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Legacy™ Implant System Advantages

Industry-Compatible Internal Hex Prosthetic compatibility with Zimmer Dental's ScrewVent®, BioHorizons®,& MIS implants Micro-Threads Reduce crestal stress for improved initial stability

Legacy™ 1 Implant Standard "V" Threads Matches Screw-Vent® $150 includes cover screw,healing collar & plastic carrier

Surgical Compatibility with Tapered Screw-Vent® No need to change surgical protocol or tools Widest Range of Dimensional Options The entire Legacy system includes seven implant diameters (3.2,3.7,4.2,4.7,5.2,5.7,7.0mm) & six implant lengths (6,8,10,11.5,13,16mm)

Legacy™ 1 3.7mmD Implant Tour

All-in-One Packaging

Surgical and Laboratory Procedures

Legacy™ 2 3.7mmD Implant Tour

All-in-One Packaging

Surgical and Laboratory Procedures

Legacy™ 3 3.7mmD Implant Tour

All-in-One Packaging

Surgical and Laboratory Procedures

Legacy™ 2 Implant Spiral Threads for Increased Stability $175 includes cover screw,healing collar & temporary abutment/transfer

Legacy™ 3 Implant Buttress Threads for Increased Surface $200 includes cover screw,healing collar & preparable abutment/transfer

Legacy™ 4 combines the popular Legacy™ 2 implant body with a revolutionary two-piece fixture-mount that is an abutment 1 and transfer. The anodized square top detaches within the impression for metal-to-metal accuracy. In addition, the Legacy4 system includes a whole new line of prosthetics with a concave transgingival profile for soft tissue management.

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Legacy™ 1, 2, 3 Team Approach Price comparisons based upon US list prices as of February 2012. All trademarks are property of their respective companies. Promotional offers are valid for individual US customers only and cannot be combined with other offers. 1

US list price for Tapered Screw-Vent with micro grooves, healing collar & straight abutment


Terms and conditions apply.

Legacy™ Prosthetic Catalog

Zimmer Dental® finally updated its Tapered Screw-Vent developed in 1999 by Dr. Gerald Niznick. Zimmer® added micro-grooves and extended the HA blasted surface to the top. Zimmer used this change to raise the list price from $386 to $396

Zimmer® now making clones? Click here to view Press Release "Zimmer Dental Extends Renowned Implant Line with Crestal Options".

Who is the discounter? Click here to view discount registry for Zimmer.

Implant Direct launched the Legacy™1 implant in 2007, also developed by Dr. Gerald Niznick. It offers both surgical and prosthetic compatibility with the Tapered Screw-Vent, as well as the same type of HA blasted surface. From the inception, the Legacy™1 extended the blasted surface to the top and provided its patented Micro-threads (not micro-grooves) for added stability.

Patented Micro-Threads For Added Stability US 7,677,891 Tapered endosseous dental implants with external multiple lead threads

* Zimmer is an international trademark by Zimmer Dental, Inc. | 888-649-6425

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Reality Check - Legacy  

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