwishPlant 8-16mm

Tissue Level SwishPlant 6mm

Tissue Level SwishPlant 6mm SwishPlus 6-16mm

Tissue Level SwishPlus 6-16mm SwishPlant 6mm (optional)

Earlier Generation

New Generation

Please note that the new generation is recommended for bone-level placement of 6mmL SwishPlant implants.

Swish System Surgical Protocols  

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