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Product Release: New Packaging for RePlant™ Implant Date: 10-03-08

To: Implant Direct Customers

RePlant Implants are now supplied with new and improved packaging!!!! Implant Direct has made some innovative upgrades to the popular RePlant System of implants. At no additional cost to the consumer, the RePlant Implant is now packaged with the following: • Titanium Alloy Fixture Mount having greater strength than the previous version of aluminum carrier.The fixture mount is designed for use as an implant carrier, insertion tool, implant level transfer and temporary abutment.Varying methods of preparation enables the clinician to use the component for either single- or multi-unit temporary restorations.This fixture mount is not designed to be used as a permanent abutment.The fixture mount has a clearly defined flat vertical surface allowing for indexing at time of implant placement (flat is aligned with point of one tri-lobe).This feature combined with multiple circumferential grooves enables it to function as an implant level transfer. • Anodized Fixation Screw manufactured with the unique Dual-Grip™ configuration holds the new fixture mount in place.This new feature enables clinicians to use either the standard 1.25mmD Hex Tool OR the Nobel BioCare™ compatible UniGrip™ driver.The DualGrip™ supplies us with another Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to attract Nobel customers as they do not feel obligated to buy additional tooling when purchasing this specific implant design. Note:The screws are implant diameter specific (3.5mmD implants use a smaller diameter fixation screw compared to the screw used on the 4.3mmD, 5.0mmD and 6.0mmD implants due to implant internal thread size differences). • Surgical Cover Screw supplied with the newly packaged RePlant Implant is manufactured with the unique Dual-Grip™ connection for use with standard 1.25mmD Hex Tool OR the Nobel BioCare compatible UniGrip driver.

The USA list price for the RePlant Implants is still $150.00

3.5mmD Body 603508 - 603516 3.5mmD Platform

4.3mmD Body 604308 - 604316 4.3mmD Platform

5.0mmD Body 605008 - 605016 5.0mmD Platform

6.0mmD Body 606008 - 606016 6.0mmD Platform

27030 Malibu Hills Road, Calabasas Hills, CA 91301 Phone: 818.444.3333 opt2: 888-NIZNICK (649-6425) Fax: 818.444.3400

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Fixture Mount Dimensions and Specifications:

* Check insert at bottom left hand side of page External square configuration for attachment to Ratchet [R], Fixture Mount Drill [FMD] and Stainless Steel Handle [SSH] 12mmL total height of fixture mount from top of prosthetic platform Vertical flat surface

6.3mmL height of fixture mount from top of prosthetic platform to end of machined surface (silver)

Grooves are 1mmL apart from each other 1.25mmL

Abutment supplied with corresponding fixation screw

* Internal 2.5mmD hex configuration for attachment to 2.5mmD Hex Drill [HD2.5], Ratchet [R] in combination with 2.5mmD Hex Tools [HT2.5, HT2.5S] and soon to be released 2.5mmD Stainless Steel Handle [SSH2.5]

RePlant Implant

w w w . i m p l a n t d i r e c t . c o m

Dual-Grip™ Connection on anodized Fixation Screw and Cover Screw supplied with Replant™ Implant

Old Version 1.25mmD Hex

Industry standard 1.25mmD [.050”] Hex Tool

New Version Dual-Grip™

Industry standard UniGrip Driver

Surgical Cover Screws supplied with RePlant Implant

Industry standard 1.25mmD [.050”] Hex Tool

Dual-Grip™ Connection

Fixation Screws and Waxing Screws 1000-27

Industry standard UniGrip Driver


Used with RePlant prosthetic platforms in 4.3mmD, 5.0mmD and 6.0mm. [1000-27] has new Dual-Grip™ feature.

(can be used for open-tray impression technique)



Used with RePlant prosthetic platform in 3.5mmD ONLY. [1000-28] has new Dual-Grip™ feature NOTE: groove on M1.8 anodized screw

w w w . i m p l a n t d i r e c t . c o m

New Packaging for RePlant™ Implant  

New Packaging for RePlant™ Implant

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