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New Swish™ Surgical Tray The Swish™ System surgical trays (SPCST and SPST) now have a new multi-level tray design. This new design has allowed for the additions of the short 2.0mmD Hex Tool (HT2.0S), the 2.0mmD Hex Drill (HD2.0), the SwishPlus Fixture-Mount Drill (SPFMD) and the SwishPlus Ratchet Insert (SPRI). With the convenient inclusion of these items for versatile placement of the SwishPlant and new SwishPlus implants, the Swish Complete Surgical Tray (SPCST) US list price is now $2200. The empty Swish Surgical Tray (SPST) is now $250. The new multi-level tray design also provides room to add optional torque wrenches (TW30, TW35 or TWM) in the lower tray. In preparation for the future launch of the SwishPlus2™ implants, this new tray further includes a section dedicated to the insertion tools for those implants. The new SwishPlus2 implants feature a bone-level implant body that is compatible with Straumann® Tissue-Level surgical instruments.

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New Swish Surgical Tray  

New Swish Complete Surgical Tray by Implant Direct (SPCST)