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Implant Direct Europe AG Logistic center Basicweg 20 3821 BR Amersfoort Date:

Return material authorization number*: Invoice No.

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*Please contact our customer service for further details - 00800 4030 4030

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Please be aware of the terms of return valuable from invoice date: 

We only credit originally packed and not defective products.

We only take back products with a minimum date of expiry of two years.

A return between 0-60 days is possible without any new order.

A return between 61-120 days after ordering is possible in connection with an exchange order.

A return after 120 days is impossible.

Please be aware that we charge for returned goods a handling fee of GBP 12.50/shipment.

Please always add a copy of the invoice due to the customs law reasons.


Shipping and handling will be charged to the consignor.


w ys m k „ tu

of goo s“ on your customs declaration.

Customer ID: Company name: Street:

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Postal code /City: Phone: Email: Company stamp and signature

Shipping note:

Material return to manufacturer

_ _____

Reason for Return Please mark the reason fo return and enclose a copy of your bill or delivery slip. We kindly ask you to pay attention to our terms and conditions. o Not needed products of exchange order (1) o Not needed products (to credit) (1) o Damaged products o Faulty products – Specifications: _______________________________________ o Wrong delivered products o Products have not been ordered o Complaint (3) o Lent products (2)(3) o Non-Osseointegration

1. Not needed products will only be accepted in perfect condition (original packaging) 2. Lent products will only be accepted if in not damaged, fully functional and sterile condition. 3. Non-Osseointegrated implants or lent products will only be accepted if cleaned, sterilized and welded. In addition we kindly ask you to complete the complaint form. Important Note: We inform you that returned products have to be packed properly (carton, jiffy bag), as damaged or lost products cannot be credited.

RMA Sheet (EN-EU)  

RMA Sheet (EN-EU)

RMA Sheet (EN-EU)  

RMA Sheet (EN-EU)