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Overdenture Abutments Now Available for Legacy3 Narrow-Diameter Implants The versatility of the 3.2mm-diameter Legacy3 implant, which features a 3.0mm platform, has just increased thanks to the availability of overdenture abutments. Narrow-diameter implants are a viable alternative to traditional implants in edentulous cases. Narrow-diameter implants may be indicated when the mandibular ridge is limited, the patient prefers conservative treatment or other health factors prevent extensive surgical procedures. Effective immediately, overdenture abutments for the 3.2mmD Legacy3 implant are available in three different collar heights. This range allows you to select the best fit depending upon the amount of soft tissue present in each case. Please note that these overdenture abutments are recommended for use only in multi-unit cases. Make the most of narrow-diameter implants with Legacy3’s many abutment choices! 5.0mmD platform

20° taper allows for a 40° relative divergence between connected abutments 20°

1.5mmL height Collar height measured from implant platform 1.25mm, 2mm and 4mm available

Design Features: • Internal thread for receiving of prosthesis fixation screw • Circumferential groove for vertical retention of plastic transfer and comfort caps • 1.25mmD internal hex engages Hex Tool for prosthesis insertion US list price: $85.00

3.0mmD platform Legacy3 Overdenture Abutments 8530-61, 8530-62, 8530-64

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Overdenture Abutments Now Available for Legacy3 Narrow-Diameter Implants