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Implant Direct Mfg. LLC Manufacturing Facility

27030 Malibu Hills Rd, Calabasas Hills, CA 91301

Tel: (818) 444-3300 Fax: (818) 444-3401

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ScrewIndirect™ Titanium Temporary Coping Now Even More Versatile ScrewIndirect’s Titanium Temporary Coping (4000-69) now includes an additional fixation screw that enables the usage of an implant extender for greater treatment flexibility. Effective immediately, this packaging change allows you to easily adapt the Teeth-in-1Day™ protocol as needed based upon the amount of soft tissue present. You now have two treatment options with this single coping kit!

As depicted above, the additional shorter screw (1000-05) is required to engage correctly with the internal threading of the ScrewIndirect extender. Learn More See how ScrewIndirect now compares with NobelReplace™ system on a 5-unit case: 1

Take advantage of this increased versatility and value now! Watch Teeth-in-1Day™Online Tutorial NobelReplace™ is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare 1

Comparison based upon US list prices as of April 2010

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ScrewIndirect Titanium Temporary Coping Now Even More Versatile